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A Description of the Watering Places,
On the South-East Coast of Devon

From the River Exe to the Dart inclusive, Comprehending Dawlish, Teignmouth, Shaldon, and Torquay.
With a Sketch of their Local History;
And a Tour to and concise Account of Nobleman's Seats


W. Hyett

Exeter: Trewman and Son (c.1805), illus. v, 105 pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

The first local guidebooks began to appear in the Westcountry in the 1790's and Hyett's is an early example. Slighter in size than the earlier historical compilations, they provided practical information for those who wished to explore the area, although historical information was not omitted. The book consists of a series of excursions, sometimes lengthy walks, sometimes rides. Watering places on the southeast coast of Devon quickly became famous in the Georgian period not only for sea bathing, but in many cases as winter residences for those suffering under pulmonary complaints, the climate being mild, and the towns and villages being sheltered from the easterly winds. In many watering places there were assembly rooms, baths, libraries, &c.; as well as an occasional sea-wall. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally from a copy in the Bodleian Library collection and can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


Adlam, Richardus 54
Ashburton, Lady 69
Baring, J Esq 36
Bastard, Mr 69
Boscawen, Mrs 37
Brewer, William Lord (Bruer) 82, 88
Bruer, Alicia 88
Buller, Sir Francis, Bt 103
Buller, Sir Francis Buller Yarde Bt 69
Bushell family 60
Cambden 33
Carew family 62
Carew, Sir Thomas 62
Cary family 95
Cary, George Esq 82
Champernowne, Arthur Esq 71
Charles I 11, 25, 64
Churchill, Mr 11, 26
Clifford, Right Hon Lord 45, 49, 52, 59
Compton, Peter de 96-7
Comyns, Rev Mr 49
Courtenay, Lord Viscount 16-7, 39, 66
Courtenay, Sir William 65
Downman 7
Drury, Doctor 15
Edward III 48
Elwill, Sir J 38
Fairfax, Sir Thomas 56
Foote, Rev H 38
Foote, Mary 38
Fortescue, J Inglett Esq 10
Fulford family 25
Fulford, Sir Francis 25
George I 68
Gilbert family (Gilbard) 96
Gilpin, Mr 15
Grandison, Bishop 48
Hale, Mrs 36
Helyer, William Esq 31
Henry III 36
Hoare, Mr 22
Holbeam 72
Hugo, Rev W 67
Hull, W Esq 15
James I 63
John, King 88
Kitson, Rev Thomas 79
Lane, Thomas Esq 77
L'Erchedecens family 62
Lisburne, Earl of 19
Luttrel, J Fowndes Esq 102
Mallock, Rev R 95
Mohun, Alicia de 88
Mohun, Reginald de 88
Oxenham, Mr 21
Palk, Sir Lawrence, Bt, MP 23, 82, 90
Pola, Lady Alice de la 96
Pomeroi, de family 97
Pomeroi, Radulph de 98
Pomeroi, Sir Thomas 98
Praed, Mackworth Esq 37
Prince 62
Raleigh, Sir Walter 96
Reynell family 72
Reynell, Lady Lucy 65
Reynell, Sir Richard 63-6
Reynell, Sir Thomas 64
Ridgeway, John 82
Risdon 33
Rubens 16
Seymour, Edward 98
Schanks, Captain 10
Swete, Rev Mr J iv, 17
Taylor, Colonel 72
Taylor, Thomas Esq 71
Templer, James Esq 22, 34, 55-6, 96
Templer, Rev John 49
Totnais, Judhael de 68
Vanbloom 49
Vandervelt 49
Vandyke 25
Voysey, Bishop 104
Waller, Sir William, Knt 64
Watson, Sir William 9
Wentworth, Lord 56
William I 97
William III 64, 102
Wrey, Rev B W 61
Wrey, Sir Bourchier, Bt 69
Yarde family 65
Zouch de la family 68