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The Carmarthenshire Antiquary, formerly the Transactions, has been published annually since 1905 by the The Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volumes from 1905 to 1977 have been indexed and a supplementary index for 1978-1987 is appended to the rear of volume XXV (1989). Both indexes are available as separate publications. A new index for the years 1988 to the present is in course of preparation. "

In June 2004, through the good offices of Mr Terry James, the Society very kindly agreed that Genuki could copy some articles from the Antiquary onto its pages and these are linked below.

Otherwise it is intended to use this page as a chronological listing of the main subject headings from the Contents page of each journal that I access.

Some page numbers are included as an indication of the length of the articles.
Details of Shorter Articles & Notes, Appendices or Illustrations have not been included, neither have references to regular features such as Book Reviews, Miscellanea and Miscellaneous Notes.

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1942, Vol i, Pt 2

1943/4, Vol i, Pts 3 & 4

1970, Vol vi

1971, Vol vii

  • Fieldwork and Air Photography in Carmarthenshire (G D B Jones) 3
  • Carmarthenshire Highways of the Late Eighteenth Century: As Described by Contemporary Travellers (Anthony H T Lewis) 41
  • Capel Erbach, Carmarthenshire: A Mediaeval Well Chapel (Glynne R Jones and W H Morris) 48
  • The Carmarthen Amphitheatre (J H Little) 58
  • The Morris Family of Carmarthenshire (D L Baker-Jones) 64
  • The Hill Fort on Merlin's Hill, Abergwili, Carmarthenshire (Shelagh Grealey) 98
  • Rhai o Gyfrinfeydd Iforaidd ac Odyddol Sir Gaerfyrddyn yn y Bedwaredd Ganrif ar Bymtheg (Elfyn Scourfield) 102
  • The Popkin Family (D Emrys Williams) 120-134

#  1972 Vol viii

  • The Towey Valley Roman Road
  • Excavations at Castell Cogan 1971: An Interim Report
  • The Promontary Fort on Cencoed-Uchaf Farm, Cwmbach, Llanelli.
  • The Canals of the Gwendraeth Valley (Part 2).
  • Non-Celtic Pre-Reformation Church Dedications in Carmarthenshire.
  • Arferion Cymdeithas Amaethyddol Ardal Trelech.
  • Llanstephan Castle. An Interim Discussion of the 1971 Excavation.
  • David Daniel Davies, MD, FRCP, (1777-1841).
  • The Beginnings of Intermediate Technical Education for Boys in Llanelli.
  • An Evans Family. (Kidwelly)
  • Some Aspects of the Submerged Coast near Amroth

1973, Vol ix

  • Excavation of the Roman Fort at Pumpsaint, Carmarthenshire: Interim Report 1972 (G D B Jones and J H Little) 3
  • Bron-y-Gaer (G D B Jones, J H Little and Shelagh Grealey) 29
  • The 'Age of the Saints' in Carmarthenshire: a Study of Church Deprecations (W N Yates) 53
  • The Making of Medieval Carmarthen (Ralph A Griffiths) 82
  • John Wesley in Carmarthenshire, 1763-1790 (Kemmis Buckley) 102
  • David Daniel Davis, Physician, and his son Edward Davis, Sculptor - A Supplementary Note (Glynne R Jones) 119
  • The Llandyfan Forges (Michael C S Evans) 131
  • The Chapel Books of Capel Als and Park Congregational Churches, Llanelli, 1745-1900 (Noel Gibbard) 157
  • Rhys Dafys Williams: An Appreciation (Prof. E G Bowen) 170-172

1974, Vol x

  • Excavations at Pumpsaint 1973: Interim Report.
  • An Archaeological Field Survey Project in South East Carmarthenshire.
  • Llanstephan Castle: 1973 Interim Report.
  • 'Thomas Lloyd His Skole' : Carmarthen's First Tudor Grammar School.
  • Carmarthenshire Churches.
  • The Canals of the Gwendraeth Valley (part 3): A Field Survey and Guide.
  • Carmarthenshire Politics and the Reform Act of 1832.
  • Roman Carmarthenshire: A Bibliography

