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East Budleigh Burials 1687-1812

transcribed by

Elizabeth Howard

Provided here by kind permission of The Rev. Janice Cackett and Mr Stuart Lovett, Churchwarden

Burials 1687-1812  
Continuation of the Regester of East Budleigh in the County of Devon for Burialls
Buried in the year of our Lord 1687 as followeth  
Patience the wife of Philip Bartlett 10th May  
Mary the daughter of Thomas Mansfield 15 May  
Mary wife of William Mabell? senr 9th Sept  
George son of John Channon 18th Sept  
Mary dau of Henry Hopping junr 18th Sept  
Joan Baker 21st Sept  
Joan dau of Amy Callender wid 10th Oct  
Constantine Hardman 27th Nov  
Thomas Perriman 1st Jan  
John son of Francis Hill senr 11th Jan  
George son of George Lacy 29th Jan  
Samuel Richards 6th March  
Mary dau of Richard Grabham 6th April 1688
Mary Braddick wid 12th April  
Joan Harrison widow 16th April  
Mary Bendings widow 21st April  
Thomas son of Thomas Manfield 13th May  
Mary dau of Agnes Reed widow 17th May  
John Channon junr 27th May  
Elizabeth dau of Elie Elliott 24th June  
Dorothy Pengilly widow 9th July  
Ann Nubery 15th July  
Susanna dau of Richard Hopping 15th July  
Mary dau of Richard Hopping 12th Aug  
Richard son of John Nubery 30th Aug  
Humphry Coombe 2nd Sept  
Catherine wife of Abraham Bo [?] 10th April  
Judith wife of Richard Nubery 13th Oct  
Henry Leate junr 20th Oct  
Francis son of Francis Bedford 22nd Oct  
Margaret dau of John Staple 4th Nov  
Elizabeth dau of Francis Hill junr 4th Nov  
Mr Richard Conant vicar 6th Dec  
Sarah dau of John Stapell 23rd Dec  
Charles son of Charles Hall junr 27th Dec  
Mary Manning 31st Dec  
John son of Thomas Lacy junr 3rd Feb  
Robert son of Thomas Lacy junr 13th Feb  
Joan dau of Susan Prewring? 13th Feb  
Agnis Brook widow 17th Feb  
Elinor the dau of Thomas Randell 23rd Feb  
Ellin wife of Thomas Hudds 25th Feb  
Susanna dau of Thomas Barns 20th March  
Thomas son of Thomas Randell 2nd April 1689
Elizabeth the wife of Henry Hopping senr 5th April  
Richard Gregorie 8th April  
Charity dau of John Stapell 18th April  
Sarah dau of Lewis Goviece 25th April  
Thomas Stanford 30th April  
Francis son of Richard Swetland 30th April  
Elizabeth dau of John Elliott junr 22nd May  
Mary dau of John Smeith 5th June  
Margery dau of George Lacy 30th July  
John son of Roger Batstone 3rd August  
Ann dau of Ann Channon widow 3rd August  
Elizabeth wife of Richard Crosse 5th August  
John Hunt the elder 16th Sept  
Wilmot Heathman widow 20th Oct  
Samuel son of Samuel Leate 17th Nov  
Henry son of Henry Leate 30th Nov  
Elizabeth Wetton of Venottery 30th Nov  
Henry son of Elie Elliott 1st Dec  
Joan dau of Nathaniel Burch 12th Jan  
Mary wife of John Manning 13th Feb  
Ann dau of Lewis Goviece 2nd March  
Thomas Baron of Salcombe 9th March  
Walter Smith 4th May 1690
Sarah Stauford May 4th  
Richard Smith May 8th  
Joan Smith widow June 4th  
Martha dau of Lewis Goviec June 16th  
George son of Richard Snelling Aug 10th  
Thomas son of Francis Swetland Aug 19th  
Francis son of Samuel Baker [unreadable ? the elder? senr] Aug 26th  
Elizabeth wife of Mr John Thomas Sept 25th  
Samuel Baker senr Oct 5th  
Martha dau of John Smith Oct 12th  
