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Help and advice for Bampton, Devon: Births 1814-1833

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Bampton Births 1814-1833

Compiled by

Russ Davies

This list was compiled mainly from the 1851 census records (with some careful additions from the 1841 census). The list shows the names of people recorded as having been born in Bampton, Devon during the period 1814 to 1833. Parents names have been included where possible.The 1841 additions (approximately 120 in number) were made where the names of the parents and at least two of the siblings corresponded to the 1851 records. This list is by no means complete. Apparently the Bampton Parish Records of Baptisms for the period are missing. This list may help to fill that void.

ADAMS Sarah abt 1821    
ADCOCK Elizabeth abt 1816    
ANDREWS Fredrick abt 1833 Henery Elizabeth
ARNALL Mary abt 1833 Thomas  
ARNOLD James abt 1831    
ARNOLD Thomas abt 1835    
ATKINS Charlotte abt 1837 William Charity
ATKINS Frederick abt 1832 William Charity
ATKINS William abt 1840 William Charity
ATKINS Eliza abt 1842    
ATKINS George abt 1840    
ATKINS James abt 1835    
ATKINS John abt 1836    
AVERY Sarah abt 1835 John Mary
AVERY Ann abt 1833    
BADCOCK Richard abt 1837    
BAILEY Sarah Ann abt 1841 Joseph Sarah
BAILEY Sarah abt 1815    
BAILEY Thomas abt 1838    
BAILY Edward abt 1843   Mary A
BAKER Ann abt 1838 Dennis Mary
BAKER Robert abt 1829 Dennis Mary
BAKER Dennis abt 1834 Dennis Mary
BAKER Charles abt 1837 Dennis Mary
BAKER Sarah abt 1841 Dennis Mary
BAKER George abt 1843 Dennis Mary
BAKER James abt 1828    
BAKER Robert abt 1831    
BAKER William abt 1840    
BATER Mary abt 1827    
BAWDEN William abt 1827    
BAXTER John abt 1834   Mary
BAXTER Elizabeth abt 1836   Mary
BAXTER Thomas abt 1841   Mary
BAXTER Elizabeth abt 1837    
BAYLES Elizabeth abt 1831 George Ann
BEAMER Henry abt 1841    
BEER Jane abt 1833    
BEER William abt 1832    
BENN Thomas abt 1818    
BENNETT Ann abt 1835 Samuel Betty
BENNETT Margaret abt 1828    
BERNARD W abt 1815    
BERRY Eliza abt 1819 John Mary
BERRY Thomas abt 1822    
BITTS Wm abt 1836 William Eliza
BLACKMON Eliza abt 1836    
BLACKMORE John abt 1842 George Harriet
BLUE Samuel abt 1837    
BLUE William abt 1838    
BOWDEN William abt 1827 John Susan
BOWDEN Jane abt 1833 John Susan
BOWDEN Thomas abt 1834 John Susan
BOWDEN James abt 1836 John Susan
BOWDEN Sally abt 1838 John Susan
BOWDEN Francis abt 1829 Richard Ann
BOWDEN Richard abt 1831 Richard Ann
BOWDEN Frances abt 1833 Richard Ann
BOWDEN Mathew abt 1837 Richard Ann
BOWDEN Alfred abt 1839 Richard Ann
BOWDEN Ann abt 1830    
BOWDEN Anthony abt 1814    
BOWDEN Elizabeth abt 1828    
BOWDEN Elizabeth abt 1843    
BOWDEN Elizabeth abt 1814    
BOWDEN George abt 1821    
BOWDEN Jane abt 1837    
BOWDEN John abt 1824    
BOWDEN Thomas abt 1816    
BOWDEN Thomas abt 1819    
BRADFORD Thomas abt 1817    
BRAILY Jane abt 1836 William Sarah
BRAY Ann abt 1838 Richard Charlotte
BRAY William abt 1842 Richard Charlotte
BRAY William abt 1830 Samuel Ann
BRAY Sarah Ann abt 1834 Samuel Ann
BRAY John abt 1837 Samuel Ann
BRAY Mary abt 1838 Samuel Ann
BRAY Henry abt 1841 Samuel Ann
BREWER James abt 1825 Robert  
BREWER John abt 1831 Robert  
BREWER Elizabeth abt 1834 Robert  
BREWER Ann abt 1822    
BREWER Eliza abt 1835    
BREWER Hannah abt 1824    
BREWER James abt 1818    
BREWER John abt 1815    
BREWER Joseph abt 1830    
BREWER Mary abt 1831    
BREWER Robert abt 1828    
BREWER Thomas abt 1820    
BRICE Samuel abt 1841 Samuel Jane
BRICE Mary abt 1840 William Mary
BRICE Harriet abt 1826    
BRICE Jane abt 1828    
BRICE John abt 1829    
BRICE Thomas abt 1836    
BRICE Thomas abt 1837    
BRISTOW Ann abt 1827 John Mary
BRISTOW Mary abt 1829 John Mary
BRISTOW John abt 1836 John Mary
BRISTOW William abt 1838 John Mary
BRISTOW Elizabeth abt 1841 John Mary
BRISTOW James abt 1825    
BRISTOW Mary abt 1829    
BROCK Elizabeth abt 1836 William Ann
BROCK Mary abt 1836 William Ann
BROCK James abt 1831    
BROCK Mary abt 1824    
BROCK Richard abt 1843    
BROMFIELD Hannah abt 1816    
BROOM Elizabeth abt 1835 Henry Ann
BROOM Ann abt 1815    
BROOM Elizabeth abt 1822    
BROOM John abt 1836    
BROOM Sarah abt 1834    
BROOM Thos abt 1837    
BRYANT Jane abt 1836 James Sarah
BRYANT Mary abt 1838 John Ann
BRYANT James abt 1816    
BRYANT Louisa abt 1833    
BRYANT Samuel abt 1833    
BRYANT Sarah abt 1815    
BUCKNELL Sarah abt 1814    
BULSON Jane abt 1826    
BURGE Grace abt 1828 Thomas Christianna
BURGE Elizabeth abt 1833 Thomas Christianna
BURGE John abt 1826 William Elizabeth
BURGE James abt 1834 William Elizabeth
BURGE Dinah abt 1833   Hannah
BURGE G abt 1827    
BURGE Harriet abt 1832    
BURGE Honor abt 1842    
BURGE Mary abt 1840    
