Marriages Solemnized in the Parish of Ashreigney
in the County of Devon 1654-1751

Transcribed by Greg Sheere.

Disclaimer: Although these records are published with the permission of the incumbent of the said Parish, they were the responsibility of the researcher concerned and the Incumbent and Parochial Church Council accept no responsibility for any inaccuracies in the material thus published. The records may be used by individuals for research purposes only and must not be used in any way that is not consonant with the faith, teachings and practice of the Church of England. The researcher also accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracies in the material thus published.

[Note: Ashreigney records are often very poor, so this transcription is best guess at times (marked with a "?"). Gregorian Calender issues have been taken into account. These records are set up by todays calender.]

Day - MonthYearGroomBrideNotes
1-Aug1654Moore, HenryChapman, Sarah 
5-Sep1654Payum, ? JohnCaleb, Ale? 
16-Sep1654Blackmore, JohnPasmoare, ? Joan 
18-Oct1654Stepens, RichardMoore, Mary 
6-Jan1654-55Gay, HurulabRottenbury, Margaret 
26-May1655Norrish, John---?, Joan 
11-Aug1655Hele, HughCudmore, Phalya 
22-Oct1655Radford, JohnJury, Elizabeth ? 
16-Feb1655-56Bogger, ? MilsonFronmeare,? Mary 
20-Mar1655-56Bragg, RobertJoslon, Debbora 
7-Apr1656Band, ? GeorgePuon, ? Phalynor 
8-Apr1656Sage, GeorgePayne, Constant 
24-May1656Callard, ? George---?, 
05 - 25?1656Cudmore, SamuelDavy, Margaret 
31-May1656Josling, JohnDob, Elizabeth 
22-Jul1656Bulled, John (minister of this parish)Beare, Hannabeth 
26-Aug1656Josling, Edward---? 
18-Dec1656Holman, John---?, Martha 
18-Dec1656---?, ThomasBlackmore, Debora 
30-Mar1657-58Norrish, LenebJosling, Agnes 
 1657 through to 1664 ---------------- not available --------------------------------------Records in another book
24-Nov1665Blackmore, HenryGay, Jone 
11-Jun1666Mitchell, ChristopherHeydon, Mary 
19-Jun1666Paddon, CalebKromye, ? Mary 
18-Sep1666Rottenbury, PhillipKelland, ? Phillis ? 
3-Nov1666Joslin, John(blank), Lydia 
16-Apr1667Blackmore, WalterBrale, ? Ellinor 
11-May1667Vicary, FrancisHore, Jone 
8-Jun1667Grudgworthy, WilliamHooper, Mary 
20-Jul1667Willcocks, PhillipSouthwood, Agnes 
2-Sep1667Tory, EdwardMolland, Dorothy 
2-Sep1667Gosse, ? FrancisPaddon, Jone 
26-Oct1667Dun, JohnSherr, Jeane 
14-Nov1667Grudgworthy, ThomasSearle, Elizabeth 
8-Jan1667-68Blackmore, ThomasTurner, Mary 
2-Apr1668Knight, Edward PhilipsBury, Dorothy (widow)by license
20-Apr1668Holoman, JamesShearer, Jeane 
21-May1668Willcocks, JohnPagum, Mary 
27-May1668Speare, ? JohnWilson, Mary 
24-Aug1669Shutt, HughSkinner, Christian 
18-Sep1669Joslin, JohnFord, Jone 
27-Nov1669Heale, RichardHeale, Phillis 
22-Jan1669-70Wilmots, WilliamRoberts, Anne 
29-Jan1669-70Southwood, SamuelBater, Dorothy 
