The Register Roll of Maentwrog for ye year


1745   1746  1747




Catherine Humphrey of Tommen y Mur was buried March 27

Maurice ye son of Hugh John, Miller, and Lowry was baptized April 14th

Robert the son of William Lloyd of Cae glas by Catherine was baptized April 14

Rhys the son of Robert William of Ty'n y fedwen & Catherine was baptized April 23

Catherine ye daughter of William Meredith of Rhos Wen and Ellin his wife was baptized April 25

Evan ye son of Richard Pugh of Maentwrog and Ann was bapt May 5th

Rhys ye son of Robert William aforesaid was buried May 5th

Edward the son of Humphrey John of Valenrhyd and Jane was bapt May 12th

Elizabeth Daughter of David Jones of Ty Gwyn & Elizabeth was bapt May 12th

Owen son of Humphrey Owen of Pen y Cleger and Lowry was baptized May 20

David Jones & Sarah Humphreys of Gellilydan were married June 5th

Henry Parry and Ann William of cefnfaes were married June 20th

Gwen ye daughter of William Tudor of Gwylan and Ellin was baptized August ye ...?

Evan Lloyd of Cefnfaes was buried August ye ...?

John ye son of Cadwaladr William, shoemaker and Jane was baptized Sep ye ...?

Catherine ye daughter of Hugh William of Rhwngyffosydd by Catherine was baptized Sep ye ...?

Edward John and Catherine Moriss of Cae'n y Coed were married Sep ye 22nd

Evan John and Margaret Gruffydd of Bryn Mawr were married Sep 24

Tryphaena Parry was buried Nov 24th

William Tudor of Gwylan, farmer, was buried jan ye 30th

Hugh and Catherine son and daughter of Edward Richard of Cae'r Saeson, shoemaker and Gwen his wife were baptized Eb 9th


David Morris Rector Ibid:


The Register Roll of Maentwrog for the year 1746

Mary the daughter of William Rowland innkeeper and Catherine his wife was baptized March 26

Same was buried April 9th

Evan the son of Robert Gruffydd Esq., and Ann his wife was bapt May 1st

Richd the son of John Gruffydd of Cae Glas by Catherine was bapt Aug 10th

Griffyth ye son of Evan Jones of Gwylan and Margaret was bapt Aug 31

Ann Evan an infant was buried Sep 9th

Ann ye daughter of John Andrew of Gyfynys & Margaret was bap Sep 23

Mary the daughter of Joseph Manhasseh by Lowry his wife was baptized Sept 30th

Humphrey William and Lowry Jones were married Oct 17th

Ellis Evans and Catherine Lloyd were married Oct 28

Mary the daughter of Morgan Lloyd of Llwyn teg and Ellin his wife baptized Nov 30

Joseph son of Robert Roberts, taylor, & Ellin baptized Dec 25th

Ellin Lloyd of Cae Iogo, a poor woman was buried Jan 1st

William Cadwalader & Margaret Jones were married Jan 5th

Mary the daughter of Richard Humphrey & Catherine his wife was baptized Jan 8th

Margaret Jones of Llwyn teg widow was buried Jan 20th

Mary Williams, widow of Vlaenrhyd was buried Feb ye 24th

Elizabeth Lloyd an infant of Garth Gwyn was buried March 12th

Margaret Parry of Cefnfaes an infant was buried March 15th

Owen Andrew ye son of Andrew Owen clerk of Maentwrog was buried


David Morris Rector ibid:


The Register roll of Maentwrog for the year 1747


Catherine the daughter of Robert Evans of Cae'n y coed and Jane was baptized April 12th

Edward son of David Evan of Penbryn and Jane baptized April 19th

John son of Maurice John of the village of Maentwrog and Mary was baptized April 20

Richard ye son of John Prichard of Pandy bach and Ellin his wife was baptized Aug 30th

Hugh ye son of Humphrey John of Vlaenrhyd and Jane his wife was baptized Sep 13th

Catherine ye daughter of Richard Pugh of Ty Coch and Anne his wife was baptized Sept ye 20th

Thomas Edward and Elizabeth Tudor were married Sept 21st

Humphrey ye son of Ellis John of Ty'n deuwyn by Jane his wife was bapt Sept 24th

Edward son of Thomas Edward of Tyddyn Du & Elizabeth his wife was bapt 8er ye 6th

Edward Ellis and Elizabeth Andrew were married Oct 26th

David William and Elizabeth Ellis were married Nov 3rd

Richard son of Robert Gruffydd of Trwyn y Garnedd and Jane his wife was bapt Dec 5th

Robert son of Robert Gruffydd esq., and Ann his wife was baptized Dec 7th

John Jones ye son of John Jones Cae'n y coed was buried Feb 5

David Jones & Catherine Jones wre marred Feb 10th

John Humphreys and Ellen Edwards were married Feb 22nd

Lewis the son of William Anwyl Esq., and Margaret his wife was bapt March 2nd

Jane ye daughter of Cadr William and Jane was bapt March 17th


David Morris Rector of Maentwrog
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