Cardigan and Lower Teifi Valley


In Old Photographs

Published by Dyfed Cultural Services Department 1989.

Re-published in 2000 by Budding Books. ISBN 1-84015-157-9

Indexed by Mary Jane Stephenson  July 2000

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This was originally published back in 1989 by the Dyfed Cultural Services Department. It has been published now again in the year 2000 by Budding Books, an imprint of Sutton Publishing Ltd, the ISBN number is 1-84015-157-9, price £9.99.

I remember seeing the original book in the local library some years ago and in it are over a hundred and fifty pages of lovely old photographs covering the area around St Dogmaels, Cardigan, Aberporth, Tresaith, Cilgerran, Llechryd, Llandygwydd, Boncath, Abercych, Cenarth, Newcastle Emlyn, Rhydlewis and Drefach Felindre. Names of people in photographs are given to many instances and it is fascinating to see the unchanging features of some places like Cenarth bridge while others, like Plas Llysnewydd, are gone for evermore. An interesting book for anyone with links to the Lower Teifi area. In line with County Council's language policy the text accompanying the pictures was written in both Welsh and English, which is very helpful for the keen Welsh learners amongst you!

Mary Jane Stephenson 2000


(Capel Seion), Iwan, St Dogmaels, 27 (Trebared), Tom, Cardigan, 75
Adama, Rev D., Newcastle Emlyn, 144 Baillie, Mr J.P., Bryndylan, 126
Booth, General, Salvation Army at Cardigan, 62 Bowen, Eddie, Cardigan FC, 89
Bowen, Roderic M.P., Aberporth, 36 Bowen, Thomas, Penally, 12/15
Bowen, Tom James, Fern Grove, 16 Bowen, Tom James, St Dogmaels, 27
Bowen, William Clifford, Cardigan FC, 89 Bowen Brothers, Cardigan, 65
Bruce, Mr G.R., Aberporth, 36 Charles, David, Cardigan, 75
Colby, Lt., Cardigan Volunteer Corps, 85 Davies, Barbara, Tymawr, 70
Davies, Bess, Llechryd, 115 Davies, Captain, Craiglea, 75
Davies, Clement, St Dogmaels, 27 Davies, D., Ty Newydd, 75
Davies, Dai, Poppit, 27 Davies, Davy, ---, 12
Davies, George, Bryngwyn, 27 Davies, Hannah, Penllyn Cilgerran, 95
Davies, Hector, St Dogmaels, 27 Davies, J., Cardigan, 75
Davies, James, Abercych, 124 Davies, Joe, Rhoshill, 27
Davies, John, Moayor of Cardigan, 55 Davies, John, Abercych, 125
Davies, John Roger, William St, 75 Davies, Llewelyn, Cardigan FC, 89
Davies, Mr & Mrs, Parc Y Neithw, 109 Davies, Mr & Mrs Saunders, Pentre Newchapel, 122
Davies, Mrs E, ---, 22 Davies, Oliver, St Dogmaels, 27
Davies, PC D., Cardiganshire Police, 85 Davies, Rev D.D., Newcastle Emlyn, 144
Davies, Rev D.J., ---, 22 Davies, Rev R.J., Newcastle Emlyn, 144
Davies, Rev T.E., ---, 22 Davies, Rev.,Crymych, 123
Davies, Shadrac, St Dogmaels, 27 Davies, Simon, Rhoshill, 27
Davies, T.J., Brynhyfryd, 104 Davies, Talfan, Drefach Felindre, 159
Davies, Tom Oswald, St Dogmaels, 27 Davies, William, St Dogmaels, 27
Davies, William Conway Watts, Cardigan FC, 89 Davies, Willie, The Strand Cardigan, 45
Devonald, D.A., Cilgerran Sawmills, 98 Devonald, PC J., Cardiganshire Police, 85
Edwards, David John, Cardigan FC, 89 Evans, Benjamin, Newcastle Emlyn, 43
Evans, Captain Piston, Cardigan, 56 Evans, Daniel, Penbanc Ferwig, 77
Evans, James, Castell Malgwyn Farm, 116 Evans, John, Board School, 75
Evans, John, Penbanc Ferwig, 77 Evans, Miss, Cardigan, 51
Evans, Mr, Pencwm, 27 Evans, PC W., Cardiganshire Police, 85
Evans, Sergeant, Cardigan Police, 76 Francis, Fred, st Dogmaels, 27
Francis, Garfield, St Dogmaels, 27 George, Patti, Llechryd, 115
George, T.J., Penwernddu, 104 George, Thomas John, Penwernddu, 122
Griffiths, ---, Tivyside, 75 Griffiths, Adeline, ---, 123
Griffiths, Captain, Cardigan, 75 Griffiths, David, Cardigan FC, 89
Griffiths, Dewi, St Dogmaels, 27 Griffiths, John, Cippyn, 12
Griffiths, Olivia, Cilgerran, 91 Griffiths, W.G., Cilgerran Sawmills, 98
Griffiths, William, Brongest, 114 Gwili, ---, ---, 22
Gwynne, Eddie, St Dogmaels, 27 Harper, Jane, Aberporth, 36
Hughes, Rev George, Mount Zion Chapel, 78 Hughes, Willie, St Dogmaels, 27
James, J., Rhoshill, 75 James, Jimmy, Cardigan FC, 89
James, John Lloyd, St Dogmaels, 27 James, PC J., Cardiganshire Police, 85
James, PC J., Cardiganshire Police, 85 James, Rev D., Newcastle Emlyn, 144
James, Rev J.N., ---, 22 James, Rev T.E., Newcastle Emlyn, 144
James, Richard, Cardigan FC, 89 James, Tom, St Dogmaels, 27
Jenkins, B., Pontrhydyceirt, 99 Jenkins, David, Cardigan FC, 89
Jenkins, Mr R.D., Mayor of Cardigan, 53 John, Peter, St Dogmaels, 27
John, Picton, St Dogmaels, 27 John, Tom Francis John, St Dogmaelsa, 27
Johns, T., Stafford House, 75 Jones, Alys, Boncath, 123
