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Help and advice for Cwmamman Auxiliary of the British & Foreign Bible Society

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Cwmamman Auxiliary of the British & Foreign Bible Society

For 1931-1932

This is a list of subscribers from the annual report, compiled by Rina Callingham, June 2005

There are 14 districts shown separately, the names are not in alphabetical order

President:- Rev. R. E. LEYSHON, B.A.

Vice-Presidents:-Rev. JENKIN LEWIS


Rev. W. A. JONES B.A., The Vicarage




Hon. Treasurer:-Mr. EVAN JONES, Iscoed, Glanamman

Hon. Secretary:-Mrs. D. R. OWEN, Garnant


List of Subscribers, year ending, March 31st, 1932:


District No. 1:- From Glanamman Square to New Bethel, also Station Road. to Amman Bridge.

Collector:- Miss Jenny Rees

Mr. J. Phillips, C.C., J.P., Post Office

Mrs. Jenkins, Waterloo House

Mrs. Lake, Waterloo House

Mrs. Griffiths, Plough Cottage

Mrs. D. Griffiths, Plough Villa

Mrs. D. Walters, Corner House

Mr. P. M. Rees, Bethesda Villa

Mr. J. Hopkins, Bethesda Villa

Mr. J. Davies, Central Stores

Mr. E. Rowlands, Cartref

Mrs. G. Williams, Danybryn

Mr. Edwin Jones, Rock House

Mrs. Jones, Cartref Clyd

Mrs. N. Rees


District No. 2:- From New Bethel to Nantmain (including the Arcade and School Road. to Bryncam).

Collectors:- Caradog Jones and Teddy Donovan

Mrs. Rees, Manchester House

Mrs. Gilbert Davies, Brynteg

Mrs. C. Michael, Emporium

Mrs. (Dr.) Morgan, Brynteg

Miss M. Thomas, Areulfa

Mrs. Donovan, Ivy Dale

Mr. Trevor Roberts, Grove Cott.

Mrs. W. Roberts, Minffrwd

Mrs. M. Rees, Stationer's Hall

Mrs. D. Edwards, Brooklands

Mrs. D. Davies (Butcher), Commerce Place

Mrs. Jeffries, Commerce Place

Mrs. D. Harris, Commerce Place

Mrs. Jenkins, Hillside

Mrs. Jones, Onen Villa

Mrs.T. J. Davies, Ivy Dale

Mrs. D. Davies, Tydvil House

Mrs. Jones, Bryncoch

Mr. W. Williams, Nantmain Villa

Mrs. Powell, School Rd.

Mrs. Llewelyn, Maesyrhiw

Mrs. T. H. Jones, Glasnant

Mr. C. W. Hammond, Boot Stores

Mrs. J. Rees, Northampton Place

Mrs. Powell, Areulfa

Miss B. Michael, Areulfa

Mrs. Thomas, Priopect Shop


District No. 3:- Evans Terrace, Ceidrim Road., Wern Road., and out-lying farms.

Collectors:- Misses Mart Thomas and Ethel Jones

Mrs. E. Evans, Brynffin

Mrs. O. Thomas, Fronheulog

Mrs. J. Williams, Cefnbryn

Mrs. W. Williams, Gellyceidrim

Mrs. Bevan, Bryncam

Mr. Fred Lewis, Abernant

Rev. Dulais Jones, Bryngelli

Mrs. E. Thomas, Lonlas

Mrs. J. Rees, Fair View

Mrs. H. Jones, Rheidol House

Miss Irene Davies, 11 Evans Terrace

Mrs. Dan Williams, Gellyceidrim

Mrs. Sarah Lewis, Pistyll-llwyd

Mr. D. Morgan, Dulais House


District No. 4:- From Nantmain To Raven (including Coronation, Bishop and Station Roads).

Collectors:- Messrs. Hermas Roberts and Robert Edwards

Mrs. Thomas, Alltygrug

Mr. Evans, Pharmacy

Mr. Ll. Hill, Brynawel

Mr. R. Lewis, Leicester House

Mr. D. Thomas, Ironmonger

Mrs. C. Davies, Lamb House

Mr. Ellis Williams, Newsagent

Mrs. Rees Owen, Clifton Shop

Miss M. Llewelyn, Glasfryn

Mrs. D. Morgan, Station Rd.

