Slaters Commercial Directory, 1858-1859.


Merthyr Tydfil, With Dowlais, Aberdare, Hirwaun, Rhymney and Neighbourhoods

Transcribed by Phil Mustoe

MERTHYR TYDVIL is a market town and parliamentary borough, in the extensive and populous parish of its name, hundred of Caerphilly, county of Glamorgan; 176 miles W. by N. from London, 40 S.W. from Hereford, 64 N.W. from Bristol, and 24 from Cardiff; situated on the Taff Vale railway, which line communicates also with the South Wales railway, and is a terminus of the Vale of Neath line. Its ancient name was Merthyr-Tudfyl, or Tudful, said to be derived from Tudvyl, the daughter of the martyr, Brychan Brycheiniog, a Prince, or Regulus, of a district then called Garth Mathrin, who, according to the Welsh chronology, was sacrificed by the Pagan Saxons in the sixth century; and a well, called 'Tydvil's Well' in the neighbourhood, is supposed to be the spot where she was murdered. The town lies in the midst of bleak and barren hills, on the banks of the river Taff, which falls into the sea about a mile below Cardiff - the port for the manufactures of this place. Here and there, prodigious heaps of cinders are formed from the accumulated refuse of the mines and furnaces. This heat of this spent fuel causes it to smoulder until ignition ensues, when flickering flames of different colours may be seen in the night-time issuing from these mineral mounds. The transmission of the productions of this district is facilitated by the Glamorgan Canal, extending from hence to the port, upon which craft of twenty-five tons burden are freighted; and the Taff Vale railway to Cardiff and the South Wales to Cardiff, Newport, Swansea and Milford Haven, are other efficient modes of conveyance, both for passengers and the productions of this valuable mineral district. From an inconsiderable village, this place has risen to one of great commercial importance, owing to the prolific mines of iron-stone and coal abounding in the neighbourhood. The iron-works, which are upon a vast scale, furnish, when in activity, employment to many thousand persons. The 'Cyfartha', the 'Dowlais', the 'Gadly's', and 'Aberdare' Company's establishments are of great consequence, and there are others of great magnitude, of which the directory of the town furnishes the names. The Cyfartha works have no fewer than eleven furnaces, and in 1845, made 45,760 tons of iron, at an average of eighty tons per furnace weekly, and requiring four hundred men, including colliers, miners and labourers, to each. The Dowlais works has seventeen furnaces, and made in 1845, 74,880 tons, at an average of eighty tons for each, weekly. The quantity of coal in these works averages one thousand tons daily. These works constitute by far the largest establishment of the kind in the world. In 1847 the Grand Duke of Constantine of Russia and suite were conducted over the works by the late Sir J. J. Guest, Bart., who was then the principal proprietor. It has been estimated that at least one million sterling was paid in one year (1847) for wages to the men employed in the principal Iron establishments of Merthyr. The greater portion of the metal from the works here, and from furnaces a few miles distant, is converted into bar, and other malleable iron, by machinery of the most approved construction, chiefly worked by water. Besides the iron trade, there are local branches of some consequence - among which may be mentioned the manufacture of woollen cloth and brewing, &c.
The principal civil authorities are the chief constables of the hundred, and the parish constables - the latter elected annually, and a stipendary magistrate. Merthyr is included in the thirtieth circuit of towns under the County Court Act, for the recovery of debts to any amount not exceeding £50; this court is held monthly. The borough returns one member to parliament; the gentleman at present sitting is Henry A. Bruce, Esq. The limits of the borough, as defined by the Boundary Act, comprises the whole of the parish of Merthyr Tydvil; the parish of Aberdare, in the hundred of Miskin; and the hamlet of Coed-y-Cymmar, in the hundred of Penkelly, and county of Brecon. The union comprises nine parishes, viz. Aberdare, Gellygaer, Llanfabon, Llanwonno, Merthyr Tidvil, Penderyn, Rhigos, Vaynor and Ystradyfodwg, with a total population in 1851, of 76,813 inhabitants. The Court-house and Market-house, forming a handsome building, well adapted to its purpose, was erected at the joint expense of William Meyrick, Esq. and William Thomas, Esq.
The places of worship are, the parish church of Saint Tydvil; a chapel of ease, erected some years since at Dowlais, a populous part of the parish; and several commodious chapels for various religious denominations. There are several public schools in the parish for educating the humbler class of children, including two, each conducted upon the National and British plans; and a free school. The country around here, until lately, was too rough and wild to admit of much arable tillage; but, with the auspices of the wealthy iron-masters, some of whom have elegant residences in the neighbourhood, it has arrived at great perfection, and the crops from the land in the vicinity of the town are nearly equal to those obtained in fertile districts.
The market days are Wednesday and Saturday - the latter the principal one. Fairs, March 18th, July 18th, September 2nd and 24th, the second Monday after October the 10th, and November 17th. The parish of Merthyr Tydfil comprises the hamlets of Forest, Garth, Gellideg, Heolwermood, Taff and Cynon, containing collectively; according to the returns of 1841, 34,978 inhabitants; but according to the census of 1851, the population had increased to 46,378.

ABERDARE is a market town, in the populous parish of its name, in the same hundred and county as Merthyr, 4 miles w. of that town - pleasantly situated on the Taff Vale and South Wales railways; in connexion with the Great Western and North of England, the Vale of Neath has also a station, about a mile E. of that town. Few towns in South Wales, exhibit more improvement, in the last ten years, than Aberdare. It is situated in a beautiful vale, in the midst of rich coal and iron mines, which furnish ample employment to its fast increasing population. The town has a neat church, erected nearly in its centre, with a tower and finely pointed spire, containing a peal of sweet toned bells. The market is held on Saturday. In 1841, it had 6,471 inhabitants, and in 1851, 14,908, and it is now nearly double that number.

POST OFFICE, Merthyr, William Wilkins, Post Master
Arrival of the Mails
. From London and all parts every morning at ten minutes past six.
From the North every morning at a quarter past eleven
From Brecon &c. (by mail coach), every day at ten minutes past one
From Abergavenny, every afternoon at half-past five

. To London (General Mail), every evening at a quarter past five.
To the North every day at one
To Abergavenny every morning at half-past seven
To London on Sundays (General Mail), every afternoon at forty-five minutes past two
* Money Orders from nine in the morning till five (except Saturdays), when the office re-opens at half-past six till eight

POST OFFICE, Dowlais, Thomas Hopkins, Post Master - Letters from London and all parts arrive every morning at seven and are despatched thereto every evening at half-past four

POST OFFICE, Aberdare, William Harris, Post Master - Letters from London and all parts (except the North) arrive every morning at twenty minutes past six and are despatched thereto every evening at half-past five. - Letters from the North arrive every morning at eleven and are despatched at one.
Money Orders from nine till five

POST OFFICE, Hirwaun, John Williams, Post Master - Letters from all parts arrive (from Aberdare) every morning at half-past eight and are despatched every afternoon at a quarter to four
Money Orders from nine in the morning till six in the evening

Gentry and Clergy

Campbell Rev. J.C., Rectory
Crawshay Robert Thompson Esq., Cyfartha Castle
Daniel Mrs. Charlotte, Glebeland st
Davies Mrs. Ann Lewis, 8 Union st
Davies Mr. David, Dynevor street, George town
Davies the Misses, Thomas town
Davies the Misses Martha and Jane, Swan st
Davies Mrs. Mary, Penry st, George town
Edward Mr. Walter, Hirwaun
Evans Rev. Edward, Dowlais
Evans Rev. Owen, Coed y commar
Evans Mr. William, 5 Union st
Evans Rev. William, Hirwaun
Forman Richard, Esq. Pen-y-darren
Fothergill Richard, Esq., Abernant House
Fowler J.C. Esq. (stipendary magistrate), 4 Union st
Green Rev. - , Troedyrhiw
Griffiths Rev. John. Aberdare
Hancock Mrs. Hannah, Courtland terrace
Harris Mrs. Margaret, Wellington st
Hill Anthony, Esq., Plymouth House
Howell Miss -, Nant-y-gwenith st, George town
Howell Rev. John, John st
Hughes Rev. John, Dowlais
Humphreys Rev. George, Courtland terrace
Jenkins Mrs. -, Thomas town
Jenkins Rev. Evan, Dowlais
Jenkins Rev. Isaac D., Trefcynon, Aberdare
Jenkins Mrs. Jennat, Thomas town
Jenkins Mr. Thomas, Dowlais
Jones Rev. Daniel, New Castle st
Jones Mr. David, Dowlais
Jones Mr. David E., Thomas town
Jones Mr. Howell, Hirwaun
Jones Mr. John, Glebeland st
Jones Rev. John, Thomas st
Jones Rev. Owen, Dowlais
Jones Rev. Rice, Thomas street, Thomas town
Kernick Rev. John, Brynhyfryd, Aberdare
Lewis Rev Daniel, Thomas st
Lewis Lewis, Esq., Troedyrhiw
Lewis Rev. Lewis, Union st
Lewis Mr. Rice, Courtland House
Lloyd Mrs. -, Dowlais
Lyndon Mr. Geo., Springfield Villa
Martin Mrs. Ann, Somerset place
Millea Rev. Patrick, Dowlais
Morgan Rev. David Rowland, 25 Union st
Morgan Mrs. Mary, High st
Phillips Mr. Thomas, Hirwaun
Price Mr. David, Thomas street, Thomas town
Price Rev. David, Brynhyfryd, Aberdare
Price Rev. T. B., Aberdare
Purchase Edward, Esq., Troedyrhiw
Rees Mrs. -, Dynevor st, George town
Roberts Rev. Daniel, Dowlais
Shepton Mr. George, 1 Somerset pl
Sinnott Rev. Michael, Dowlais
Sunnybank Mr. Richard William, Aberman
Taylor Philip, Esq. Hirwaun
Thomas William, Esq., Court-house
Thompson Mrs. Christina Little, Courtland terrace
Watkins Rev. Benjamin, Hirwaun
Watkins John, Esq., Hirwaun
Wayne Thomas, Esq., Glandare House, Aberdare
Wayne William Watkin, Esq., Plasnewydd, Aberdare
Wilcox Rev. Henry, Glebeland st
Williams Mrs. -, Thomas st
Williams Mrs. Enoch, Tynyrodyn
Williams Rev. Rees, Vaynor
Williams Mr. Thomas, Victoria st
Williams Mr. William, Aberaman
Williams Rev. William, Hirwaun