BURGE Sarah abt 1829    
BURNELL Ann abt 1832    
BURNELL Sarah abt 1829    
BURNELL William abt 1833    
BURNETT Mary abt 1838 James Eliza
BURNETT James abt 1841 James Eliza
BURNETT Thomas abt 1838 Thomas Emla
BURNETT John abt 1840 Thomas Emla
BURNETT William abt 1842 Thomas Emla
BURNETT Ann abt 1838    
BURNETT John abt 1815    
BURNETT Richard abt 1825    
BURNETT Sarah abt 1841    
BURROUGH John abt 1840 John  
BURROWS Eliza abt 1817    
BURT Richard abt 1839 William Jane
BURTON Ellen abt 1843 William Mary
BURTON Mary abt 1825    
BURTON William abt 1818    
BUSHELL Ann abt 1827    
BUSTARD Ann abt 1825 Henry Jane
BUSTARD Mary abt 1833 Henry Jane
BUSTARD Jane abt 1836 Henry Jane
CALFORD Alfred abt 1829    
CANN Robert abt 1840 Charles Mary
CANN Charles abt 1837    
CANN John abt 1832    
CANN Mary abt 1836    
CAPRON Elizabeth abt 1821    
CAPRON Richard abt 1819    
CAPRON Susan abt 1825    
CAPRON Jnr John abt 1826 John Mary
CARTER James abt 1829 George Elizabeth
CARTER Mary abt 1834 George Elizabeth
CARTER George abt 1837 George Elizabeth
CARTER Elizabeth abt 1840 George Elizabeth
CARTER Maria abt 1839 William Sarah
CARTER Elizabeth abt 1841 William Sarah
CARTER John abt 1843 William Sarah
CARTER Ann abt 1829    
CARTER Sarah abt 1827    
CARTER Sarah abt 1814    
CATFORD Mary abt 1821 John Martha
CATFORD Sarah abt 1834 John Martha
CATFORD Harriet abt 1824 John Martha
CATFORD John abt 1827 John Martha
CATFORD Sarah A abt 1834    
CHAMBERLAIN Mary abt 1824   Ann
CHAMBERLAIN Elizabeth abt 1831   Ann
CHAMBERLAIN Robert abt 1833   Ann
CHAMBERLAIN Ann abt 1828   Martha
CHAMBERLAIN Eliza abt 1833    
CHAMBERLAIN Elizabeth abt 1836    
CHAMBERLAIN George abt 1829    
CHAMBERLAIN James abt 1821    
CHAMBERLAIN Jane abt 1829    
CHAMBERLAIN John abt 1825    
CHAMBERLAIN Robert abt 1817    
CHAMBERLAIN Sarah abt 1820    
CHAMBERLAIN William abt 1837    
CHAMBERTING Richard abt 1821    
CHANIN Jane abt 1826    
CHANT Margretta abt 1817    
CHAVE William abt 1841 William Mary
CHAVE Eleanor abt 1821    
CHAVE James abt 1832    
CHAVE John abt 1825    
CHAVE Mary abt 1827    
CHAVE Thomas abt 1835    
CHAVE William abt 1820    
CHEDDEY Robert abt 1816    
CHERRY William abt 1833    
CHILCOTT Mary abt 1837 John Eliza
CHILCOTT Charles abt 1837    
CHILCOTT Eliza abt 1822    
CHILCOTT James abt 1830    
CHILCOTT John abt 1822    
CHILCOTT Thomas abt 1824    
CHING William abt 1836 Thomas Ann
CHING John abt 1840 Thomas Ann
CHING Thomas abt 1842 Thomas Ann
CHING Anne abt 1829    
CHING Maria abt 1826    
CHING 6/1/05 abt 1826    
CHIPLIN Elizabeth abt 1837    
CHIPLING Sarah abt 1841    
CHISHORTES Arthur abt 1839 William Isabella
CHISLIN William abt 1837    
CHORLEY Henry abt 1816    
CLEEVE James abt 1829 Richard Sarah
CLEEVE Mary abt 1834 Richard Sarah
CLEEVE John abt 1834 Richard Sarah
CLEEVE Richard abt 1838 Richard Sarah
CLEEVE Charles abt 1840 Richard Sarah
CLEEVE Henry abt 1843 Richard Sarah
CLEEVE Mary abt 1841 William Mary
CLISH Ann abt 1821    
COLES Mark abt 1818    
COLLARD Mary abt 1834 Joseph Elizabeth
COLLARD William abt 1832 Samuel Lovedy
COLLARD Samuel abt 1836 Samuel Lovedy
COLLARD Jane abt 1829 Thomas Periam Elizabeth
COLLARD Jane abt 1842 William Ann
COLLARD Elizabeth abt 1840    
COLLARD Elizabeth abt 1815    
COLLARD Mary abt 1840    
COLLARD Mary abt 1833    
COLLARD William abt 1838    
COOK Charlotte abt 1819    
COPP Elizabeth abt 1839 George Maria
COPP William abt 1842 George Maria
COPP Ann abt 1822    
COPP Eliza abt 1823    
COPP George abt 1833    
COPP John abt 1835    
CORNELIUS Emma abt 1818    
CORNELIUS William abt 1837    
CORNISH Sarah abt 1816    
CORNWALL Susan abt 1836 George Rebecca
COTRELL John abt 1821    
COTT Sarah abt 1815    
COTT William abt 1814    
COTTERAL Betty abt 1827    
COTTERALL Sarah abt 1816    
COTTERREL John abt 1837    
COTTRELL John abt 1839 John Judith
COTTRELL Robert abt 1841 John Judith
COTTRELL Frances abt 1843 John Judith
COTTRELL Sarah Ann abt 1843 Thomas Ann
COTTRELL John abt 1831 William Ann
COTTRELL Charles abt 1832 William Ann
COTTRELL Sarah abt 1835 William Ann
COTTRELL Frederick abt 1838 William Ann
COTTRELL Alfred abt 1842 William Ann
COTTRELL Ann abt 1826    
COTTRELL Emma abt 1821    
COTTRELL Francis abt 1830    
COTTRELL James abt 1834    
COTTRELL Thomas abt 1818    
COTTRELL Wm abt 1831    
COUSINS Elizabeth abt 1842    
COUSINS Sarah abt 1840    
CRICK Mary abt 1817    
CROOME Jane abt 1820    
CRUDGE Elizabeth abt 1825 William Mary Ann
CRUDGE Caroline abt 1828    
CRUDGE Edwin abt 1826    
CRUDGE John abt 1823    
CRUDGE William abt 1819    
CRUDGE William abt 1826    
CRUSE Sarah abt 1837   Jane
CUFF Sarah Ann abt 1823    
CULL Eliza abt 1833    
CULL Elizabeth abt 1831    
CULL Henry abt 1826    
CULL Samuel abt 1820    