Joan dau of George Conkrey Nov 25th  
William Cowde Dec 7th  
Agnes Morgan Dec 12th  
John Stoneman Dec 16th  
James son of Henry Pidgeon Dec 21st  
Edward son of Roger French deceased Dec 28th  
Joan wife of John Salter senr Dec 30th  
Mary dau of Elinor Spacelay ? Jan 4th  
Samuel Parker Jan 5th  
Mary wife of Thomas Manfield Feb 17th  
Christian Skinner Feb 17th  
John Cowde junr Feb 22nd  
Roger Pengelly March 13th  
Nathaniel son of Nathaniel Burch March 22nd  
Elizabeth Snelling widow March 24th  
Catherine wife of Roger Golsworthy March 29th 1691
Elizabeth dau of Robert Gibbs April 7th  
Margaret Langdon April 23rd  
Mr Thomas ?Fifield, curate of Withycombe May 14th  
Agnes Brooke widow May 24th  
Thomas Randell of Powderham June 6th  
Susanna Hayman widow June 9th  
John son of Roger ?Cronle July 15th  
Margerie wife of John Rabicomb July 31st  
Margaret wife of Thomas Lavis Oct 11th  
John son of Robert Callender Nov 8th  
Mary dau of John Ford Nov 22nd  
Mellony wife of Hercules Arscott Dec 2nd  
Elizabeth wife of Charles Hall Dec 2nd  
Samuel son of John Hunt Dec 3rd  
Major William Knolles Jan 7th  
George Blackcoke Feb 9th  
Robert son of Robert Ward Feb 21st  
Peter Rulleigh March 21st  
Hannah Reed May 19th 1692
Francis Bedford May 29th  
Thomas Bragg May 31st  
Elizabeth Hayman June 21st  
Hester dau of Samuel Leate July 3rd  
Susanna dau of Wm Pitfield? gent July 7th  
Thomas Richards Sept 26th  
Thomazin wife of Henry Butston gent Oct 14th  
Henry Elliott ?the elder Oct 12th  
Thomas Lee senr Nov 5th  
Hercules Arscott Nov 27th  
Mary wife of Christopher Labbston? Jan 8th  
Mary Harris Jan 8th  
Richard son of Ely Elliott Jan 8th  
Thomas son of John Salter aged 4 Jan 8th  
William Stocker the elder Jan 17th  
Ann dau of Richard Swetland Jan 17th  
Richord Cowde widow Jan 18th  
Mary wife of Chrisopher Golesworthy Jan 21st  
Amey Haynes widow Jan 23rd  
Mary dau of Henry H?ayward Jan 29th  
Mary Channon widow Feb 5th  
Thomas son of Mary Stanford widow Feb 19th  
Charity dau of Martin Randell Feb 19th  
Susanna dau of Robert Callender April 8th 1693
Elizabeth dau of Robert Callender April 12th  
Susan wife of Robert Callender Aprl 22nd  
Mary wife of Richard Luckis April 23rd  
Joan wife of William Leate May 5th  
William son of Samuel Leate May 7th  
Roger Elliott son of Elizabeth Elliott widow June18th  
Joan wife of ??ong Pratt of Bradhembury July 7th  
Rose dau of Elizabeth Reeder widow Aug 20th  
William Scott Sept 5th  
Mellony dau of William Smith Sept 11th  
Walter son of Mr John Thomas Sept 23rd  
Margaret Channon Oct 2nd  
Robert son of Robert Gelson? Nov 5th  
An unknown man [unreadable] Nov 20th  
John Roper Dec 11th  
Martha Clouter widow Dec 12th  
John son of Thomas Callendar? Dec28th  
?Waldon son of William Kingston Jan 14th  
John Lavis the elder Jan 19th  
William son of William Lee Jan 26th  
Thomas Perriman Jan 27th  
Elizabeth dau of Roger Balstock Feb 18th  
Elizabeth Thorne March 4th  
Iset the wife of Mr Henry Archer gent March 29th 1694
Joan wife of Walter Golesworth April 9th  
Dorothy Tremlet? widow Aprl 13th  
Grace Barrett widow Apl 15th  
Mary dau of John Pennyway? April 15th  
Thomas Herard Aug 15th  
Dorothy Perriman widow Aug 26th  
Ralph Reddon Aug 30th  
Elizabeth wife of John Ford Sept 16th  
