Slaters Commercial Directory 1880


Cowbridge, With the Parishes and Village of Colwinston, Flemingston, Llanbleddian, Llandough, Llanmihangel, Llansannor,
Llantrithyd, Llysworney, Nash, Penlline, St. Hilary, St Mary Church, Stembridge, Welsh St. Donats and Ystradowen

Transcribed by Phil Mustoe

COWBRIDGE is a parliamentary borough, market and post town in the parish and hundred of its own name, situated in the pleasant, fertile and well-cultivated vale of Glamorgan. It is 172 (by rail 186) miles W. from London, 56 S.W. from Bristol (via Bristol and South Wales Railway), 12 W. from Cardiff, 7 E. from Bridgend, and 40 E. from Swansea. It is in the Bridgend and Cowbridge union and county court district, the Cardiff district Court of Bankruptcy, and in the diocese of Llandaff, and deanery of Gro-Neath (lower division). The town consists chiefly of one long street, stretching from east to west, containing some well built houses, a Town Hall and convenient Market House. It is a contributory borough, with Cardiff and Llantrisant, in returning one member to Parliament; and is governed by a mayor and two bailiffs, the former appointed by the Marquis of Bute for life, and the latter elected by the burgesses annually. A court of record may be holden under the charter of Charles II. but the Corporation do not avail themselves of the privilege; the only court is one of common council, held as occasion may require, for transacting the borough business. Petty sessions are held at the Police Station every alternate Tuesday. This place is without manufactures and its trade, which is local and domestic, is chiefly supported by those engaged in agriculture, and by the market and fairs which are numerous and well attended. In the eleventh century the town was encompassed by a wall, by Robert de St. Quinton, one of the Roman adventurers, who afterwards rebuilt and strengthened a castle called Llanbethian, situated near the village, of which only one of the gates now remains standing. The parish church of St. Mary is a handsome building in the Norman style of architecture, with square tower and peal of eight bells, and was restored in 1851 at a cost of #1,400. Dr. Benjamin H. Malkin, the celebrated historian of South Wales, was buried here, and there is a tablet to his memory. There are also chapels for English and Welsh Baptists and Wesleyan and Calvinistic Methodists. The living is a vicarage consolidated with Llanblethian and Welsh St. Donats, in the gift of the dean and chapter of Gloucester. The Grammar School was founded and endowed by Sir. Leoline Jenkins, was who judge of the prerogative court, and Secretary of State in the reign of James II., and had been educated at the school. He not only endowed the school but gave the site of the present building. He founded six monitorships each of the present value of #16 10s. and provided for the admission of certain boys free. The scholarships and fellowships originally attatched to the school have been, as in most foundations, thrown open to competition by the Royal Commission, in granting to English boys educated in the school equal advantages with the Welsh, in competing for the scholarships of Jesus College, Oxford. There are also large and commodious Board schools. There is a branch of the Taff Vale Railway from Llantrisant station (Great Western) to this town. The market is held on Tuesday; and there are twelve great markets or fairs in the year, namely - first Tuesday in January and February, on the Tuesday before the 25th March, first Tuesday in April, May 4th, June24th, the first Tuesday in July and August, September 29th, and the first Tuesday in October, November and December. The markets and fairs are well attended, and are chiefly for cattle of all kinds, and in August includes wool. The parish of Cowbridge contained in 1861, 1,049 inhabitants, and in 1871, 1,134.

COLWINSTONE is a parish and village about 3 miles from Cowbridge. Charles C. Prichard, Esq., of Pwllywrach, who is lord of the manor, and Lord Tredegar are principal owners of the land. The places of worship are the parish church and chapels for Baptists and Calvinistic Methodists. The living is a vicarage in the gift of C. C. Prichard, Esq. There is also a National school. Population in 1871, 247.