1975, Vol xi

  • A Radio-Carbon Date for the Bronze Age in South West Wales: A Preliminary Note on the Excavation of the Composite Mound on Pentre Farm, Pontardulais, West Glamorgan.
  • Excavations at Llangynog II 1974.
  • A Kidwelly Town Rental of the Early 16th Century (Temp. Henry VIII).
  • A Review of Metal Trade Tokens in West Wales.
  • * John Davies of Kidwelly: A Neglected Literary Figure of the Seventeenth Century.
  • A Pair of Eighteenth Century Labourers' Cottages at Banc Tai Newydd, Pontyberem, Carmarthenshire.
  • Macsu Cwrw yn Nhyfed (Domestic Brewing in Dyfed).
  • Cwmdwyfran Forge, 1697-1839.

1976, Vol xii

  • The Cairns on Mynydd Llagyndeyrn: A Focal Point of the Early Bronze Age in South East Dyfed.
  • A Note on the Discovery of the Kyngadle Trulla.
  • Hedges and Landscape History.
  • Carmarthen Tinplate Works 1800-1821.
  • The Postal History of Llanelli.
  • The Burry Port and Gwendraeth Valley Railway Company.

1977, Vol xiii

  • A Re-Appraisal of the Excavations on the Pwll Mountain Stone Rings, Marros, Dyfed (Anthony H Ward) 3
  • Laugharne Castle, 1976 (Richard Avent and Edwin Read) 17
  • Hedges and Landscape History : A Study of Land Use in the Kidwelly area (Heather Barnie and Terrence James) 42
  • The Pioneers of Estate Mapping in Carmarthenshire (Michael C S Evans) 52
  • Carmarthenshire Women and Criminal Transportation to Australia, 1787-1852 (Deirdre Beddoe) 65
  • Rural Society in Nineteenth Century Carmarthenshire (David W Howell) 72
  • Some Social Implications of the Development of Local History (Susan Beckley) 84
  • Prehistoric Carmarthenshire: A Bibliography (Andrew M W Green) 88-98

1978, Vol xiv

  • Aspects of Later Prehistoric and Native Roman Carmarthenshire: Part 1 (George Williams) 3
  • Laugharne Castle, 1977 (Richard Avent) 21
  • Griffith Jones "Persis" (W J M Gilchrist) 37
  • Lloyd and Mears of Plas Llanstephan (Major Francis Jones) 42
  • Carmarthenshire's Maritime Trade in the 16th and 17th Centuries (Moelwyn I Williams) 61
  • A Survey of the Fishponds, Watercourses and other Earthworks at the Site of Whitland Abbey and Iron Forge (Terrence James) 71
  • Carmarthen Borough Records: "A Booke of Ordinances" (Susan Beckley) 79
  • Henry Trevor Tristram, 1881-1955 (Onfel Thomas) 81
  • "Of Commutation or Bartring of Commodities  83-84

1979, Vol xv

  • Antiquarian References to Two Cairns on Mynydd Llangyndeyrn, SE Dyfed.
  • Aspects of Later Prehistoric and Native Roman Carmarthenshire: Part 2.
  • Laugharne Castle, 1978.
  • More Light on John Davies of Kidwelly.
  • Carmarthenshire's Convict Women in Nineteenth Century Van Diemen's Land.
  • Summer in Llanstephan, 1879.
  • The Carmarthenshire Record Office: A Survey of Archive Holdings.

1980, Vol xvi

  • Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society, 1905-1980. The First Field Day.
  • * Topographical Notes on the Early Medieval Borough of Kidwelly.
  • The Bishop's Palace and Collegiate Church, Abergwili.
  • A Tale of Two Mansions. (Ffrwd, Llangyndeyrn)
  • Society in Nineteenth Century Trelech A'r Betws.
  • Technical Education in South West Wales, 1889-1904.

