Will of Hugh Blackmore, yeoman, of Bishops Nympton

Proved 20 March 1637

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PROB 11/173/484, Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

Transcribed by Elizabeth Kipp

1 In the name of God Amen The fyfteenth. 
2 day of October in the twelfe yeare of the raigne of our Soveraigne Lord
3 Charles over England etc Anno d[omi]ni 1636 I Hugh Blackmore of
4 Bishops Nympton in the countie of Devon yeoman the unprofitable servant
5 of God revokeing hereby every former will by me heretofore made doe
6 for the certaine disposing of those goodes and chattells which God of his
7 goodnes hath given mee make this my last will and Testament in manner
8 and forme followeing First I bequeath my soule unto almightie God
9 hopeing that by the bloudy death and passion of his sonne Christ Jesus to have
10 remission for all my sinnes; And for my body being but dust and meate for
11 wormes I comitt unto the earth from whence it first was taken, And first for
12 Johane my wife with whome I have lived in the holy estate of Matrimony I
13 doe devise and leave unto her all such estate and interest as I have of and in
14 all those fyve tenements in Crosse with the appurtenances Item I give and
15 bequeath unto her fower oxen and two steeres ready for labour seaven kyne
16 two weaneing calves three younge bullocks of one yeare old or more Fortie
17 Ewe sheepe fortie Lambes or hoggs tenn weathers and rammes two mares or colts
18 fitt or able for labour with saddles and furniture one mayneing colte All my swyne
19 hoggs piggs and poultrie att Crosse aforesaid, All my silver spoones my bedstead
bedd and furniture in the chamber over the winter parlor, the twoe tables livery tables
standing in the said parlor and chamber over the same, and all my corne growinge or
being in feildes barne or graners there, all my hay goodes and similar at Crosse
aforesaid, All my bedding with sheets and
20 furniture excepting one viz[ a vi]t the bedsted with bed and furniture in the chamber
21 over the little parlour, Item I give unto her all my potts of brasse except my
22 least pott, all my candlesticks one half of all my pannes and pewter Vessells, the
23 one half of my wooll and of my Tumber or wooding Vessells, Alsoe I give unto
24 her my silver Tankerd partie quilted my cupbord standing in the hall, All my
25 tablebords and livery Table, Alsoe I give unto her all my napery and carpets
26 the one half of all my chaires formes and stooles, my settle and seeting in the hall,
27 All my chests and cofferrs excepting fower my musket and furniture for warr'
28 All my provision of Butter Cheese and meate in salt or salted the greate
29 presse in the wring chamber, one Trunke all my spitts w[i]th drepping and fryeing
30 panns twoe paire of Andyrons one yron Barr, all my other tooles of husbandry,
31 all sackes windeing stuffe and chimney stuffe one great corne chest or Garner
32 to keepe corne in, All my wood and ladders at Crosse my Apple pound and wring
33 belonging thereunto and alsoe one Gowne of blacke to be provided for her against
34 the daie of my buriall, And whereas Anthony Blackmore my sonne and Joane
35 his wife sometyme by the name of Joane Heale thence deceased did by their
36 deed of obliga[t]ion beareing date the twelfe day of November Anno d[omi]ni 1633
37 become bounden unto mee in the forme of three hundred pounds condi[t]ioned
38 that if the said Anthony Blackmore and Joane his wife shall at all tymes
39 from henceforth p[er]mit and suffer me the said Hugh Blackmore and Joane
40 my nowe wife to have hould and enioy all that messuage called Crosse
41 aforesaid, And all that five ten[emen]ts belonging thereunto for and dureing the
42 life of mee the said Hughe and the widdowhood of Joane my wife one lower
43 or ground room and the chamber over the same and one orchard plott only
44 excepted that then the obliga[t]ion to be voyd, Now my will and meaneing is
45 and I doe hereby devise ordaine and appoint that my executor in this my
46 Testament nominated shall w[i]thin twentie dayes next after my decease
47 make over the said bond by sufficient letter of Attorney unto the said Johan
48 my wife, And if it happen that the said Anthony or his assignes shall make
49 my clayme or entrie in or to the five said messuage or ten[emen]ts or any p[ar]te thereof
50 other then is excepted as aforesaid or shall disturbe or molest my said wife
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51 of the quiet enioyeing thereof w[i]thout her good likeing or consent, That then I
52 straightly charge and com[m]and my said executor to be assistant and helpfull
53 unto my said wife for serveing com[m]enceing and prosecuteing of a suite against the
54 said Anthony his executors or assignes for recovery of the penaltie of the said bond,
55 Item I give and bequeath unto Thomas my sonne my Ring or Signet of gould which
56 I use to seale w[i[thall and one paire of _irg_ulls and alsoe one silver salt
57 guilted, Item I give and bequeath unto Joane his wife my great chest in the
58 chamber over the little parlour, Item I doe devise give and bequeath unto
59 Edward my sonne all such interest terme of yeares clayme and demand
60 whatsoever I have or clayme to have of in or to all those closes of land
61 pasture and wood knowne by the name of Furse Parke al[ia]s Furse Parks with
62 the appurtenances lyeing and being in Bishops Nympton aforesayd and sometime
63 parcell of the Barton or demeasne lands of the man[n]or there Provided allwaies
64 and nevertheles my will and meaneing is that yf the said Anthony Blackmore
65 one other of my sonnes shall within two yeares next after my death well and
66 truly paye or cause to be payed unto the said Edward my sonne the some of
67 threescore pounds lawfull money of England That then the sayd Edward shall
68 upon receit thereof forthwith assigne assure make over and convey by good and