Mr. T. V. Jones, Voelgam

Mrs. Edgar Rees, Mountain View

Mrs. Gwilym Evans, Mountain View

Mrs. L. Rees, Ashford House

Mrs. E. Davies, Voelgam

Mrs. D. Powell, Brunswick Villa

Mrs. Morgan, Oak House

Mrs. E. Jones, Brynderi

Mrs. A. Llewelyn, Glasfryn

Mrs. Gough, Pleasant Terrace

Mrs. Thomas, Bakery

Mr. A. C. Hayes, Co-op. Stores

Mr. G. Bevan, Lucknow House

Mr. D. J. Bowen, Raven Hill

Mr. Morgans, Station Rd.

Mr. Morgan Rees, Station Rd.

Mr. T. Lewis, Station Rd.

Mr. H. Sheppard, Coronation Rd.

Mrs. N. L. Harries, Togo House

Mrs. T. Morgans, Ty Clyd


District No. 5:- From Raven to Globe (including Jolly and Dynevor Roads.)

Collectors:- Messrs. John Richards and P.I. Rees

Miss Jones, Holly Bush

Mr. Hyett, Springfield

P.S. Richards, Police Station

P.C. Keay, Police Station

Mrs. J. Rees, Bronwydd

Mr. Morris, Garnant Villas

Mr. Thomas, Post Office

Mr. J. Davies, Garnant Stores

Mr. D. J. Evans, Prince Albert Row

Mrs. Michael, Graigfach

Mrs. James, Cwmgarnant Farm

Mrs. T. Jones, Ivy Cottage

Mr. D. J. Evans, Prince Albert Cottage

Mr. D. R. Owen, Stepney Villas

Mrs. D. R. Owen, Stepney Villas

Mrs. Williams, Godrewaun

Miss Bevan, Godrewaun

Mrs. Williams, Gwalia Villas

Mrs. H. Thomas, Gwalia Villas

Mrs. T. Davies, Stepney Hall

Mrs. J. Lewis, Holly Bush

Mrs. H. Owen, Preswylfa

Mrs. E. Davies, Preswylfa

Mr. W. Davies, Central House

Mr. W. James, Central House

Mr. W. Jones, Gorsygarnant

Mr. J. Richards, Springfield

Mr. B. Jones, Modern House

Mr. E. Howells, Hawthorne Villa

Mr. W. Phillips, Ramah

Mr. Joseph James, Gwynfe Villa

Mrs. Thomas, Irfon House

Mrs. M. Evans, Springfield

Mrs. Dd. Jones, Springfield

Mrs. Timothy Jones, Springfield

Mrs. Morgan Rees, Springfield

Mrs. Fred Evans

Mrs. Ieuan Davies, Garnant Cott.

Mrs. T. Morgan, Garnant Cott.

Mrs. Evans, Osborne House

Mr. Mortimer, Graigfach

Mrs. E. J. Lewis, Gorsygarnant Terrace

Mrs. T. Phillips, Gorsygarnant Terrace

Mr. D. H. Davies Gorsygarnant Terrace

Mrs. Fowler, Holly Bush

Mrs. Michael, Holly Bush

Mrs. O. Leonard, Bryngoleu

Mrs. M. Evans, Frondeg

Mrs. E. Davies, 1 Raven Row

Mr. Williams, 4 Raven Row

Mrs. Jenkins, Hawthorne Cott.

Mrs. M. Powell, Hawthorne Villa

Mrs. Sims, Hawthorne Villa

Mr. T. Davies, Brynsiriol

Mr. R. Michael, Dynevor Rd.

Mrs. Harries, Stepney Villas

Mrs. Morgan, Garnant Stores Cottage

Mr. T. Davies, Railway Cottage


District No. 6:- Stepney, Cowell and Garnant Roads to Mountain.

Collectors:- Messrs. Harry V. Jones and Howell R. Madge

Rev. R. E. Leyshon, B.A., Sunrise

Mr. D. J. Daniel, Bronyclydwr

Mr. J. Michael, Brynglas

Mrs. P. Rees, Maesydderwen

Rev. Myles Griffiths, Brythonfa

Mr. D. J. Rees, Arwelfa

Mr. Ll. Emmanuel

Mr. T. Davies, Talley House

Mrs. Powell, Stepney Stores

Mr. J. Thomas, Hazeldene

Mrs. T. Owen, Derwendeg

Mr. Glyn Owen, Derwendeg

Mr. Lewis Lewis, Brynmair

Mrs. Jones, Sunny Bank

Mrs. Jones, Islwyn

Mrs. Jones Tyddewi

Mrs. A. Ware, Trafalgar House

Mrs. Williams, Mount Pleasant

Mrs. Jones, Brynamlwg

Mrs. W. D. Llewelyn, Weston House

Mrs. W. Jeremiah, Brynhewid

Mrs. Sam Morgan, 1 Stepney Rd.

