Pigot & Co. South Wales directory for 1830


The information  below relating to Kidwelly is extracted by Gareth Hicks with the kind permission of the publishers from the CD of the same title as the main heading. (Archive CD Books)


Is an ancient borough and hundred town, in the parish of St Mary and county of Carmarthen; 225 miles from London, 23 from Swansea, and nine from Carmarthen; situated on the river Gwendraeth, about half a mile from its junction with the sea in Carmarthen-bay, and about four miles from the port of Pembray, where there are the extensive coal and iron works of the Pembray Coal Company.

The coal from these works is said to be the best for smiths' purposes in the kingdom, and particularly adapted for making iron; great quantities are exported annually to Ireland, Devonshire, Cornwall etc. The quay is convenient and the harbour safe, and vessels of 400 tons burthen can come close up to the wharf. Copper and lead ores are found in the neighbourhood, and in the vicinity of the town are tin-works.

Kidwelly is governed by a mayor, 11 other aldermen, 12 principal burgesses, and a town clerk.

Quarter Sessions are held here for the trial of misdemeanors; a court, wherein debts may be sued for under £200, once a fortnight; & a steward's court, for recovery of debts under 40s., every three weeks.

The places of worship are, the parish church of St Mary (a vicarage, in the gift of the King), and a chapel each for presbyterian, Wesleyan methodist and baptist congregations.

The market, which is entitled to be holden on Friday, is scarcely observed; there is one annual fair, which takes place on 29th October.

The parish contained, by the last returns, 1733 inhabitants.

Post Office, Anne Davies, Post Mistress --- Letters from all parts arrive every morning at half-past eight, and are despatched every afternoon at four.

Gentry & Clergy

  • Arnold, John, gent; Kidwelly
  • Barrett, John, gent; Kidwelly
  • Bevan, John Howell, esq; Pengay
  • Brogden, James, esq; Trimsarran
  • Clement, Jno, esq; Moor-land cottage
  • Davies, William, esq; Penallt
  • Dixie, Richd Thos, esq; Gell y Deg
  • Humphreys, Rev David; Glanmorlais
  • Humphreys, Thomas, gent; Danlan
  • Jones, Miss Ann; Kidwelly
  • Jones, Rev David; Kidwelly
  • Maliphant, Richard, esq; Kidwelly
  • Morris, Mrs Mary; Kidwelly
  • Parker, Henry, gent; Kidwelly
  • Parker, Mrs Louisa; Kidwelly
  • Pemberton, Col F C J; New lodge
  • Pugh, Mrs Ann; Kidwelly
  • Picton, Rev Edward; Iscoed
  • Roberts, Mrs; Kidwelly
  • Roberts, Mrs Ann; Kidwelly
  • Stephens, Owen, gent; Berton
  • Wedge, John, esq; Goodig
  • Wilson, Capt. Thos RN; Kidwelly

Professional Persons

  • Bevan, Edward; Physician
  • Griffiths, Thomas; master of national school
  • Jones, Rev David; boarding and day academy
  • Pinkarton, James; civil engineer
  • Stevens, George; town clerk
  • Williams, David; surgeon

Inns & Public Houses

  • Boot and Shoe; Mary Thomas
  • Cobourg; Mary Morris
  • Greyhound; Elinor Rees
  • Hope & Anchor; Francis Randall
  • King's Arms; David Gower
  • Lord Nelson; Ann Gravell
  • Mason's Arms; Thomas Thomas
  • New Inn; Margaret Thomas
  • Original New Inn; David Williams
  • Pelican (commercial); Ths. Thomas
  • Plough and Harrow; John Phillips
  • Ship and Castle; John Evans
  • Three Crowns; John Charles
  • Wheat Sheaf; Jenkin Thomas

Shopkeepers and Traders

  • Cole, Gracious; grocer & draper
  • Collins, James; wheelwright
  • Davids, John; coast officer
  • Davies, David; carpenter
  • Davies, Evan; watchmaker
  • Davies, William; grocer, draper and carpenter
  • Evans, Mary; grocer, draper and ironmonger
  • Gower, John; carpenter
  • Gower, William; butcher
  • Gravell, David; grocer and draper
  • Griffiths, William; stone mason
  • Griffiths, William; blacksmith
  • Griffiths, William; tailor
  • Hay, Thomas and Co; tin manufacturers, Kidwelly Tin Works
  • House, Mary; dress maker
  • Hughes, John; blacksmith
  • Hughes, Thomas; tailor
  • Hughes, Thomas, jun; tailor
  • Jenkins, John; cheese etc dealer
  • Jenkins, Thomas; saddler
  • Jones, Ann; confectioner
  • Jones, David; shopkeeper
  • Lewis, David; flannel manufacturer
  • Lloyd, Edward; tailor
  • Lloyd, Thomas; tailor
  • Lloyd, William; tailor
  • Morgan, Richard; wheelwright
  • Morris, John, tailor
  • Nash, Isaac Bartlett; blacksmith
  • Phillips, David; blacksmith
  • Prickett, James; shoemaker
  • Rees, John; grocer and draper
  • Rees, William; butcher
  • Samuel, Morgan; tailor
  • Thomas, Ann; dress maker
  • Thomas, Jane; dress maker
  • Thomas, Jenkin; maltster
  • Thomas, John; blacksmith
  • Williams, Ann; dress maker
  • Williams, David; maltster
  • Williams, John; shoe maker


  • To Haverfordwest, the Regulator (from Swansea) calls at the Pelican, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during summer; goes thro' Carmarthen.
  • To Swansea, the Regulator (from Haverfordwest) calls at the Pelican, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons at half past four, during summer; goes thro' Llanelly.


  • To Carmarthen, Mary Gower, every Saturday