Mary Coombe widow Sept 30th  
Thomas son of William Dudd junr Oct 3rd  
Elizabeth Alexand`r widow Nov 7th  
Abraham Bollen Dec 3rd  
Alce the dau of John Corderston? Dec26th  
Julian Luddon widow Jan 15th  
Elizabeth the wife of Gilbert Nickolles of Woodbury Jan 28th  
Samuel son of John Nubery March 7th  
Mary dau of Samuel Scott March 10th  
Hannah Lerucresse? March 24th  
Joseph son of John Coombes April 23rd 1695
Margret wife of William Hill senr April 30th  
?Grace dau of John Coombes May 6th  
John Crosse May 30th  
John Channon June 4th  
Ann Blackford dau of Ann Blackford July 1st  
Martha Stevens? July 6th  
Elizabeth the dau of George Parker Aug 27th  
Francis son of Richard Snelling Sept 9th  
Jane Lacy a wid Sept 15th  
Susannah Lake a wid Sept 18th  
Joan Golesworthy dau of Walter Golesworthy Sept 22nd  
Susannah Hanniwill dau of John Hanniwill Sept 29th  
Richard Trickey son of Richard Trickey Oct 1st  
Percy Lukriss son of Mary Lukriss Oct 20th  
Samuel Minnefy son of Simon Minnefy Nov 17th  
John Ravens Jan 19th  
Henry Woollet Jan 21st  
Priscilla Waren March 1st  
Grace Stapell a widow March 12th  
Elizabeth dau of Nichs Rampson March 16th  
Joan the wife of Tho Bedford March 16th  
Mary Pitfield March 16th  
Philip Sharp March 19th  
Ann Blackford April 5th 1696
Ann Elliot Apl 23rd  
Samuel son of Daniel Saunders May 1st  
Richard Cral? May 5th  
Ely son of Ely Elliot May 11th  
Wm Golesworthy June 21st  
Jane Elliot July 23rd  
Elizabeth dau of George Parker July 20th  
John the son of Thomas Smith July 22nd  
Wm Lee Nov 17th  
Sarah dau of John Smeath Nov 29th  
Richard Bedford Dec 11th  
Richard son of Wm Smith Dec 21st  
Jane Robbins Jan 6th  
James son of John Lukriss Jan 31st  
Amy Kalender Feb 2nd  
Mary Haris Apl 6th 1697
Ann Bedford Apl 14th  
Francis Swetland Apl 20th  
John [unreadable] May 2nd  
Mary dau of Samuel Teed May 9th  
Elizabeth W [unreadable] a widow June 6th  
Thomas Tucker June 20th  
Mary dau of John Salter Aug 12th  
Thomazin Shutt Aug 31st  
Robert son of John Bedford Oct 13th  
Abraham Harris Dec 2nd  
Francis Barstone Dec 9th  
Mary Gould a widow Dec 9th  
Dorothy the dau of [unreadable] Dec 12th  
Amey Cowde a widow Dec 15th  
Martha the wife of George [unreadable]lin Dec 31st  
Richard Ho [unreadable]son Feb 2nd  
Margaret Hayman Feb 5th  
Elizabeth wife of Richard [unreadable] Feb 9th  
Rebecca Harryson a widow Feb 17th  
Susanna Curtis a widow March 3rd  
Hannah the dau of Robert Tribbs? March 13th  
Ursula wife of Philip Channon March 18th  
Frances the wife of Robert Tibbs March 18th  
Elizabeth Ellis a widow March 29th 1698
Sarah dau of John Beford Apl 18th  
Robart? Barns Apl 24th  
Abraham? the son of Rm? Caunieres May 8th  
Mary the wife of Richard Elliot May 9th  
W? Golesworthy May 16th  
Annemaria dau of Elizabeth Perriman? May 20th  
John the son of Thomas Manfield May [unreadable]  
Ann Harris June 6th  
Charles Hill June 6th  
John the son of John Bending senr June 19th  
Mary dau of George Lacy June 19th  
Judith Baker July 1st  
Richard Elliot July 1st  
Jane the wife of Nathaniel Watsone Aug 17th  
Elizabeth Pengilly Aug 19th  
Ann Bostone ? Sept 7th  
Judith Ascott Sept 11th  
George Saunders Sept 16th  
George Lacy Oct 10th  