CULL Sarah abt 1824    
CURTIS William abt 1836    
DARBY Jane abt 1824 John Serle Ann
DAVEY Robert abt 1826 John Grace
DAVEY Charles abt 1831 John Jane
DAVEY Eleanor abt 1834 John Jane
DAVEY Robert abt 1837 John Jane
DAVEY John abt 1824 John  
DAVEY James abt 1834 John  
DAVEY Elizabeth abt 1837 John  
DAVEY Francis abt 1836 Thomas Mary
DAVEY William abt 1839 Thomas Mary
DAVEY Mary abt 1840 William Mary
DAVEY Ann abt 1835    
DAVEY Anne abt 1828    
DAVEY Charlotte abt 1825    
DAVEY Edward abt 1828    
DAVEY Edwin abt 1824    
DAVEY Eliza abt 1828    
DAVEY Eliza abt 1829    
DAVEY Eliza abt 1814    
DAVEY Elizabeth abt 1824    
DAVEY Elizabeth abt 1815    
DAVEY George abt 1835    
DAVEY Jane abt 1832    
DAVEY John abt 1822    
DAVEY Maria abt 1827    
DAVEY Richard abt 1823    
DAVEY Robert abt 1820    
DAVEY Sarah abt 1828    
DAVEY Sarah abt 1829    
DAVEY Sarah abt 1832    
DAVEY William abt 1829    
DAVIS Ellen abt 1833    
DAVY Eliza abt 1834 Richard Sarah
DAVY John abt 1842 Richard Sarah
DAVY John abt 1819    
DEAR Mary abt 1825    
DEER Jane abt 1823    
DIBBLE Eliza abt 1832    
DIBBLE Elizabeth abt 1836    
DIBBLE John abt 1836    
DIBBLE Mary abt 1842    
DIBBLE Sarah abt 1833    
DIDHAM William abt 1835    
DILLON Sarah abt 1830    
DODDIN Emma abt 1828    
DODDING Elizabeth abt 1822    
DORE James abt 1815    
DORMAN Elizabeth abt 1821    
DOTE Sarah abt 1837    
DOWNEY Sam abt 1824    
DUNN Susannah abt 1842 Thomas Ann
DUNN James abt 1840    
DUNN William abt 1839    
DYER Elizabeth abt 1814    
EDWARDS Albert abt 1843 John  
EDWARDS E F abt 1837    
EDWARDS N J abt 1835    
EDWARDS Walter abt 1840    
ELSWORTHY Robert abt 1840 James Ann
ELSWORTHY Mary abt 1842 James Ann
ELSWORTHY Cecilia abt 1826    
ELSWORTHY James abt 1828    
ELSWORTHY John abt 1824    
ELSWORTHY John abt 1827    
ELSWORTHY Mary abt 1822    
ENDCOTT Thomas abt 1822    
ENDICOTT William abt 1839 John Mary
ENDICOTT Elizabeth abt 1840 John Mary
ENDICOTT Mary abt 1842 John Mary
ENDICOTT Ann abt 1834    
ENDICOTT Eliza abt 1829    
ENDICOTT Henry abt 1821    
ENDICOTT Joseph abt 1817    
ENDICOTT Mary abt 1815    
ESCOTT William abt 1843 John Ann
ESCOTT Sarah abt 1827 John Mary
ESCOTT Walter abt 1838 John Mary
ESCOTT Mary abt 1840 John Mary
ESCOTT Thomas abt 1837 John Sarah
ESCOTT Elizabeth abt 1840 John Sarah
ESCOTT Mary abt 1842 John Sarah
ESCOTT Sarah abt 1841 Robert Mary
ESCOTT Sarah abt 1817 Robert Sarah
ESCOTT Mary abt 1835 William Harriet
ESCOTT James abt 1815 William  
ESCOTT Robert abt 1829   Martha
ESCOTT Ann abt 1832    
ESCOTT Edwin abt 1830    
ESCOTT Elizabeth abt 1837    
ESCOTT Elizabeth abt 1815    
ESCOTT Elizabeth abt 1837    
ESCOTT John abt 1815    
ESCOTT John abt 1828    
ESCOTT Mary abt 1827    
ESCOTT Mary abt 1819    
ESCOTT Robert abt 1832    
ESCOTT Samuel abt 1822    
ESCOTT Thomas abt 1817    
ESCOTT William abt 1829    
ESCOTT William abt 1836    
ESCOTT William abt 1823    
ESCOTT William abt 1823    
ESTCOTT Alfred abt 1832    
EVERY Betsy abt 1830    
FARRANT Maria abt 1818    
FARRANT Samuel abt 1818    
FEWINGS John abt 1820    
FEWINGS Dennis abt 1828 Edward Mary
FEWINGS Laura abt 1831    
FEWINS Mary abt 1830 Edward Mary
FEWINS Edward abt 1841   Sarah
FEWINS Sarah abt 1815    
FISHER Thomas abt 1842 Henry Hannah
FISHER Hannah abt 1827 John Sarah
FISHER Charles abt 1828    
FISHER Eliza abt 1830    
FISHER Henry abt 1821    
FISHER Joseph abt 1828    
FLEW Ann abt 1833    
FLEW Elizabeth abt 1833    
FOSTER Eliza abt 1818    
FROST Caroline abt 1831    
FROST Elizabeth abt 1842   Sarah
FROST Elizabeth abt 1836    
GALE Walter abt 1819 Richard Eliza
GALE Jane abt 1830 Richard Eliza
GALE Eliza abt 1832 Richard Eliza
GALE Harriet abt 1837 Richard Eliza
GALE John abt 1836    
GALFORD Mary abt 1821    
GAMBLIN Jane abt 1821    
GAMLIN Mary abt 1837 Robert Alice
GAMLIN Elizabeth abt 1831    
GARDENER Elizabeth abt 1843 Richard Mary
GARDENER John abt 1815    
GARDENER Mary abt 1818    
GARDENER Richard abt 1819    
GARDERNER James abt 1816    
GARDINER John abt 1827 John Betty
GARNSEY Elizabeth abt 1825    
GIBBINGS Sarah abt 1839 Samuel Eliza
GIBBINGS Elizabeth abt 1838 William Mary Ann
GIBBINGS Ellen abt 1840 William Mary Ann
GIBBINGS John abt 1823    
GIBBINGS Mary abt 1835    
GIBBINGS Mary abt 1816    
GIBBINGS Samuel abt 1815    
GIBBINGS Thomas abt 1836    
GIBBINGS Thomas abt 1830    
GIBBINGS William abt 1834    
GIBBINS Sarah abt 1843 James Elizabeth
GIBBINS Thomas abt 1819 Thomas Mary
GIBBINS Charlotte abt 1821    
GIBBINS Elizabeth abt 1824    
GIBBINS James abt 1814    
GIBBONS Betsey abt 1842 John Mary
GIBBONS John abt 1826    
GIBBONS Sarah abt 1831    
GIBBS Elizabeth abt 1814    
GIL Charles abt 1832    
GLASS James abt 1825    
GLASS Jane abt 1819    