Academies and Schools Marked thus * are Boarding and Day.
Not otherwise described are Day Schools

Babington George, 30 Wellington st
* Barling Sarah Annie, Church st
* Betts Agnes, 33 Union st
Bowen John, Pen-y-darran
British and Foreign School, Hirwaun - William Harris, master
Davies Rev. Thomas R., Aberdare
Donlea Edward G. (Crawshay's), Tydvil's well
Evans Rev. Owen, Coed y commar
Free School, Dowlais - John E. Ralph, master
Fuller A. C., Castle st
Hughes Samuel, Coed y commar
Infants' School (St. David's), High st - Jane Roberts, mistress
* Kernick James, Primrose hill
* Lawton Mrs. -, Courtland terrace
National Schools:-
George town - Alfred Samuel Barling, master; Mary Ann Richmond, mistress
High st - Henry Brooks, master; Emily Davies, mistress
St. Fagan's, Trefcynon, Aberdare - James Jones, master; Ellen Jolliff, mistress
Webb Sarah, Hirwaun
Wilks John (& professor of music), Somerset place
Williams Elizabeth, Aberdare
* Williams Margt., 1 Courtland terr
Winterton Sarah, Coed y commar
Winterton William, Coed y commar

Agents See also Fire, &c. Office Agents

Bird John (to Francis Crawshay, Esq.), Hirwaun
Clark William Southern (to the trustees of the Marquis of Bute), Maerdy, Aberdare
Crook Samuel (for Stogumber's medicinal ale and for Rumford and Burton ales and Guinness's Dublin stout), Weliington st
Davies H. W. (general commission), 1 Union st
Evans David (insurance), Hirwaun
Evans Roger (to the Rhymney Brewery Co.), Dowlais
Forman Richd. (to the Pen-y-darran Iron Co.), Pen-y-darran
Griffiths William T. (for Whitfield's patent fire-proof safes), High st
Howells Thomas (to the Graig colliery Co.), Graig
Jones Arthur (for the Vale of Neath Brewery), Aberdare
Jones David Thomas (to Watsons & Co. timber merchants), Glebeland st
Jones Thomas (to Pinchen & Co.), Swan st
Martin George (Mineral), Dowlais
Mathias David (house), Church st
Morris Wm. (house), Pany-y-Tywyd
Pardoe Richard (for Lloyd's patent blowers & Warnes patent packing and colliery signal bells), Cardiff st, Aberdare
Sims Joseph (for Horniman's tea), Hirwaun
Smith Joseph Hill (to the Glamorganshire Canal Co.), Canal house
Thomas David (mineral), Dowlais
Thomas Evan (for Milners' patent safes), Cardiff st, Aberdare
Thomas Thomas (for Milners' patent safes), High st
Williams Enoch (to Messrs. Wayne - Gadly's Company), Aberdare
Wolridge J. C. (to the Plymouth Iron Works), Plymouth


Evans John Benjamin, Castle st
Frank James (and superintendent registrar, clerk to the guardians and Pont-y-Pridd highways, and secretary to the Aberdare Water Works), High st
James Charles Herbert and Frank, High st and Cardiff st, Aberdare
Morgan & Smith, Victoria street and Aberdare
Morris David William, Canon street, Aberdare
Rees Isaac Davies, Cardiff st, Aberdare
Russell James Ward, High st
Simons & Evans, John st


Davies Daniel, Dowlais
Gawn James, Cardiff st, Aberdare
Griffiths and Baxter (and valuers), Aberdare
Jones Titus, Castle st
Morgan William Jones (& accountant), High st

Bakers & Flour Dealers

Gunn David C., High st
Jones T. J., Aberdare
Morgan Elizabeth, Dowlais
Morris William, Canon st, Aberdare
Newton Nehemiah, Aberaman
Price John, Coed y commar
Solomon Harriet, High st
Thomas Rice, Castle st
Thomas Samuel, Dowlais


West of England and South Wales District Bank, High st and Cardiff st, Aberdare - (draws on Glyn, Mills & Co., London) - Thomas Parry, manager, Merthyr, Thomas Davies, manager, Aberdare
Wilkins & Co., High st & Aberdare - (draws on Barnetts', Hoares' and Co. London) - David Evans, manager, Aberdare
Savings' Bank (Cardiff branch of), Aberdare - Rev. John Griffiths, actuary
Savings' Bank, Dowlais - (open every Monday and Saturday from seven till nine)
Savings' Bank, Glebeland street - (open every Monday from eleven to one and on Saturday half-past four to six) - Morgan Williams, actuary


Charley Wm. (coach), Post Office la
Davies Edward, Dowlais
Davies Evan, Aberaman
Davies Thomas, Wheatsheaf lane
Evans David, Iron Bridge
Francis John, Post Office lane
Griffiths Evan, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Jones Henry, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Lewis Thomas, Coed y commar
Lewis William, Aberdare
Lloyd John, Dowlais
Morgan David, Wheatsheaf lane
Pardoe Richard, Cardiff st, Aberdare
Powell John, Aberdare
Powell Watkin, Dowlais
Rees William, Dowlais
Smith David, Coed y commar
Snelling George, Plymouth st
Snelling John, Albert st
Williams Charles, Hirwaun
Williams Daniel, Dowlais
Williams John, Iron Bridge
Williams William, Dowlais

Booksellers & Stationers Marked thus * are also Printers

Carpenter Benjamin (bookbinder), Tydvil's well
Corin Joseph H., Pont Morlais
Davies David, Pont Morlais
* Evans Daniel Lewis, High st
Evans Richard (stationer), Dowlais
Evans Thomas, Aberdare
* Harris William, Aberdare
* Howells Thomas, Glebeland st
* Jones J. T., Commercial place, Aberdare
Jones Thomas Watkins, Aberdare
* Lewis Rees (and machine ruler), High st
Matthias William (bookbinder), Albert st
* Thomas David (bookbinder), Dowlais
* White Mary W (& Account book manufacturer), High st
Wilkins William, High st
* Williams Peter High st

Boot and Shoe Maker

Argust David, Hirwaun
Arthur Thomas, Troed y rhiw
Aston Louisa (dealer and stay warehouse), High st
Coles James, Pen y darran
Davies David, Aberdare
Davies David, Dowlais
Davies Henry, Ynystwyd st, Aberdare
Davies John, Coed y commar
Davies John, High st, Aberdare
Davies John, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Davies John, Troed y rhiw
Davies Joseph, Troed y rhiw
Davies Thos., Dumfries st, Aberdare
Edwards John, Hirwaun
Evans Edward, Dowlais
Evans John, Hirwaun
Evans Richard, High st
Griffiths Edmund, Troed y rhiw
Griffiths Wm., Trefcynon, Aberdare
Harris Joseph, Troed y rhiw
Harris William, Graham st
Harris William, Hirwaun
Hill Thomas (dealer), Dowlais
Hodges William (dealer), Aberdare
Humphreys Morgan, Dowlais
Humphreys Richard, Aberdare
James John, Garden st
James John, Trefcynon, Aberdare
James Thomas, Dowlais
Jayne Luke, High st, Aberdare
John David, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Jones Daniel, High st
Jones David, Aberaman
Jones David, Tydvil's well
Jones Howell, Hirwaun
Jones John, Cardiff st, Aberdare
Jones John, Castle st
Jones John, Pen y darran
Jones Joseph, Hirwaun
Jones Lewis, Victoria st
Jones Thomas, Dowlais
Jones Thos., Trefcynon, Aberdare
Langford George, Dowlais
Lewis Elias, Dowlais
Lewis Richard Hughes (and oil dealer), Dowlais
Lloyd Edward, Trefcynon; Aberdare
Lloyd John, Hirwaun
Lloyd Thomas, Hirwaun
Lodge James, Dowlais
Mason Isaac, Aberaman
Morgan David, Cardiff st, Aberdare
Morgan David, Hirwaun
Morgan John, Aberdare
Morgan Morgan, Aberaman
Morgan Thomas, Dowlais
Morris William, Wind st, Aberdare
Parry John, Troed y rhiw
Pritchard William, Ynystwyd street, Aberdare
Rees David, High st
Rees J. E., Dowlais
Rees Rees, Twyn y rodyn
Rees Rees, Victoria st
Rhys Thomas, Pont Morlais
Roberts Thomas, Victoria street
Roberts William, Dowlais
Samuel E., Dowlais
Samuel John, Dowlais
Samuel Thomas, Dowlais
Samuel William, Dowlais
Swash Edward, Aberdare
Thomas Colin, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Thomas Daniel, Dowlais
Thomas Daniel, Hirwaun
Thomas John, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Thomas Jno., Ynystwyd st, Aberdare
Thomas Thomas, Aberaman
Thomas Thomas, Qeen, Aberdare
Thomas William, Aberaman
Williams Thomas, Tydvil's well

Braziers and Tin Plate Workers

Davies William, Iron Bridge
Green Thomas, Dowlais
Griffiths William, Aberdare
Griffiths William T., High st
Haines William, Pont Morlais
Lewis Eleanor, Swan st
Morris W., Aberdare
Pardoe Richard, Cardiff street, Aberdare
Thomas Evan, Cardiff st, Aberdare
Thomas Thomas (and bell hanger), High st


Dowlais Brewery Co., Dowlais
Evans Thomas, Taff Brewery
Giles John, Merthyr Tydvil Brewery, Tydvil's well
Griffiths Henr, Ships' Brewery
Jones Samuel, Picton st
Jones William, Bridge st
Lindsay John (and wine and spirit merchant), Old Mill Brewery, Aberdare
Miller Robert, Pont-y-Capel
Norton William & Co., Bethesda st
Thomas Lewis, Aberaman
Thomas Matthew, Jackson's bridge