Sarah Aplin? a widow Oct 16th  
Mary [unreadable] Oct 16th  
Nicholas the son of Wm Rawdidge Nov 1st  
[Unreadable] Nov 9th  
Philip Penniwill Dec 6th  
Rebecka Baker Jan 29th  
Hannah Bragg Feb 4th  
John Coom Feb 7th  
Elizabeth Raddon March 9th  
Thomas son of Thomas Bishop April 2nd 1699
Cicely the wife of Thomas Lacy Apl 3rd  
Hannah dau of Francis Hooper Apl 22nd  
Thomas son of Thomas Bedford Apl 26th  
Julenna dau of Henry Arscott junr Apl 27th  
Martha dau of Wm Haying Apl 30th  
Hester dau of Richard Snelling June 8th  
Amy wife of John Bending June 18th  
Susanna Rabjeans July 1st  
Henry Conyers?Couzens July 2nd  
Martha dau of Thomas Rudd July 19th  
Jane Rabjeans July 28th  
Thomas Pomery July 25th  
Henry son of Thomas Kallender July 26th  
Charles Teed Sept 6th  
Joan?Jane the wife of Wm Hopping senr Sept 11th  
Agnes the wife of Ellis Scarr Sept 24th  
Mary dau of Symon Minnefy Nov 9th  
Wm son of Wm Hopping Nov 9th  
Francis Hill Dec 5th  
Thomazin Baker Feb 7th  
Philip Channon senr March 10th  
Henry son of Wm R [unreadable] March 29th 1700
[unreadable] ".....edr..m..l...l ..pp a widow " March 31st  
Andrew son of Nathaniel R [unreadable] April [unreadable]  
John Parker August 7th  
John Bending senr Aug 20th  
Martha Toose a widow Sept 10th  
Catherine dau of Isaac Stone? [unreadable] 20th  
Catherine Lee a widow Nov 1st  
Wm Dolman Dec 12th  
That Catherine the dau of Peter Legge? being taken sick and
dying in Exeter where she lived of the .........was brought here in
a coffin and was buried by me on the 23rd of December whereof no
affadavit ......being brought so sudden? according to the
............for burying in woollen I give notice of ?Mr Justice
Duke who hereafter .....and bound to .....there......five pounds
John Selson? Jan 7th  
Margaret wife of Wm Teed senr Jan 8th  
[two further names unreadable]  
Wm Teed March 31st 1701
Wm Teed junr April 7th  
Wm [unreadable] April [unreadable]  
Mary wife of ?Thos?Wm King May 9th  
Thomas Gear May [unreadable]  
Mary ...berry May 18th  
Mary [unreadable] ? dau of Henry .....bbet junr May 24th  
Joanna the dau of Henry Kallender June 1st  
[three further names and dates unreadable]  
Elizabeth wife of John Newberry Sept 10th  
?Septimus?Joseph son of Charles Hall Sept 21st  
. [unreadable] ...Harris junr Sept 28th  
Samuel?Thomas [unreadable] junr Oct 1st  
Jane the dau of Richard [unreadable and date unreadable]  
John Bampton?Bampfield Dec 21st  
Wm Teed snr Feb [unreadable]  
Christopher Golesworthy March [unreadable] 1702
Hannah ? the wife of George Cross April [unreadable]  
Mary Bragge widow [unreadable]  
Frances the wife of John [unreadable]  
Anne Robbins a widow June 15th  
Anne Bedford June 21st  
George son of George Snelling July 9th  
Ann Tucker July [unreadable]  
Hannah [unreadable] a widow [unreadable]  
Rebecca ?Clarke the dau of John? Clarke Sept 7th  
Thomas Elliot Oct 3rd  
Mary dau of Samuel Haris Oct 21st  
Agnes Hafer widow Oct 28th  
Ann dau of John and Joane Elliot Dec 9th  
Thomas son of Roger and Catherine Smith Dec 13th  
Alice Lee widow Dec 17th  
Martha Barns widow Jan 1st  
Roger Smith Jan 6th  
Philip son of Tobias Bartlett Feb 7th  
Peter son of Peter Rutley Feb 14th  
Elizabeth Bampfield widow Feb 21st  