1981, Vol xvii

  • Survey and Excavation on Pembrey Mountain.
  • Droving and Farm Economy in 18th Century Wales: Some Documents from the Allt y Cadno Estate Papers, 1767-1781.
  • The Twin Mansions of Penybanc.
  • The Parish of Llangyndeyrn 1851: A Population Study.

1982, Vol xviii

  • Some Bronze Age Monuments in the valley of the Gwendraeth Fach, South-East Dyfed (Anthony H Ward) 3
  • A Celtic Head from Llandysul (G H Williams and C J Delaney) 9
  • Welsh Law in Carmarthenshire (Prof Dafydd Jenkins and Morfydd E Owen) 17
  • The Castle of Carnwyllion (J D Davies) 29
  • Ystrad Corrwg and Glangwili (Major Francis Jones) 37
  • The Queen's Hotel, Carmarthen, A Brief History (Elizabeth Twist) 51
  • Chapel and Colliery: Bethel, Cross Hands, 1907-1982 (D Huw Owen) 55-68

1983, Vol xix

  • Notes on the Castle of Saint Clears (D J Cathcart King) 5
  • Cloth Manufacture in the Medieval Lordship of Kidwelly (Prof R Ian Jack) 9
  • Pembrey Court: An Old Carmarthenshire Manor House (Major Francis Jones) 17
  • The forgotten roads of Carmarthenshire: 1. Alltwalis Hill to Llanfihangel-ar-arth and Llandysul (Michael C S Evans) 33
  • The logbook of the Brig. Priscella of Carmarthen, April to October, 1820 (Terrence James) 43
  • An aspect of population history in Carmarthenshire (Michael Bowen Evans) 53-60

1984, Vol xx

  • Preliminary Investigation of the Pollen record from Talley Lakes (Simon Butler) 3
  • *  Antiquarian exploration of presumed Bronze Age sepulchral remains on Allt Cunedda, South east Dyfed: new information on discoveries (W Hill Morris and Anthony H Ward) 15
  • Aerial Survey and the Roman road from Carmarthen to Llandovery (Heather James and Terrence James) 23
  • Llechdwnni Revisited (Major Francis Jones) 29
  • 'A True Cosmopolite' James Howell 1594-1666 (Valmai Powel) 51
  • Carmarthen Diocese Library (William H Howells) 59
  • The Carmarthenshire Butter Trade (Emrys Williams) 69
  • The Tumble Strike, 1893 (Noel Gibbard 77
  • The importance of motor Omnibus Passenger services in South West Wales as illustrated by the 1935 Bus Strike (Russell Davies) 87-92

1986, Vol xxii  (No contents list)

1987, Vol xxiii

  • Field Survey of the Carmel Cairn group near Llandeilo in South West Wales (Anthony H Ward) 3
  • Survey and Excavation at Newcastle Emlyn Castle (Charles Parry) 11
  • The Families of Talycrwth and Pant Howel in the Parish of Trelech a'r Bettws (Major Francis Jones) 29
  • The 1860s at Llanelli - a dynamic decade for trade and shipping (Robin Craig) 41-56

1988, Vol xxiv

  • Recent Archaelogical Work on Merlin's Hill, Abergwili (George Williams, Ian Darke, Charles Parry & Jane Isaac) 5
  • The Changing Borders of Iscennen (David Rees) 15
  • A Medieval Relict Field System on Marros Mountain, Dyfed (Kenneth Murphy) 23
  • 'Sir Gariad': Some Comments on Carmarthenshire and its People by Iolo Morgannwg (Muriel Bowen Evans) 33
  • Forgotten Roads of Carmarthenshire. 3 Carmarthen to Llanelli and the River Llwchwr (Michael C S Evans)57
  • Report on the Restoration of Kidwelly Harbour by John Rennie and Edward Bankes, 1820 (W H Morris) 75
  • Cholera and the Public Health Movement in Carmarthen 1848-1856 (Heather James) 83-106