FLEMINGSTONE is a small parish about 3 miles from Cowbridge. It contains 561 statute acres. The soil belongs to the Earl of Dunraven, who is also lord of the manor. The living is rectory in the gift of the Earl. The parish church is the only place of worship. Population in 1871, 68

LLANBLEDDIAN is a parish and village, about one mile from and in the hundred of Cowbridge. It contains about 3, 000 statute acres belonging to various landowners. The Marquis of Bute is the lord of the manor. The ruins of the castle stand on an eminence near the village. The parish church is the only place of worship; the living is a vicarage consolidated with Cowbridge and Welsh St. Donats. Aburthin is a small hamlet in this parish. Population in 1871, 756

LLANDOUGH is a parish about two miles from Cowbridge. It contains about 685 statute acres. C. R. M. Talbot, Esq. M.P., is sole owner of the soil and lord of the manor. The ruins of the castle stand on an eminence near the village. The parish church is the only place of worship. The living is a rectory annexed to St. Mary's church, in the patronage of C. R. M. Talbot, Esq. M.P. There is also a National school. Population in 1871, 112

LLANMIHANGEL, or St. Michael, is a very small parish about two miles from Cowbridge. It contains about 586 statute acres. The parish church is the only place of worship. The living is a rectory in the patronage of the Earl of Dunraven.Population in 1871, 148.

LLANSANNOR is a parish about 2½ miles from Cowbridge. It contains about 1,600 statute acres. The only place of worship is the parish church. The living is a rectory in the patronage of Sir Joseph Spearman, Bart. Population in 1871, 205

LLYSWORNEY is a small parish and village about two miles from Cowbridge railway station. It contains about 870 statute acres. The places of worship are the parish church and a chapel for Calvinistic Methodists. The living is a rectory annexd to the vicarage of Llantwit Major, in the gift of the dean and chapter of Gloucester. There is a day school, which was erected by the late R. C. N. Carne, Esq., at a cost of #250. Population in 1871, 166

NASH is a very small parish adjoining Llysworney, &c. Nash Manor, the residence of John D. Nicholl Carne, Esq., is about half a mile from the village. Population in 1871, 8.

PENLLINE is a parish about two miles from Cowbridge. The remains of Penlline castle are here situated; they bear the marks of extreme antiquity. Part of the site is now occupied by the castellated mansion of John Richards Homfray, Esq. J.P. and D.L.. The living is a vicarage in the patronage of the Earl of Dunraven. There is a Board school in the village. Acreage, 1,784; population in 1871, 320

ST. HILARY is a parish about one mile from Cowbridge. Mrs. Traherne is principal owner of the soil and lady of the manor. The parish church is the only place of worship; the living is a vicarage in the gift of the dean and chapter of Llandaff. There is also a National school. Area, 1,177 statute acres. Population in 1871, 166.

ST. MARY CHURCH is a parish about 2½ miles from Cowbridge, its post town, and eight from Bridgend. It contains 727 statute acres. C. R. M. Talbot Esq. M.P. , is lord of the manor and owner of the entire parish. The church is dedicated to St. Mary. The living is a rectory annexed to thst of Llandough, in the patronage of the lord of the manor. Population in 1871, 144.

STEMBRIDGE is a very small parish about three miles from Cowbridge. Acreage, 37. There are no places of worship. Population in 1871, 7.

WELSH ST. DONATS is a parish about three miles from Cowbridge and the same from Llantrisant station. Aubrey Aubrey, Esq., is the principal landowner. The chrch living is a perpetual curacy consolidated with Llanbleddian and Cowbridge. There is a Board School at Maindy in this parish. Area, 2,070 statute acres. Population in 1871, 138

YSTRADOWEN is a parish and village about three miles from Cowbridge. Aubrey Aubrey, Esq., is the principal owner of the soil. The railway from Cowbridge to Llantrisant passes through the parish and has a station here. The only place of worship is the parish church, which was entirely rebuilt in 1867, the old structure being replaced by a neat Gothic edifice. The living is a vicarage in the patronage of the Bishop of Llandaff. Acreage, 1,003. Population in 1871, 232.