Christopher Labbet senr March 4th  
Roger Goulsworthy March 7th  
Thomas son of Gregory Hooper March 7th  
Peter Clapp March 31st 1703
Robert Brain Apl 22nd  
Mary Gover May 9th  
Hannah Warren May 12th  
Mary Saunders June 16th  
William Guddridge Aug 3rd  
John son of William Lane Sept 5th  
Margaret Gudridge widow Oct 7th  
Margaret Lacy Nov 5th  
Anstace Hellyer Nov 22nd  
John son of Thomas Lavis or Avis Nov 28th  
John Pennywel Jan 12th  
Martha Sanders Feb 6th  
Sarah dau of Henry Calendar Feb 6th  
Richard son of Richard and Anne Hall March 12th  
John Salter April 13th 1704
Sarah Hooper April 25th  
Joan Calender May 3rd  
Richard Salter Dec 10th  
Richard Newberry Jan 7th  
Rosanna Smalridge of Kenton buried here Jan 24th 1704  
Thomas son of Philip Elliot Apl 11th 1705
Thomas Barnes May 10th  
Joan Read May 26th  
William Hopping July 14th  
Thomas Bedford July 30th  
Joseph Bending Aug 23rd  
Ellis Sharr Nov 11th  
Richard Mannington Dec 6th  
Susanna dau of Thomas Stocker Jan 24th  
Wilmot Elliot Feb 13th  
Hannah Wescott widow Aug 2nd 1706
Edmund Barns son of Thomas Barns Aug 8th  
Mary Glyde of Topsham buried here Sept 21st  
Mary Kemell Oct 11th  
John Smeath Oct 11th  
Thomas son of John Harris Oct 20th  
William son of John Teed Nov 18th  
Agnes Clappe Dec 1st  
John Rabjohns Dec 15th  
Joan Bodham? Dec 22nd  
Edmund Barns Jan 5th  
Margery Elliott Jan 14th  
Mary Leate Jan 21st  
Wellmott Thomas Jan 23rd  
Hannah Smith Feb 11th  
Ann Leigh Feb 19th  
Martha Bishopp Feb 22nd  
Joan the wife of Thomas Stocker Apl 19th 1707
John son of Thomas Stocker Apl 20th  
Lucy Channon May 25th  
Mr Henry Arscott June 14th  
William ?Broudion? July 20th  
Richard Spring? of Redruth? July 30th  
[unreadable] Carker? Aug 5th  
John Harris Sept 7th  
Kezia Parker wid of the pish of Littleham Sept 29th  
Joan wife of Richard Leddon Nov 5th  
Mary wife of Samuel Bidgood Nov 14th  
Thomas Smith Jan 28th  
William Smith Feb 15th  
Ann Penniwill Feb 17th  
John Pine Feb 28th  
John Hook Mar 2nd  
Thomas son of Thomas Smith March 21st  
Thomas Barns Apl 17th 1708
Susanna Prew May 12th  
Mary wife of Roger Franch the elder July 18th  
Mary dau of Thos Barons July 22nd  
Wilmett wife of John Thomas gent July 27th  
Saml Harris senr Oct 6th  
Rebecka dau of Thomas Barons Nov 24th  
George Leddon Jan 6th  
Thomas Lacy Feb 23rd  
Honnor Penniwill widow Feb 23rd  
Mary Coom wid Feb 24th  
Elizabeth dau of Thomas Teed Feb 26th  
John Simmons senr Feb 27th  
Thomas Robbins March 6th  
Jane dau of Samuel Willicott March 26th 1709
Sarah and Mary daus of Fayther and Sarah Braddick Apl 24th  
William Hopping senr May 4th  
John Cowd senr May 15th  
Mr Stephen Derrick June 25th  
Jane Goulsworthy wid Aug 18th  
Ann Harris wid Sept 3rd  
John son of John Hook Sept 22nd  
Susanna Rutleigh widow Sept 25th  
Martha Smeath wid Sec 24th  
John Skarr Jan 15th  
Mary Robbins wid Jan 15th  
Thomas Lee Feb 9th  
Katharine Leatt Feb 13th  
Mrs Honnor Derrick Feb 15th  
Martha Minnifie March 26th  
William Cowd July 1st 1710
Ellinor Elliott July 2nd  
Tamzin dau of John Norton July 2nd  
Urah Leatt wid Nov 7th  
Susanna wife of Thomas Cowde Nov 16th  
Roger son of Roger Franch Nov 19th  
RIch Anly Nov 30th  
Joanna dau of Saml Parker Dec 3rd  
Mrs Amy Dolman wid Dec 7th  
