Newspaper extracts for Llangynwyd


There are many references to this area in the 15 million Welsh and English language articles from Welsh newspapers transcribed by the NLW and viewable on Welsh Newspapers Online
Below are English language articles that have been re-transcribed and extracted randomly to illustrate what is available, there are many that are not extracted here that include names of local people

Searches made on the following names in this order Llangynwyd, Maesteg, Caerau, Nantyffyllon

  • From the South Wales Daily News (Third Edition) 7th April 1896

LLANGYNWYD. At the annual Easter vestry, held on Monday in the porch of the ancient parish church, the Rev. Stephen Jackson, vicar, presiding, Mr James Barrow, J.P.. C.A.. Maesteg, was nominated as the vicar's warden, and Mr Morgan Maddock, Cefn Ydfa, was re-elected the parish warden for the ensuing year. The election of sidesmen was referred to a church meeting. There was a balance in hand of £3.16s

  •  From The Glamorgan Gazette 4th January 1907

LLANGYNWYD. Bethesda.—On Wednesday, last week, the juvenile choir of the above place performed the cantata "The Palace of Santa Claus." There were two performances—one in the afternoon and the other in the evening, and the chapel was crowded. The chair was taken by the pastor. A gramaphone selections by Mr. T. Thomas, Cwmfelin (the instrument having been kindly lent by Mr. Amos Dunn) opened the proceedings ..... (part extract)..........

  •  From the South Wales Daily News (Third Edition) 25th January 1894

LLANGYNWYD. LOCAL GENEROSITY.—MISS Talbot, of Margam Park. has sent a cheque for £306 to the vicar of the parish £50 towards the alterations required at the old national school in the village to pay for the new blinds she ordered to be put up in both national schools when she visited the place last summer, and £250 to clear the debt remaining on the building of the new school at Pontrhydycyff.—The school committee, at the suggestion of the vicar, invited the farmers of Llangynwyd Middle and a few others to a supper at the Old Home, on Tuesday evening last, in order that they should in a public manner tender their acknowledgment to the kind lady for the handsome way she has again come to their assistance. —A cordial vote of thanks was proposed by Mr T. C. Evans, seconded by Mr Rees Jenkins, of Tynywain. to Miss Talbot, and was passed with great enthusiasm by all present. It will he re- membered that the same kind lady gave the site of the new school, together with £200, before.

  •  From The Glamorgan Gazette 13th April 1906

Llangynwyd Parish. It is stated that a movement is on foot to carry out a long-planned ecclesiastical reform. The parish of Llangynwyd is one of the largest in Wales, and extends from Abergwynfi to Coytrahen, and the Baiden Brook, near Kenfig Hill. It has long been felt advisable to separate that portion extending from Caerau downwards, from the upper portion in the Avon Valley. The difficulties have been almost insurmountable, but it is stated that these have been finally overcome, and that Abergwynfi and Cymmer will in the near future form a new ecclesiastical district, with a perpetual curate in charge.

  •  from The Cardiff Times 14th September 1872

LLANGYNWYD COTTAGE GARDEN SOCIETY. The sixth annual show of this society was held on Wednesday, in the Llynvi Schoolroom. In many respects this exhibition excelled the preceding ones. The number of visitors was large, several having come by the Llynvi and Ogmore Railway from Bridgend, Porthcawl, Tondu, and the neighbouring villages. The schoolroom proved far too small on the occasion, and not at all well adapted for an exhibition of this kind. It was, however, nicely decorated .....(part extract)......

  • From the Monmouthshire Merlin 26th October 1861

MAESTEG. ALLEGED CASE OF POISONING BY A QUACK DOCTOR. —A woman named Margaret Rees, wife of a coker employed at the Llynvi Iron Works, died on the 27th of September last, a day or two after taking some medicine given to her by a quack doctor, who was attending her for dropsy. Mr. James Lewis, surgeon, of Maesteg, first attended the woman, his opinion at the time being that she would not live through the winter. She discarded him in favour of a quack, who administered to her in large doses a medicine of which caustic and sulphuric acid were leading components; and it was supposed that the effect of this medicine was to produce deep sleep, followed by death.   .....(part extract)......

  • From the Cardiff Times 26th September 1874

MAESTEG. FATAL FALL DOWN A COAL PIT.—On Friday afternoon an inquest was held in the Swan Inn, relative to the death of Daniel Rees, sinker, which took place at the Dyffryn New Pit on Wednesday. David Williams and William Richards, sinkers, who were working with the deceased when the accident occurred, were summoned as witnesses. In reply to the coroner and the inspector of mines, they stated that on the 23rd inst., at the end of the first shift, they were ascending the pit in a bucket with ordinary speed, when they saw Daniel Rees strike his shoulder against the side of the pit, after which he fell to the bottom  .....(part extract)......

  •  From The Cardiff Times 2nd November 1872

MAESTEG. GENERAL MEETING OF MINERS AND COLLIERS.—Two general meetings of the colliers and miners of this district were held on Tuesday, on Garn Top, near Carmel Chapel, for the purpose of considering the desirability of withdrawing the notices given by the men on the 1st instant. The chair was taken by Mr. W. Bevan in the morning. It was stated that the manager of the Llynvi collieries declined to admit a deputation from the Union men at Maesteg, because they did not represent the whole of the workmen in the district. It was said that a written withdrawal of the notices is required from each workman. The men did not feel inclined to comply with this, and sent a telegram to Mr. Morgan, agent of the Union at Rhondda. Valley, for an advice.   .....(part extract)......

