The GENUKI Church Database covers the whole of England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands (see note on "coverage" below). You can search to find the location of churches and discover which genealogical resources are available for them.


The Genuki church database originally contained the approximate location of all the parishes that existed around 1837. Since then the database has had new fields added to contain additional information, many more churches have been added (in some areas), and more precise locations added where known.

The term church is used to refer to all places of worship and graveyards for convenience as there is no simple word which encompasses them all. However for individual churches we try to avoid using the word church where it is not appropriate for that denomination. Please be aware that the term church is used in reference to the congregation meeting at a particular place, rather than refering to an individual building. The records that we are interested in exist as a result of a group of people worshipping together and the registers reflect that rather than the physical church building. So founding and closing dates refer to the congregation rather than a particular building.


Information is continually being added to the database, and some areas contain substantially more information than others. N.B. Unfortunately - at the moment - we only hold information for Irish churches in Antrim. County Down, Tyrone and County Laois.

Searching the Genuki church database

Enter the name of the place you wish to find in the Place name box, then click the Search button. The results can be displayed in a choice of formats and if too many matches are found you can refine your selection.

Show results as:

  1. Tabular list ordered by distance - The tabular list provides links the appropriate Genuki church entry.
  2. Plot churches on a map - An Openstreetmap map is displayed with all the churches within the radius specified of the selected place.

Refine your selection:

  1. County - by default a search is made throught the UK and Ireland. Select an entry from the county list to restrict your search to places within that county.
  2. Search type - by default the Genuki gazetteer is searched for entries containing the place name that you entered. So if you entered Harwood it would match Little Harwood and Great Harwood as well as just Harwood. You can select different search types against the place name field to be more or less selective in trying to find the place you are searching for.