Henry Dashwood senr Jan 9th  
Thomas Randell senr Jan 10th  
Mary Leddon Jan 14th  
Deborah wife of Roger Bagwill Feb 23rd  
Mary dau of John Poopp Sept 16th 1711
Susanna Stocker wid Oct 3rd  
Ann Harris wid Oct 7th  
Edward Cross Oct 11th  
Hannah Harris Oct 11th  
Joan Taylor Oct 17th  
Nicholas Pricham Oct 21st  
Rich son of Mr John Stocks Nov 4th  
Katharn Salter Nov 15th  
Rich Snelling Jan 28th  
Rich Coom Feb 10th  
Sarah wife of Roger Crosse Feb 15th  
Tamzin wife of John Norton Feb 17th  
Thomas Cowde senr Feb 28th  
Thomas son of John Harris Feb 28th  
Ann wife of Richard Hall Apl 10th 1712
Dorothy dau of Saml Baker Apl 13th  
Prudence Coom wid Apl 24th  
Joan Coom of ye pish of Bicton Apl 24th  
Stephen Stocker of ye pish of Ottery St Mary May 16th  
John Newbery May 18th  
Look this page for ye first Burials in ye yeare 1711  
Dorothy Smith wid Apl 15th  
Margery Leddon May 6th  
Anne wife of Samuel Warring May 23rd  
Jonathan Bending June 3rd  
Sarah wife of Thomas Callender July 6th  
Ellis son of Tho Callender July 8th  
Charity dau of Thomas Callender July 9th  
Ansilla wife of Tho Teed July 19th  
Hannah dau of Thomas Teed July 26th  
Joanna dau of Francis Bedford Aug 19th  
Rich son of John Marker of ye pish of Ottery
St Mary Aug 30th
William son of George Smith Sept 5th  
Philip Westcott gent and divine Sept 6th  
Heare Endeth all ye Burialls in ye yeare 1711  
These folloing belongeth to the year 1712
Mr Roger Gould junr June 2nd  
Tamzin Auly June 21st  
Mary Robbins June 22nd  
Jane Barons wid July 10th  
Rich Leddon July 15th  
Joan Cowde of ye pish of Littleham July 24th  
William Pitfield gent Aug 14th  
Hannah Leddon Aug 27th  
Arbilla Randell wid Sept 5th  
Dorthy Trimlott Oct 12th  
Joan Willicott wid Nov 10th  
Roger Lacy Nov 23rd  
Sarah wife of Fayther Braddick Jan 12th  
Thomas Lavis secundus? Jan 17th  
Francis Lavis Jan 27th  
Dorothy Sharp wid Jan 31st  
Grace wife of John Crandon Feb 3rd  
Sarah dau of John Farrantt of Dolton March 12th  
Mary wife of John Marshell June 16th 1713
Jane wife of Rich Hopping Aug 16th  
Elizabeth dau of Henry Leatt senr Aug 26th  
Alce wife of John Battstone Aug 28th  
Dorthy wife of Saml Braddick Sept 22nd  
Junnett wife of Elie Elliott Dec 20th  
Saml son of Margarett Penniwil Dec 25th  
Mr William Stocker of ye pish of Ottery St Mary Dec 29th  
Anne Lee wid Jan 6th  
Elie Elliott March 21st  
Gartrude wife of James Perry March 28th 1714
Mary wife of Christopher Labbett Apl 23rd  
Nathaniell Walderon May 2nd  
Hannah dau of Tho Mandfield May 6th  
Rebecka wife of Roger Bagwill July 10th  
Susanna dau of Rich Snelling July 18th  
Martin son of Christopher White July 29th  
Hannah Battstone Aug 8th  
Joan wife of Roger Coom Aug 19th  
George Cuckney Sept 17th  
Elizabeth Gover Oct 9th  
Joan Parker wid Dec 11th  
Thomas Haddy Jan 16th  
Margerett wife of John Butson gent Feb 26th  
Elizab wife of John Barder Feb 27th  
Elizab dau of Jane Cowde wid Apl 26th 1715
Samll Bidgood senr Apl 27th  
Joan wife of Capt John Mantson of the pish of Bicton
June 13th
Amy Cowde July 19th  
Tho son of Arthur Heffer Sept 11th  
Willm Hill senr Oct 6th  
Joan wife of Rich Callender Oct 9th  
Mellony dau of Roger Bagwill Dec 3rd  
Elizabeth wife of Thomas Hill Dec 15th  