69 lawfull assurance and conveyance in lawe unto the said Anthony his brother
70 all such right interest and clayme as he the said Edward shall have of in or
71 to the said closes and p[ar]cells of land pasture and wood with the appurtenances
72 by force of theis p[re]sents, And my will and meaneing is that my executor
73 hereafter nominated shall keepe the conveyance which I have for enioying
74 thereof untill the said Terme of two yeares be fully expired and then to
75 deliver the same unto such of the sayd two brothers as the same shall of right
76 belong unto or app[er]taine And alsoe I give and bequeath unto the said Edward my
77 greatest silver balle guilted one hand gunn or fowling peece And alsoe
78 thirtie pounds of lawfull money of England to be payed within one yeare
79 next after my death Item I doe give and bequeath unto Frances Blackmoore
80 my daughter in lawe my best Cofferr Item I doe give and bequeath unto
81 my sonne Anthony my bed and furniture in the chamber over the little parlour
82 at Crosse, And whereas the right wor[shipfu]ll Sir John Stawell of the honourable
83 order of the Bath Knight hath by his deed indented bearing date the first
84 daye of February in the eight yeare of the raigne of our Sov[er]aigne Lord
85 King Charles given granted and made over unto mee and my assignes the
86 first and next avodance and assenta[t]ion of in and to the Patronage and
87 Church of Sutcombe alias Suttacombe in the Countie aforesaid for one
88 turne onely next and im[m]ediately ensueing the nowe p[re]sent incumbrance of the
89 said Church as by and in the said deed at large appeareth Nowe my will and
90 meaneing is and I doe hereby devise ordaine and appoint that my executor
91 in this my testament nominated to go ther with Edward and Anthony my said sonnes
92 or one of them their or one of their executors or assignes shall forthwith upon
93 the death resignation or depriva[t]ion w[hi]ch shall first happen of Myles Phaire
94 Clarke nowe p[re]sent Rector or member of the said Church of Sutcombe
95 present unto the Lord Bishop of the dioces of Exon for the tyme then being as
96 Clarke for the said Church of Sutcombe Bartholomewe my youngest sonne
97 yf he shal[l ]be then liveing Alsoe I doe give and bequeath unto the sayd
98 Bartholomewe one annuitye or yearly rent of tenn pounds of lawfull mony of England
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99 to be yssueing or goeing forth and to be had levied pieaved and taken out
100 of all that part of the farme or barten of hayne lyeing on the south side of the
101 king's highwaye leading from Southmolton toward Dulverton in Bishops
102 Nympton aforesaid or out of my part or parcell thereof To have levey receave
103 and take the said anuitye or yearly rent of tenn pounds from the daye of my death
104 unto the end and terme and for and dureing the terme of threescore yeares if
105 he the said Bartholomewe shall soe long happen to lyve, and shall not in the meane
106 while be lawfullie instituted and inducted to the parrish charge of Sutcombe aforesaid to
107 be payable at the fower most usuall terms of the yeare by even and equall por[t]ions
108 Alsoe I doe give unto the said Bartholmewe one Trunke and desk and one cloke
109 of black to be provided for him against my buriall Item I doe give unto
110 Petronell my daughter one little chest standing in the chamber over the great
111 parlor aforesaid and one Gowne of blacke against my buriall Item I doe give
112 and bequeath unto Elizabeth my daughter five pounds in money one panne of brasse
113 two dishes of pewter p[er]formed one coffer and one Gowne of blacke against the
114 daye of my buriall Item I doe give and bequeath unto Frances my daughter
115 tenn pounds in money a little silver bolle guilted one panne and one pott of brasse
116 two dishes of pewter p[er]formed and alsoe one gowne of blacke against the daye of
117 my buriall. Item I doe give and bequeath unto each of the children of Elizabeth
118 my daughter which shee had by her first husband John White fower pounds a
119 peece to be payed within two yeares next after my death and to be put to some
120 proffit and advantage for them Item I doe give unto all the rest of my Grand-
121 children twentie shillings a peece Item I doe give to each of my Godchildren unmarried
122 twelve pence a peece Item I doe give unto the poore of the parrish of B[isho]ps
123 Nympton twentie shillings Item I doe give unto each of my houshould s[er]vants
124 fyve shillings a peece And to George Blackmoore my servant fyve pounds
125 Item I give unto John Vicary the sonne of George Vicary twentie shillings Item
126 I doe give unto the Ringers of my knill and Grave makers for their paines tenn
127 shillings Item I doe give unto the preacher that shall preach my fun[er]all s[er]mon
128 tenn shillings All the residue of my goods and chattles I doe give and bequeath
129 unto Thomas Blackmore my sonne whome I doe hereby make and ordaine
130 to be my sole executor of this my said Testament And I doe appoint my beloved
131 sonnes in lawe John Vicary the younger and Richard Comme and my abovesaid
132 sonnes Edward and Anthony to be Overseers of this my Testament and doe give
133 each of them for their paines a cloake of black against my buriall And soe
134 humbly craveing of God's pardon for my offences I committ my self to his
135 protection hopeing that after this painfull life ended I shall have a resting
136 place with him in his everlasting kingdome which I hope he will grant me for
137 his infinite mercies sake In witnes whereof I have hereunto put my hand
138 and seale even the daye and yeare first above written Hugh Blackmoore Sealed
139 Signed by the within named Hugh Blackmore and alsoe by him published and declared
140 to be his last will and testam[en]t in the p[rese]nce of us Thomas Skyner sign Giles Skyner

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