"AMLWCH, a parish, market town, and parliamentary borough in the hundred of Twrcelyn, in the Isle and county of Anglesey, North Wales, 15 miles to the N.W. of Beaumaris, 20 miles to the N.E. of Holyhead, and 261 miles from London. It is situated on the northern coast of the island, on the Irish Sea, and its port is subordinate to Beaumaris. It includes the two chapelries of Llanwenllwyfo and Llanerchymedd. Its present importance and prosperity are of very recent and rapid growth." [From The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland (1868) - Transcribed by Colin Hinson ©2003].



Neil Summers' Amlwch data site has a Parys and Mona mines bibliography

  • A guide : Bull Bay, Amlwch and neighbourhood : including an useful directory. Amlwch : D. Jones, 1881. 48p
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Business & Commerce Records

Archives Network Wales have details of extant records of the following (use on-site search box);

  • G. Pritchard Emporium (Funeral Directors, Joiners and General Merchants) Mona Street, Amlwch records 1878-1955
  • Mr S. Richards of Minydon, Llanberis, Caernarfonshire ........ In 1934 he took an interest in the Amlwch Brick and Tile Co. Ltd's works at Porthwen, Amlwch
  • Mona Lodge Mining Papers, (Thomas Fanning Evans 1839-1891), & Amlwch Brewery papers, Elections 1888-1898 ; also Mona Lodge Mining papers 2
  • William Thomas and Sons, Amlwch Port, Anglesey, shipbuilders, ship repairers, shipowners and managers
  • Caerpandy Rentals 1857-1887. John Paynter and other Paynters are mentioned in the rental and various residential property and businesses including Thomas Rowland, butcher and the Mona Mill
  • Mona Mine Papers 1787-1865
  • Peckover, Burrill and Owen Papers, material relating mainly to copper mining at Parys Mountain and the Amlwch area




Joyce and Douglas Hinde have provided transcripts of the:

Neil Summers' Amlwch data site has detailed census data for Amlwch 1801, 1841, 1851, 1861, 1881 and 1891.


Church History

Church and chapel data from The Religious census of 1851 : A Calendar of the returns relating to Wales, Vol 11, North Wales. Ed. by Ieuan Gwynedd Jones, UWP, 1981. The names given towards the end of each entry are those of the informants.

Amlwch Parish and Borough; Statistics; Area 9221 acres; Population 2663 males, 3150 females, total 5813