14-Feb1669-70Heale, JohnThorne, Martha 
16-Jun1670Sage, JohnCoomb, Thomasine 
14-Jan1670-71Jone, ? RobertWeeks, Wilmot 
14-Feb1670-71Joslin, FrancisBlackmore, Sidwell 
16-Feb1670-71Wilcoxs, WilliamWilcox, Susan 
13-Jun1671Mitchell, AmmanuelWilcoxs, Mary 
26-Dec1671Cann, JohnHanford, Mary 
17-Feb1671-72Joslin, ThomasBushen, ? Christian 
14-May1672Beale, RogerWilliams, Amy 
6-Nov1672Kelly, JohnMartin, Katherine 
13-Mar1672-73Norrish, DigoryMoore, Agnes 
1-Apr1673Williams, HenryHooper, Dorothy 
2-Sep1673Northcote, ---?Michell, Hannah 
11-Nov1673Ashplant, JohnBond, Elizabeth 
19-May1674Paine, AndrewMules, Margaret 
10-Oct1674Molland, WilliamBlackmore, Margaret 
01 -1674-75Short, RichardJoslin, Honor 
26-Jan1674-75Primet, ? EdwardDyer, Elizabethby license
1-May1675Kemp, JohnGribbling, Mary 
25-May1675Hanford, AmbroseBolt, Frances 
31-Jul1675Luxton, JohnMolland, Ebbot 
16-Nov1675Marles, WilliamGregory, Dinah 
5-Jul1676Dobb, SimonShute, JJoaane 
5-Aug1676Michell, JohnBury, Elizabeth 
9-Oct1677Dillon, JohnLarke, Joane 
8-Dec1677Stevens, WilliamGregory, Sibula 
1-Jun1678Rowcliffe, JohnShortridge, Gertrude 
3-Aug1678Marshell,,ThomasCudmore, Margaret 
1-Oct1678Joslin, John---?, Susanna 
21-Dec1678Hill, ArthurJoslin, Beaton 
18-Jan1678-79Isaac, HughBohfield, ? Jane 
25-Nov1679Davy, Ralph ?Mules, Joane 
29-Nov1679Hoare, James ?Chapleman, ? Jane 
04, 241680Bird, ---?Gay, Marie 
07, 311680Michell, JamesCudmore, Honor 
20-Aug1680Kings, ThomasWilliams, jane 
20-Nov1680Pitwood, HannibalNaxiosh?, Phillipa 
20-Nov1680Downe, RobertBrimisan, Isota 
11? - 211680Loram, ? William---?, Mary 
9-Dec1680Cudmore, SamuelMilles, --? 
27-Jun1681Norrish, AmbroseBimye, ? Marg 
18-Oct1681Asland, JohnMashell, Mary 
16-Jun1682Luxton, BernardMolland, Jane 
24-Oct1682Ball AnthonyHeale, Elinor 
6-Jan1682-83Mishel, RichardMolland, Agnes 
2-May1683Joslin, John---?, Thomasinby license
12-May1683Clarke, ---?Stevens, Mary 
7-Jul1683Beare, FrancisSmith, ---? 
18-Aug1683Langbridge, ThomasJeales, Elizabeth 
04 -1684Jory, Hugh--- ? 
11-Oct1684Joslin, PhilipShute, Agnes 
28-Oct1684Narracot, AnthonyDensham, ? Elizabeth 
24-Feb1684-85Blackmoore, Anthony---?, Eliner 
2-May1685Rowan, GeorgeMarch, Mary 
9-May1685Molland, HughSage, Maria 
23-May1685Rawley, ? Hannabal ?Marshell, Margritby license
06? - 081685Molland, ThomasPitwood, ? Charity 
3-Aug1685Graton, JohnDillion, Mary 
08? - 181685Davie, JohnIsaac, Agnes 
4-Oct1685Seath, ? RogerBlackmore, Jane 
23-May1686Joslin, ThomasPasleigh, ? Mary 
9-Jun1686Luxton, John ?Lane, Ann 
29-Jun1686Williams, ---?Marles, ? Isabella 
13-Jul1686---?, WilliamShort, Elizabethby license
31-Aug1686Perkins, Charles---?, Susannah 
16-Sep1686Radford, JohnMolland, Mary 
18-Nov1686---?, ThomasSharman, ? Judith 
18-Nov1686Loaman, ? StephenLoaman, Mary 
28-Jan1686-87Caleb, JohnBater, Dorothy 
18-Apr1687More, ? ThomasShute, ---? 
