Pigot & Co. South Wales directory for 1830


This is a selective extraction of facts that might interest genealogists and all personal and property names mentioned. Any general data such as referred to in Samuel Lewis's Topographical Dictionary1833 extract, see Description of the parish of Lampeter, is not repeated here.


Post Office, Ann Jenkins, Post Mistress.---Letters from London arrive every morning at nine, and are despatched every evening at four.---Letters from Aberayron and the North arrive every night at half-past three, and are despatched every morning at half-past nine.---Letters from Newcastle-in-Emlyn arrive and are despatched every Monday, Thursday and Saturday morning.

Gentry & Clergy

  • Evans, Major; Highmeade
  • Gwynne, Colonel; Monachty
  • Gwynne, Mrs Thos Jones; Tyglyn
  • Hughes, Rev John; Lampeter
  • Jenkins, D J, gent; Lampeter
  • Jones, John, esq.; Derry Ormond
  • Lewellin, Rev Llewelyn DCL; Lampeter
  • Lewis, Major; Llanayron
  • Lloyd, John, esq.; Alltyrodyn
  • Lloyd, Mrs; Bronwidd
  • Ollivant, Rev Alfred AM; Lampeter
  • Philipps, Colonel Lloyd; Mabws
  • Prichard, Captain RM; Breynog
  • Rees, Rev Rice AM; Lampeter

College of St David's

  • Visitor---Lord Bishop of St David's
  • Principal and Professor of Greek---Rev Llewelyn Lewellin DCL of Jesus College, Oxford, and Prebendary of St David's
  • Vice-Principal and Professor of Hebrew---Rev Alfred Ollivant AM, late Fellow of Trinity College, & Prebendary of St David's
  • Professor of Natural Philosophy etc---James Endell Taylor BD, late Fellow of Oriel College
  • Professor of Mathematics---Daniel Bowen AM
  • Professor of Welch---Rev Rice Rees AM, Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford

Professional Persons

  • Evans, Evan; attorney
  • Herbert, Morgan; attorney
  • Jenkins, David Joel; attorney
  • Jones, Walter, surgeon; Mount Pleasant
  • Thomas, John Howell, surgeon

Inns & Public Houses

  • Crown; Hannah Davies
  • Drovers' Arms; Thomas Jenkins
  • George; Evan Davies
  • Ivy Bush; Sarah Davies
  • Lamb; Jenkin Davies
  • Lion Inn; Anthony Allen
  • Red Lion; John Williams
  • Royal Oak; Margaret Edwards
  • Ship; Daniel Evans

Shopkeepers, Traders etc

  • Davies, John Griffith, druggist
  • Davies, Thomas, shopkeeper
  • Davies, Timothy, shopkeeper
  • Edwards, David; baker
  • Evans, Thomas, boot & shoe maker
  • Griffiths, John, bookseller etc
  • Jones, Daniel, tailor
  • Jones, David, blacksmith
  • Price, Thos, saddler & harness makr
  • Price, William, auctioneer; Peterwall house
  • Richards, Rees, master at National school
  • Thomas, David, shopkeeper
  • Thomas, Evan, shopkeeper
  • Thomas, John, shopkeeper
  • Thomas, Thomas, tallow chandler
  • Williams, Frances, day school

Gareth Hicks  24 December 2001