GODDARD Thomas abt 1830 John Ann
GODDARD Elizabeth abt 1832 John Ann
GOODING John abt 1821    
GRANGER Samuel abt 1815    
GREEDY Francis abt 1841 James Ann
GREEDY Caroline abt 1843 James Ann
GREEDY Ann abt 1821    
GREENSLADE Jane abt 1837 James Elizabeth
GREENSLADE Richard abt 1839 James Elizabeth
GREENSLADE William abt 1826 Thomas  
GREENSLADE Alfred abt 1841 William Marget
GREENSLADE Charlotte abt 1838   Sarah
GREENSLADE John abt 1842   Sarah
GREENSLADE Anne abt 1821    
GREENSLADE Benjamin abt 1819    
GREENSLADE Caroline abt 1824    
GREENSLADE Eliza abt 1824    
GREENSLADE George abt 1820    
GREENSLADE John abt 1835    
GREENSLADE Robert abt 1824    
GREENSLADE Samuel abt 1832    
GREENSLADE Thomas abt 1825    
GREENSLADE William abt 1835    
GREGORY Mary abt 1827    
GRENSLADE Ann abt 1817    
GRIFFEN Eliza abt 1836 Robert Ann
GRIFFEN William abt 1843 Robert Ann
GRIFFIN Isaac abt 1825    
GRIFFIN Mary abt 1833    
GRIFFITH Sarah abt 1828    
HAGLEY Mary abt 1841 Jacob  
HAGLEY Agness abt 1843 Jacob  
HALL George abt 1818    
HANCOCK Henry abt 1834 Joseph Ann
HANCOCK Peter abt 1839 Joseph Ann
HARRIS Henrietta abt 1827    
HAWKES Elizabeth abt 1831    
HAWKIN Mary abt 1822    
HAWKINS Sarah A abt 1842 Frederick Fanny
HAWKINS Thomas abt 1842 Frederick Fanny
HAWKINS William abt 1824 George Betsy
HAWKINS Mary abt 1830 George Betsy
HAWKINS George abt 1832 George Betsy
HAWKINS James abt 1839 James Martha
HAWKINS William abt 1839 Thomas Betsey
HAWKINS Harriet abt 1841 Thomas Betsey
HAWKINS Elizabeth abt 1843 Thomas Betsey
HAWKINS Sarah abt 1840 William Ann
HAWKINS Eliza abt 1836 William Harriet
HAWKINS Mary abt 1840 William Harriet
HAWKINS Harriet abt 1842 William Harriet
HAWKINS William abt 1840   Jane
HAWKINS Benjamin abt 1842   Jane
HAWKINS Edward abt 1821    
HAWKINS Edward abt 1842    
HAWKINS Elizabeth abt 1836    
HAWKINS James abt 1833    
HAWKINS Mary abt 1835    
HAWKINS Mary abt 1833    
HAWKINS Mary abt 1835    
HAYWARD Thos abt 1823    
HAYWOOD Jane abt 1825 George Elizabeth
HAYWOOD George abt 1834    
HEARD Sarah abt 1821 Thomas Grace
HEARD Jane abt 1826 Thomas Grace
HEARD John abt 1814 Thomas Grace
HEARD Thomas abt 1816 Thomas Grace
HEARD Mary abt 1818 Thomas Grace
HEARD Elizabeth abt 1821 Thomas Grace
HEARD William abt 1823 Thomas Grace
HEARD Lydia abt 1828 Thomas Grace
HEARD Eliza abt 1843    
HEARD John abt 1836    
HEARD Sarah abt 1822    
HEGWOOD Celia abt 1842    
HELLINGS Sarah abt 1823 Thomas Mary
HENSON John abt 1842 John Ann
HENSON Elizabeth abt 1840 John Elizabeth
HENSON Eliza abt 1842 John Elizabeth
HENSON Sylvia abt 1835    
HERD Henry abt 1836    
HERD James abt 1826    
HEW Jane abt 1827    
HEWARD Robert abt 1841 James Hariet
HEWARD William abt 1820 James  
HEWARD Ann abt 1824    
HEWARD James abt 1814    
HEYWARD Barnett abt 1828    
HICKEY William abt 1836 John Hannah
HICKEY Mary abt 1838 John Hannah
HICKEY John abt 1842 John Hannah
HILL William abt 1843 John Jane
HILL Charles abt 1840    
HILL Charles abt 1831    
HILL Christiana abt 1821    
HILL Emma abt 1827    
HILL John abt 1829    
HILL M abt 1835    
HILL Thomas abt 1824    
HOBBS Elias abt 1841 Elias Jane
HOBBS Jane abt 1818    
HOBBS John abt 1816    
HOBBS Sarah abt 1831    
HODGE Samuel abt 1841 George? Jane
HODGE Mary abt 1840 Henry Sarah
HODGE John abt 1841 James Maria
HODGE Elizabeth abt 1840 James Mary
HODGE Mary abt 1843 James Mary
HODGE John abt 1836 John Selway?
HODGE John abt 1833 Philip Sophia
HODGE Emma abt 1834 Philip Sophia
HODGE Henry abt 1837 Philip Sophia
HODGE William abt 1839 Philip Sophia
HODGE Charles abt 1840 Philip Sophia
HODGE Edward abt 1842 Philip Sophia
HODGE John abt 1839 Richard Elizabeth
HODGE Sarah Ann abt 1841 Richard Elizabeth
HODGE William abt 1839 William Martha
HODGE Edward abt 1843 William Martha
HODGE William abt 1829   Sarah
HODGE Elizabeth abt 1815    
HODGE Franas abt 1830    
HODGE Harriet abt 1830    
HODGE Henry abt 1837    
HODGE Isaac abt 1825    
HODGE James abt 1817    
HODGE James abt 1820    
HODGE John abt 1835    
HODGE John abt 1814    
HODGE John abt 1835    
HODGE Thomas abt 1834    
HODGE Thomas abt 1836    
HODGE William abt 1816    
HODGE William abt 1815    
HOLE James abt 1842 John Sarah
HOLE Thomas abt 1836 Richard Hannah
HOLE Hannah abt 1843 Richard Hannah
HOLE William abt 1835 Robert Amelia
HOLE Ellen abt 1841 Robert Amelia
HOLE Fanny abt 1842 Robert Amelia
HOLE Ann abt 1826 Robert  
HOLE Martha abt 1828 Robert  
HOLE John abt 1836    
HOLE Mary abt 1837    
HOLE Robert abt 1839    
HOLLAND Elizabeth abt 1829    
HOLMAN Richard abt 1831    
HOOPER Lavinia abt 1843   Mary
HOOPER John abt 1816    
HOOPER John abt 1829    
HOOPER Mary abt 1827    
HOPGOOD Joseph B D abt 1843 Joseph Honor H
HOPGOOD Honor H abt 1814    
HOSKINS Ann abt 1817    
HOSKINS George abt 1840    