  • From The Cardiff Times 11th March 1871

MAESTEG. BOARD OF HEALTH.—The fortnightly meeting of this board was held on Friday, the 3rd inst., when Messrs. Tolfree (chairman), Barrow, Roberts, D. Thomas, T. Thomas, M. David and H. Jones were present. Mr Barrow thought that the only effectual method of preventing the depositing of ashes, &c. in the main streets was to provide a proper place for the reception of such refuse. The Surveyor was ordered to make a large ash pit near the Angel Inn. The Clerk laid the yearly accounts before the board duly audited  .....(part extract)......

  •  From The Cardiff Times 1st April 1871

MAESTEG. EISTEDDFOD. — An eisteddfod connected with the Maesteg night school, and under the patronage of Mr. Thomas Brogden, was held on Tuesday, when a considerable number of the night scholars, male and female, eagerly contested for the prizes, ranging from two to ten shillings, given for exercises in reading, arithmatic, elocution, oration, composition (prose and poetry), spelling, and sewing. Mr. Barrow, one of the school managers, in his report said that 271 names were on the registers during the last session, 157 were in average attendance, and 145 presented for examination. The room was crowded, and every portion of the entertainment was carried on succesfully.

  •  From The Cardiff Times 23rd January 1875

MAESTEG. TOWN HALL—The colliers of this district have contributed the sum of £219 18s 5d towards the public hall.

CWMDU BOARD OF HEALTH.-At an ordinary meeting of this board, held on the evening of the 15th inst., Mr Hargreaves, the surveyor, presented his first report. He complained of the bad drainage of the district, and of the unsanitary condition of several cottages, many of which he considered unfit for human habitation.   .....(part extract)......

  •  From The Glamorgan Gazette 3rd September 1915

CAERAU. RECHABITES' DEMONSTRATION.—On Saturday, the annual demonstration of the above order, took place. The procession was headed by the local Salvation Army Band, and led by Chief Ruler R. D. Williams, Deputy Chief Ruler Pearce, and Bro. Maddock (trustee), followed by over hundred members of the order carrying their banner. A new feature was introduced, and the youngersters joined in, carrying Union Jacks bearing various mottoes. After parading the principal streets, the juveniles adjourned to their Tent- room to receive refreshments,   .....(part extract)......

  • From the Glamorgan Gazette 27th March 1914

CAERAU. A.F.C. BENEFIT.—A benefit night in aid of the Caerau Association Football Club was held last Friday at the Caerau Coliseum. In addition to the usual picture programme, many local artistes rendered selections, among whom the following deserve special mention: Messrs. T. A. Jones. George Dixon, Lewis and Davies, Arthur Thomas, Richard Jones, and the Glee Party (under the able conductorship of Mr. W. D. Thomas). A pleasant evening was brought to a close by the rendering of "The Old Veteran." by Mr. Charles Williams.     .....(part extract)......

  • From The Glamorgan Gazette 30th December 1910

CAERAU. THE FIGHT AGAINST CONSUMPTION. At Hermon Chapel, Caerau, on Wednesday, 21st inst., a most enthusiastic meeting was held, to consider the advisability of commencing a fund in aid of the National Memorial to the late King. Mr. Jenkin Jones, M.E., presided. A resolution— "That this public meeting of the inhabitants of Caerau and district pledges itself to do its utmost to assist the Welsh National Memorial movement to the late King Edward VII., which aims at establishing a national fund for the prevention of the spread of tuberculosis in the Principality of Wales", was moved by Dr. J. Harris Jones, in the vernacular, and Dr. Fiser, of Glyncorrwg, in English      .....(part extract)......

  •  From The Glamorgan Gazette 30th June 1916

CAERAU. N.S.P.C.C.—The ladies committee of the Caerau and Nantyffllon branch of the N.S.P.C.C., have just made thier annual house-to-house collection, and the result, not withstanding the many calls on people's pockets at the present time,has been very satisfactory, the sum of £20 having been realised. The annual meeting was held at Penuel C.M. Hall, on Wednesday last.    .....(part extract)......

  • From The Glamorgan Gazette 1st December 1916

NANTYFFYLLON YOUNG PEOPLE'S SOCIETY.—A meeting was held in connection with the Salem Y.P.S., on Monday evening, Nov. 27th, when a very interesting and timely paper, entitled, "Religious Liberality," was read by Mr. Wm. Rosser. Mr. Joseph Roberts presided. At the conclusion of the reading of the paper, a Welsh recitation was given by Mr. Thomas Morris, entitled, "Archoswch i feddwl."

  •  From The Glamorgan Gazette 20th April 1917

NANTYFFYLLON. Children's Choir.—The Nantyffyllon School's. Juvenile Choir has now a fine list of successes to its credit. During Easter week it attended competitions at Blaenrhondda, Caerau, and, Abergwynfi, and in each case succeeded in securing the first prize, including a silver-cup at Blaenrhondda. It has won nine successive competitions without a single defeat, and since its inception ten months ago, the choir has captured first prize 14 times out of 16 competitions. The choir is under the skilful conductorship of Mr. D. C. Watkins, who is well supported by Miss Adwen Williams as accompanist.

  •  From The Glamorgan Gazette 16th October 1914

NANTYFFYLLON LADIES' COMMITTEE SOCIAL.—There was a good attendance at the tea promoted by the Nantyffyllon Ladies' Committee, the proceeds of which were in aid of the local distress fund. It is expected that between gifts of money and money received at the tea and the sale of the remaining food, a goodly sum will be realised. During the evening, Mrs. Howells gave an address, and solos were rendered by Madame Richards.