1989, Vol xxv

  • W H Morris - a Memoir (Heather James) 3
  • Medieval Carmarthen and its Burgesses: a study of town growth and burgess families in the later thirteenth century (Terrence James) 9
  • *   An Architectural survey of Penallt medieval house, Kidwelly (P R Davis) 27
  • Sculpture in Carmarthenshire: a survey of Church Monuments (Thomas Lloyd) 35
  • Daniel Mainwaring, statuary and marble mason - builder of the Picton monment (Edna Dale-Jones) 61
  • The Maesgwynne and the Carmarthenshire (Major W Kemmes Buckley) 77-82

1990, Vol xxvi

  • Llandovery Castle and the Pipe Rolls, 1159-62 (Roger K Turvey) 5
  • *  The Port of Kidwelly (W H Morris) 13
  • Alltycadno, a Carmarthenshire country house and its families (Francis Jones) 19
  • John Wesley and West Wales (A H Williams) 33
  • John Hughes 'Jac Ty-isha' - a Banished son (J Phyllis Brazell) 51
  • A Portrait of three nineteenth century Carmarthen families (Edna Dale-Jones) 57
  • A Carmarthenshire Childhood (Kemmis Buckley) 73
  • A Command Stop Line on Rhos Llangeler, with three references to Pembrey and Burry Port (D G Glover) 81-90

#  1991, Vol xxvii

  • Annals of an Old Manor House - Green Castle.
  • Carmarthen's Civil War Defences: Discoveries at Carmarthen Greyfriars Excavations 1983-1990.
  • 'Little Female Lambs' - Women in the Methodist Societies of Carmarthenshire, 1737-1750.
  • The History of Court Henry and its Families.
  • Artisan Painters in Carmarthen.
  • Carmarthen Craftsmen and Implement Makers.
  • Titus Lewis, Commercial Traveller and Man of Letters.
  • Edward Joseph (1826-72) Printer and Proprietor of The Carmarthen Weekly Reporter.
  • Lakefield School 1928-34.
  • Shorter Articles: Carmarthen Museum - Notes on the Collections.

1992, Vol xxviii

  • Excavations in Roman Carmarthen 1978-1990.
  • The Fourteenth Century Surveys of Newcastle Emlyn and the Building Programme of 1347-80.
  • The Grange and Parish of Llanfihangel Cilfargen.
  • Dr George Lewis (c.1763-1822) - Son of Trelech: Carmarthenshire Connections.
  • Best Gloves for Gentlemen: Intimacy and Ritual in an Early Nineteenth Century Carmarthenshire Funeral.
  • Education and the Needs of an Industrial Community: Decision Making in Victorian Llanelli.
  • The Gallipoli Campaign 1915: Experiences of Two Carmarthenshire Men.
  • Tinopolis.
  • Memories of Glanbran.

# 1993, Vol xxix

  • Dinefwr and Dynevor: A Place-Name Study.
  • Meidrum: Some Sidelights on the Church and Parish.
  • Carmarthen Priory Gatehouse.
  • Apud Carmarthen: 'A Booke of Ordinaunces'
  • The Dissenting Deputies and the Carmarthenshire Cases, 1749-1782.
  • A Traveller in the Llandeilo Area in the Summer of 1798.
  • Y Preimin Aredig yn Sir Gaerfyrddin.
  • Hard Labour on a Hard Disc: Carmarthen's Register of Felons on Computer.
  • Eryr Glyn Cothi.
  • Three Generations: The Jeffreys of King Street, Carmarthen, 1846-1936.
  • A Family Memoir (Jeffreys of King Street as above).
  • A Carmarthen Bay Shipwreck.
  • Conflict at Sea.
  • A Leap into Carmarthen Past.
  • Shorter Articles: Mapping Estates; A fragment of the Glanbran 'Gold Bed'; Carmarthen Museum - Notes on the Collections; The Skull of St Teilo.