Bartlett Joshua, Aberdare
Daniel David, Dowlais
Davies Elizabeth, Cardiff st, Aberdare
Davies John, Dowlais
Davies Joseph, Jackson's bridge
Davies Thomas, Victoria st
Davies William, Troed-y-rhiw
Easton Charles, Dowlais
Easton Reuben, Dowlais
Edwards John, Queen st, Aberdare
Edwards Morgan, Aberaman
Evans Harriet, Hirwaun
Gabriel Lewis, Aberdare
Giles Edward, Wind st, Aberdare
Glanville James, Tydvil's well
Griffiths Joseph, High st
Healey George, Dowlais
Humphreys William, Troed-y-rhiw
James Owen, Dowlais
Jones David, Aberdare
Jones John, Aberdare
Jones Thomas, Wind st, Aberdare
Jones William, Pen-y-darran
Lewis John, Plymouth st
Lewis Thomas, Commercial place, Aberdare
Martin George (pork), High st
Millward James, Pont Morlais
Millward Richard, Victoria st
Morgan David (pork), High st
Rees Edward, Aberaman
Rees Morgan, Troed-y-rhiw
Rees William, Jacksons bridge
Rogers John, Dowlais
Smale James, Hirwaun
Thomas Evan, Plymouth st
Thomas Thomas, High st
Treherne Gwenllian, Penry st
Waters Thomas, Aberaman
Williams Edward, Hirwaun
Williams Llewellyn, High st

Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers

Ackery George, Aberaman
Adams Samuel, High st
Bevan David, Hirwaun
Boyle Philip, Victoria st
Davies Brothers, High st
Davies David, Brecon road
Davies Evan, Bridge st
Edwards John, Castle st
Jones Samuel, High st, Aberdare
Lumley Richard Lumley, Victoria st
Meredith William, Glebeland st
Richards David, Cardiff st, Aberdare
Voyle James, Victoria st
Watkins Catherine & Son, Victoria st
Williams John, Dowlais

Chemists and Druggists

Charles Richard P., Aberaman
Evans John, Pen-y-darran
Evans Thomas, Aberdare
Gay Edwin Robert, High street, Nant-y-gwenith st
Harrison Robert, Dowlais
James James, Dowlais
Jenkins William, Commercial place, Aberdare
Jones John, Commercial place, Aberdare
Jones Thomas Watkins, Aberdare
Lewis David, Dowlais
Loveridge Thomas, High st
Orchard Chadwick, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Prichard J. L., Dowlais
Rees Thomas, High st
Sims Hoseph, Hirwaun
Smyth Walter, High st
Stephens Thomas, High st
Stephens William, High st
Weir Joseph S., Market square
Williams John Teague, High st

China, Glass, &c. Dealers Marked thus * are Earthenware Dealers

Asprey Daniel, High st
* Chapland Henry, Cross st, Aberdare
Davies John (earthenware), Dowlais
Evans Jane, Cardiff st, Aberdare
Evans John, Penry st
Evans Morgan, Hirwaun
Foster Benjamin, Commercial place, Aberdare
Griffiths John, Hirwaun
* Hallesy William (and marine stores), Bethesda st
Jacob Isaac, High st, and Castle st, Swansea, and Dark gate, Carmarthen
Jones David, High st, Aberdare
Lewis Eleanor, Swan st
Morris Janet, Aberdare
* Nicholas John, George town
Quarmby Joseph, Hirwaun
Roberts Thomas, Aberaman
* Rowland Thomas, Dowlais

Clothes Dealers

Byers James, Dowlais
Cohen Michael, High st
Copeland Thomas H., Pont Morlais
Davies Brothers (and carpet, and cloth dealers), High st
George John, Cardiff st, Aberdare
Goodman Harris, Victoria st
Hodges William, Aberdare
Isaacs Moses Lewis, High st
Jacob Abraham, Graham st
Jones Richard, Queen st, Aberdare
Lyons Hyman, High st
Miles David, High st
Samuel John, Aberdare
Siedle Edward, High st

Coal Proprietors

Aberdare Coal Company, Aberdare
Dandery Colliery Company, Dandery
Davies David, Blaengwawr Colliery
Hill Anthony, Plymouth works
Lewis Ebenezer, High st, Aberdare
Nixon John, Werfd
Powell Thomas & Co., Abergwawr Colliery
Rees Mrs., Griag Colliery
Thomas & Joseph, Aberdare
Thomas Samuel, Dandarry Colliery, and Aberdare
Thomas William, Wainwyllt and Llattyshinkin Collieries
Wayne William, Watkin & Thomas and Co., Gadly's Coal Company, Aberdare
Williams David, Ynyscynon


Andrews James, Pont Morlais
Betts Alfred (and sugar boiler), Albert st
Caudle Joseph, Aberdare
Cocksley J. H., Bute st, Aberdare
Dance Abel, Cardiff st, Aberdare
Dance William, Aberdare
Flook Ann, Cardiff st, Aberdare
Gunn David C., High st
Hopkins S., Victoria st
Matthews Brothers & Co. (wholesale), Chapel st
Mills Peter, Dowlais
Morris Wm., Canon st, Aberdare
Parnell Henry, Dowlais
Price John, Coed-y-commar
Pulman Edwin, Jackson's bridge
Solomon Harriet, High st
Thomas David, Glebeland st
Warren George (& cook), High st
Welsh Joseph, High st

Corn & Flour Merchants

Crook Samuel, Wellington st
Goodfellow Thomas Wilson, High st
Harris William, High st
Williams Thomas Herbert, High st

Curriers and Leather Sellers

Ballard Thomas, High st
Davies Benjamin, Canon st, Aberdare
David C. W. & Co., Victoria st
Evans Williams (and tanner), Bridge st, and Picton st
Lewis Thomas, Victoria st
Lodge James, Dowlais
Mason Edwin, Cardiff st, Aberdare

Eating House Keepers

Davies Sarah, Market st, Aberdare
Davies William, High st
Flower Caroline, High st
Giles Mary, High st
Jones Richard, Queen st, Aberdare
Morgan Elizth, Queen st, Aberdare
Smith George, Commercial st, Aberdare
Warren George, High st
Williams Thomas, High st

Fire &c Office Agents

Atlas, David Mathias, Church st
Birmingham (fire), Joseph S. Weir, Market square
British Empire, William Morris, Panty Tywyll
Clerical, Medical and General (life), Wm. Morris, Panty Tywyll
Eagle (life), James Gawn, Cardiff st, Aberdare
General, Wm. Morris, Panty Tywyll
Liverpool and London, Daniel Davies, Dowlais
Medical Invalid and General (life), and London Assurance (fire), Thomas Davies, Cardiff st, Aberdare
Mitre, David Thomas, Dowlais
Professional (life), William Jones Morgan, High st
Provident Clerks (life), William Morris, Panty Tywyll
Provident Temperance (life), William Morris, Panty Tywyll
Scottish Provincial, Daniel Lewis Evans, High st
Standard (life), Thomas Loveridge, High st
Star, Wm. Morris, Panty Tywyll
Travellers and Marine, T. B. Powell, Aberdare, and James Gawn, Cardiff st, Aberdare
West of England, Thomas Evans, Aberdare

Fishmongers and Game Dealers

Irving Richard, Pont Morlais
Ogden John, High st

Flour Merchants

Crook Samuel (and ale and porter), Wellington st, corner of Chapel st
Harris William, High st
Williams Thomas H., High st

Fruiterers and Green Grocers

Adams Joseph, High st
Bernard Joseph, Aberdare
Chapland Henry, Cross st, Aberdare
Davies David, Pen-y-darran
Dix Samuel, Victoria st
Edwards Griffith, Aberdare
Harris Jane, High st
Hastings Joseph, Aberdare
James William, Aberdare
Jones Howell, Hirwaun
Jones John, Cardiff st, Aberdare
Leonard Charles, High st
Llewellyn Thomas, Aberdare
Marsh Mary, Troed-y-rhiw
Owen John, Victoria st
Pyatt Joseph, Cross st, Aberdare
Rees Mary, Aberdare
Snell Charles (and salt dealer), Pont Morlais
Watkins Edmund, Queen street, Aberdare
Williams William, Penry st
Wiltshire James, Commercial st, Aberdare

Furniture Brokers

Boyle Philip, Victoria st
Davies Brothers, High st
Edwards John, Castle st
Lumley Richard Lumley, Victoria st
Meredith William, Glebeland st
Voyle James, Victoria st
Williams J., Aberdare
Williams William, Aberaman

Grocers, Drapers and Dealers in Sundries See also Tea Dealers; likewise Tea Dealers Travelling; also Linen and Woollen Drapers.)

