St Peter's Church, Lampeter



This data was recorded by a group of second year students as part of their degree course studying Archaeology at University College of Wales Lampeter.

The original record sheets have been presented to the church, along with a Cd of the database.

There is also a master plan which enables any grave to be located using the unique reference number. If anyone has difficulty finding a grave I am prepared to locate it for them, given the details.

The entire recording process was, through necessity, completed within a 2 day period and, as a consequence, it is inevitable that some inaccuracies may have occurred for whatever reasons, including perhaps some through translation difficulties.
As far as possible I have double checked and corrected entries which were in error, with the usual proviso that we cannot be held responsible etc.

The Place column only has a place recorded where a home/birth address was decipherable.

In the Age column a 0 signifies an infant/baby, whereas a blank means no age was obvious

Apart from the usual alphabetical sections, there is a Sundry section where all extracted entries without surname are recorded.

There is no significance in the fact that some names are capitalised

Stephen Thomas    

Copyright in this database remains with Stephen Thomas on behalf of his group


[Gareth Hicks: 5 November 2003]