# 1994, Vol xxx

  • King, Prince or Lord? Rhys ap Gruffydd and the Nomenclature of Authority in Twelfth Century Wales.
  • Artists' Views of Dynevor.
  • Nonconformity in Welsh History.
  • Why Study Chapels?
  • Some Examples of Dyfed Chapel Architecture.
  • Gwasg Gyfnodol Tref Llanymddyfri, 1773-1856.
  • Carmarthenshire County Politics, 1804-37.
  • David Jones of Llandeilo Fawr: Founder of David Jones Limited of Australia.
  • Cilycwm: A Village and its Squire in the Nineteenth Century: People, Property, Development.
  • Mr Bundy's Book: Administration and the Workforce - Dynevor Castle 1856.
  • Cofio SB Jones (1894-1964): 'Brenin Rhadlon Ymhlith ei Bobl'.
  • Workhouse Master's Clerk.
  • Shorter Articles: Welsh Wesleyan Methodist Archives; The Emlyn Colliery, Penygroes; Carmarthen Museum - Notes on the Collections.

#  1995, Vol xxxi

  • Excavation of a Summit Bronze Age Cairn at Allt-y-Garn, Carmel Mountain, Carmarthenshire, 1994.
  • An Incipient Upland Farmstead at Tro'r Derlwyn? Medieval or Early Post-Medieval Buildings in the Nant Garw Valley and the Role of Transhumance in the Dynamics of Settlement on the Black Mountain, South East Carmarthenshire.
  • The Medical Books of Medieval Wales and the Physicians of Myddfai.
  • The Forest of Glyncothi.
  • Rev. John Dyer.
  • The Loss of the Brigantine 'Amiable Martha' off Laugharne, September 1786.
  • From Llandyfaelog to Santa Fe: A Family Saga.
  • Two Anniversaries - 1815 and 1905: Sergeant Samuel Remembered.
  • The Carmarthen High School for Girls: A Diocesan Initiative for Equal Educational Opportunities in Victorian Wales.
  • Carmarthenshire in Wartime: Memories of Members and Friends.
  • Shorter Articles: The Archives of the Amman Iron Company; Dydd Calan; The Skull of St Teilo.

#  1996, Vol xxxii

  • Bwrlwm Llys Dinefwr: Brenin, Bardd a Meddyg.
  • The Din of Dinefwr: Prince, Poet and Physician.
  • Jacobitism in South West Wales.
  • 'Mrs Bridget Jones, Widow Lady of Llanelly'.
  • Notes on the Howell Family of Ffynnon Felin, Tegfynydd, Danygraig and Penrheol.
  • Castell Hywel.
  • The Gas Man Cometh: Carmarthen's Story.
  • A Home and an Income: Aspects of the 19th Century Parish of Kidwelly.
  • A New World Discovered (Evan family of Trelech & USA).
  • Before the Federation: Trade Unionism in the Anthracite Coalfield c.1870-1898.
  • 'For Watching Kyte Birds' (Bird Protection from 19th Century).
  • 'Father's Working on the Railroad'.
  • Gone with the Hearth (Domestic Life).
  • Shorter Articles: The Origins of the Rose; The Last Will of Rees David, Yeoman of Blaen y Cwm, Llanwrda; Transportation 1800 - a Sequel 1996; Carmarthenshire Archive Service; Carmarthenshire County Museum; Carmarthenshire Place Name Survey.

#  1997, Vol xxxiii

  • Llandysilio Church and Parish 500-1543: From Heartland to Borderland.
  • Bleddri ap Cadifor ap Collwyn, Lord of Blaencuch and Cil-sant: Fabulator of Arthurian Romance?
  • The Northern Approaches to Carmarthenshire.
  • Recusancy in Carmarthenshire.
  • The Fabric of Parklands and Gardens in the Tywi Valley and Beyond.
  • Arrivals and Departures - Carmarthen, 1797.
  • Spurrell of Carmarthen: The Contribution of the Overseers to the Success of the Printing Office.
  • James Buckley, JP, DL, 1802-1883 of The Trials of a Victorian Paterfamilias.
  • Shorter Articles: Teulu John Harries, Melin Sarnau, Talog; More Gas; Dywediadau a Gwerin-eiriau Plwfi Llangeler a Phenboyr a'r Cylch.