  • Amlwch Parish Church (Diocese of Bangor) Rebuilt in 1796 in place of the old one Attendance - (average) morning 130 + 39 scholars, afternoon 54 + 20 scholars, evening 180 + 16 scholars "The estimated number of attendants March 30 1851 was considerably below the usual average as the people were induced by the Dissenters to go on that day to the different chapels. I took no step to fill my Church on that day" Morris Williams, Perpetual Curate
  • Bethesda Calvinistic Methodists Erected before 1780, re-erected 1818 Attendance - morning 294 scholars, afternoon 351, evening 536 Robert Jones, Elder
  • Gorslwyd Welsh Calvinistic Methodists Erected before 1800 Attendance - morning 149 scholars, afternoon 195, evening 172 John Owen, Elder, Penrhyn
  • Jerusalem Chapel, Cal. Meth Erected 1818 Attendance - morning 300, evening 600 William Williams, Deacon, Draper
  • Moriah, Cal. Meth. Erected 1827 Attendance - morning 80, afternoon 81 Henry Parry, Attendant at the congregation
  • St Eleth's Church - on geograph.org.uk and "The building of St Eleth's church....in 1800 reflects local prosperity after the opening of the Parys Mountain copper mines in 1768......" coflein
  • Salem Baptist chapel, Stryd Salem - on geograph.org.uk and " .......... was built in 1827 ............enlarged in 1861" coflein
  • Capel Bethel (Baptist) chapel (site of), near Rhosybol - on geograph.org.uk
  • Tabernacl Baptist chapel, Farmers St, Llanerchymedd - on geograph.org.uk (may belong in Llanerchymedd parish)
  • Bethel Wesleyan chapel, Wesley St (disused) - on geograph.org.uk and "The Wesleyan Chapel in Amlwch was built in 1832......." coflein
  • Amlwch English Wesleyan chapel, Wesley St - on geograph.org.uk and "......first built in 1807, ........ rebuilt in 1860...." coflein
  • Capel Seion (Wesleyan), Burwen - on geograph.org.uk and ".......was built in 1895 ....." coflein
  • Bethel Wesleyan (Capel bach) chapel, Lon Gefn, Rhosybol ".........was built in 1826." coflein
  • Capel Mawr/Bethesda (CM), Bethesda St - on geograph.org.uk and " ......... was built in 1777, rebuilt in 1818 and rebuilt again in 1871.........." coflein and "Llaethdy Sunday school was first built in 1860 as a branch of Capel Mawr, Amlwch. It was rebuilt in 1905 ......" coflein
  • Capel Rehoboth (CM), Burwen - on geograph.org.uk and " .......was built in 1840, rebuilt in 1897 and again in 1935....." coflein
  • Capel Gorslwyd/Horeb,(CM) Rhosybol - on geograph.org.uk and " .. cause, possibly established in 1797 and chapel first built in 1791.. rebuilt 1827 and 1865,.." coflein
  • Capel Penygarnedd (CM) , Rhosgoch - on geograph.org.uk
  • Peniel Welsh Presbyterian Church, Amlwch Port - on geograph.org.uk and "Peniel Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Llaneilian Road, is a remarkably sophisticated design of 1900......It replaced an earlier building built in 1850 and modified in 1861 coflein also Hen Gapel (CM) Peniel Sq, Amlwch Port (no text comment) coflein
  • Jerwsalem Welsh CM, Llanerchymedd "Jerwsalem Methodist Chapel was built in 1791, rebuilt in 1818 and rebuilt again in 1871...." coflein (may belong in Llanerchymedd parish)
  • Capel Carmel (Ind), Amlwch Port - on geograph.org.uk and "....... the cause in Porth Amlwch dates from 1789, and the existing chapel from 1826/7.... enlarged in 1861/2....." coflein
  • Capel Saron (Ind), Bodgadfa - on geograph.org.uk and " ........ was built in 1844......" coflein
  • Capel Bethania (Ind), Rhosybol - on geograph.org.uk
  • Catholic Church, Porthllechog Rd, Amlwch - on geograph.org.uk
  • Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea; St Winifred's Roman Catholioc Church "The Church of Our Lady of the Sea was built around 1939 and its dedication ...... to sailors lost at sea. coflein

Amlwch and Holyhead English Circuit, Wesleyan Methodist Church, papers - details of extant records on Archives Network Wales

Church and Mona Mine Dispute papers - details of extant records on Archives Network Wales

Various items - on the People's Collection Wales site

  • Church of Our Lady Star of The Sea, Amlwch, 1947
  • The Church, Amlwch & cemetery
  • Capel Mawr (Bethesda) (CM), Amlwch


  • Rees, Thomas & John Thomas Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru (History of the Welsh Independent Churches), 4 volumes (published 1871+). The Amlwch section (in Welsh) has been extracted with translation by Eleri Rowlands (Sept 2013)

Church Records

Neil Summers' Amlwch data site has indexes and material including ;- St Eleth & Salem Chapel Memorial Index; St Eleth Marriage Index 1813-37; St Eleth christenings 1813-1858; Amlwch Chapel christenings 1790-1838; Memorials inside St Eleth Church

Joyce Hinde has supplied a list of Parish Registers held at Anglesey Record Office.