Jones, Amry, St Dogmaels, 27 Jones, David, Castell Malgwyn Farm, 115
Jones, David, Boncath, 123 Jones, Edgar, Boncath, 123
Jones, Elizabeth, Boncath, 123 Jones, Elizabeth Mary (Moelona), Moylan Farm Rhydlewis, 147
Jones, Emlyn, Blacksmith Cenarth, 130 Jones, Florrie, Boncath, 123
Jones, Herbert, Boncath, 123 Jones, Hugh, Cilfowyr, 106
Jones, John, Blacksmith Cenarth, 130 Jones, Miss, ---, 22
Jones, Mrs William, Boncath, 123 Jones, Mrs S., ---, 22
Jones, Myrddin, Cilfowyr, 106 Jones, Owen, Cardigan,70
Jones, Rev. S.B., ---, 22 Jones, Tom, St Dogmaels, 27
Jones, Wald, Cardigan FC, 89 Jones, Will, Blacksmith Cenarth, 130
Jones, William, Boncath, 123 Jones (nee Thomas), Margaret Ann, Plas Y Berllan, 119
Ladd, Ben, St Dogmaels, 27 Ladd, Willie, St Dogmaels, 27
Laddd, Richard, St Dogmaels, 27 Lemon, Mr, Gwalia Garage, 80
Lewis, Blodwen, St Dogmaels, 27 Lewis, Miss, Bryn Hyfryd, 27
Lewis, Rev J.M., ---, 22 Llewellyn, Fred, Cenarth, 130
Lloyd, Gomer, Rock Cottage, 12 Lloyd, PC John, Cardiganshire Police, 85
Lloyd, Rev E.J., Newcastle Emlyn, 144 Lloyd George, Mrs, Cardigan Hospital, 49
Lockney, Jack, Velindre House, 12 Mathias, J., Cardigan, 62
Mathias, James, Aberdyfan, 104 Mathias, James, Aberdyfan, 104
Mathias, Mrs, Aberdyfan, 104/107 Mathias, Tilly, Aberdyfan, 104
Mathias, Tom, Aberdyfan Pontrhydyceirt, 9/90/91/92/107/110 May, Harry, Haulwen, 117
Members,Babell Chapel Sunday School, Cilgerran, 18 Members, Cor Meibion Bargoed Teifi, Drefach Felindre, 157
Members, Cor Meibion Emlyn, Newcastle Emlyn, 143 Members, Dairy Class, Llandygwydd, 119
Members, Drefach Brass Band, Drefach, 158 Members, Emlyn Cricket Team, Newcastle Emlyn, 144
Members, Emlyn Fife Band, Newcastle Emlyn, 143 Members, Mount Zion Chapel, Cardigan, 19
Members, Newcastle Emlyn United Choir, Carmarthen, 142 Members, Rhydlewis Science Class, Rhydlewis, 147
Members, Tabernacle Chapel, Pentrecagal, 150 Members of Cardigan Cycling Club, Black Lion, 74,
Michael, Benjamin, Brynowen, 101 Michael, Elwyn, Cardigan FC, 89
Michael, Idwal, Cardigan FC, 89 Michael, Tegwen, Pontrhydyceirt, 99
Michael, Teifryn, Pontrhydyceirt, 99 Michael J., Pontrhydyceirt, 99
Michaels, B., Ponyrhydyceirt, 99 Morgan, Emrys, ---, 22
Morgan, John, Cilgerran, 96 Morgan, Margaret, Belmont, 70
Morris, Idris, Cardigan FC, 89 Morris, PC W., Cardiganshire Police, 85
Morris, Reg, Cardigan FC, 89 Morris, Rev R.B., Newcastle Emlyn, 144
Morris, Rev T.J., Capel Mair Cardigan, 63 Nicholas, Millie, St Dogmaels, 27
Owen, Evan, Cardigan, 75 Parry, Maggie, St Dogmaels, 27
Peters, Lewis, Cardigan FC, 89 Peterson, Mr, Bailiff, 85
Phillips, James, Llechryd, 114 Phillips, John Lawrence, Cardigan FC, 89
Phillips, Rev W., Ty Rhos & Fachendre, 123 Phillips, Rev W., Newcastle Emlyn, 144
Prosser, Mr J.R., Cardigan, 51 Puddicombe, Anne Adalisa (Allen Raine), Tresaith, 40/42/43
Puddicombe, Beynon, Tresaith, 43 Pupils, Blaenffos School, Blaenffos, 94
Pupils, Boys' School, St Dogmaels, 26/27 Pupils, Bridell School, Bridell, 93
Rees, Dr Dan, Headmaster Cardigan County School, 73 Rees, John, Castle View, 12
Rees, Rees Owen, ---, 123 Rees, Rev R.J., Newcastle Emlyn, 144
Richards, Ben, Union Terrace, 17 Richards, William Morgan, 27
Roberts, Rev D., Newcastle Emlyn, 144 Roberts, Rev T.J., Newcastle Emlyn, 144
Rodgers, Rev A.H., Babell & Capel Wenydd, 123 Rotie, D.J., Cardigan, 75
Sambrook, Mathias, Cardigan FC, 89 Sambrook, W., St Dogmaels, 27
Saxon, Dennis, Ffynhone, 121 Selby, W.E., Cilgerran Sawmills, 98
Sharp, Tom, St Dogmaels, 27 Simon, Elizabeth, Penllyn Cilgerran, 95
Smith, Captain, S.S. Titanic, 16 Taylor, D. Nicholas, Boncath, 123
Thomas, Captain William, Sloop Inn St Dogmaels, 16 Thomas, D.D., Cilgerran Sawmills, 98
Thomas, D.D., Cilgerran Sawmills, 98 Thomas, D.J., Llys Cynwyl, 27
Thomas, David, Ffynhone, 121 Thomas, Jack, Netpool Inn, 12
Thomas, John, St Dogmaels, 27 Thomas, Johnny Michael Griffiths, Cilgerran, 99
Thomas, Miss D., ---, 22 Thomas, Miss M., ---. 22
Thomas, Mr., Penfedw Boncath, 123 Thomas, Rev J., Newcastle Emlyn, 144
Thomas, Teifryn, Woodbine House (Old Post Office), 118 Thomas, Thomas, Cnwcau, 99
Walters, Rev T.J., Newcastle Emlyn, 144 Warlow, PC H., Cardiganshire Police, 85
William, E., Cilgerran Sawmills, 98 Williams, Dan, Y Bwthyn, 75
Williams, David, Cardigan Williams, David, Mayor of Cardigan, 80
Williams, Ganny, Chessboard House Cilgerran, 97 Williams, Harold, St Dogmaels, 27
Williams, Helena, St Dogmaels, 70 Williams, John, Cardigan, 75
Williams, John, Cardigan, 75 Williams, Merle, Llechryd, 115
Williams, Rev John, Bethania Chapel Cardigan, 75 Williams, Will, St Dogmaels, 27
Wilson, David, Bridge St, 79  