The above parishes and villages are all included in the Bridgend and Cowbridge unions and county court district and in the diocese of Llandaff. Cowbridge is the post town

LLANTRITHYD is a parish about three miles from Cowbridge and nine from Cowbridge, in the Cardiff Union and county court district and hundred of Dinas Powis. It contains about 1,349 acres. Aubrey Aubrey, Esq. is chief owner of the land. The only place of worship is the parish church. The living is a rectory in the gift of the representatives of the late Sir T. Aubrey, Bart. There is also a National school. Acreage, 1,349. Population in 1871, 188

POST OFFICE, Cowbridge, Thomas Felton, Post Master. - Letters arrive from London, Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea, Gloucester, Bridgend, Carmarthen, and all parts of the kingdom at thirty minutes past seven morning, and from Ireland, Scotland, and North of England at ten minutes past ten morning. Letters are despatched to London, Cardiff, Bristol, Swansea, Gloucester, and all parts of the kingdom at twenty-five minutes past six evening, and to the North of England, Ireland and Scotland at forty minutes past four afternoon
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank

POST OFFICE, Penlline, David Reynolds, Post Master. - Letters from all parts (via Cowbridge) arrive at half-past seven morning, and are despatched thereto at ten minutes past five evening.
The nearest Money Order Office is at Cowbridge


Ballard James, Esq. The Verlands
Ballard Col. James Simpson, J.P., The Verlands
Bassett Mrs. Eliza, Beaupre
Bassett Ralph Thurston, Esq., J.P., Crossways, Llanblethian
Bates Edward, Esq., M.D., Cowbridge
Bradley Edward, Esq., Cowbridge
Carne John D. Nicholl, Esq., Nash Manor
Coulton Mrs. Lydia T., Cowbridge
Davies Miss Corina, Cowbridge
Davies Mr. Ebenezer, East Village, Cowbridge
Davies Mr. O. M., Cowbridge
Davis Evan T., Esq., Cowbridge
Edmondes the Misses C. L. & L. M., Cowbridge
Edmondes Rev. Thomas, M.A. & J.P., Cowbridge
Edwards Daniel Ithiel, Esq., Cowbridge
Edwards Rev. Philip M., Aburthin
Edwards Mr. William, Glen Cottage, Cowbridge
Evans Rev. Edward, Llanmihangel
Gibbon Jno. Samuel, Esq., J.P., Newton House, Llanbleddian
Griffiths Mrs. Mary, City House, Llansannor
Hambly Thomas, Esq., Cowbridge
Homfray John Richards, Esq., J.P. & D.L., Penlline Castle
Huntley William John Vincent, Esq., Welsh St. Donats House
Jenkins George H., Esq., Caercaddy House, Welsh St. Donats
John Mr. David, Llandough Castle
John Mr. John, Aburthin
Jones Rev. Daniel, Ystradowen
Jones Rev. Samuel, The Rectory, Flemingstone
Jones Rev. William, East villas, Cowbridge
Joseph Mr. Morgan, The Cottage, Llanblethian
Lewis Mr. Titus, St. Quintin's Cottage, Llanblethian
Llewellyn Rev. David N., Llansannor
Llewellyn Thomas, Esq., Cowbridge
Llewellyn Rev. Wm., Cowbridge
Lloyd Mrs. Elizabeth, Llanblethian
Matthews Mr. Thomas, Cowbridge
Morgan Rev. Lewis, St. Hilary
Morson Mrs. -, Cowbridge
Nicholl George W., Esq., Llanblethian
Nicholl Capt. Spencer P. Talbot, Manor House, St. Hilary
Nicholl Rev. Stephen F., Llandough
Ord Edward, Esq., Cowbridge
Owen Daniel, Esq., Ash Hall, Ystradowen
Parker Mrs. Margaret, Aburthin
Payne Thomas, Esq., Cowbridge
Phillips John W. Esq., Cowbridge
Price Rev. Owen B., Llanblethian
Prichard Misses -, Cowbridge
Prichard Charles Collins, Esq., Pwllywrach
Prichard Mrs. Mary, Cowbridge
Rees Thomas, Esq., Cowbridge
Richards Mrs. Margaret, Broadway Villa, Cowbridge
Robotham Mr. Samuel, Colwinstone
Salmon Wm. Esq., J.P. & D.L., Penlline Court
Simmonnet Madame -, Cowbridge
Stacey Francis Edmund, Esq., J.P., Llandough castle
Stockwood John, Esq., Cowbridge
Thomas Miss Anna, Pwllywrach
Thomas Miss Eliza, Cowbridge
Thomas Mrs. Elizabeth, Taynton House, Cowbridge
Thomas John Esq., Eastfield House, Cowbridge
Thomas William, Esq., Hill House, Llanblethian
Traherne Arthur, Esq., Kingscote, Llanblethian
Traherne Mrs. Ellen, The Cross, Llanblethian
Traherne George Montgomery, Esq., J.P., The Cottage, St. Hilary
Tyler Rev. R. T. M.A. & J.P., Llantrithyd
Verity Miss Cecelia, Cowbridge
Williams Mr. David, Aburthin
Williams Rev. M. Price, M.A., Cowbridge
Williams Mr. Morgan, Edmondes ter, Cowbridge
Williams William Esq., The Armoury, Cowbridge