Andrew & Jones, Cardiff st, Aberdare
Anthony John, Aberdare
Bedoe Elizabeth, George town
Bendon Robt. J., Nant-y-gwenith st
Bevan David, Hirwaun
Bevan Rees, Hirwaun
Bowen Abraham, Dowlais
Charles Henry, Jackson's bridge
Charles Wm., Trefcynon, Aberdare
Christmas John, High st, Aberdare
Cocksley J. H., Bute st, Aberdare
Cull Maria, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Cullimore William, Aberdare
Curtis Wm., Trefcynon, Aberdare
Daniel William, Pen-y-darran
Daniels Daniel, Aberaman
Davies & Phillips (and provision), Victoria st
Davies & Price, Market st, Aberdare
Davies Benjamin, Brecon road
Davies Daniel, Aberaman
Davies David, Nantygwenith st
Davies David, Dowlais
Davies David, Glebeland st
Davies David, Iron bridge
Davies David, Dowlais
Davies David, Cardiff st, Aberdare
Davies Evan, Ynystwyd st, Aberdare
Davies Henry, Dowlais
Davies John, Coed-y-commar
Davies John, Dynevor st, George town
Davies John Thomas, Wellington st
Davies Llewellyn, Aberaman
Davies Margaret, Plymouth st
Davies Mary, Plymouth st
Davies Owen, Dowlais
Davies Rebecca, John st, George town
Davies Robert, Troed-y-rhiw
Davies Samuel, Dowlais
Davies Titus, Brecon road
Davies Thos., Trefcynon, Aberdare
Davies Thomas, Dowlais
Davies Walter, Aberaman
Dyer James, Tram road side
Edmonds David, High st
Edwards Margaret, Dowlais
Edwards Wm., Trefcynon, Aberdare
Evans Ann, Quarry row
Evans Ann, Tydvil's well
Evans David, Dowlais
Evans David, Herwaun
Evans David, Victoria st
Evans David Isaac, Castle st
Evans Henry, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Evans Howell, Aberaman
Evans James, Glebeland st
Evans John, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Evans John, Aberaman
Evans Margaret, Coed-y-commar
Evans Morgan, Aberdare
Evans Richard, Victoria st
Evans Stephen, Troed-y-rhiw
Evans Theophilus, Pen-y-darren
Evans Thomas, Aberaman
Evans William, Pont Morlais, High st
Evans William, George town
Evans William David, Quarry row
Fell David, Quarry row
Francis Edward, Caedraw
Frederick Robert, Dowlais
Glamorganshire and Monmouthshire Tea Company, High st
Goodfellow Thomas Wilson, High st
Gould William, Tydvil's well
Griffiths Evan, Dowlais
Griffiths Lewis, High st, Aberdare
Gwilt Benjamin, High st
Harris David, Dowlais
Harris Edward (and bacon factor), Victoria st
Harris Elizabeth, Aberdare
Harris William, High street, and Caedraw and Troed-y-rhiw
Hill Thomas, Dowlais
Hopkins -, Dowlais
Hopkins David, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Hopkins Mary, Thomas st
Hopkins S., Victoria st
Hoskins William, Troed-y-rhiw
Howells Thomas, Dowlais
Howells Thomas, Aberaman
Howells William, Coed-y-commar
Howells William, Aberaman
Hughes John, Dowlais
Hughes William, Coed-y-commar
James John, Tydvil's well
James Thomas, High st
James Wm., Penry st, George town
James William, Dowlais
Jenkins David, Wellington st
Jenkins David, Dowlais
Jenkins Jenkin, Hirwaun
Jenkins John, Aberdare
John Griffith, Hirwaun
John Philip, Cannon st, Aberdare
Johns Thomas L., Jackson's bridge
Jones Benjamin, High st
Jones Daniel, Troed-y-rhiw
Jones David, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Jones David, Castle st
Jones David, Hirwaun
Jones David William, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Jones Elizabeth, Aberaman
Jones Evan, Dowlais
Jones George, Dowlais
Jones John, top of Dowlais
Jones John, Hirwaun
Jones John William, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Jones Mary, Pond side
Jones Mary Ann, Vaughan st
Jones Richard, High st
Jones Thomas, High st
Jones Thomas, Commercial street, Aberdare
Jones Thomas, Dowlais
Jones Thomas, Aberdare
Jones William, Coed-y-commar
Jones William, Castle st
King William, Troed-y-rhiw
Lewis Ebenezer, Dowlais
Lewis James, Dowlais
Lewis James & Co. (and provision merchants), Commercial street, Aberdare
Lewis John, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Lewis John, Aberdare
Lewis Thomas H., Dowlais
Lewis William, Tydvil's well
Lewis William, Dowlais
Lewis Wm., Pen-y-darran & Dowlais
Llewellyn David, Dowlais
Llewellyn John, Coed-y-commar
Lloyd Herbert, Nant-y-gwenith st
Lloyd Mary, Pen-y-darran
Mansell Thomas, Dowlais
Matthews Brothers & Co., Chapel st
Matthews John, Jackson's bridge
Mewis John, Aberaman
Michael Michael, Aberaman
Miles Griffith, High st
Morgan John, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Morgan Rees, Dowlais
Morgan Thomas, Gadley's road, Aberdare
Morgan William, Aberdare
Morris Sarah, Pont Morlais
Morris William, Cannon st, Aberdare
Newton Nehemiah, Aberaman
Norbury Thomas, Quarry row
Oliver David, Dowlais
Owen James, Bethesda st
Pearce Thomas James, Market st
Pegler Wm., Aberdare & Pontypool
Penniers William, Pen-y-darran
Pollard Ann, Dowlais
Powell David senr., Dowlais
Powell David junr., Dowlais
Powell Evan, Pen-y-darran
Powell Job, Hirwaun
Powell John, Victoria st
Price David, High st
Price Robert, Coed-y-commar
Price William, Pen-y-darran
Probert Samuel, Dowlais
Protheroe John,. Twynyrodyn
Rees Benjamin, Bridge st
Rees David, Dowlais
Rees Rees, Brecon road
Rees William, Jackson's bridge
Richards Daniel, Ynystwyd street, Aberdare
Richards Mary, Dowlais
Richards William, Tydvil's well
Roberts Daniel, Dowlais
Roberts Griffith, Gillar st
Roberts Margaret, Aberaman
Roberts Margaret, Commercial pl, Aberdare
Roberts Thomas, Pen-y-darran
Roberts Thomas, Aberaman
Roberts William, Twyn-y-rodyn
Robson James, Nant-y-gwenith st
Rosser David, High st
Scott James, Tydvil's well
Scotton Thomas, High st, Aberdare
Sharp William, Troed-y-rhiw
Stephens Thomas, Victoria st
Thomas Benjamin, Jackson's bridge
Thomas David, High st
Thomas Edward, Caedraw
Thomas Evan, Bute st, Aberdare
Thomas John, Aberaman
Thomas John, Pont Morlais
Thomas Rice, Castle st
Thomas Samuel, Dowlais
Thomas Sarah, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Thomas Thomas, Aberaman
Thomas William, Aberaman
Thomas William D., Aberaman
Tissington George, Dowlais
Walker David, Dowlais
Watkins Elizabeth, High st
Watkins Thomas, Caedraw
Watkins William, Hirwaun
Watson Mary, Jackson's bridge
Wilkins William, Plymouth st
Williams David Evan, Hirwaun
Williams Enoch, Caedraw
Williams Evan, Jackson's bridge
Williams John, Hirwaun
Williams Joseph & Phoebe, Dowlais
Williams Lewis, Aberaman
Williams Mary, Aberaman
Williams Thomas, Tram road side
Williams Thomas, Coed y commar
Williams Thos., Trefcynon, Aberdare
Williams Thomas Herbert (and corn, flour and provision factor), Hongkong Tea Mart, Victoria st, and High st, and at Pen-y-darran
Williams William, Tydvil's well
Williams William, Dowlais
Williams William, Hirwaun

Hair Dressers

Davies Thomas, Dowlais
Flooks Thomas, Victoria st
Harris David, High st
Jacob James, Dowlais
Jones Daniel, Victoria st
Jones John, Glebeland st
Price Llewellyn, Aberdare
Rees John, Glebeland st
Roden Thomas, Plymouth st
Smith William, Aberdare
Thornton William, Dowlais
Williams John, Tydvil's well

Hardware Dealers

Asprey Daniel, High st
Barnascone Joseph, High st
Boyle Philip, Victoria st
Norbury Thomas, Quarry row
Roberts John (and marine stores), Bridge st


Daniel Gabriel (and straw milliner), High street

Inns (See also Taverns & Public Houses)

Angel (commercial and posting), Samuel Powell Thomas, High st
Boot and Railway, Harriet Hancock, Aberdare
Bush (commercial and posting), Elizabeth Overton, High st
Bush, Lewis Phillips, Dowlais
Cardiff Arms, Peter Moore, Hirwaun
Castle, George Roach, High st
Crown (commercial), John Davies, High street
Dowlais (commercial), Theadore Day, Dowlais
Greyhound and Railway, David Williams, High st
Queen's Hotel, Edward Jones, Aberdare

Iron & Steel Merchant

Snelling George (tin, black plate, and charcoal iron), Plymouth st

Iron Founders

Chivers Thomas, Mill Street Foundry, Aberdare
Lewis David & Richard (and engineers), Darefychan Foundry, Aberdare
Matthews John, Iron lane, George town
Williams William, Aberdare

Iron Masters

Aberdare Iron Company, Aberdare, Richard Fothergill, resident partner
Blaenavon Iron Company, Blaenavon
Crawshay Francis, Hirwaun Works
Crawshay William, Cyfartha Iron Works
Forman & Co., Pen-y-darran Works, Richard Forman, manager
Gadly's Iron Company, Aberdare
Guest Sir John, Bart. (the Executors of), Dowlais Iron Works
Hill Anthony, Plymouth Works - J. C. Woodridge, agent
Homfrays, Thompson, Fothergill and Forman, Tredegar Iron Works
Sirhowy amd Ebbw Vale Iron Company, Sirhowy and Ebbw Vale Iron Works


Andrew & John, Cardiff st, Aberdare
Davies Benjamin, Canon st, Aberdare
Dixton Franklin, Victoria st
Ferrent John, High st
Griffiths William, High st, Aberdare
Griffiths William T., High st
Jones Joseph, Dowlais
Pardoe Richard, Cardiff st, Aberdare
Price William, Dowlais
Thomas Evan, Cardiff st, Aberdare
Thomas Thomas (and sole agent for Milners' patent safes), High st
Williams Daniel Thomas, Castle st
Williams David Evan, Hirwaun
Williams John, Dowlais

Joiners and Builders

Bevan David, Hirwaun
Davies David (carpenter), Union st
Davies John, Pond side
Davies Thomas, Coed y commar
Evans John, Aberdare
Francis David, Dowlais
Gabe John, Thomas st
James James, Dowlais
Jones Evan, Dowlais
Jones Evan, Aberaman
Jones John, Aberaman
Jones William, Hirwaun
Lawrence Thomas, Hirwaun
Morgan Evan, Aberaman
Morris Samuel, Commercial place, Aberdare
Pritchard Hugh, Cardiff st, Aberdare
Rees Evan, Glebeland st
Rees Philip, High st
Richards David, Cardiff st, Aberdare
Vaughan Thomas, Coed y commar
Venables William, Hirwaun
Williams John, Hirwaun
Williams Morgan, Coed-y-commar

Linen & Woollen Drapers (See also Grocers, Drapers, &c. and also Tea Dealers and Drapers - Travelling.)