HOW Louisa abt 1835 John Elizabeth
HOW Mary abt 1840 Joseph Ann
HOW John abt 1843 Joseph Ann
HOW James abt 1836    
HOW John abt 1838    
HOWARD Mary abt 1842 John Sarah
HOWARD James abt 1836    
HOWARD Sarah abt 1820    
HOWARD Thomas abt 1833    
HURD Thomas abt 1840    
HUSTABLE Ann abt 1817    
INNOCENT Jane abt 1826    
JACOBS Sally abt 1840    
JOHNS George abt 1834 Robert Maria
JOHNS William abt 1836 Robert Maria
JOHNS Amos abt 1821    
JOHNS Maria abt 1822    
JOHNS Thomas abt 1819    
JONES Anne abt 1814    
JOYCE John abt 1837 John Eliza
JUSTIAM Elizabeth abt 1830    
JUSTSON Joseph abt 1835    
JUTSON Mary abt 1841 William Sarah
JUTSON Jane abt 1833 William Sarah
JUTSON Elizabeth abt 1837 William Sarah
JUTSON Ann abt 1825    
JUTSON John abt 1824    
JUTSON Mary abt 1826    
KEMP Mary abt 1820    
KENCHARD Mary abt 1825 George Mary
KENCHARD Elizabeth abt 1828 George Mary
KERSLAKE Mary abt 1821    
KINGDON John abt 1836 John Betsey
KINGDON George abt 1837 John Betsey
KINGDON Mark abt 1839 John Betsey
KINGDON Eliza abt 1840 John Betsey
KINGDON Elizabeth abt 1842 John Betsey
KINGDON Eliza abt 1835 John Mary Ann
KNIGHT Leonard abt 1824    
KNIGHT Thomas abt 1835 Leonard Mary
KNIGHT Mary abt 1840 Leonard Mary
KNIGHT Ann abt 1841 Thomas  
KNIGHT Elizabeth abt 1837    
KNIGHT Hannah abt 1837    
KNIGHT Henry abt 1831    
KNIGHT Jame abt 1834    
KNIGHT James abt 1843    
KNIGHT John abt 1819    
KNIGHT Robert abt 1835    
KNIGHT Samuel abt 1836    
KNIGHT Thomas abt 1826    
KNIGHT William abt 1831    
LAKE Edward abt 1825    
LAND James abt 1828 John Lovedy
LAND Lovedy abt 1833 John Lovedy
LAND George abt 1837 John Lovedy
LAND Eliza abt 1840 John Lovedy
LAND Maria abt 1842 John Lovedy
LAND James abt 1841 Peter Christianna
LAND Robert abt 1843 Peter Christianna
LAND John abt 1823    
LAND John abt 1824    
LAND Thomas abt 1840    
LAND William abt 1836    
LAND William abt 1838    
LANE Margaret abt 1820    
LANGDON Edward abt 1841    
LANGDON F C abt 1836    
LANGDON Jane abt 1830    
LANGDON Maria abt 1834    
LANGDON Mary abt 1824    
LANGWORTHY Sarah abt 1815    
LANHALL Mary abt 1814    
LAZARUS Mary abt 1842 John Ann
LAZARUS Henry abt 1828 Jonathan Mary
LAZARUS Ann abt 1822    
LAZARUS John abt 1819    
LECK John abt 1829    
LEIGH Hannah abt 1827 William Ann
LEIGH Mary abt 1829 William Ann
LEIGH Henry abt 1839 William Ann
LEIGH Thomas abt 1831 William Ann
LEIGH Lydia abt 1833 William Ann
LEIGH William abt 1835 William Ann
LEIGH Elizabeth abt 1843 William Ann
LISCOMBE Mary abt 1822    
LOCK Martha abt 1823   Jane Greenslade
LOCK Jane abt 1832    
LOW Henry abt 1835 William Mary
LUCAS Jane abt 1827    
LUCKER Elizabeth abt 1835    
LUG George abt 1829    
LUXTON Elenor abt 1827 Thomas Greenslade  
LUXTON Elizabeth abt 1821    
LUXTON J abt 1819    
LUXTON John abt 1827    
LUXTON Mary abt 1832    
LUXTON Thomas abt 1825    
MACKENSIE Hy abt 1822 Js.? Elizabeth
MACKENSIE Selina abt 1824 Js.? Elizabeth
MACKENSIE Eliza abt 1827 Js.? Elizabeth
MALLET Sarah abt 1817    
MANNING James abt 1816    
MANNING James abt 1816    
MARLEY Elizabeth abt 1828    
MARLEY James abt 1816    
MARLEY Sarah abt 1832    
MARLEY William abt 1823    
MARSH James abt 1815    
MAUNDER Henry abt 1827    
MAUNDER John abt 1838    
MAY Jane abt 1829    
MAY Thomas abt 1828    
MAY William abt 1823    
MAY Mary abt 1831 Robert Ann
MAY John abt 1822    
MAY Robert abt 1827    
MAYNARD Sarah abt 1823    
MELHUISH William abt 1831    
MEMBEY Jane abt 1822    
MERSON Sarah abt 1830    
MILES Frederick abt 1841 Thomas Mary Ann
MILES Thomas abt 1820    
MOGFORD William abt 1843 James Elizabeth
MOGFORD Samuel abt 1836 Robert Mary
MOGFORD Ann abt 1835    
MOGFORD Elizabeth abt 1838    
MOGFORD John abt 1828    
MOGFORD Mary abt 1829    
MOGFORD William abt 1828    
MOORE Daniel abt 1815    
MORGAN William abt 1829 George Betsy
MORGAN Susan abt 1814    
MORLE Eliza abt 1822    
MORRELL Ann abt 1818    
MORRIS Fanny abt 1833 George Betsy
MORRIS Jane abt 1835    
MORRIS John abt 1831    
MORRISH Elizabeth abt 1832 William Jane
MUGFORD John abt 1818    
NATION Jane abt 1826    
NEEDS William abt 1817 John Eliza
NEEDS Thomas abt 1824 John Eliza
NEEDS Mary abt 1833 John Eliza
NEEDS John abt 1836 John Eliza
NEEDS John abt 1827    
NEEDS John abt 1838    
NEEDS Maria abt 1830    
NERN Elizabeth abt 1824    
NORMAN Lavinia abt 1838 Henry Mary
NORMAN David abt 1838 William Martha
NORMAN William abt 1843 William Martha
NORMAN Mary abt 1835    
NOTT William abt 1838 John Ann
NOTT Henery abt 1840 John Ann
NOTT Mary abt 1842 John Ann
NOTT William abt 1832 Thomas Maria
NOTT Henry abt 1836 Thomas Maria
NOTT Eliza abt 1834    
OATEN John abt 1842 Henry  
OATEN Sarah abt 1818    
OXENHAM Eliza abt 1831    
OXENHAM Fanny abt 1835 Robert Jane