Board Schools:-
Cowbridge - George E. Tutton, master; Kate Tutton, mistress
Maindy - James Henry Harvey, master
Penlline - Thomas Hughes, master
Culverwell Mrs & the Misses (ladies' boarding), Cowbridge
Davies Margaret, Eliza & Mary (ladies' boarding), Cowbridge

Free Grammar School, Cowbridge - Rev. M. Price Williams, M.A. headmaster; Charles S. Crosby, B.A. second master; John H. Crosby, B.A., classical master

Lewis William (boarding & day), Cowbridge
Llewellyn Jane and Annie (ladies' boarding), Cowbridge

National Schools:-

Colwinstone - Lucy Boutelle, mistress
Llandough - Arther H. Sanders, master
Llantrithid - Lewis Jones, master
St. Hilary - Miriam Owen, mistress
Parochial School, Llysworney - Mary Tutton, mistress


(See also Fire, &c. Office Agents )

Bradley Edward (land), Cowbridge
Davies O. M. (insurance), Cowbridge
Griffiths Philip (for W. & A. Gilbey's wines & spirits), Cowbridge
Thomas & Alexander (land), Cowbridge


John Edward (dealer), Cowbridge
Morgan William (dealer), Cowbridge
Tilley William, Cowbridge


(See Solicitors)


Thomas & Alexander (and valuers), Cowbridge


Butcher Charles, Cowbridge
Hayter William, Cowbridge
Howe John, Cowbridge
Stibbs Elizabeth, Cowbridge
Samuel Edward, Welsh St. Donats
Williams Mary, Cowbridge


London & Provincial Bank Limited, Cowbridge - draws on Glyn, Mills & Co. London - Thomas Hambly, manager
National Provincial Bank of England, Cowbridge - draws on head office, London - Thomas Payne, manager


David Jacob, Ystradowen
Griffiths John, Cowbridge
Griffiths William, Maindy
Hopkins John, Llysworney
Lewis Thomas, Cowbridge
Mordecai Daniel, Llansannor
Preece John, Cowbridge
Tilley William, Cowbridge
Watkins Evan, Colwinstone
Watts George, St. Hilary
Williams David, St. Mary Church


Davis Ann (& newsagent), Cowbridge
Davis Ebenezer (amp; painter), Cowbridge
Rogers Joseph, Cowbridge


David Thomas, Cowbridge
Davies Edmund (dealer), Cowbridge
Gifford Nathaniel, Llanblethian
Giles David, Cowbridge
Jones David, Cowbridge
Loughor Daniel, Penlline
Morgan Morgan, Cowbridge
Reynolds David, Penlline
Samuel Edward, Maindy