#  1998, Vol xxxiv

  • Editing St. David's Episcopal Acta 1085-1280.
  • Henry ap Gwilym: An Unassuming 15th Century Carmarthenshire Personality.
  • Llettyrychen: An Early House Rediscovered.
  • Rhys Pritchard, c.1579-1644/5.
  • Family and Friends of an Ironmaster: Robert Morgan, 1708-1778.
  • Nelson's Tower in Image and Word.
  • Towy Works (1795-1995): A Celabration.
  • The Whitland to Cardigan Railway.
  • The Light of Lleufer Thomas.
  • Politics in East Carmarthenshire, 1906-12.
  • Doing Local History.
  • Shorter Articles: Genetics and the Tracing of Ancestry; Edward Joseph; Dywediadau a Gwerin-eiriau (parhad); The Derwydd Auction; Derwydd Portraits saved for Carmarthenshire; Place-names Survey; Dublin's Fair City.

#  1999,  Vol xxxv  

  • A Late-Medieval Monastic Hall-House Rediscovered: The King's Court, Talyllychau.
  • An Appraisal of the Stepney Estate Map Book.
  • * Y Bertwyn, St. Ishmael: An Abandoned Farm. (Roland Thorn)
  • Admiral Nelson Slept Here.
  • David Evans Lewis (1813-1895) and the Merlin Brewery.
  • A Cameo of Educational Concerns and Reforms: Queen Elizabeth Grammar School.
  • The Forster Education Act of 1870: Implementation in the Llanelli Area.
  • WRH Powell, the Liberal Unionists and the West Carmarthenshire Vacancy of 1889.
  • David Rees Griffiths ('Amanwy'), 1882-1953.
  • Doing Local History.
  • Shorter Articles: John Lewis and his Welsh Connections; The Tale of a Lustre Jug; Colonel Emil Carl Haag - 18th Hussars 1868-1930; Our Elders and Betters; Sky Blue Trades of Yesteryear; Accessions to the Carmarthenshire Record Office January 1998 - August 1999; Hunangofiant; Visit to Shropshire and the Ironbridge Area.

#    2001, Vol xxxvii

  • Twelve Days that Shook South-west Wales: The Royal Letters, Owain Glyndwr and the Campaign of July 1403.
  • Stephen Hughes (1622-1688): 'Apostol Sir Gar'; 'The Apostle of Carmarthenshire.
  • Stephen Hughes: The Family Man.
  • Where there's a Will ...
  • The Gwyn Estates in Carmarthenshire: The Blaensawdde Estate.
  • Lord George Murray, Bishop of St. David's and Progenitor of the Internet.
  • William Jenkin (1798-1841), Green Dragon, Wood's Row: A Forgotten Carmarthen Printer.
  • Ar Drwydd Lamp y Cymro.
  • On the American Frontier : Amman Valley Emigrants in Texas, 1879-1880  (Bill Jones and Huw Walters)
  • The Journalist as Politician: W Llewelyn Williams MP (1867-1922).
  • St. Peter's Churchyard and the New Cemetery.
  • The Origins of the Brechfa Forest.
  • Shorter Articles: Carmarthenshire Hills and the Tudor State; Y Parch. Henry Jones ('Wallensis') 1859-1949; Bar Room Ballads; Dywediadau a Gwerin-Eiriau Plwyfi Llangeler a Phenboyr a'r Cylch (Atodiad); A Small Mystery; Carl Haag and his Family; Visit to Belgium, 27 September-1 October; Some Early Carmarthenshire Emigrants to Minnesota and part of Iowa; Recent Acquisitions at Carmarthenshire County Museum; Carmarthenshire Archive Service; Making Use of the Society's Place-name Survey Database.