Ashton Thomas, Dowlais
Copeland Thomas H., Pont Morlais
Davies & Powell, Market square
Davies & Price, Cardiff st, Aberdare
Dyke R. & W., Dowlais & Aberdare
Evans Howell, Aberaman
Evans John, Dowlais
Francis Charles, High st
Harris William, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Howell David, Dowlais
Howell William George, Pont Morlais, High st
James John, High st
Jones Evan, High st
Jones Joshua, Dowlais
Jones Robert, Dowlais
Jones William, High st
Lewis Henry, Aberdare
Lewis Samuel, Aberdare
Lloyd Richard, Dowlais
Lloyd Thomas, High st
Price Thomas, High st
Price William, Dowlais
Puddicombe James, Cardiff street, Aberdare and Carmarthen
Richards John, Aberaman
Roach Thomas, High st
Samuel John, Aberdare
Smith Charles, High st
Wood Ann Maria, Aberdare


Davies Brothers, Pont Morlais
Jones Jenkin, Vaynor
Jones William, Vaynor

Milliners & Dress Makers

Beynon Caroline, Victoria st
Daniel Gabriel (straw milliner and hatter), High st
Duerr & Felix, Canon st, Aberdare
Evans Jane, Victoria st
Goldsworth Mary, Wind st, Aberdare
Howard Mary Ann, High st
Howell Eliza, Canon st, Aberdare
Holwells A. & E., Aberaman
Jones Jane, High st
Jones Mary, High st
Jones Mary, Aberaman
Kenrick Fanny, Union st
Martin William (and cap maker), Victoria st
Oliver Harriet, High st
Owen Ann, Glebeland st
Phillips Jane, Aberdare
Powell Jane, Wellington st
Price Ann, Wellington st
Pritchard Tiydvil, Salina & Ellen, Albert st
Pugh Mary, Wellington st
Rees Harriet, Aberdare
Stanner Sarah, Swan st
Underwood Fanny, Aberdare
Williams Mary Ann, Dowlais
Wood Ann Maria, Aberdare
Wood Kezia, Castle st

Nail Makers

Davies Edward, Dowlais
Davies Thomas & tip), Hirwaun
Jones David, Swan st
Jones Joseph, Dowlais
Jones Mary Ann, Vaughan st
O'Neile William, Plymouth st
Powell Evan, Dowlais
Price William, Dowlais
Thomas David, Iron Bridge
Thomas David (& tip), Victoria st
Thomas Thomas, High st
Thomas William, Dowlais
Williams Daniel Thomas, Castle st


The Merthyr Telegraph (Friday), Peter Williams, High st
The South Wales Times (Friday), Williams Brooks, Union st, local manager; J. C. Peterson, proprietor and editor, Newport - (See advertisement)

Painters and Glaziers

Evans Thomas, Aberdare
Gunter Thomas, Commercial street, Aberdare
Jones John (& paper hanger), High st
Jones Thomas, High st
Lewis William, Brecon road
Llewellyn Henry, Castle st
Powell Evan, Dowlais
Richards Eustace (and plumber), Canon st, Aberdare
Thomas Henry, Cardiff st, Aberdare


Barnett Joseph, Victoria st
Bierstan Abraham, Dowlais
Freedman Harris, Aberdare
Freedman Samuel, Dowlais
Goodman Harris & Moses, Victoria st
Goodman Joseph, Castle st
Harris & Bloom, Dowlais
Hart David, Glebeland st
Isaac Harris, Glebeland st
Isaac Samuel, Pen-y-darran
Isaacs Moses Lewis, High st
Jacob Abraham, Graham st
Lyons & Hyam, Commercial street, Aberdare
Lyons Hyman, High st
Siedle Edward, High st


Davies Moses, Castle st
Harris David, Castle st
Jones John, Glebeland st
Morgan Daniel, Dowlais
Morgan Morgan, Pont Morlais
O'Neil John & Christopher, Dowlais
Parker William, Cross st, Aberdare

Printers, Letter-Press See Booksellers, &c.

Saddlers and Harness Makers

Ballard Benjamin, High st
Griffiths Jenkin, High st, Aberdare
Jones Howard, Nant-y-gwenith st
Jones Joseph, Dowlais
Lewis Thomas, Dowlais
Powell Howell, Pont Morlais
Price William, Dowlais
Williams Morgan, High st, Aberdare

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries and Sundries
See under the head Grocers, &c.

Shovel Manufacturers

Snelling George (and manufacturer of railway carriage and screw pins, files, iron baskets, and buckets, and wire worker, and re-cutter of files), Plymouth st


Bryant John, George town
Evans William, Bridge st

Stone Masons

Harris John, Glebe land
Hutchinson Joseph, Glebeland st
Jenkins Thomas, Dowlais
Jones John, Aberdare
Jones John E. (sculptor), Upper Thomas st
Jones William, Tydvil's well
Lewis John (merchant), George town, and Newbridge
Meredith Watkin, Coed-y-commar
Meredith William, Coed-y-commar
Morgan David, High st
Morgan George, Pont Morlais
Phillips Evan, Aberdare
Pugh Thomas, High st
Rees Griffith, Dowlais
Rowland Edward, Bridge st
Thomas William, Aberdare
Williams Thomas, Aberdare

Stone Merchants

Davies William, Troed-y-rhiw
Lewis John, George town, and Newbridge
Llewellyn John, Canal side

Straw Bonnet Makers

Faulkner Mary, Castle st
Howard Mary Ann, High st
Howell Eliza, Canon st, Aberdare
Jones Jane, High st
Oliver Harriet, High st
Powell Jane, Wellington st
Price Ann, Wellington st
Richards Frances, Dowlais
Teece Mary, Garden st


Allday Francis, Glebeland st
Davies Benjamin, Canon st, Aberdare
Davies David, Wind st, Aberdare
Davies Edward, Swan st
Davies William, Hirwaun
Dyke Thomas Jones, Albert st
James Job, High st
James John W., High st
Martin -, Thomas st
Phillips Thomas Lance, Aberaman
Roberts James Lewis, Mill street, Aberdare
Russell John, George town
Sloper Richard, Aberdare
Thomas David Morris, Station &c., Aberdare
White John L., Dowlais


Clark William Southern (and civil and mining engineer), Maerdy, Aberdare
Gant Samuel Castle, Church st
Griffiths & Baxter, Aberdare
Harrison James William (to the board of health), New Castle st
Henderson Joseph (and civil and mining engineer), Brynhyfryd, Aberdare
Hepple Richard (mining), 2 Omerset place
Jones William (and valuer), Commercial st, Aberdare
Kirkhouse Herbert (mining), Hirwaun
Lester Edward (and civil engineer), Thomas st
Lewis John, 3 Union st


Abbot Thomas, Albert st
Cameron james, Bute st, Aberdare
Cochrane James, Aberaman
Davies Daniel, Aberaman
Davies Thomas, Bute st, Aberdare
Davies Thomas, Dowlais
Davies Thomas, High st
Edwards Henry, Jackson's bridge
Edwards James, Dowlais
Edwards William, Dowlais
Evans Evan (& draper), High st
Evans Stephen, Albert st
Evans William, Aberaman
Fox James, Hirwaun
George John, Cardiff st, Aberdare
Griffiths Evan, Dowlais
Harris John, Aberdare
Hinton J., Aberdare
Hoult James, 27 Union st
Howell William, Bute st, Aberdare
James John, Aberdare
James Rees, Thomas st
Jenkins John, Dowlais
Job Lewis, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Jones Abraham, Dowlais
Jones Daniel, Pen-y-darran
Jones David, Victoria st
Jones David, Pen-y-darran
Jones David, junr., Wellington st
Jones John, Dowlais
Jones John (and draper), Cardiff st, Aberdare
Jones Jones, Dowlais
Jones Morgan, Nant-y-gwenith st
Jones Thomas, Court st
Jones Thomas, Union st
Larke Richard, Aberdare
Lewis Archibold E., Dowlais
Lewis David, Caedraw
Lewis Thomas, High st
Lewis Thomas, Aberaman
Lewis William, Pont Morlais
Matthews Hny., Trefcynon, Aberdare
Maurice Elias, Glebeland st
Maurice John Richard, Aberaman
Morgan E., Bethesda st
Morgan Thos., Trefcynon, Aberdare
Mullins Timothy, Wellington st
Oliver David, Tydvil's well
Phillips John, Hirwaun
Price John, Dowlais
Price John, George town
Price Thomas (& draper), High st
Price William, Chapel st
Pugh Thomas, Aberdare
Rice William, Dowlais
Richards John, Troed-y-rhiw
Richards Rowland W., Hirwaun
Roberts Thomas, Hirwaun
Rogers John (& draper), High st
Sparks George, Bethesda st
Thomas Daniel, Dowlais
Thomas David, Dowlais
Thomas George, Dowlais
Thomas Thomas, Dowlais
Thomas William, Dowlais
Thomas William, Thomas st
Thomas William, Aberaman
Williams Neziah, Tydvil's well
Williams William, Wellington st
Wood Joseph, Glebeland st

Tallow Chandlers

Davies & Evans, Dowlais
Davies Morgan, Victoria st
Evans David Isaac, Dowlais
Griffiths John, Dowlais
Lewis John, Mill st, Aberdare
Rees John, Caedraw
Rees Lewis, Aberaman
Thomas Margaret, Castle st