Evans Thomas, Cowbridge
Hancock William H., Cowbridge
Howe John, Cowbridge
Morgan William, Cowbridge
Thomas Morgan, Cowbridge
Thomas William, Aburthin


Davies David, Cowbridge
James William A. (& builder), Cowbridge
John Thomas, Cowbridge
Nicholas Thomas, Cowbridge
Price Christopher, Llantrithyd
Thomas Thomas, Colwinstone


Felton Thos. stamp office, Cowbridge
Llewellyn John, Cowbridge
Thomas John, Cowbridge


Hall Joseph W., Cowbridge
Hall, Reynolds & Co., Cowbridge - Edward John, agent
Morgan Morgan, Cowbridge
Thomas John R. (amp; flour), Cowbridge & Llysworney


In Colwinstone Parish
Arthur Thomas & Evan, Yew Tree House
Bowen Thomas, Colwinstone
Hopkin Thomas, Claypit
Hopkin William, Parka
Lewis Catherine & Son, Colwinstone
Preece Thomas, Hilton
Thomas Daniel, Colwinstone
Thomas Daniel jun., Colwinstone
Thomas Thomas, Brocastle
Thomas Whinzer, Twmpath
Williams Thomas, Newland
In Flemingstone Parish
Jenkins David, Flemingstone Court
Spencer David, Flemingstone
Thomas David, Flemingstone
Williams William & Evan, Flemingstone
In Llanblethian Parish
Bassett Ralph T., Crossways
Evans David, Tyn-y-caia
Griffiths -, Breech Farm
Howe Joseph, Newton
John David, Trehingill
John Thomas, Aburthin
Jones John, Llanblethian
Lane Robert, Aburthin
Major Morgan, Maindy isha
Matthews John, Hollybush
Morgan John, Stall Court
Morgan Thomas, Llanquian isha
Morgan Thomas, Penylan
Rees Morgan, Newton
Richards Llewellyn, Llanblethian
Thomas John, Eastfield
In Llandough Parish
Morris Thomas, Llandough
Thomas David, Great House
In Llanmihangel Parish
Jenkins William, Llanmihangel
Lewis Morgan, Moors Head
In Llansannor Parish
Griffiths John, Pant Llywedd
John Morgan, Argoed Isaf
Jones Margaret, Garwa
Lewis John & Matthew, Bregam
Rees Thomas & Son, City farm
Wilkins John, Isycoed
Williams John, Llansannor Court
Williams Thomas, Windmill Farm
In Llantrithyd Parish
Eagleton William, Dreobry
Evans Edward, Garn
Jenkins Edward, Pentre
John John, Pantmeyrick
Morgan John, Rectory Farm
Morgan Richard, Llantrithyd
Morgan Thomas, Llantrithyd
Thomas Henry, Ty draw
Tyler Rev. R. T., Ty canol
Williams William, Wren Castle
In Llysworney Parish
Hopkins Jane, Llysworney
Jenkins William, Penylan
Llewellyn William, Llysworney
Morgan Thomas, Llysworney
Thomas Jenkin, Penyrheol
Thomas John R., Wolf House
In Nash Parish
Board James, Nash
In Penlline Parish
David Manoah, Kintha Chwith
Homfray J. R., Penlline Castle
Hopkins Thomas, Moreland
Jones Evan, Penlline Farm
Rees David, Ham Farm
Rees Noah, Mole Hill
Thomas David, Court Farm
Thomas Evan, Llwynhelig
Thomas John, Great House
Williams Watkin, Red Farm
In Saint Hilary Parish
Braddick Henry, Howe Mill
Howells Abraham, 7 St. Hilary
Jones Messrs. -, Old Beaupre
Thomas Thomas, St. Hilary
Thomas William, Coedhills
In Saint Mary Church Parish
Evans Evan, Gigman Mill
Gwyn Catherine, Penyrheol
Howe Robert, St. Mary Church
Jones John, Fishwear
Spencer John, St. Mary Church
In Stembridge Parish
John Philip, Stembridge
In Welsh Saint Donats Parish
Edwards John, Tyarmynydd
James Thomas, Cartreglas
Jervis Thomas, Church Farm
John Edward & William, Pwllydranau
Jones William, Maesward
Price William, Mardy newydd
Thomas Noah, Wern Fawr
Thomas William & Thomas, Prisk
Williams David, Llwyndu
In Ystradowen Parish
Davies David, Ystradowen
Evans Mary & Son, Church Fawr
Harrys Howell, Crofta
Matthews William, Great House
Morgan Enoch, Bwlch gwyn
Owen Daniel, Ash Hall
Sant Thomas, Talyfan
Williams Miles, Caia
Williams Thomas, Llwyn wydog