Mr. Wm. Evans, 2 Stepney Rd.

Miss Thomas, Graig Shop

Mr. Trevor Llewelyn, Rock Villa

Mrs. T. Howells, Birds' Hill

Mr. J. Evans, Glasfan

Mr. T. Morgans, Penybryn

Mr. Rees Williams, Grenville

Mrs. Griffiths, Dovery House


District No. 7:- The Twyn to the Vicarage and Hendre Road.

Collectors:- Mrs. Williams, Sunny Mead and Mrs. Powell, Glynaber

Mr. Emrys Griffiths, H.M.I.M., Twynboli

Mr. William Jones, Cartrefle

Mr. Wm. Williams, Ardwyn

Mr. D. E. Thomas, Glanpedol

Mr. Charles Samuel, Lovesgrove

Mrs. D. B. Evans

Mr. D. Rees, 1 Tan-y-Twyn

Mr. W. Thomas, Cartrefelyd

Mr. David Evans

Mrs. Bright

Mrs. W. H. Rees

Mrs. Thomas, Llwyn Neuadd

Mrs. P. Rees, Delfryn

Mr. Eynon Lewis, Brynamlwg

Mr. M. Llewelyn, Forest View

Mr. J. Williams, Sunnymead


District No. 8:- Horney Road from Hendre Road to Glyndreinog (including side roads and adjacent farms).

Collectors:- Mrs. Morgans, Cynghordy and Mrs. Rees, Brodawel

Mr. Esaiah Morgans, Cynghordy

Mr. Thos. Price, Cefnfforest

Mr. D. J. Morgan, Tirbach

Mrs. J. M. Llewelyn, Cwmberach

Mrs. R. Morgans, Cwmffrwd

Mrs. L. Evans, Cwmberach Farm

Mrs. Lewis, Glyndreinog

Mr. J. Morgan, The Nurseries

Mr. J. Llewelyn, Glyndreinog

Mr. R. Llewelyn, Glynog

Mr. T. Harry, Oakdene

Mr. W. Llewelyn, Rhianfa

Mr. Jonah Williams, Brynhaul

Mrs. Hughes, Maesyfelin

Mrs. Hicks, Hendre

Miss Mabel Lewis, Tregynllath

Mr. George Evans, Cynghordy

Mrs. Williams, Brynderi


District No. 9:- From Glyndreinog (Hornry Road) to Berach Bridge (Tircoed).

Collectors:- Messrs. James T. Lewis and William Thomas

Mrs. Jenkins, Manora

Mr. Gwyn Evans, Minerva

Mr. Thos. Morgan, Nursery

Mr. Stanley Jones, The Croft

Mr. Thos. Owen, Dolcoed

Mr. J. Griffiths, Brynmeudwy

Mr. W. M. Jones, Tircoed Rd.

Mrs. Mary Jones, Gwyn Villas

Mr. J. W. Thomas, Bryngwili

Miss Nina Bevan, Tircoed Rd.

Mr. J. Ivor Roberts, Tircoed

Miss Beryl Jones, Tircoed Rd.

Mr. David Owens, Ynyslas


District No. 10:- From Berach Bridge to Top of Mountain.

Collectors:- Messrs. Meirion Evans and Dilwyn R. Morgan

Mr. John Evans, Danycoed

Mr. Joseph Rees, Pentwyn

Mrs. Rachel Roberts, Mountain View

Mr. D. Morgan, Angel Inn

Mr. R. Rees, Llwyndu

Mr. Gwilym C. Evans, Bryneithyn

Mr. Fred Nicholson, Glanllyn

Miss Jane Jones, Barnant-coch

Mr. Jacob Davies, Brynffin

Mr. W. T. Williams, Abernantglas

Mr. S. Williams, Cwmffrwd Villa

Mr. John Jenkins, Tanylan

Mr. Willie Morgan, Teglan

Mr. Lewis Evans, Brynamlwg

Mr. T. Jenkins, Llwyndu Cott.