10-May1687---?, WilliamHill, Margaret 
21-Jun1687Luxton, WilliamShort, Hanah 
24-Jun1687Isaac, WilliamJones, ? Sarah 
19-Dec1687Gay, Archilles---?, Dorothy 
17-Apr1688Marles, ? SamuelDavey, ? Beaton 
24-Apr1688Padford, AmbrosParks, ? Phillipa 
06? - 031689Naracot, JoihnHegewore, ? Mary 
5-Aug1689Davie, ThomasCollings, Jone 
8-Oct1689Heale, RobertBayle, Sarah 
5-Nov1689Darch, ? WilliamDavis, Dorithy 
10-Dec1689Mitchell, John---?, Sarah 
24-Feb1689-90Gay, SimonPadford, Mary 
4-Mar1689-90Sanders, GeorgeMolland, Agnes 
25-Nov1690Luxton, John---?, Margaret 
26-Apr1691Shepherd, AbrahamJosling, Johinis? 
29-Jun1691Hooper, Mishall ?Blackmoore, Margaret 
28-Aug1691Shut, ThomasCharyloman, ? Sarah 
5-Jan1691- 92Burmon, ? AnthonyBlackmore, ? Hester ? 
29-Mar1691-92Anstis, JohnBernard, Jane 
12-Apr1692Western, ? JohnJory, Dorothy 
12-Apr1692Handman, ? ThomasGregory, ---? 
9-Aug1692Hore, JamesBittel, ? Mary 
no date1693Heale, JohnMules, Anne 
20-Aug1694Jory, WilliamGay, Dorothy 
19-Nov1694Joslin, ---?Paddon, Susanna 
29-Dec1694Cole, AaronHele, Elizabeth 
2-Feb1694-95Blackmore, JohnLuxton, Jane 
5-Mar1694-95Cudmore, ThomasMolland, Gertrude 
11-May1695Blackmore, AnthonyBond, Thamasine ? 
4-Jun1695Ford, WilliamTowt, Margaret 
23-Jul1695Bater, RogerShort, Thomasin 
20-Apr1696Norrish, AmbrosePike, Honor 
1-Aug1697Mitchell, JohnLake, Joan 
24-Feb1697-98Ansty, ThomasBlackmore, Elizabeth 
24-May1698Cole, RalphShort, Honour 
7-Jun1698Isaac, WilliamRadford, Elizabeth 
29-Aug1698Shepherd, James (senr of Chumsleigh)Mrs Short, Dorothy 
20-May1699Howard, JohnGrudgworthy, Elizabeth 
24-Aug1699Good, RobertAnstis, ? Anne 
26-Oct1699Stephens, Roger (of Wearn ?)Clarke, Wilmot 
16-Dec1699Norrish, ? Ambrose ?Northcott, Hannah 
3-Mar1700Pow, John (of Hugh Bickington )Barry, AnnPow: Occp. - Husbandman
6-Apr1700Gill, James (of Dolton)Isaac, Joane 
24-Apr1700Shute, JohnathanMolland, Elizabeth 
13-May1700Blackmore, ThomasLuxton, Agnes 
24-Sep1700Lane, ThomasSnell, Anne 
22-Apr1701Sage, JohnDobb, JoaneSage: occupation - Mason
1-May1701Curtis, Timothy (of St Giles)Norries, Elizabeth 
13-Sep1701Mitchell, James ?Cudmore, AlliceMitchell: occupation - Weaver
11-Nov1701Joceline, ThomasWoolcott, Grace 
20-Jul1702Blackmore, ThomasHeale, Mary 
17-Nov1702Harris, John (of Atherington)Isaac, Mary 
25-Dec1702Isaac, ---?Southcot, Mary 
3-Jan1703Dobb, HughPaddon, Grace 
04 - n/a1703Curtis, HenryWeeks, Wilmot 
06 - n/a1703Barry, JohnPow, Mary (of High Bickington) 
10-Jul1703Paine, JohnJoceline, Frances 
2-Oct1704Mitchell, PhillipSommers. Elizabeth (of Winkleigh) 
23-Nov1704Shute, JohnathanRattenbury, Mary 
27-Nov1704Towel, Richard ?Band, Elizabeth (Bond?) 