OXENHAM Sarah abt 1837 Robert Jane
OXENHAM George abt 1835 Roger Mary
OXENHAM Isaac abt 1839 Roger Mary
OXENHAM Henry abt 1842 Roger Mary
OXENHAM Edwin abt 1835 Sydenham Ann
OXENHAM Fanny abt 1842 Sydenham Ann
OXENHAM Juliana abt 1832 Thomas Ann
OXENHAM Emma abt 1842 Thomas Ann
OXENHAM Thos abt 1831 William Ann
OXENHAM John abt 1816 William Margaret
OXENHAM Ann abt 1819 William Margaret
OXENHAM Jacob abt 1827 William Margaret
OXENHAM Margaret abt 1836 William Margaret
OXENHAM Albert abt 1828    
OXENHAM Charlotte abt 1829    
OXENHAM Elizabeth abt 1831    
OXENHAM Elizabeth abt 1832    
OXENHAM Harriet abt 1830    
OXENHAM Henery abt 1833    
OXENHAM James abt 1829    
OXENHAM John abt 1830    
OXENHAM Louisa abt 1842    
OXENHAM Mary abt 1826    
OXENHAM Sarah abt 1827    
OXENHAM Thomas abt 1839    
OXENHAM Thomas abt 1819    
OXENHAM William abt 1828    
OXENHAM William abt 1824    
OXENHAM William abt 1832    
PACKER Christiana abt 1839 William Christiana
PACKER Mary abt 1841 William Christiana
PALMER Elizabeth abt 1836 Nathaniel Mary
PARISH William abt 1841 Richard Jane
PARISH Anne abt 1817    
PARKER William abt 1839 Henry Elizabeth
PARKER James abt 1842 Henry Elizabeth
PARKER Elizabeth abt 1817    
PARKER John abt 1827    
PARKHOUSE Elizah abt 1821    
PAYNE William abt 1840 Thomas Hariot
PAYNE Hariot abt 1842 Thomas Hariot
PAYNE Sarah abt 1819   Elizabeth Perry
PAYNE Sarah abt 1819    
PEACOCK Eliza abt 1819    
PEARSE Richard abt 1819 John Elizabeth
PEARSE John abt 1822    
PEARSE Samuel abt 1822    
PEPLER Elizabeth abt 1816    
PERIAM John abt 1843 John Trowey Maria
PERIAM Richard abt 1829 Thomas Elizabeth
PERIAM Maria abt 1817    
PERROTT James abt 1825    
PERRY Harriet abt 1840 Samuel Edith
PERRY Mary abt 1834    
PERRY Thomas abt 1814    
PHILLIP Sarah abt 1825    
PHILLIPS John abt 1838 Abraham Grace
PHILLIPS Mary abt 1843 Abraham Grace
PINSON Ellen abt 1831    
POLE Maria abt 1820    
POOL Mary abt 1837 James Ann
POOL James abt 1841 James Ann
POOLE Harriet abt 1842    
POPHAM Ann abt 1839    
PRATT Susan abt 1829    
PRESSCOT Joseph abt 1832 William Mary
PRESSCOT Sarah Ann abt 1834 William Mary
PRICE Sarah abt 1821    
PRING James abt 1839    
PRING John abt 1832    
PRING Mary abt 1835    
PRING Sarah abt 1840    
PRING Thomas abt 1827    
PRING William abt 1831    
PRING William abt 1814    
PRISCOTT Mary abt 1816    
PRISCOTT Thomas abt 1816    
PRISCOTT William abt 1836    
PROUT Elizabeth abt 1829    
PROUT Mary abt 1817    
PROUT Richard abt 1819    
PROUT John abt 1841 Robert Sarah
PROUT Sarah abt 1819 Thomas Mary
PROUT Samuel abt 1833   Ann
PROUT George abt 1818    
PROUT James abt 1819    
PROUT James abt 1838    
PROUT Robert abt 1816    
PROUT Robert abt 1818    
PROUT William abt 1814    
PUNSFORD Mary abt 1830    
QUANT Elizabeth abt 1824   Mary
QUANT Henry abt 1834    
QUARTLEY Sarah abt 1825    
QUICK Jane abt 1826    
QUICK John abt 1829    
QUICK Mary abt 1821    
QUICK William abt 1819    
RENDELL Elizabeth abt 1815    
REPPEY James abt 1838    
RICHARDS Isaac abt 1830 George  
RICHARDS George abt 1832 George  
RICHARDS Mary abt 1835 George  
RICHARDS Susan abt 1828 John Sarah
RICHARDS Robert abt 1831 John Sarah
RICHARDS Mary abt 1820    
RICHARDS Wm abt 1815    
RING Benjamin abt 1840 John Susanna
RIPPON Elizabeth abt 1835 George Jane
RIPPON Sarah abt 1837 George Jane
RIPPON Emma abt 1839 George Jane
ROBERTS Thomas abt 1829 Hugh Sarah
ROBERTS Mary abt 1839 Thomas Ann
ROBERTS Elizabeth abt 1842 Thomas Ann
ROBERTS Sarah abt 1821    
ROUSE John abt 1825    
ROWEN Mary abt 1827 Thomas Lydia
ROWEN Elizabeth abt 1829    
ROWLAND Mary abt 1826    
RYDON Martha abt 1828    
SALISBURY Thomas abt 1834 John Ann
SALISBURY Joseph abt 1838 John Ann
SALISBURY Jane abt 1840 John Ann
SALISBURY Margaret abt 1842 John Ann
SALISBURY William abt 1826 Thomas Mary
SALISBURY Jane abt 1828 Thomas Mary
SALISBURY Robert abt 1832 Thomas Mary
SALISBURY Thomas abt 1839 Thomas Mary
SALISBURY Henry abt 1841 Thomas Mary
SALISBURY Elizabeth abt 1836    
SALISBURY Mary abt 1819    
SALISBURY Mary abt 1832    
SALTOR Ann abt 1814    
SAMPSON Mary abt 1825    
SAVERS Elisabeth abt 1825    
SERLE Samuel abt 1818 John Ann
SERLE Richard abt 1823    
SERLES Sarah abt 1841    
SHATTOCK Eliza abt 1825    
SHERRIS Charlotte abt 1827    
SHERRIS Harriet abt 1824    
SHORT Elizabeth abt 1836 William Betsy
SHORT John abt 1839 William Betsy
SHORT Jane abt 1843 William Betsy
SHORT Eliza abt 1823    
SHORT Elizabeth abt 1821    
SHORT Emma abt 1830    
SHORT William abt 1817    
SHORT William abt 1834    
SKINNER Elizabeth abt 1841    
SLOMAN Ann abt 1824    
SMITH Elizabeth abt 1816 James Sparks Ann
SMITH Maria abt 1825    
SMITH Mary abt 1829    
SNOW Richard abt 1835 John Elizabeth
SNOW Samuel abt 1840 John Elizabeth
