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The Climate of the South of Devon
and its Influence Upon Health

with short accounts of Exeter, Torquay,
Babbicombe, Teignmouth, Dawlish, Exmouth,

Budleigh Salterton, Sidmouth, etc.

By Thomas Shapter.

Published 1842

Churchill, Maps & Tables, 258pp.

Printed: C. Adlard, Bartholomew Close

Original from Oxford University

Index prepared by Michael Steer

This index was produced from a digital copy of the book, which can be downloaded from: https://books.google.com/ Google, in partnership with a number of public libraries has sought to make more widely accessible, old, hard-to-get books on which copyright has expired. Dr Thomas Shapter, LL.D., M.D., FRCP (1809-1902) was born in Gibraltar, graduated from Edinburgh University, and arrived in Exeter in the year cholera arrived, 1832. He was appointed physician in 1847 at the Exeter and Devon Hospital but also worked for the Magdalen Hospital, The Lying-in-Charity and St Thomas' Hospital for Lunatics (1845). He led an active public life, retiring from the staff of the Devon and Exeter Hospital in 1876 and later moved to London. His departure from the city was under something of a cloud "His reputation seems to have suffered locally from the injudicious acceptance of a legacy from a mental patient under his care". In old age he went blind and died in 1902 aged 93. He is best known for his interest in environment and disease through his work History of the Cholera in Exeter in 1832, published in 1849.

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Acland, Sir Thomas Dyke iii
Allnatt, Dr. 262
Anderson, William, Esq. 218
Austen, Mr. 176, 183, 191, 194
Baker, Sir George 99
Bakewell's (Geology) 173
Barham, Dr. of St. Leonard v, 27, 138
Barry, Dr. 141
Beaumont, Elie de 179, 186
Berger, Dr. 181
Billard, Dr. 259
Bird, Dr. Golding 259
Blewett, Mr 141
Buckland, Dr. (also Professor) 177, 203
Carpenter, Dr. 259
Carrick, Dr. v
Churchill, J. Morss, FLS. 259, 261
Clark, Sir James v, 1, 4, 123, 129, 140, 143
Coldstream, Dr. 141-2
Cooper, Bransby, Esq. FRS 261
Cooper, Dr. Astley 261
Craigie, Dr. 55
Daniell (Hygrometer) 4, 19
de la Beche, Sir H. vi, 169, 174, 181, 185, 187, 191, 199
De la Garde, Mr. 216
De Luc, Professor 203
Elizabeth I, Queen 216
Farr, Dr. William 262
Farr, Mr. 44, 108, 150
Fellow's (Tour in Asia Minor) 226
Forbes, Dr. v
Ford, Richard Esq. 218
Green, James, Esq. of Exeter 217
Halford, Sir Henry 113
Hope, Dr. FRS 260
Howard, Luke 4, 12-3, 31
Humboldt 4, 11
James, Mr. 78, 101
Jenkins 204
Kingston, Mr. 178, 190
Lane, Dr. Hunter 260
Levi, Mr. 180
Millington, Dr. 260
Montagu, Colonel 210
Mudge, General 136
Murchison, Mr. 162-3, 195
Paris, Dr. 164
Parker, Mr Joseph vi, 161, 171
Parker, Mr. Langston 260
Peart, Dr. 68
Playfair, Professor 203
Ponsford, Mr. (Surgeon, Lunatic Asylum) v
Prout, Dr. FRS 260
Ptolemy 4
Ramsbotham, Dr. 261
Rolle, Lady 152
Rozet, Mons. 186
Ryan, Dr. 261
Sedgwick, Professor 162-3, 195
Squance, Mr. (Librarian, Exeter Institute) v
Stephenson, J. MD 261
Stewart, James, MD 259
Symonds, Dr. v
Turner, Mr. Sharon 236, 241
Webb, Mr. 98
West, Mr. J.B. 147
White, Mr. of St. Thomas v
William III, King 217
Williams, Dr. FRS 262
Wilson, Mr. Erasmus 262