17-Jan1704-05Babbage, JohnPennicott, Elizabeth (of Burrington) 
26-Jan1704-05Davie,Charles (of Coldridge)Dillon, Mary 
17-Feb1704-05Kemp, JohnStevens, Susanna 
18-May1705Blackmore, HenryJory, Grace 
9-Jul1705Davie, GeorgeGiles, Susanna 
16-Jul1705Hore, WilliamHeale, Phillippa 
30-May1706Blackmore, JohnDavie, Margaret 
6-Jul1706Goss, ? JohnPaddon, Margery 
5-Aug1706Cudmore, HughStevens, Mary 
4-Nov1706Dillon, JohnJorey, Elizabeth 
23-Nov1706Rod, ? WilliamJorey, Agnes 
16-Jan1706-07Short, RichardLuxton, Jane 
11-Feb1706-07Bear, AmbroseCallard, Margaret 
21-Apr1707Isaac, AndrewHarvey, Thomazin 
6-Jun1707Banbury, RichardScott, Elizabeth 
27-Jul1707Kelly, FrancisPadford, ? Dorothy 
6-Jan1707-08Poole, JohnPitwood, Joane 
27-Dec1708Grudgworthy, ThomasRattenbury, Anne (of Winkleigh) 
27-Aug1709Ackland, ThomasMarshall, Elizabeth 
20-Nov1710Edworthy, Joseph (of Cheldon)Hanford, Agnes 
29-Nov1710Davie, RalphJoceline, Grace 
10-Feb1710-11Westcott, WilliamOsmond, Anne (widow)both (of Winkleigh)
7-Jun1711Marles, William (junr)Hawkins, Sarah 
29-Jun1711Cochram, GeorgeMarker, Thomasin 
no date1711Mitchell, JohnRattenbury, Elizabeth 
2-Jun1712Carter, Nicolas (of Chumsley)Carter, Honor 
17-Apr1713Woodcock, Lawrence (of Burrington)Mitchell, Sarah 
1-Jul1713Barry, JohnPortingass, ? Elizabeth 
2-Oct1713Ford, JohnSmith, Anne 
23-Feb1713-14Dillon, JohnKing, Margery 
22-Jun1714Harvey, EmanuelLaxton, ? Elizabeth 
21-Mar1714-15Blinch, ? George (of Buckland Brewer)Babbage, Joan 
14-Jul1715Blackmore, ThomasVicary, Polme (of Great Torrington) 
13-Apr1716Hore, William---?, Elizabeth (of Dolton) 
30-Apr1716Turner, Richard (of Great Torrington)Shepherd, Martha - William Shepherd
rector this parish, father of bride
22-Jun1716Ackland, JohnRood, ? Joan (of Beaford) 
1-Nov1716Leg, WilliamRadford, Grace 
3-Jan1716-17Regory, ? Christopher (of Banbury)Pennicott, Elizabeth 
6-Jan1716-17Jorey, EdwardLeg, Christian 
03? - 071716-17Wilcox, DavidAshford, ? Jane 
9-Sep1717Bear, SymonBird, Elizabeth 
15-Sep1717Spencer, Richard (Gentleman)Rowanleigh, ? Elizabeth 
30-Sep1717Shute, Tomas (junr)Clarke, Deborah 
1-Jan1717-18Leg, WilliamJorey, Sarah 
1-Oct1718---?, William (of Chille Hampton?)Greenslide, Grace 
7-Dec1718Jorey, WilliamCole, AnneName?