Bryant John, George town
Evans William, Bridge st & Picton st

Taverns & Public Houses

Adam & Eve, John Thomas, Bridge st
Albion, Walter Hannah, Aberaman
Angel, Ann Gabriel, Aberdare
Bailey's Arms, Wm. Morgan, Aberdare
Bear, Thomas Davies, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Beehive, James Currey, Hirwaun
Bell, John Vaughan, Plymouth st
Bellevue, William Morgan, High st
Bird in Hand, Rees Gabe, High st
Black Bull, Matthew Thomas, Jackson's Bridge
Black Horse, David Jenkins, Pen-y-darran
Black Lion, Nicholas Thomas, Picton st
Blaengwawr, David Williams, Aberaman
Blue Bell, Thomas Lewis, High st
Bodwiggiad Arms, Morgan Morgans, Hirwaun
Boot, James Evans, High st
Bridgend, Mary Jones, Hirwaun
Brigand, Lewis Davis, Coed y commar
Britannia, Jos. Davies, Plymouth street
Bruce Arms, William Vincent Roberts, Bute st, Aberdare
Bush, Henry Evans, Aberdare
Bush, Margaret Evans, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Butchers' Arms, Nicholas Jones, Commercial place, Aberdare
Bute Arms, Wm. Tissington, Dowlais
Bute Arms, Thomas Evans, Aberdare
Caledonian, Thos. Aubrey, High st
Cambrian, John Williams, Bethesda street
Canford Arms, John Prosser, Dowlais
Cardiff Arms, Ann Davies, Aberaman
Cardiff Hotel, David Richards, Caedraw
Cardigan Arms, William Williams, Dowlais
Carpenters' Arms, Thomas Richards, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Castle, James Daggers, Aberaman
Castle Inn, Arthur Jones, Aberdare
Commercial, David Nicholas, Aberdare
Corner House, John Phillips, Dowlais
Crawshay Arms, Edward Jones, Mill st
Crawshay Arms, Henry B. Webb, High street
Craysham Arms, John Williams, Hirwaun
Cross, Wm. Rees, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Cross Keys, Wm. Harris, Aberdare
Cross Keys, David Elias, Dowlais
Cross Keys, Howell Morgan, Coed-y-commar
Cross Keys, Mary Rees, Cross Keys st
Crown, Richard Guy, Aberdare
Cuba Arms, Theophilus Vaughan, Dowlais
Cyfartha Arms, Maria Jones, Tydvil's Well
Duke of York, Thos. Howell, Bridge st
Dyffryn Arms, Mary Jones, Tydvil's well
Dynevor Arms, Rees Davies, George town
Eagle, D. J. Nicholas, Aberdare
Earl of Windsor, Thomas Watkins, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Farmers' Arms, James Smith, Aberdare
Farmers' Arms, Thos. Lisle, High st
Farmers' Arms, William Hughes, Coed-y-commar
Fothergill's Arms, William Thomas, Aberdare
Fountain, Nathaniel Lewis, Tram road side North
Freemasons' Arms, John Jenkins, Wind st, Aberdare
Full Moon, Llewellyn Jones, Trefcynon, Aberdare
General Picton, Saml. Jones, Picton st
General Picton, Edward Jeremiah, Aberaman
George, J. Edwards, Aberdare
George, Thomas Williams, Coed-y-commar
Glantaf, Daniel Williams, Troed-y-rhiw
Globe, Thomas Harris, High st
Globe, Thos. Thomas, Coed-y-commar
Globe, John Hughes, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Glove and Shears, William Phillips, Court st
Gloucester Arms, Richard Hosgood, Aberdare
Golden Lion, John Jones, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Golden Lion, Edmund Slade, Hirwaun
Grawen Arms, Moses Jones, Tydvil's well
Green Dragon, Sophia Morgan, Aberdare
Greyhound, David Harris, Dowlais
Greyhound, Roger Vaughan, Coed-y-commar
Greyhound, William Lavender, Ynystwyd, Aberdare
Griffin, John Jones, Aberaman
Gwaelod-y-garth Arms, William Harris, Crosskeys st
Gwyn's Arms, Jenkin Jenkins, Coed-y-commar
Half Way House, Howell Howell, near Aberdare
Harrow, Edward P. Jones, Aberaman
Heath Arms, David Jones, Troed-y-rhiw
Heathcock, Thomas Williams, Iron bridge
Heathcock, Elias Davies, Aberdare
Hirwaun Castle, Daniel Davies, Hirwaun
Hollybush, George Spencer, Dowlais
Horse and Groom, Howell Howell, Dowlais
Horse and Groom, David Williams, Aberdare
Iron Bridge, William Bucknall, Aberdare
Iron Bridge, John Williams, Ynysgan st
Ivy Bush, William Williams, Ivy Bush lane
Ivy House, Mary Miles, High st
Jackson's Bridge, Edward Hughes, Jackson's bridge
King William, William Morris, Aberaman
King's Head, John Hughes, High st
King's Head, James Beach, Dowlais
Lamb, Chas. Wakefield, Aberdare
Lamb, John Miller, Castle st
Lamb and Flag, Thomas Howells, Aberaman
Lamb & Flag, Jane Watkins, Brecon rd
Lord Raglan, Gwenllian & Davis, High street
Market Tavern, Jno. Gration, Market house
Masons' Arms, Edward Evans, Troed-y-rhiw
Masons' Arms, Griffith Thomas, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Masons' Arms, David James, Panty Tywell
Masons' Arms, Jno. Bevan, Hirwaun
Masons' Arms, John Evans, Aberdare
Miners' Arms, Margaret Evans, Dynevor st, George town
Morlais Castle, Jane Capstick, Pont Morlais
Mount Pleasant, Howell Jenkins, Dowlais
Mount Pleasant, Samuel Price, Aberaman
Mountain Ash, David Morgans, Twyn-y-rodyn
Music Hall, Thomas Davies, Pen-y-darran
Nelson, Jane Sleight, Pontmorlais
Neptune, John Thomas, Dowlais
New Inn, Thomas Lewis, High st
New Inn, Lewis Jones, Pen-y-darran
New Inn, Thomas Thomas, Dowlais
Old Angel, Margaret Scandrett, Broad street
Old Patriot, Wm. Jones, Ynysgan st
Owain Glyndwr, John Cowell, Pont Morlais
Owain Glyndwr, Edward Davies, Dowlais
Patriot, John Williams, Hirwaun
Patriot, Thomas Williams, Dowlais
Pelican, Margaret Harris, Aberdare
Pen-y-darran, Jenkin Davies, Pen-y-darran
Pen-y-darran End, Samuel Saunders, Pont Morlais
Plough, Thomas Waters, Aberaman
Plough, Thomas Milward, High st
Plough, Michael O'Marra, Dowlais
Plymouth Arms, Ann Jenkins, Bridge street
Plymouth Arms, John Pidgeon, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Prince Albert, David Williams, Dowlais
Prince of Wales, Richard Price, Nant-y-gwenith st
Prince of Wales, John Williams, Aberdare
Pudlers' Arms, John Bevan, Hirwaun
Pudlers' Arms, Nathan Thomas, Pantywyll
Railway, William James, High st
Railway Inn, Joseph Morgan, Dowlais
Railway Tavern, Thomas Rosser, Aberdare
Red Cow, Joseph Bryant, Glebeland st
Red Gate, John Davies, Pen-y-darran
Red Lion, John Mitchell, Dowlais
Red Lion, David Griffiths, Castle st
Rholea Arms, Ann Moss, Caedraw
Rising Sun, Martha Lewis, Mill st
Rising Sun, Richard Prothero, Coed-y-commar
Rising Sun, John Morgan, Aberdare
Rock Tavern, Margaret Jones, Aberaman
Rolling Mill, Alexander Lewis, Nant-y-gwenith st
Rolling Mill, David Jones, Dowlais
Rose & Castle, Danl. Evans, Aberaman
Rose and Crown, William Isaac, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Rose and Crown, William Price, Pen-y-darran
Royal Exchange, Thomas Selway, Dowlais
Royal Exchange, Gad Davies, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Royal Oak, Joseph Warren, High st
Royal Oak, Robt. Scott, Troed-y-rhiw
Royal Oak, Wm. Davies, George town
Royal Oak, William Morgan, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Royal Oak, Morgan Morgan, Coed-y-commar
Rummer, Thomas Jones, Gillar st
Stag (commercial), William Williams, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Stag, Stephen Davies, Dowlais
Star, William Griffiths, High st
Star and Railway, Rachael Harris, Aberdare
Sun, William Lewis, Dowlais
Swan, Daniel Griffiths, High st
Swan, Ann Morans, Aberdare
Swan Hotel, Lewis Jenkins, Aberaman
Talbot, Margaret Martin, Pen-y-darran
Three Cups, Benjamin Davies, Tydvil's well
Three Mariners, Thomas Manders, Caedraw
Three Salmons, Henry Jones, Three Salmons st
Tredegar Arms, John Simons, Dowlais
Victoria, David Jenkins, Aberdare
Victoria, Jane Jall, Dowlais
Vulcan, John Lloyd, Dowlais
Vulcan, Thomas Thomas, High st
Vulcan, Thomas Lawrence, Commercial place, Aberdare
Vulcan & Friendship, Henry Davies, Dowlais
Wayne Arms, S. Morgan, Gadly's road, Aberdare
Wellington, Mary Williams, Aberdare
Welsh Harp (and spirit vaults), William Jones, Aberdare
Welsh Harp, Griffith Davies, Dowlais
Wheafsheaf, David Jones, Glebeland
White Hart, Sarah Thomas, George st
White Hart, John Williams, Aberdare
White Horse, John Lewis, Twyn-y-rodyn
White Lion, Jenkin Jones, Aberdare
White Lion, John James, Coed-y-commar
White Lion, William Williams, Mill st
Wyndham Arms, Elizabeth Rees, Glebeland st