SNOW Elizabeth abt 1843 John Elizabeth
SNOW John abt 1843 William Sarah
SNOW John abt 1834    
SNOW Mary abt 1837    
SNOW Sarah abt 1818    
SNOW William abt 1818    
SOMERS Grace abt 1821    
SOUTHWOOD Thomas abt 1836 James Elizabeth
SOUTHWOOD John abt 1830 William  
SOUTHWOOD James abt 1816    
SOUTHWOOD John abt 1822    
SOWDEN Mary abt 1819    
SPEARMAN Elisabeth abt 1819    
SPREAKE Isabel abt 1835    
SPURWAY H E abt 1817    
SPURWAY John abt 1814    
SPURWAY William abt 1816    
STACKLEY Martha abt 1827    
STADDON Robert abt 1836 Richard Elizabeth
STADDON William abt 1838 Richard Elizabeth
STADDON John abt 1823    
STEPHENS Elizabeth abt 1824    
STEVENS Ann abt 1821 John Mary
STEVENS Jane abt 1818    
STONE Caroline abt 1841 Edward R Caroline
STONE Mary abt 1833 James Mary
STONE Thomas abt 1839 James Mary
STONE Henry abt 1841 James Mary
STONE Edwin abt 1838 John Ann
STONE Thomas abt 1840 John Jane
STONE Rhoda abt 1842 John Jane
STONE James abt 1820    
STONE Jane abt 1829    
STONE John abt 1823    
STONE Mary abt 1836    
STONE Mary abt 1834    
STONE Mary abt 1827    
STONE Sara abt 1838    
STONE William abt 1814    
STONE William abt 1823    
STONE William abt 1835    
STONE William abt 1839    
STONE William abt 1838    
STOYELL Richard abt 1828    
STRONG Samuel abt 1841 John Jane
STRONG John abt 1839 Thomas Ann
SURRAGE Ann abt 1820    
SURRIDGE Jane abt 1820    
TAILOR Eliza abt 1832    
TAILOR Emily abt 1829    
TAKEL James abt 1837    
TAKLE Richard abt 1841 Thomas Ann
TAKLE John abt 1815    
TAKLE Thomas abt 1814    
TALBOT Eliza abt 1825    
TARE Susanna abt 1826    
TARR William abt 1828    
TAYLOR James abt 1831    
TAYLOR Mary abt 1823    
TAYLOR William abt 1837    
TERLE Daniel abt 1821    
THEANE Thomas abt 1828    
THOMAS Ann abt 1815    
THOMAS Frederick abt 1833    
THORN Thomas abt 1834 James Harriet
THORNE John abt 1842 John Jane
THORNE Robert abt 1839 Thomas Mary
THORNE Eliza abt 1842 Thomas Mary
THORNE Eliza abt 1827    
THORNE Elizabeth abt 1836    
THORNE George abt 1831    
THORNE James abt 1843    
THORNE John abt 1818    
THORNE Maria abt 1817    
THORNE Richard abt 1823    
THORNE Richard abt 1836    
TOAZE James abt 1829    
TOAZE John abt 1825    
TOAZE Mary abt 1826    
TOAZE Mary Ann abt 1828    
TOOZE Henry abt 1837 John Mary
TOOZE Eliza abt 1839 John Mary
TOTTLE Caroline abt 1831    
TOUT Ann abt 1819    
TOUT Emma abt 1825    
TOYE Thomas abt 1821    
TOZE Ann abt 1821    
TREENWOOD Henry abt 1834    
TRISTAN Lavinia abt 1822    
TROTT Jane abt 1842 Robert Mary
TROWEY Sarah abt 1817   Elizabeth
TUCKER Mary abt 1829    
TURNER John abt 1814    
UPTON Susan abt 1814 James Mary
UPTON Henry abt 1816    
VENN Thomas abt 1843   Charlotte
VENN Isaac abt 1823    
VENN John abt 1822    
VENN William abt 1820    
VICARY John abt 1829 William Mary
VICARY Elizabeth abt 1836 William Mary
VICARY James abt 1831    
VICARY Thomas abt 1819    
VICKERY Emma abt 1822    
VICKERY Jane abt 1834    
VICKERY Jane abt 1834    
VICKERY John abt 1827    
VICKERY Mary abt 1840    
VICKERY Thomas abt 1826    
VINCENT Eliza abt 1842    
VINCENT George abt 1837    
VINCENT John abt 1839    
VINEY Mary abt 1821    
WALTER Elizabeth abt 1824    
WARE Sarah abt 1830    
WARREN William abt 1821 John  
WARREN Frances abt 1831    
WATTS Elizabeth abt 1835    
WATTS Susan abt 1835    
WAY Jane abt 1816    
WEBBE James abt 1836 John Ann
WEBBE Mary abt 1839 John Ann
WEBBER James abt 1833 James Sarah
WEBBER Thomas abt 1840 James Sarah
WEBBER James abt 1840 William Jane
WEBBER Elizabeth abt 1843 William Jane
WEBBER Charles abt 1835 William Sarah
WEBBER Thomas abt 1837 William Sarah
WEBBER George abt 1841 William Sarah
WEBBER Elizabeth abt 1842    
WEBBER Elizabeth abt 1820    
WEBBER James abt 1820    
WEBBER Jane abt 1816    
WEBBER John abt 1836    
WEBBER Maria abt 1829    
WEBBER Mary abt 1836    
WEBBER Sarah abt 1818    
WEBBER Sarah abt 1830    
WEBBER Sarah abt 1835    
WEBBER Wm abt 1816    
WENSLEY Jane abt 1832 William Elizabeth
WENSLEY Maria abt 1834 William Elizabeth
WENSLEY Mary abt 1836 William Elizabeth
WENSLEY William abt 1838 William Elizabeth
WENSLEY James abt 1843 William Elizabeth
WENSLEY Elizabeth abt 1834    
WENSLEY Harriet abt 1827    
WENSLEY Jane abt 1818    
WENSLEY John abt 1827    
WENSLEY John abt 1830    
WENSLEY John abt 1835    
WENSLEY Jone abt 1825    
WENSLEY Maria abt 1833    
WENSLEY William abt 1820    
WENSLEY Elina abt 1837 John Loveday
WERE William abt 1831 William Grace
WERE Samuel abt 1837    
WERE Thomas abt 1830    
WESCOMB Mary abt 1823    
WHITE James abt 1816   Betty
WHITE Francis abt 1835    
WHITE John abt 1817    
WHITE Thos abt 1815    
WHITE Willia abt 1819    
WHITFIELD John abt 1816    
WIDGERY John abt 1837 James Maria
