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References to 'Kilvey'

Records of the Welsh estates of the dukes of Beaufort, earlier of the earls of Worcester and William Herbert, earl of Pembroke (d. 1469). These include records for the Breconshire lordships of Crickhowell, from 1382, and Tretower, from 1532; ministers' accounts for Monmouthshire lordships from 1387 and manorial records for the lordship of Chepstow, from 1568, Monmouth, from 1416, Porthgaseg, from 1262, Raglan, from 1364, Treleck, from 1508, and for the lordship of Usk, from 1517; records of the Seignory of Gower and Kilvey from 1366 and for the borough and manor of Swansea, 1657-1835. Deeds from the 13th cent. and industrial records from the 16th cent. Plans in West Glamorgan R O. Schedules: Manorial Records : Vol I Brecknockshire (1941), 287pp.; Vols II and III Monmouthshire (1946), 238 and 275pp.; Vols IV and V Glamorgan (1946), 169 and 154pp.; Vol. VI Miscellaneous Counties (1946), 285pp.; Deeds and Documents (1946), 540pp. in two vols; Manuscripts and Records (1965) 398pp. Also Maps. AR 1940-1, p.26; 1941-42, p.25; 1960-61, p.51; 1962-63, pp. 45-52; 1964-65, p.54; 1987-88, p.62; 1989-90, p.64. NLWJ, 5 (1947-8), pp. 55-6. Working list available for the 1987-88 and 1989-90 deposits.

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