Abercych, 126/127 Aberporth, 32/33/34
Adpar, 133 Banc Y Dyffryn Aberporth, 35
Blaenporth, 44 Cambrian Mills Drefach, 155
Cardigan, 46/47/48/50/51/52/53/54/55/57/58/59/60/61/66/67/68/69 Cardigan School, 72
Castell Malgwyn Farm Llechryd, 116 Cefn Quarries Cilgerran, 100/102
Cenarth, 128/129/130 Cilgerran, 84/86/87/88
Cilgerran Castle, 82/83 Cliff Hotel, 20/21
Dolbadau Quarry Cilgerran, 101 Drefach, 153/154/156
Ferwig, 22 Ffynhone, 121
Forest farm Quarry Cilgerran, 103 Gwbert, 21
Gwbert Inn, 20 Henllan, 151
Holy Trinity Church, Newcastle Emlyn, 136 Llandygwydd Church, 120
Llechryd, 111 Llysnewydd Mansion, 152
Mwldan Cardigan, 64 Netpool, 29/30
Newcastle Emlyn, 134/135/137/138/139/140/141/146 Newcastle Emlyn Bridge, 132
Newcastle Emlyn Castle, 131 Pantybarcud Mill Cwmhiraeth, 154
Penparc Aberporth, 35 Pentrecagal Smithy, 150
Pinog St Dogmaels, 13 Pont Dwr Cottages Llechryd Isaf, 112
Pontrhydyceirt, 99 Poppit Sans, 19
R.A.E. Aberporth, 37 Rhydlewis, 148/149
St Dogmaels, 23/24/25/26/28 St Mary's Church Cardigan, 47/48/49
Teifi Inn, 13 Tivyside Inn Llechryd, 112/113
Traeth y Dyffryn Aberporth, 32/33 Traeth y Llongau Aberporth, 31
Traeth y Plas Aberporth, 32 Tresaith, 38/39/40/41/44
Volk's Bakery Cardigan, 45 William James Gwalia Garage, 80


St Dogmaels lifeboat, 14                                               Ruth, Tresaith, 38