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Help and advice for The Employment Commission report of 1842 on Children in Mines and Factories

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The Employment Commission report of 1842 on Children in Mines and Factories

This extract was contributed by Steve Keates

  • Some of the evidence is given by adults
  • The listing for a child will give their age.
  • Where given, colliery employment numbers are included.
  • In some cases these are only an abstract.

DINAS COLLIERY, parish of Yshadgvodog (sic) [Ystradyfodwg]. Glamorganshire.

Walter Coffin, Esq. Proprietor.

Water and steam power

Males employed:-

  • Adults; 301
  • Under 18 years; 32
  • Under 13 years; 81
  • David Morgan, aged 13, collier.
  • Thomas Slaththethral, aged11, collier.
  • Philip Davies, aged 10, haulier.
  • Philip Jones, aged 13, coal-cutter.
  • John Roland, aged 12, coal-cutter.
  • James Rogers, aged 13, coal-cutter.
  • William Thomas, aged 14, coal-cutter.
  • William Morgan, aged 10, door-keeper
  • William Isaac, aged 11 years, air-door keeper.
  • Llewellyn Powell, aged 14, collier.
  • Mathew Lewis, aged 11, collier.
  • David Watkins, aged 15, collier.

CWNRHONDDA COLLIERY, parish of Llantrissant, Glamorganshire.

Messrs. D. W. Davies and Co. Occupiers.

Male persons employed:-

  • Adults; 35
  • Under 18;  7
  • Under 13;  5


  • William David, Forman
  • David Davies, aged 13, haulier.
  • William Maggs, aged 11, haulier.
  • Edwin John, aged 12, collier.
  • William Richards, aged 12, coal-cutter.
  • John Richards (father of William), collier.

IRW (sic) [EIRW] COLLIERY, parish of Llantwert (sic) [Llanwonno],Glamorganshire.

William Crawshay, Esq., Proprietor.

Males employed:-

  • Adults; 25
  • Under 18;   5
  • Forman, Henry Thomas from Treforest.
  • Arnold Butler, Colliery Smith
  • William Evans, aged 10, air-boy.

FOREST FACH COLLIERY, parish of Llantwitfardre, Galmorganshire..

Mr John Edmunds Proprietor, Newbridge.

Males employed :-

  • Adults; 22
  • Between 13 and 18 years of age

No children listed here but evidence is given by

  • William Williams agent,
  • William Macfarlane, schoolmaster.

GELLIGAER COLLIERY, parish of Gelligear, Glamorganshire.

Messrs Powell and Co., Occupiers.

Number of persons employed:-

  • Adults; 127
  • Under 18 years of age; 13
  • Under 13 years of age; 10

Winding-engine of 12-horse power for pumping water; coal brought from workings to level by horses, 16 in number; boys employed as horse-drivers, and air-door keepers, and filling coal; main-roads six feet high, present working-seam five feet thick.


  • William Jenkins, clerk and under agent to Gelligear Colliery.
  • William Rees, aged 15, coal-cutter.
  • Rees Stephens, aged 15 haulier.
  • James Tudor, aged 9, air-door boy
  • Thomas Jones, schoolmaster, Gelligear.
  • Mrs Hannah Jenkins [mother of David, a boy in the pit aged nine]
  • The Rev. Thomas Stacey, rector, parish of Gelligear.

GILFACH FARGOED COLLIERY, parish of Gelligear, Glamorganshire.

Joshua Fletcher Hanson, Esq. Proprietor; David Davies, Contractor.

Number of persons employed :-

  • Adults; 50
  • Under 18 years of age; 7
  • Under 13 years of age; 12
  • Jabez Williams, aged 15, hitcher.
  • Ellis Loydd, aged 7 collier.
  • Morgan Kenneth, aged 8, collier.
  • Edward William, aged 11, collier,
  • William Davies, aged 12, collier.
  • Joseph Neath and John Neath twin brothers aged 11, assisting their father,
  • Eleazor Phlips, aged 17, collier.
  • Michael Maccarthy, aged 16, haulier.
  • Daniel Edwards, aged 16, haulier.
  • William Richards, aged 9 collier.
  • Edward Rowland, aged 16, collier.
  • Edmund Williams, Esq., magistrate of Maes-y-Ryddo, in the parish of Bedwelty. Monmouthshire.
  • Evan Edwards Esq., M.D., Caerphilly.

I am amazed at the huge quantity of names in this report and I am only sorry to pass on such a limited number.

Steve Keates Oct 2000


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