21-Jan1718-19Bird, MarkJenkin, Elizabeth 
24-Jan1718-19Paddon, Roger---?, Ursala 
5-Mar1718-19Cole, RichardCole, Margery 
no date1720Hore, SymonRadford, Mary 
7-Jan1720-21Pitwood, FrancisMarles, Elizabeth 
7-Aug1721Carter, ThomasRattenbury, Frances (of Winkley) 
14-Aug1721Towell, RichardHore, Elizabeth 
29-Jan1721-22Richard, John (junr)King, Mary 
3-Apr1722Blackmore, PeterLangbridge, Mary 
20-Apr1722Brooke, John (of Bundley)Kooper, Elizabeth 
29-May1722Ackland, JohnAshton, Susannah (of Parkeham) 
2-Jul1722Pope, John (of Winkliegh)Luxton, Charity 
8-Aug1722Perkin, JohnShort, Sarah (of Dolton) 
5-Jan1722-23Paddon, CalebCole, Elizabeth 
27-Apr1723Kingdom, George (of North Molton)Koyle, Mary (of Bideford) 
20-Oct1723Cubert, (Clibert) John (of Northham)Radford, Joan 
26-Oct1723Jones, JohnBlackmore, Ebbot 
14-Jan1723-24Perkin, JohnBrag, Margaret 
6-Aug1724Skinner, ThomasGoss, Elizabeth 
25-May1725Ansty, NicholasAlford, Joan (of Winkley) 
24-Sep1725Isaac, HughPike, Anne 
25-Oct1725Davy, RobertLord, Mary (of ChittleHampton) 
2-May1727Friend, ThomasLuxton, Dorothy 
22-May1727Beare, Thomas (of Kings Nymett)Blackmore, Agnes 
11-Sep1727Nenno, Hugh (of Idddesleigh)Greenslade, Agnes 
13-Nov1727Molland, JohnLuxton, Dorothy 
26-Mar1727-28Cole, John (junr)Molland, Mary 
17-Sep1728Western, ThomasRichards, Mary 
23-Oct1728Hodder, WilliamBrock, Susannah 
28-Oct1728Jorey, AnthonyPitt, Elizabeth (of North Molton) 
4-Nov1728Parkhouse, JohnMarles, Joan 
8-Nov1728Jones, JohnWard, Honour 
7-Apr1729Passmore, RogerDavy, Mary 
10-May1729Banbury, RichardParker, Alice 
4-Nov1729Parkhouse, JohnMarles, Joan 
19-Mar1729-30Luxton, Bernard (junr)Rowcliffe, Agnes 
26-Jul1730Liverton, George (of Dolton)Gording, Elizabeth (of Huish) 
1-Oct1730Wooland, LaurenceHarvey, Grace 
2-Feb1730-31Carter, JohnMolland, Joan 
2-Mar1730-31Davy, RobertCarter, Frances 
20-Jul1731Molland, AnthonyShute, Mary 
2-Aug1731Isaac, OliverLewis, Joan 
26-Aug1731Warre, John (of Bradwood Kelly)Good, Joan 
 1731-32Toute, SimonN/Amarriage fee paid 0.5.0
26-Apr1732Hill, SimonDavy, Mary 
27-Apr1732Gouyer, ThomasCarter, Agnes 
1-May1732Bater, JohnCupper, Mary 
16-May1732Molland, JamesRattenbury, Margery 
16-May1732Cupper, Richard (of High Bickington)Cole, Honour 
21-Aug1732Alford, SamuelCarter, Mary 
28-Aug1732Toms, JohnSaunders, Loveday (of Roborough) 
18-Oct1732Sheere, Christopher ( junr)Row, Agnes 
22-Nov1732Isaac, JohnDavy, Grace 
24-Feb1732-33Cole, SamuelSheere, Jane 
13-Mar1733-34Carter, NicholasWoollacott, Elizabeth (of Burrington) 
27-Mar1733-34Cole, MosesHolman, Dorothy (of Chumsleigh) 
22-Apr1734Shute, JohnRow, Elizabeth 
12-Jun1734Molland, ThomasLuxton, Agnes 
20-Jan1734-35Rattenbury, JamesStapleton, Susannah 