Accident - O. M. Davies, Cowbridge
Alliance (Fire) - Thomas Payne, Cowbridge
Briton (life) - O. M. Davies, Cowbridge
Edinburgh (life) - Edward Ord, Cowbridge
General P. Griffiths, Cowbridge
Imperial (fire) - O. M. Davies, Cowbridge
Imperial Live Stock - O. M. Davies, Cowbridge
Life Association of Scotland - Thos. Payne, Cowbridge
Liverpool & London & Globe - Thos. Felton, Cowbridge
London & Lancashire (fire) - Edward Ord, Cowbridge
London Assurance - Ebenezer W. Miles, Cowbridge
National Provincial Plate Glass - O. M. Davies, Cowbridge
North British & Mercantile - David Rees, Cowbridge
Norwich & London Accidental - Edward Ord, Cowbridge
Royal - Samuel D. Evans, Cowbridge
Royal Exchange Assurance Corporation - Thomas Rees, Cowbridge
Royal Farmers' & General - Edward Bradley, Cowbridge
Sun - John Parsons, Cowbridge
West of England - John Thomas, Cowbridge
Westminster and General (life) - John Stockwood, Cowbridge


Lewis Thomas, Cowbridge
Moore William, Cowbridge
Thomas John (seedsman) Cowbridge


Butcher Charles, Cowbridge
David Jane, Cowbridge
Evans John D., Cowbridge
Griffiths John, St. Mary Church
Griffiths Philip, Cowbridge
Hall K., Cowbridge
Hopkins Cecilia, Llysworney
Howe John, Cowbridge
James Morgan, Cowbridge
Miles Mary Ann, Cowbridge
Mordecai Edward, Ystradowen
Morgan Ann, Cowbridge
Parson John, Cowbridge
Samuel Edward, Welsh St. Donats
Scott Edwin, Cowbridge
Thomas David, Aburthin
Thomas Isaac, Cowbridge
Traherne Mary, Ystradowen
Williams Edward, Cowbridge
Wood George, Penlline


Ancient Druid, Joseph May, Cowbridge
Barley Mow, William Thomas, Penlline
Bear Hotel (commercial and posting), Thomas Thomas, Cowbridge
Blue Bell, Wm. Williams, Cowbridge
Bush, Isaac Williams, Cowbridge
Bush Rebecca Williams, St. Hilary
Carne Arms, John David, Llysworney
City, Ann Sweeten, Llansannor
Commercial, Wm. H. Davies, Cowbridge
Cowbridge Arms, Morgan Thomas, Cowbridge
Crown and Anchor, David Hopkins, Cowbridge
Duke of Wellington (posting), David Thomas, Cowbridge
Edmondes' Arms, Jane Turberville, Cowbridge
Farmers' Arms, David Thomas, Aburthin
Fox and Hounds, margaret Williams, Penlline
General Picton, Edwin Thomas, Llanblethian
Gronow Arms, Wm. Sant, Ystradowen
Hare and Hound, Thomas Morgan, Aburthin
Hare and Hounds, William Jenkins, Colwinstone
Horse and Groom, Lewis Jenkins, Cowbridge
Masons' Arms, Joseph Braddick, Cowbridge
Pelican, Thomas Evans, Cowbridge
Railway, William Jones, Cowbridge
Royal Oak, David Williams, Cowbridge
Three Boars' Heads, John Howells, Cowbridge
Three Horse Shoes, Thomas Llewellyn, Welsh St. Donats
Westgate, Illtyd David, Cowbridge
Wheelwrights' Arms, Richard Aubrey, Cowbridge
White Lion, David Davies, Ystradowen
White Lion, Thos. Evans, Cowbridge