WIDGERY George abt 1838 James Maria
WIDGERY James abt 1841 James Maria
WILKINS Elizabeth abt 1833    
WILLIAMS Jane abt 1837 John Mary
WILLIAMS Sarah abt 1840 John Mary
WILLIAMS Agness abt 1842 John Mary
WILLIAMS Jane abt 1821 Thomas Ann
WILLIAMS Charles abt 1820    
WILLIAMS Edward abt 1834    
WILLIAMS Elizabeth abt 1825    
WILLIAMS Harriet abt 1825    
WILLIAMS James abt 1821    
WILLIAMS Mary abt 1814    
WILLIAMS Richard abt 1832    
WILLIAMS Robert abt 1829    
WILLIAMS Thomas abt 1836    
WILLIS Eliz abt 1815    
WINLACK Victoria abt 1839 James Sophia
WINSBOROUGH Elizabeth abt 1840 William Elizabeth
WINSBOROUGH Elizabeth abt 1825    
WINSBORROW James abt 1824    
WINSBORROW Jane abt 1821    
WINTER George abt 1841 Robert Ann
WINTER Thomas abt 1837 Robert Sarah
WINTER Ann abt 1819    
WINTER Sarah abt 1832    
WITTER Elizabeth abt 1818    
WOODBERRY Sarah abt 1838 Thomas Elizabeth
WOODBERRY Thomas abt 1841 Thomas Elizabeth
WOODLAND Ann abt 1825    
WYN Thomas abt 1816    
YANDLE Ann abt 1827    
YAW Elizabeth abt 1837 John Sarah
YAW Mary abt 1839 John Sarah
YAW David abt 1843 John Sarah
YAW John abt 1821    
YAW Samuel abt 1829    
YAW Sarah abt 1824    
YAW Thomas abt 1833    
YEANDLE Mary abt 1835 James  
YEANDLE Sarah abt 1839 James  
YEANDLE John abt 1841 James  
YEANDLE Fredrick abt 1836    
YENDELL Mary abt 1818    
YEW George abt 1834    
BENNETT Mary Ann abt 1821 Samuel Betty
BENNETT Margaret abt 1826 Samuel Betty
BENNETT Elizbt abt 1831 Samuel Betty
BOWDEN George abt 1821 John Susan
BOWDEN Richard abt 1828 John Susan
BOWDEN Ann abt 1830 John Susan
BRICE Mary abt 1830 Samuel Jane
BRICE Sarah abt 1838 Samuel Jane
BRICE Jane abt 1831 William Mary
BRICE Thomas abt 1834 William Mary
BRICE Charles abt 1837 William Mary
BROCK James abt 1831 William Ann
BROCK Sarah Ann abt 1838 William Ann
BROCK Eliza abt 1841 William Ann
BURGE Isaac abt 1826 William Elizabeth
BURGE Wm abt 1826 William Elizabeth
BURGE Sarah abt 1831 William Elizabeth
CANN Mary abt 1831 Charles Mary
CANN John abt 1836 Charles Mary
CANN Charles abt 1838 Charles Mary
CARTER Sarah abt 1833 George Elizabeth
COPP George abt 1831 George Maria
COPP John abt 1834 George Maria
COTTRELL William abt 1836 John Judith
CRUWYS Ann abt 1832   Jane
CRUWYS Jane abt 1835   Jane
DAVEY Thomas abt 1821 John Grace
DAVEY Edwd. abt 1828 John Jane
DAVEY Robt abt 1837 John Jane
DAVEY Eleoner abt 1833 Thomas Mary
ENDICOTT Ann abt 1837 John Mary
ESCOTT Wm abt 1826 John Mary
ESCOTT John abt 1828 John Mary
ESCOTT Edwin abt 1830 John Mary
ESCOTT Alfred abt 1832 John Mary
FEWINS Edw abt 1821 Edward Mary
GRIFFIN Mary abt 1832 Robert Ann
GRIFFIN Edith abt 1841 Robert Ann
HAWKINS Ann abt 1834 William Harriet
HAWKINS Elizabeth abt 1836 William Harriet
HENSON Harriett abt 1826 John Elizabeth
HENSON Elsie abt 1832 John Elizabeth
HENSON Sylva abt 1835 John Elizabeth
HERD Sarah Jane abt 1839 Richard Elizabeth
HERD Mary Ann abt 1841 Richard Elizabeth
HODGE Thomas abt 1834 Philip Sophia
HODGE Phillip abt 1835 Philip Sophia
HOLE John abt 1833 John Sarah
HOLE Wm abt 1837 John Sarah
HOLE Robt abt 1839 John Sarah
HOLE Sarah abt 1837 Richard Hannah
HOLE Ann abt 1839 Richard Hannah
HOW John abt 1838 John Elizabeth
HOW Caroline abt 1840 John Elizabeth
HOW James abt 1838 Joseph Ann
JUTSON Joseph abt 1835 William Sarah
KNIGHT Sarah abt 1831 Leonard Mary
KNIGHT Jane abt 1835 Leonard Mary
LAND John abt 1823 John Lovedy
LAND Harriett abt 1827 John Lovedy
LAND Elizbt abt 1832 John Lovedy
LAND William abt 1838 Peter Christianna
NEEDS Ann abt 1821 John Eliza
NORMAN Mary abt 1835 William Martha
NORMAN Samuel abt 1840 William Martha
NOTT Eliza abt 1834 John Ann
NOTT Walter abt 1837 Thomas Maria
OXENHAM Albert abt 1828 Robert Jane
OXENHAM Harriet abt 1830 Robert Jane
OXENHAM Elizabeth abt 1832 Robert Jane
OXENHAM William abt 1832 Roger Mary
OXENHAM Elizabeth abt 1831 Sydenham Ann
OXENHAM Mary abt 1832 Sydenham Ann
OXENHAM Elizabeth abt 1829 Thomas Ann
OXENHAM Thomas abt 1830 William Ann
OXENHAM Thomas abt 1821 William Margaret
OXENHAM William abt 1821 William Margaret
OXENHAM Robert abt 1826 William Margaret
OXENHAM Charlotte abt 1831 William Margaret
PARISH Mary abt 1835 Richard Jane
SALISBURY Elizabeth abt 1836 John Ann
SALISBURY John abt 1829 Thomas Mary
SHORT William abt 1835 William Betsy
SHORT Jane abt 1837 William Betsy
SNOW John abt 1833 John Elizabeth
SNOW Mary abt 1837 John Elizabeth
STADDON John abt 1833 Richard Elizabeth
STADDON Ann abt 1840 Richard Elizabeth
STONE Sarah abt 1838 Edward R Caroline
STONE Anna abt 1839 Edward R Caroline
STRONG Jane abt 1835 John Jane
STRONG John abt 1838 John Jane
TOOZE John abt 1826 John John
TOOZE James abt 1826 John John
TOOZE Wm abt 1839 John John
YAW Robert abt 1830 John Sarah
YAW Thomas abt 1832 John Sarah
YAW George abt 1834 John Sarah