Retailers of Beer

Abraham Abraham, Ynysgan
Abraham Gwenllian, Troed-y-rhiw
Ackery George, Aberaman
Arthur William, Pen-y-darran
Barrett James, Quarry Row
Bevan John, Hirwaun
Beynon Ann, Dowlais
Bishop Alfred, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Bosley James, Ynysgan st
Brewer Francis, Dowlais
Bryan Edward, Dowlais
Burnett John, George st
Colling John, Norton & Co.), High st
Cross George, Dowlais
Daley Thomas, Aberdare
Daniel William, Pen-y-darran
David Matthew, Aberaman
Davies Ann, Dowlais
Davies Benjamin, Aberaman
Davies Daniel, Quarry row
Davies David, Aberaman
Davies David, Dowlais
Davies Edward, Pont Morlais
Davies Gad, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Davies Hannah, Plymouth st
Davies Henry, Dowlais
Davies John, Dowlais
Davies John, Pen-y-darran
Davies Lewis, Dowlais
Davies Margaret, Coed-y-commar
Davies Mary, Tydvil's well
Davies Samuel, George town
Davies William, Dowlais
Davies William, High st
Davies William Nant-y-gwenith st
Davies William Pen-y-darran
Donovan Daniel, Quarry Row
Driscol Daniel, Castle st
Ducknell Robert, Aberaman
East Edward Adam, Bethesda st
Edwards Ann, Bute st, Aberdare
Edwards David, George town
Edwards Elizabeth, Pen-y-darran
Edwards Phoebe, Plymouth st
Evans David, Coed-y-commar
Evans David, Dowlais
Evans David, Hirwaun
Evans David, Penry st, Iron Bridge
Evans David, Station st, Aberdare
Evans David, Twynyrodyn
Evans Evan, Aberaman
Evans Evan, George town
Evans George, Bridge st
Evans Isaac, Dowlais
Evans John, Dowlais
Evans John, George town
Evans Theophilus, Pen-y-darran
Evans William, Castle st
Eyils William, Bridge st
Foley John, Bethesda st
Gee George, Aberaman
George John, Dowlais
Gibbon Thomas (and licensed to let horses for hire), High st
Griffiths Jane, High st
Griffiths Martha, High st
Hall Edwin, Aberaman
Hall John (Norton & Co's.), High st
Harding Thomas, Dowlais
Harrington Denis, Dowlais
Harris David, Troed-y-rhiw
Harris Elizabeth, Pen-y-darran
Harris Mary Ann, Dowlais
Hopkins Wm., Trefcynon, Aberdare
Howard Thomas, Tydvil's well
Howells Howel, Dowlais
Howells William, Coed-y-commar
Hughes Jacob, Dowlais
Hughes John, Aberaman
Hughes John, Coed-y-commar
Hughes John, Dowlais
Humphreys Martha, Nant-y-gwenith st
Humphreys Morgan, Dowlais
Ingram Robert, Dowlais
Isaac James, George town
James Benjamin, Market st, Aberdare
James Catherine, Nant-y-gwenith st
James John, George town
James John, Pantywyll
James William, Dowlais
Jenkins David, George town
Jenkins Elizabeth, George town
Jenkins John, Bethesda st
Jenkins Joseph, Aberaman
Jenkins Robert, Jackson's bridge
Jenkins Thomas, Wind st, Aberdare
Jenkins William, Aberaman
Jenkins Wm., Trefcynon
John David, Tydvil's well
John William, Iron bridge
Jones David, Aberaman
Jones David, Cardiff st, Aberdare
Jones David, Coed-y-commar
Jones David, George town
Jones Humphrey, Pen-y-darran
Jones James, Aberaman
Jones Jane, Plymouth st
Jones John, Bethesda st
Jones John, Commercial place, Aberdare
Jones John, Dowlais
Jones John, Dowlais
Jones John, Dowlais
Jones John, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Jones John, Wind st, Aberdare
Jones Lucy, Dowlais
Jones Margaret, Pen-y-darran
Jones Mary, Dowlais
Jones Morgan, Coed-y-commar
Jones Richard, Dowlais
Jones Thomas, Dowlais
Jones Thomas, High st
Jones Thomas, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Jones Thomas M., Dowlais
Jones William, Bridge st
Jones William, Dowlais
Jones William, Dowlais
Jones William, Tydvil's well
Joseph Jane, Castle st
Kecy Patrick, Dowlais
Kelly Edward, Dowlais
Kirkhouse Thomas, Tydvil's well
Lewis Ann, Plymouth st
Lewis Edmund, Castle st
Lewis Edward, High st
Lewis Henry, Dowlais
Lewis Jeremiah, Dowlais
Lewis Joan, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Lewis Thomas, Coed-y-commar
Lewis William, Dowlais
Llewellyn David, Dowlais
Llewellyn Evan, Coed-y-commar
Llewellyn Thomas D., Aberaman
Llewellyn William, Dowlais
Lloyd Morgan, Plymouth st
Lloyd William, Cardiff st, Aberdare
Lynch Daniel, Pen-y-darran
McArthy Andrew, Quarry row
Made Michael, Dowlais
Meredith William, Aberaman
Morgan David, Castle st
Morgan Evan, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Morgan Mary, Jackson's bridge
Morgan Sarah, Dowlais
Morgan William, Aberdare
Morgan William, Llwyfen st
Morgan William, Swan st
Morgan William, Jones, High st
Morgans Ann, Nant y gwenith st
Morgans John, Tydvil's well
Morgans Morgan, Pont Morlais
Morris Joseph, Troed-y-rhiw
Morris Thomas, High st
Mountain John, Dowlais
Nicholas William, George st
Nivin Jannet, Waterloo st
Nugent John, Dowlais
Oakwell William, Ynystwyd, Aberdare
O'Connell Michael, Dowlais
O'Sullivan Florence, Dowlais
Parry Henry, Dowlais
Peach E. Stanley, Aberaman
Peters Peter, Dowlais
Phillips Daniel, Pont Morlais
Phillips John, Pen-y-darran
Phillips Levi, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Phillips Thos., Trefcynon, Aberdare
Pierce Rees, Dowlais
Price Hugh, Pen-y-darran
Price Richard, Aberdare
Provis henry Lacey, George town
Rees John, Dowlais
Rees John, Troed-y-rhiw
Rees Mary, Bridge st
Rees Thomas, Cardiff st, Aberdare
Rees William, Dowlais
Rees William, Jackson's bridge
Richards David, Iron bridge
Richards John, Picton st
Riely Matthew, Caedraw
Riste Martha, Aberdare
Ryan James, Dowlais
Samuel John, Dowlais
Savage Edward, Dowlais
Smale James, Hirwaun
Smart Isaac, Aberaman
Smith George, Commercial st, Aberdare
Smith Richard, Caedraw
Smith Thomas, Dowlais
Stephens Jacob, Nant-y-gwenith st
Stephenson William, George town
Sullivan Jeremiah, Dowlais
Sumption Richard, Dowlais
Sumption William, Dowlais
Sweet Arthur Jones, Troed-y-rhiw
Thomas David, Dowlais
Thomas David, Troed-y-rhiw
Thomas David, Troed-y-rhiw
Thomas Edward, Dowlais
Thomas Elizabeth, Troed-y-rhiw
Thomas Evan, Aberdare
Thomas Evan, Tydvil's well
Thomas Henry, Twyn-y-rodyn
Thomas John, Dowlais
Thomas John, Dowlais
Thomas Morgan, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Thomas Morgan, Troed-y-rhiw
Thomas Rees, Aberaman
Thomas Richard, Coed-y-commar
Thomas Thomas, Dowlais
Thomas Thomas, High st
Thomas Thomas, Pont Morlais
Thomas William, Dowlais
Thomas William, Hirwaun
Thomson George, Pen-y-darran
Thornton William, Dowlais
Towhill James, Glebeland st
Treharne William, Aberaman
Vaughan Thomas, Coed-y-commar
Veter George, Aberaman
Walsh Michael, Hirwaun
Ward William, Quarry row
Waters Thomas, Aberaman
Watkins Edward, Aberdare
Watkins Watkin, Hirwaun
Webb Henry B., High st
Williams Ann, Tram road side North
Williams Daniel, Dowlais
Williams Elizabeth, Commercial st, Aberdare
Williams Elizabeth, Plymouth st
Williams Evan, Aberaman
Williams Jane, Dowlais
Williams John, Bethesda st
Williams Martin, Pen-y-darran
Williams Mary, Dowlais
Williams Robert, Twyn-y-rodyn
Williams Thomas, Dowlais
Williams Thomas, High st
Williams William, Dowlais
Williams William, Dowlais
Williams William, Coed-y-commar
Williams William, Plymouth st

Tea Dealers (See also Grocers and likewise Tea Dealers - Travelling)

Glamorganshire & Monmouthshire Tea Company, High st
Goodfellow Thomas Wilson, High st
Harris Edward, Victoria st
Harris William, High st
Matthews Brothers (wholesale), Chapel st
Watkins Elizabeth, High st
Williams Thomas Herbert, Victoria street and High st

Tea Travellers and Drapers Travelling

Marked thus * are Drapers only
(See also Grocers, &c., and also the preceding List.)
* Alexander William, Thomas st
* Anderson Alexander, 28 Union st
* Anderson John, Thomas st
Basset Daniel, Glebeland st
* Brain Hugh, Dowlais
* Carlyle Francis, Albert st
* Cavet James, Union st
* Chisholm Alexander, New Castle st
* Cochrane Robert, Thomas street, Thomas town
* Craig John, Thomas st
* Dallas Robert, Union st
Davies William, High st
Felix John, Castle st
* Ferguson John, Thomas st
Fleming Alexander, Thomas st
* Forrester James, Thomas st
* Forrester John, Thomas st
* Gillespie Hugh, Thomas st and Church st
Jones Evan, High st
Jones James, High st
Jones Jonathon, Aberdare
* Kinstry Hugh, Victoria st
* McCrae William, Thomas st
McDonald James, Union st
* McIntosh Daniel, Thomas st
* McIntyre James, Church st
* McNeill George, New Castle st
* McNeill Walter, Albert st
* McWilliams William, Thomas st, Thomas town
* Meazie John, Thomas st
* Milligan Robert, Thomas st
* Mitchell Alexander & Co., Albert st
* Montgomery Thomas, Union st
Morgan John, Troed-y-rhiw
* Robertson John, Thomas street, Thomas town
* Scout John, Albert st
* Seaton John, 24 Union st
Smith James, Pen-y-darran
Walker Thomas, Thomas st