17-Mar1734-35Nethercott, RichardRundall, Mary (of Burrington) 
9-Apr1735Cudmore, HughDavy, Jones 
12-May1735Isaac, PhilipHooper, Elizabeth 
7-Jul1735Friend, John (of Winkleigh)Farley, Jane 
Jan-001735-36Chapman, ThomasFurse, Elizabeth (of Dolton) 
9-Feb1735-36Hooper, Thomas (of Dolton)Denis, Janewith license
11-May1736Cole, AaronReading, Diane 
24-May1736Jones, JohnMartin, Charity 
29-May1736Banbury, ChristopherSimons, Amy (of High Bickington) 
7-Oct1736Kemp, CalebAlford, Mary 
1-Jan1736-37Paine, Francis (of Burrington)Hammett, Dorothy 
21-Aug1737Alford, RobertReed, Margaret 
10-Apr1738Gidley, John (of Winkliegh)Shute, Amy 
5-Oct1738Cole, RalphSmith, Margaret 
6-Mar1738-39Mitchell, John (junr)Hayman, Elizabeth 
15-May1739Farley, ThomasWeeks, Mary 
31-Jul1739Hammett, Francis (of Dowland)Davy, Elizabeth 
1-Oct1739Mitchel, ChristopherHeard, Elizabeth 
25-Jun1740Lewis, Robert (of Chumliegh)Partridge, Meldred 
10-Feb1740-41Isaac, JohnStacy, Marjory 
1-Jun1741Farley, JohnFord, Anne 
9-Aug1741Banbury, MichaelIsaac, Mary 
3-Feb1741-42Vicary, GeorgeOwem, Jame 
30-Aug1742Rook, John (of Oakhampton)Legg, Dorothy 
20-Sep1742Blackmore, ThomasWakeham, Jane 
28-Oct1742Hill, SimonGovier, Agnes 
11-Feb1742-43Symons, ThomasBear, Elizabeth 
31-May1743Bass, JamesMayne, Grace (of Winkliegh) 
25 - 261743Isaac, AaronWestern, Joan 
5-Jan1743-44Lake, John (of Winkliegh)Barry, Elizabeth 
6-Jan1743-44Short, WilliamBendle, Mary 
28-Mar1743-44Folland, ThomasHearn, Elizabeth (of Pet. Molland?) 
31-Jul1744Molland, WilliamReed, Elizabeth 
29-Oct1744Skriggen, John (of Shipwash)Philips, Elizabeth (of Bideford) 
22-Dec1744Brag, GeorgeKemp, Agnes 
26-Feb1744-45Westin, FrancisWidden, Thomasin 
25-Apr1745Hammet, John (of Winkliegh)Molland, Wilmot 
31-Mar1745-46Hammett, John (of Winkliegh)Hagman, Grace 
20-May1746Isaac, WilliamLeg, Joan 
20-May1746Short, Richard (of High Bickington)Bendle, Elizabeth 
20-Dec1746Mare, JohnCudmore, Mary 
24-Jan1746-47Cruse, PrestonSymons, Susanna 
4-Feb1746-47Mare, ValentineGay, Elizabeth 
2-Feb1747Hele, EdmondCole, Charity 
21-Apr1747Mitchel, JohnNewcombe, Anne (of Dolton) 
21-Apr1747Lake, WilliamPasmore, Elizabeth (of Dolton) 
21-Apr1747Judge, WalterBromacomb, Mary 
28-Dec1747Pitwood, FrancisHarris, Anne 
31-May1748Davy, HughRichards, Mary 
19-Jan1748-49Gowan, WilliamClarke, Elizabeth 
8-May1749Bond, Robert (of Chulmleigh)Parker, Elizabeth 
5-Jun1749Luxton, William---?, Sydwell (of Winkleigh) 
16-Apr1750Harris, JohnBird, Mary 
15-Sep1750Paddon, JohnHarris, Joan 
5-Oct1750Harris, JamesCarter, Anne 
9-Apr1751Alford, NathanielBakhead, ? Agnes 
22-Apr1751Saunders, ArfthurIsaac, Mary 
27-Apr1751Couch, BartholomewJoslyne, Grace