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Jan 7th Jane Daughter of Rees Hywel of Cae Rhys and Eleanor his wife

Jan 17th Gwen Daughter of John Edwards of Nantbydyr and Catherine his wife

Jan 20th John Son of Richard Ellis of Llann and Catherine his wife

Jan 30th John Son of Lewis Jones of Pen y bryn and Susannah his wife

Feb 5th Evan Son of Griffith Evans of Llann and Catherine his wife

March 1st Sarah Daughter of John Jones of Bryn Teg and Catherine his wife

March 6th Jane Daughter of John Jones of Llann and Gwen his wife

March 10th Gwen Daughter of John Nicholas of Cae yn y cefn and Anne his wife

March 17th Jane Daughter of Robert Ephraim of Dolbrysor and Jane his wife

March 31st William Son of Edward Lloyd of Llwyn and Lowry his wife

Apr 16th Evan Son of Robert Lloyd Ty Cerrig and Ellin his wife

May 9th William Son of Evan William of Pen y bont, miller and Jane his wife

May 13th John Son of Richard Tudor of Bedd y Coedwr and Elizabeth his wife

May 14th Morris Son of Cadwallader Jones of Pen y bont and Alice his wife

July 7th Richard Son of William Jones of Berthdu and Jane his wife

July 15th David Son of Griffith David of Aberseirw and Mary his wife

July 28th John Son of Robert Jones of Gwndion and Anne his wife

Aug 21st John the base son of William Jones of Bryn y Maenllyw and Catherine his concubine

Aug 30th Anne Daughter of Robert Jones Glanllynnau and Anne his wife

Sep 16th Hugh Son of John Humphrey of Cae Coch and Catherine his wife

sept 20th John Son of Edward Thomas of Pant Glas and Catherine his wife

sept 20th William Son of William Hywel of Ty Llwyd and Elizabeth his wife

sept 20th Anne Daughter of Hugh Robert of Tyddyn Mawr and Jane his wife

Oct 19th John Son of John Rowland of Llann and Eleanor his wife

Oct 20th Jared Son of Richard Jared of Glanllafar and Eleanor his wife

Oct 20th Gwen Daughter of Thomas Roger of Brynmaenllwy and Anne his wife

Oct 28th Thomas Son of Robert Morris of Bryncelynog and Catherine his wife

Nov 8th Robert Son of Richard Jones of Nantbydyr and Catherine his wife

Marriages 1776

Jan 13th David Jones of this Parish to Sarah Edmunds of the same Spinster Paid

... 25th John Morris of this Parish to Sarah Jones of Llanddwywe Spinster Paid

... ... David Evans of this Parish to Eleanor Thomas of the same Spinster Paid

Sept 25th Ellis Thomas of this Parish to Elizabeth Richard of the same Licence

... ... ... Roberts of this Parish to Jane Jones of the same

... ... ... ... to Margaret Richard of the same

23rd Nov John Edward of this parish to Jane Owen of the same Spinster

20th Dec Joseph Ephraim of this Parish to Gwen Edward

Burials 1776

Jan 10th Evan the son of Humphrey Cadwalader of Tyddyn Sais and Anne his wife

... ... Jane daughter of John Edwards of Nantbydyr and Catherine his wife

... 10th Humphrey Edwards of Tir y Felin Uchaf

... ... Morgan Ellis of Gwndwn a widower

April 10th Mary the wife of John Thomas of Nantllywygys

May 5th Margaret the wife of Ellis William of Brynysteddig

June 11th Margaret Morgan of Gwndwn, spinster, a pauper

June 18th Jane verch Robert of Brynglas Widow, a pauper

.... ... John Son of Robert Jones of Gwndwn and Ann his wife

Nov 24th Edward William of Tyddyn Gwladys

Dec 1st John Son of John Rowland of Llan and Eleanor his Wife



Jan 1st Gwen daughter of William Bevan & Elizabeth

Jan 3rd Owen son of Hugh Morris & Mary

Jan 9th Edmund son of Humphrey Richard & Gainor

Jan 23rd Elizabeth daughter of Robert Jones & Elinor

Feb 12th Evan son of Evan Jones & Lowry

March 2nd John son of Lewis Edmund & Jane

March 12th Gwen daughter of Isace Jones & Elinor

March 23rd Richard son of Thomas Lloyd & Gwen

March 30th Jane daughter of Owen Richard & Jane

April 4th Margaret daughter of Maurice Roberts & Catherine

April 13th William son of John Richard & Elinor

April 18th Hugh son of Humphrey Roberts & Lowry

April 18th Elizabeth daughter of John Jones & Elizabeth

April 23rd Robert son of Roderig Humphrey & Gwen

April 27th Anne daughter of John Ellis & Margaret

June 8th Grace daughter of Nicholas Parry & Lowry

June 8th David son of Richard Roberts & Margaret

July 20th Robert son of Ellis Thomas & Elizabeth

July 27th Elinor daughter of Richard Owen & Jane

Aug 11th Maurice son of Humphrey Morris & Anne

Aug 22nd Lewis son of Robert & Elizabeth

Sept 13th Gwen daughter of Hugh Owen & Catherine

Oct 2nd Edward son of Joseph Ephraim & Gwen

Oct 11th John son of John Gwilim & Catherine

Oct 25th Margaret Vaughan daughter of William Williams & Dorothy

Nov 15th Hugh son of Evan Richard & Martha

Nov 16th Lowry daughter of John Roberts & Catherine

Nov 28th Sarah daughter of Lewis Jones & Susannah

Nov 30th Evan Thomas son of William Thomas & Catherine

Dec 15th William son of David Williams & Catherine

Dec 21st John son of David Roberts & Elinor

Dec 28th Hugh son of Evan Evans & Elizabeth

Burials 1777

Feb 2nd Robert son of Thomas Lloyd & Elinor

Feb 18th Trafina daughter of Evan Evans & Elizabeth

March 19th Susannah a widow

April 16th Elizabeth David a pauper

June 10th Robert son of Maurice Williams & Margaret

June 15th Hugh son of Thomas Lloyd & Gwen

July 17th Anne daughter of John Ellis & Margaret

July 27th William son of Robert Williams Bryn Mawr , in ye parish of Dolgelley

Aug 11th Elizabeth Pugh of Llanfrothen parish

Sept 8th Robert Jones of Gydeigan

Sept 22nd Elinor Owen of Allt Lwyd

Sept 24th Elizabeth Pugh of Dolgelley

Oct 26th John William a bastard of William John & Catherine

Nov 11th John son of John Gwilim & Catherine

Nov 30th Griffith William Son of Robert & Elinor

Dec 5th Magaret wife of Thomas Roberts

Dec 7th William son of Gwilym Jones & Elizabeth

No marriage records extant



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