Held at Anglesey Records Office (NRA)

  • Amlwch and Holyhead English Wesleyan Methodist Circuit;- 1842-1981: records; 1848-1931, baptism register, accounts, minute books; 1839-1969, baptism register, accounts, corresp
  • Amlwch Band of Hope Union; - 1927-1954: lists of members and payments
  • Amlwch English Wesleyan Methodist Chapel;- 1842-1974: registers of baptisms
  • Amlwch Wesleyan Methodist Chapel; - 1838-1976: minute book, financial records, baptism register, lists of trustees, corresp

Description & Travel

Welcome to Amlwch - local data with photographs

Amlwch - on wikipedia

Amlwch Branch Railway - on the 2d53.co.uk site

Various landscapes/seascapes - on the People's Collection Wales site

You can see pictures of Amlwch which are provided by:





Archives Network Wales have details of extant records of the following (use on-site search box);

  • Hugh Hughes (fl. 1861-1890) of Amlwch bookseller, stationer and local historian
  • Margaret E. Hughes of Amlwch collection of papers
  • Dilys M. Jones Collection of Jones and Thomas Family Papers
  • Eryl Wyn Rowlands (1793-1999) Papers ; local historian, teacher and author
  • Stein Family, General Drapers, Regent House, Amlwch, 1909-1972 Papers
  • Treweek family of Amlwch, papers (1600-2000)
  • William Matthews Williams (1885-1972), musician, born in Burwen, Amlwch
  • Lewis family of Amlwch, property deeds
  • John Bennett Hughes (ca. 1900-1970) Amlwch Manuscripts Collection, businessman and local historian
  • Lastra Papers (a hamlet in Amlwch), miscellaneous papers

Neil Summers' Amlwch data site has several databases and features, here is a selection ;

  • Names of miners and associated industries
  • 19th century Amlwch pubs
  • Amlwch trade adverts
  • Description of Amlwch dwellings in 1780
  • Amlwch references at Bangor Archives
  • Old photographs of the Amlwch area
  • Amlwch tithe map, 1841
  • Vessels associated with Amlwch


Amlwch Industrial Heritage An extensive history of copper mining locally


Land & Property

Held at Anglesey Records Office (NRA)

  • Amlwch Parish Council; 1831-1921: records
  • Amlwch land tax;- 1753-1815: assessments
  • Amlwch tithes;- 1926-36: tithe Rent Charge account books
  • Amlwch UDC;- 1901-1974: council minutes, burial books and registers of public graves, financial records, ledgers, rate books, account books, misc papers and plans, papers rel to billeting 1939-44
  • Amlwch Window Tax; - 1760: assessments
  • Amlwch Parish; - 1692-1998: records


Gwynedd Family History Society have a diagram of the ecclesiastical parishes of Anglesey (under Parishes)

The parish of Amlwch in the County of Anglesey - on the People's Collection Wales site

You can see maps centred on OS grid reference SH418896 (Lat/Lon: 53.379458, -4.379103), Amlwch which are provided by:


Merchant Marine

Aerial pictures of Amlwch Port - on the People's Collection Wales site

Held at Anglesey Records Office (NRA)

  • Amlwch Harbour;- 1870-1919: log books, account book of ships arriving and leaving, harbour dues book


Built in 1853, the three-storey lighthouse and watchtower has an attached single-storey range to the east - on the People's Collection Wales site


Military History



Journey to the past - Parys Mountain Copper MInes

Various items - on the People's Collection Wales site

  • Copper works, Parys Mountain
  • Paris Mines in the year 1800

Public Records

Amlwch Urban District Council records: 1864-1974 (mainly 1896-1974) (accumulated 1901-1974) - details of extant records on Archives Network Wales



Dosbarth Cymraeg Amlwch, University Extension Class/WEA was run by the University of Wales Bangor - details of extant records on Archives Network Wales;
"Papers of Dosbarth Cymraeg Amlwch, 1909-2000, comprising a notebook containing homework of E. J. Jones, [ c.1920]-1950; papers relating to classes including lists of exercises and teachers, photographs of members of the class, Amlwch, 1922-1926; W.E.A. Annual Report, North Wales Department, 1979-1980; programme of courses for adults, 1988-1989; newspaper and magazine articles, minute book, 1963-1984."

Ysgol Syr Thomas Jones, Amlwch, 2007 - on the People's Collection Wales site