Mrs. T. Evans, Pantycoedcae


District No. 11:- From Glanberach to Glynmeirch.

Collectors:- Messrs. Richard Rees and William Thomas

Mr. R. O. Rees, B.A., Y Fron

Mrs. T. J. Evans, Myrtle Villa

Mr. E. Llewelyn, Nantycreigle

Mr. B. Lewis, Cwmcleddau Farm

Mr. John Thomas, Castell-ddu

Mrs. G. Williams, Llwynyrhaf

Mrs. Trevor Williams, Llwynyrhaf

Mr. Wm. Evans, Brynywawr

Mr. Wm. Llewelyn, Nantyglyn

Mrs. S. Hicks, 2 Waunwhiad

Mr. Jackie Walters, Nantyrafr

Mr. Dd. Rees, Cwmcleddau Cott.

Mr. Dan Davies, Cwmcleddau Cott.

Mr. Cecil Thomas, Cwmcleddau Cott.

Miss L. A. Williams, Gellyfawnen

Mr. Henry Davies, Ynysfawnen

Mr. J. Edwards, Nantyglyn Villa

Mr. John James, Glyn Powell

Mr. Jonah Griffiths, Glanberach

Mrs. C. Owen, Brynmair

Mrs. J. Evans, Derlwyn House

Mr. E. Lewis, Maesyrhaf

Mrs. Morris, Brynsiriol

Mrs. Ratcliffe, Bryn Hill

Mrs. Davies, Bryncaerau

Mrs. E. Hughes, Fronlas

Mrs. Beech, 3 Heol Amman

Miss Lewis, 3 Heol Amman

Mr. J. Lewis, Travellers Well

Omitted from 1930-31 Report by error:-

Mr. W. J. James Powelddu Farm

Mr. W. Evans, Brynywawr


District No. 12:- From Glanamman Square to Grenig Road (including High Street and Brynlloi Road).

Collectors:- Misses Nance Lewis and Hilda Jones

Rev. J. Lewis, Bethania

Rev. A. Davies B.A, B.D., Bryn Seion

Mr. Maybery Jones, Preswylhedd

Mr. Morgan Lewis, Dolwerdd

Mr. D. Williams, Oakfield

Miss Hopkins, Brynrhos

Mr. B Davies, Brynawel

Mrs. E. Griffiths, Arosfa

Miss Huws, Bodiwan

Mr. D. Hopkins, Rhosycoed

Mr. G. Jenkins, Bradford House

Mr. D. Rees, Brynheulog

Mr. W. Roberts, The Bungalow

Mr. J. R. Thomas, School House

Mr. J. Thomas, Penybont Shop

Mr. J. J. Morgan, Brynlloi House

Mr. M. Williams, Newsagent

Mr. D. H. Jones, The Pharmacy

Mr. Carpaninni, Criterion Shop

Mrs. C. Morgan, The Central

Mrs. W. Griffiths, High Street

Mrs. J. Brosnam, Brynlloi Farm

Mrs. E. Lloyd, 5 Brynlloi Road

Mrs. D. Lewis, 6 Brynlloi Road

Mrs. G. Williams, Brynlloi Road

Mr. E. Davies, Brynlloi Road

Mr. W. Rogers, Pretoria House

Mr. D. Rees, Glenhurst

Mr. S. Jones, Belmont

Mr. G. Jones, Malvern

Mr. H. Fuller, Beech House

Mr. L. Beynon, Glasfan

Miss H. Thomas, Brynhyfryd Bakery

Mr. Arthur Lewis, Godrewaun

Mr. T. Llewelyn, Green Meadow

Mr. Alun Williams, Newsagent

Mr. E. Jones, Iscoed

Mrs. E. Jones, Bodiwan

Mrs. Thomas, Brynamlwg

Mr. D. R. Griffiths, Brynamlwg

Mr. D. Davies, Tanyfron

Mr. W. J. Bowen Mona House

Mr. J. Morgan, Garthowen

Mr. Williams, Cawdor Villas

Mr. J. Leonard, Cross Keys Villa

Mr. T. Lewis, Postman

Miss Mary Harris, Amman Hotel

Mrs. Thomas, Grenig Villa

Mrs. Llewelyn, Brynawel

Mr. J. Jones, Ivy House

Mr. M. L. Owen, Boot Shop

Mr. Ivor Roberts, Ceinfan

P.C. Roberts

P.C. Morris

Mr. Dewi Rees

Mr. D. R. Davies Bromebyd (sic)