David Elizabeth, Colwinstone
Horton Mary, Cowbridge
Howell John, Llantrithyd
Morgan Gwenllian, Cowbridge
Phillips Mary, Cowbridge
Thomas Mary, Cowbridge
Warren Solomon, Cowbridge


Ballard & Co., Cowbridge
Bird Nathaniel, Cowbridge


Davies Edmund, Cowbridge
Evans Samuel D., Cowbridge
Price William L., Cowbridge
Rees David, Cowbridge
Thomas David, Cowbridge
Williams John, Cowbridge


Howells Saml. (& brewer), Cowbridge
Jenkins Lewis (and brewer and wine and spirit merchant), Cowbridge
Jenkins William, Cowbridge
John Thomas (& brewer), Aburthin
Thomas William, Hill House, Llanblethian


Hopkin John (& sculptor), Cowbridge
Williams Edward (& plasterer), Cowbridge


Braddick Henry, Howe Mill, St. Hilary
Eddolls Thomas, Llandough
Edmunds William, Llanblethian
Evans Evan, St. Mary Church
Harding Lydia, Town Mill, Cowbridge


Harman Susannah, Cowbridge
Jones Mrs. -, Llanblethian
Morgan Annie, Cowbridge
Williams Fanny, Cowbridge


Davies William J., Cowbridge
Hayter Samuel, Cowbridge
Hayter William, Cowbridge
Warren Solomon, Cowbridge


John Lewis, Cowbridge
Llewellyn Jane, Cowbridge
Yorwerth William, Cowbridge


Hall Joseph W., Cowbridge
Hall, Reynolds & Co., Cowbridge - Edward John, agent
Morgan Thomas (hay and manure), Llysworney
Morgan Morgan, Cowbridge
Price William (Tuesdays), Cowbridge
Thomas John R., Cowbridge, & Llysworney


Marked thus * are commissioners for taking affidavits in the Supreme Court of Juricature, and thus + for taking acknowledgements of married women
Miles Ebenezer W., Cowbridge
Ord Edward, Cowbridge
* Rees Thomas (and clerk to the Cowbridge United District School Board), Cowbridge
*+ Stockwood John (& town clerk, and clerk to the magistrates of the borough and of the hundred of Cowbrudge and division of Pontypridd, to the commissioners of taxes, and to the District Highway Board), Cowbridge


Bates Edward, M.D., Cowbridge
Davis Evan T., Cowbridge
Edward Daniel Ithiel, Cowbridge
Phillips & Stanistreet, Cowbridge


Evans John D., Cowbridge
Evans Saml D. (amp; draper), Cowbridge
Williams Thomas, Cowbridge


Aubrey Richard, Cowbridge
Evans John, Llysworney
John Thomas, Penlline
Preece John, Cowbridge
Samuel John, Ystradowen
Williams David, Maindy


Arnott Ivor, haulier, Edmondes ter
Davies Edward, currier, Cowbridge
George John, coal merchant, Cowbridge
James Harriet S., Cabinet maker Cowbridge
Jenkins Thomas, coal merchant, Cowbridge
John Evan, woollen weaver, Cowbridge
Johnson Hy. watchmaker & jeweller, Cowbridge
Jones David, woollen weaver, Llanblethian
Lewis Thomas, earthenware dealer, Cowbridge
Lewis William, rate collector, Cowbridge
Morgan Iltyd, haulier, Cowbridge
Price Llewellyn, timber merchant, Llantrithyd
Pickard Richard, greengrocer, Cowbridge
Rich James F., excise officer, Thorn Villa, Cowbridge
Roberts Owen, nailmaker, Cowbridge
Rogers Joseph, toy and fancy dealer, Cowbridge
Tilley Wm., coachbuilder, Cowbridge
Tucker Thomas, earthenware dealer, Cowbridge
Williams Thomas, market gardener, Llanblethian



