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A maintainer has the right to, at least:

  • Support from the Trustees
  • Help from other maintainers
  • Respect from GENUKI readers and users

Support from the Trustees

A maintainer has the right to the support of the GENUKI Trustees at all times, but, in particular, during a complaint or the resolution of a problem.

Help from other maintainers

If you have a question or need help to fix a problem or deal with an issue, you can be confident that the other maintainers will be available to help. Use the maintainers mailing list, or get in touch directly with a specific maintainer to seek their help.

Respect from GENUKI readers and users

GENUKI is a non-commercial organisation and our web service is provided free of charge to readers and users. However, we are seeking constantly to improve our service and problems with our web pages will be reported by users, and additional information offered. In these circumstances, a maintainer has the right to expect a GENUKI user to be polite and helpful. Rudeness and other negative behaviour is not welcome and, if this persists, maintainers have the right to discontinue the exchange. In such circumstances the maintainer concerned will have the support of the Trustees.


In addition to the responsibilities which accompany the role of a maintainer, a maintainer has the responsibility to, at least,:

  • Correct broken links
  • Keep in contact

Correct Broken Links

The nature of the web is that change is a continual process, and links that we use from GENUKI to reference other people's pages come and go. The GENUKI system contains many thousand of pages. Most pages contain many hypertext links to other pages, both internally within the GENUKI system, and externally to remote sites. A large part of the reputation and credibility of GENUKI is built on the assumption that these hypertext links will work when selected by the end user. The move of GENUKI to a Content management System (CMS) has given the opportunity to improve our regular checking of our pages for link errors. See the page Checking of Internal and External Hypertext Links for details of the checking facilities provided to maintainers for this purpose.

Repair might involve finding a replacement page to which the GENUKI link should be made, or deleting the link entirely.

Keep in touch

Maintainers are responsible for keeping in touch with the system administrator, the Trustees and other maintainers. See standards of conduct for how to keep in touch.