Temperance Houses

Davies William, High st
Giles Mary, High st
Jones Ann (commercial), Thomas st, corner of New Castle st
Lewis Henry, Pen-y-darran
Raines John, Dowlais
Wilkins William, Glebeland st
Williams Jane, Station st, Aberdare
Winter James, Troed-y-rhiw

Timber Merchants

Cole Gwenllian (& steam saw mills), Canal wharf
Evans Benjamin (and slate), Canal wharf
Peddon W. H., Aberdare
Sibbering George & Son, Taff and Vale of Neath Yards & Rhymney
Watsons & Co., Canal wharf and at Cardiff - David Thomas Jones, agent, Glebeland st

Toy Dealers

Asprey Daniel, High st
Barnascone Joseph, High st
Biddle Elvira (& basket), High st
Koos Leander (& clock), High st
Parker William, Cross st, Aberdare

Turners in Wood

Cole Gwenllian, Canal wharf
Ivy George, Aberdare
Mansell William, Glebeland

Watch and Clock Makers

Beynon Lewis E., High st
Clarke Wm. Jas., High st, Aberdare
Davies Job, Pen-y-darran
Davies William, High st
Eshley Felix (clock only), Aberdare
Evans Thomas, Cardiff st, Aberdare
Evans Thomas (and Berlin wool warehouse), High st
Hug Constantine, Pont Morlais, High st
Jenkins Thomas Jenkin, High st
Meredith William, High st
Park William, Cardiff st, Aberdare
Pfaff Andrew, (German clock), High st
Probert William, Dowlais
Rombach Albert, High st
Sherborne James, Aberdare
Weight Edmund, High st
Williams James David (& optician), High st


Davies Daniel, Dowlais
Evans David William, Canal side
Jones David (and coach builder), Castle st
Jones Edward P., Aberaman
Powell John, Aberdare
Reynolds Jonathon, Mill st
Thomas Daniel, Dowlais
Thomas Edmund, Dowlais
Thomas Levi, Trefcynon, Aberdare
Thomas Moses, Commercial place, Aberdare
Williams William, Aberdare

Wine & Spirit Merchants

Giles John (spirit only), Tydvil's well
Jones John, High st
Jones William, Aberdare
Lewis Wm. Lewis, Nant-y-gwenith st, George town
Lindsey John, Old mill Brewery, Aberdare
Roach George, High st
Todd William, High st

Woollen Cloth Manufacturers

Bryant John, Dynevor st, George town
Jones David, Wellington street and Picton st
Jones Thomas, Pont Morlais
Roberts Thomas, Canon st, Aberdare
Rosser David (yarn), High st


Adams Jas., market toll collector, High st
Atkinson Robert, Victoria st
Bateson Robt., soda water manufacturer, Castle st
Boyle Patrick, potato dealer, High st
Cummins Christr, bellhanger, Bridge st
Cunnington Edwin, trunk maker, Albert st
Donovan Daniel, marine store dealer, Quarry row
Doughty John, brewer's traveller, Church st
Dye Chas., photographic artist, Glebeland st
Graham William, silk dyer, Bridge st
Greener Thomas, inspector of rails, Brecon road, Pont Morlais
Greener Thos. junr. inspector of rails, Union st
Hallesy W., marine store dealer, Aberdare
Jenkins Thos., brick maker, George town
Jolliffe John, inland revenue officer, Union street
Jones John, sculptor, High st
Koos Leander, tobacconist, High st
Kyle John, supervisor, Church st
Lewis Edward, assistant overseer, Glebeland street
Lewis Isaac, coal dealer, Iron bridge
Lewis John, basket maker, High st
Lewis Lewis, clerk to the magistrates, Wellington st
McGregor Peter, gardener and seedsman, High st
Mansell Wm., French polishr, Glebeland st
Matthias David, inspector of weights and measures, Church st
Morris Wm., accountant, Panty Tywyll
Nolcine & Moretti, barometer makers, Wellington st
Owen John, potato dealer, Jackson's bridge
Rees Wiliam, hay merchant, Union st
Rowland Wm. Hy., accountant, Thomas st
Simons Robert, hatter, Ynysgan st
Squires Reuben, plumber and bellhanger, Thomas st
Stocker Luff, letter carrier, Union st
Taylor Charles, music and musical instrument and piano-forte warehouse, and teacher of music, Market square
Thomas David, tip maker, Victoria st
Thomas Henry, cooper, Jackson's bridge
Wild John, brick maker, Twyn-y-rodyn
Wilks John, professor of music, Somerset place
Wilson Alexr, landscape artist, Aberdare

Public Buildings, Offices, &c.

Places of Worship And their Ministers

Churches of the Establishment
St. David's Church, High st . . Rev J.C. Campbell, rector; Rev. Rice Jones, Welsh curate
St. John's Church, Aberdare . . Rev. John Griffiths, vicar; Rev. David Noel, curate
St. Tydvil's Church, High st . . Rev. J.C. Campbell, rector; Rev. D. Morgan and Rev. Lewis Lewis, curates
Dowlais Church, Dowlais . . . Rev. Evan Jenkins, incumbent; Rev. Alfred Jenkins, curate
Cyfartha Church . . Rev. John Howell, incumbent
Pen-y-Darren Church . . Rev. Daniel Jones, incumbent
Chapel of Ease, Hirwaun . . Rev. John Griffiths, incumbent
Chapel of Ease, Coed-y-commar . . Rev. Rees William, vicar

Dissenting Chapels
Baptist (Welsh), George town, Plymouth street, Pen-y-darran, Coed-y-commar, and Dowlais. Ministers various
Baptist, Bryan's field . . Rev. Jno. Roberts
Baptist, Twyn-y-rodyn . . Rev. John Jones
Baptist, Hirwaun . . Rev. Benjn. Evans
Baptist, Aberdare . . Rev. T. B. Price
Baptist (English), High st . . Rev. Thomas Davies
Independent (Welsh), High st, Ynisgan, Bethesda street, Lower Thomas street, Pen-y-darran, Coed-y-commar, Troed-y-rhiw & Hirwaun . . Ministers various
Independent, Dowlais . . Rev. John Hughes
Independent, Dowlais . . Rev. Daniel Roberts
Independent, Hirwaun . . Rev. William Williams
Independent (English), Market square . . Rev. J. O. Hill
Methodist (Calvinistic), Thomas town, High street, Dowlais, Coed-y-commar, Hirwaun, Caepantwyll and Aberdare
Methodist (Primitive), Burnell's field and Dowlais
Methodist (Wesleyan), High st, Dowlais, and Aberdare
Methodist (Wesleyan), Pont Morlais . . Rev Edward Russell
Unitarian, Coed y commar
Unitarian, Court street . . Rev. Peter Livingston
Roman Catholic, George town and Dowlais . . Rev. Patrick Millea & Rev. Michael Sinnott

Poor Law Union Workhouse, Thomas town

Governor . . Joseph Allinson
Matron . . Mrs. -, Allinson
Schoolmaster . . John G. Brooks
Schoolmistress . . Sarah Holt
House Surgeon . . John W. James
Relieving Officers . . James Jones, for Gelligaer and Llanfabon; William David for Aberdare, Evan Davies for Llanwonno; W. J. Jones, for Lower Merthyr, Union street; & Roger Williams, for Upper Merthyr, Castle street

Registrars of Births, Deaths and Marriages

Superintendent . . Frank James, High st
Registrars of Marriages . . Roger Williams, Castle st; William Jones, Newbridge, and David Rosser, Aberdare
Registrars of Births and Deaths . . Job James, Lower Merthyr; J. L. White, Upper Merthyr; Morgan Williams, Aberdare, and William Evans, for Gelligaer and Llanwonno

County Court Held in the Temperance Hall, John Street, Monthly

Judge . . Thomas Falconer, Esq.
High Bailiff . . John Daniel Thomas
Registrar . . James Ward Russell
Bailiffs . . William Williams

Local Board of Health Office, High street

Clerk to the Board . . James Ward Russell
Surveyor . . James William Harrison
Inspector of Nuisances . . John Jenkins
Inspector of Lodging Houses . . Hy. Wrenn

Miscellaneous Public Buildings, &c

Gas Works, Caedraw . . J. L. Cocker, manager
Gas Works, Aberdare . . John Phillips, manager
Gas Works, Dowlais . . William Pope, manager
Market House, Market square . . James Adams, collector of tolls
Market House, Dowlais . . James Edward, collector of tolls
Market House, Aberdare . . Thomas Watkins, lessee, High st
Mechanics' Institution . . Commercial place, Aberdare . . Jenkin Griffiths, honorary secretary
Police Office, Market square . . Henry Wrenn, superintendent
Stamp Office, Wellington st . . Lewis Lewis, sub-distributor
Subscription Reading Room and Library, Glebeland . . Frederick Wilkins, librarian
Temperance Hall, John st
Working Men's Reading Rooms, Dowlais


To Abbw-Vale and Tredegar, a Coach, from the Vale of Neath station, every afternoon at half-past three
To Abergavenny, the Royal Mail from the Castle, every morning (Sunday excepted), at eight; goes through Dowlais, Rhymney and Tredegar
To Beaufort, a Coach from the Vale of Neath Station, every Monday and Saturday afternoon at halfpast three
To Brecon, a Coach from the Castle Hotel, every afternoon at a quarter-past four
To Brynmawr and Tredegar, Coaches from the Vale of Neath Station and the Castle Hotel, every afternoon at half-past three

Conveyance by Railway

On the Taff Vale Line
Office, bottom of High street - George Fisher, general superintendent; Wm. Robertson, superintendent at Merthyr.
Station Aberdare - Thomas Thomas, station master

On the Vale of Neath Line
In connexion with the South Wales and Great Western Railways
Station, High street - Joseph Gunson, superintendent; William Williams, goods clerk
Station Aberdare, - Rees Howell, station master

Conveyance by Water

To Cardiff, William Harris' Boats, from the Canal wharf, and Williams and Co's Boats, from Jackson's bridge, daily

Slaters Commercial Directory, Merthyr Tydfil, 1858-9 [Last Updated : 19 Sept 2002 - Gareth Hicks]