Deed of sale in 1541 relating to Robert Sture, collier of Bovey Tracey

Provided by Michael Steer

The revised (2003) edition of W.G. Hoskins celebrated 'Devon' points out that Bovey Tracey lignite was being exploited as early as Henry VIII's reign, and intermittently at later dates (p.140).

An entry supporting this claim appears in A Calendar of the Deeds Enrolled within the County of Devon in Pursuance of the Statute, 27 Henry VIII, Vol.1, compiled by John C.Tingey, 1930 (p. 35, entry 133), and is as follows:

"12 August, 33 Hen. VIII. 1541. BOVEY TRACEY.-- Bargain and sale by John Kerswell of Loddeswyll esq. and William (as above) to Robert Sture of Bovytracy, collyor, of a tenement in the bourough of Bovytracy in which Wyllyam Clement dwells, between the londs of the heirs of Wolston of the est and south, the londs of Symon Hyckes of the west and the Kynges High Way from the church to Ilsyngton of the north. John and William bind themselves in 20 li to perform the covenants. Enrolment, 23 October."