Churches of the Establishment
St. Mary's Cowbridge - Rev. Thomas Edmondes M.A. , vicar; Revs. Owen B. Price and Philip M. Edwards, curates
Parish Churches:-
Colwinstone - Rev. John Jones, vicar
Flemingstone - Rev. Samuel Jones, rector
Llanblethian - Rev. Thos. Edmondes, M.A., vicar; Revs. O. B. Price and Philip M. Edwards, curates
Llandough - Rev. Stephen F. Nicholl, rector
Llanmihangel - Rev. Edward Evans, rector
Llansannor - Rev. David N. Llewellyn, rector
Llantrithyd - Rev. Roper T. Tyler, M.A., rector
Lisworney - Rev. E. W. Vaughan, B.A., rector
Penlline - Rev. William Llewellyn, vicar
St. Hilary - Rev. Lewis Morgan, vicar
St. Mary Church - Rev. Stephen F. Nicholl, rector
Welsh St. Donats - Rev. Thomas Edmondes, incumbent; Revs. O. B. Price & Philip M. Edwards, curates
Ystradowen - Rev. Daniel Jones, vicar
Dissenting Chapels
Baptist (English), Cowbridge
Baptist (Welsh), Cowbridge & Colwinstone
Calvinist, Cowbridge, Llysworney, Aburthin, Penlline and Colwinstone
Independent, Maindy
Methodist (Wesleyan), Cowbridge


Mayor of Cowbridge & Constable of the Castle of Llanblethian - Geo. Whitlock Nicholl, Esq.
Deputy Mayor - George Montgomery Traherne, Esq.
Bailiffs and Justices of the Peace for the Borough - John Samuel Gibbon, Esq., & Edward Bradley, jun. Esq.

Magistrates acting for Cowbridge Division - William Salmon, Esq.; John Richards Homfray, Esq.; John Samuel Gibbon, Esq.; Rev. Frederic Francies Edwardes; George Montgomery Traherne, Esq.; Geo. Henry Jenkins, Esq.; John Blandy Jenkins, Esq.; Hubert Churchill Gould, Esq.; George Whitlock Nicholl, Esq.; Rev. Thomas Edmondes; Thomas Deere Salmon, Esq.; Francis Edmund Stacey, Esq.; James Simpson Ballard, Esq.; and Ralph Thurston Bassett, Esq.

Town Clerk and Clerk to the Magistrates of the Borough, and of the Hundred of Cowbridge and Division of Pontypridd - John Stockwood, Esq.
Borough Treasurer - John Thomas
Medical Officer of Health - Edward Bates M.D., Cowbridge
Registrar of Births and Deaths and Relieving Officer for Cowbridge District - William H. John

Cowbridge Farmers' Club, George E. Tutton, secretary
Cowbridge United District School Board - Thomas Rees, clerk
Gas Works, Cowbridge - J. T. Parosns, secretary; John Jenkins, manager
Glamorganshire Agricultural Society, Cowbridge - Wm. V. Huntley, sec
Police Office, Cowbridge - Frederick Jennings, sergeant in charge
Stamp Office, Cowbridge - Thomas Felton, distributor
Town Hall, Cowbridge - John Pike, keeper
Young Men's Reading Room, Cowbridge, David Tilley, secretary


On the Taff Vale Line - Llantrisant and Cowbridge Branch

Station, Cowbridge - Oscar Hurford, station master


To LLANTWIT MAJOR, Christopher Punter & John Bowen, from Cowbridge, and daily during summer

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