Mrs. John Jones, Ardwyn

Mr. D. Jenkins, Grenig Road

Mr. H. Joshua, Grenig Road

Mrs. J. Walters Grenig Road

Mrs. J. Evans Grenig Road

Mr. H. Jones, Station Road

Mr. G. Lewis, Riverdene

Mr. W. Smith, Riverdene

Mr. J. Jones, Brynlloi Road

Mrs. Pritchard, Arosfa

Mrs. M. Griffiths, Norfolk House

Mr. M. Jones, High Street

Mrs. J. Richards, Cranog

Mr. O. Roberts, Fruit Shop

Mr. F. Gunning, Brynlloi Road

Mr. J. Thomas, Ashgrove

Mr. R. Thomas, Brynhardd

Mr. D. Davies, Brynrhos

Mr. W. Lloyd

Mr. D. James, Brynhyfryd

Mr. W. E. Lewis, Brynlloi Villa

Mrs. E. Lewis, Brynlloi Cottage

Mr. J. Davey, Brynrhos

Mr. D. H. Thomas, Penybont Villas

Mr. M. Williams, Glasfan

Mr. B. Williams, Grenig Cottage

Mr. Islwyn Morgan, Brynlloi

Mr. D. Jones, Bays Hill

Mrs. Evans, Brynrhedyn

Mr. D. J. Davies, Arwel

Mrs. E. Hopkin, Minynant

Mr. Fish, Grenig

Mr. R. Howells, Brynlloi

Mr. D. Evans, Cross Keys

Mrs. W. Watkins, Main Road

Miss Nance Lewis

Miss Hilda Jones

Mrs. James Thomas, Oakfield


District No. 13:- From Maesyderi (Grenig Road) to Top of Mountain.

Collectors:- Messrs. E. G. Morgan and O. G. Thomas

Mr. Henry Thomas, Pistyll-llwyd

Mr. Joseph Jones, Maesyderi

Mr. D. S. Lewis, Llwynfedwen

Mr. J. Jones, Pantbrynhynydd

Mr. D. Jones, Troedyrhiw

Mr. Charles Price, Penwaun

Mr. W. R. Lloyd, Ty'ndomen

Mr. O. R. Jones, Ty'ndomen

Mr. Henry Davies, Trymyrych

Mr. John Williams, Brynhynydd

Mr. A. Thomas, Tawelfryn

Mr. J. Thomas, Goleufryn

Mr. Thos. Thomas, Banwen

Mr. Hopkins, Pantyffynnon

Mr. John Lewis, Penbwnshwn

Mr. Bertie Thomas, Cnapllwyd


District No. 14:- From Cash Stores to Glynmoch Farm and Bodist.

Collectors:- Misses Ivy Lloyd and Blodwen Thomas

Mr. E. J. Evans, Glynmoch Farm

Mr. D. J. Morgans, Bodist

Mrs Parry, Bodist Farm

Mrs. John Jones, Tegfan

Mr. John Powell, Conwil House

Mr. J. Williams, Gerdinen-fach

Mr. Owens, Bryn Margam

Mr. Dd. Jones, Maesyrawel

Mr. Jas. Thomas, Aelycoed

Mrs. Rees, Gothi Villa

Mrs. Roach, Brynhir Villas

Mrs Roach, Brynhir Villas

Mrs. Powell, Dyffryn Villas

Mrs. W. Jones, Pantycelyn

Mrs. Rees, Ystrad Villa

Mrs. Jones, Dyffryn Stores

Mrs. Jones, Grenig Bridge Cottage

Mrs. D. J. Owen, Bryngrenig

Mrs. R. Davies, Bryngrenig

Miss Nan Davies, Tywi

Mrs. G. F. Davies, Cash Stores

Mr. D. Thomas, Wernwgan

Mr. Simon Jones, Minyrafon

Mr. L. Llewelyn, Grenig Bridge

Mr. W. Davies, Grenig Bridge

Mrs. Daniel Davies, Bryngwyn

Miss Mona Hall, Grenig View

Mr. E. Thomas, Brynonen

Miss D. Hughes, Farmers Arms

Mrs. Thomas, Maesgwyn

Miss Mary Evans, Borthwen

Miss Ivy Lloyd, Llwyncelyn

Mrs. J. Morgan, Llwyncelyn



[Gareth Hicks 4 June 2005]