#  2003, Vol xxxix

  • Prehistoric Funerary and Ritual Sites in Carmarthenshire.
  • Fish Weirs on the Taf, Towy and Gwendraeth Estuaries, Carmarthenshire.
  • Lost Buildings of Llanstephan.
  • The Llanpumpsaint Vestry Book, 1802-29.
  • Seaside, Llanelli: A Changing Landscape.
  • 'Shrouded in Mystery': Events in the History of Psychiatry in Carmarthenshire.
  • Emma Goldman, the Queen of Anarchy: the Carmarthenshire Connection.
  • The Carmarthen Olives and the Boar's Head (1857-1938).
  • Dylan Thomas' Carmarthenshire Roots.
  • The Carmarthen By-election of 1957.
  • Shorter Articles: A Roman Fort at Dinefwr Park, Llandeilo; An Interin Review of Ten Years Work at Carmarthen Castle, 1993-2003; Thomas William of Capel Isaac; Daniel E Jones (1860-1941); The Earl of Cawdor's Estate Office; Aberdaunant Farm & Ebenezer Chapel, Llansadwrn; Fish, Game and Print; Guardsman Davies goes to War; County Boundary Changes.

# 2004, Vol xl

  • Travelling between England and Wales: the itinerary of Sir Edward Don in 1524
  • The Pardo Papers
  • The Pentowin Inheritance
  • Ambition and Reality - Golden Grove House, 1780-1804
  • The Prytherchs of Abergolau
  • The Tonn Press
  • The Wern, Llanelli: a changing landscape
  • The Rebecca Riots - letters from the front
  • An Eton schoolboy visits the Amman Valley: diary of a public schoolboy (1843)
  • David Jones goes to town: some events in the history of medicine in Carmarthenshire
  • Thomas Matthews, MA (1874-1916), Llandybie: historian, writer and art critic
  • The West Carmarthenshire Labour nomination of 1953
  • Shorter Articles: Fan Foel Round Barrow, Mynydd Du, Interim Excavation Report; Revitalising Carmarthenshire County Museum; Carmarthenshire Museums Service; Carmarthenshire Archive Service 2004; Society Trip to the Isle of Wight.

#  2005, Vol xli


  • A Brief History
  • The Story of Two Museums
  • Morgan Hughes Jones, 1873-1930: decision maker
  • First and Second Presidents
  • The Founding Members
  • George Eyre Evans, 1857-1939: the self-appointed leader
  • Sir Daniel Lleufer Thomas, MA, LLD, FSA
  • A tale of ragged record keeping in Carmarthenshire
  • After the Society's Museum: Carmarthenshire County Museum from 1939
  • 'For out of Olde Feldes Cometh al this Newe Corn'
  • Lieutenant-General Sir James Hills-Johnes, VC, GCB
  • The Great Sale of 1908 at Aberglasney
  • Past Field Days
  • David Henry Davies, Cenarth: fferyllydd, llengarwr, hynafiaethydd
  • Robert Ferrar: Protestant Martyr
  • Lord Nelson Remembered
  • Carmarthenshire and the 1904-5 Revival
  • Carmarthenshire's Mr Jazz
  • Felinfoel: a changing landscape
  • Shorter Articles: The Llandeilo Roman Forts second interim report, archaeological investigations 2005; An Etymology for Dyfed; Gwynfor Evans Papers at the National Library of Wales.


Other Publications

  • Sir Gâr: Studies in Carmarthenshire History

    One of the Essays from the book can be found on  the Kidwelly History site; - Kidwelly Priory by Glanmor Williams


  • #  Index to The Carmarthenshire Antiquary - paperback/hardback  1905-1977
  • #  Index to The Carmarthenshire Antiquary - paperback 1978-1987


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