Mary Salter wid Jan 7th  
Thomas Hensbery Feb 4th  
Susanna wife of John Hunt Feb 28th  
Capt John Manston of the pish of Bicton March 12th  
Anne Barrons March 28th  
John son of John Cowd May 6th 1716
Ellinor wife of Henry Corlet? May 17th  
Charity wife of James Hoyyer?Hopper July 31st  
James son of John Hook Aug 5th  
Mary wife of Henry Hopping Sept 30th  
Henry Leet Oct 29th  
Samuel Channon Dec 10th  
John son of John Batston Dec 23rd  
Ben`ishra ? Bedford Jan 2nd  
John son of Thomas Western Feb 3rd  
Jone dau of Thomas Hook Apl 29th 1717
John son of Charls Manison?May 20th  
Susanna ?Winter? May 29th  
Henry Butson July 1st  
Dorothy dau of Samuel Braddick June 6th  
John son of John Callender June 9th  
Mary Manfield June 10th  
Richard Hall June 28th  
Isack Clatworthy June 30th  
Mary wife of Thomas Cowd July 6th  
Robart Callendar July 7th  
Elizabeth Cowd Aug 4th  
Sarah dau of Abraham Caslake Sept 24th  
Mary dau of George Channon Oct 9th  
Dorrity Sharp Nov 1st  
Roger Coomb Nov 29th  
Grace Smith Dec 9th  
John Batston Jan 16th  
Elizabeth Paul Jan 19th  
Elizabeth Cowd Feb 19th  
Margery Blackford March 9th  
Elizabeth Hoddy March 16th  
Jone Crandon dau of Thomas Crandon May 25th 1718
Giddion Pearce July 12th  
Rebecka wife of Thomas Hook July 15th  
Jone wife of John Goss Aug 20th  
John son of Henry Bedford Sept 28th  
Humphery Asch gent Nov 11th  
Mary Callender Nov 20th  
Isaac Clatworthy Dec 21st  
John son of John Leat Jan 18th  
Richard Switland Feb 23rd  
Jone Drew Feb 8th  
Mary wife of William Leat Feb 20th  
John Lee April 2nd 1719
Abraham Sarle [four other unreadable letters] Apl 4th  
Dorath the wife of George Smith Apl 12th  
Ann dau of Ann Lee Apl 17th  
John Batston Apl 19th  
Mary Benden May 17th  
Samuel Scott May 17th  
Mary dau of [unreadable 'Cethiaziah-dush'] wid Sept 12th  
Jone Peniwill wid Sept 27th  
Thomas Peniwill Oct 6th  
Margret Ledon Oct 6th  
Thomas Hook Oct 9th  
Hannah wife of Thomas Wastern Oct 25th  
Elias Benden Nov 25th  
Roger Cross March 2nd  
Grace Porter wid March 11th  
Margaret Dashwood March 17th  
Thomas Lavess March 21st  
Samuell Wiring Apl 17th  
Elizabeth Hoping May 22nd 1720
Agnes Smith of Woodbury May 26th  
Roger Franch June 19th  
Mary Lee wid July 10th  
Jone Burrige wid July 10th  
Jone Kinword Sept 16th  
Henry son of Gilbert Cowd Oct 9th  
John Bending Oct 21st  
Abraham Caslick Nov 12th  
Dorothy Poop Jan 24th  
Dorothy Ledden Jan 24th  
Mr John Youne? Feb 1st  
Honner Manicin March 11th  
Edward Coom March 21st  
Sarah Coombs April 11th 1721
Ann dau of Jno Hook April 18th  
Roger son of Roger Bagwill May 21st  
Jno Leat May 22nd  
Cathren Leat June 4th  
Martha dau of Jno Labot June 15th  
Marey Coombs June 21st  
George Pring Willicott July 5th  
Jno Westren Aug 8th  
John Heathman Aug 9th  
Jno Bennet Oct 1st  
Mathew Elliott Nov 5th  
[unreadable ? Henry] Pigon Nov 22nd  
Mary Michall Dec 21st  
James Perc Feb 2nd  
Mary Goulsworthy March 15th  
Mary Parker March 18th  
[unreadable ...vigue...us] March 20th  
Thomas Hill April 9th 1722
Richard son of John Ford May 20th  
Martha dau of John Bishop Aug 22nd  
Agness Switland Oct 5th  
Philip Switland Oct 14th  
Ann Howard Oct 24th  
Elizabeth Bedford Dec 6th  
Edward?Edmond Michell Jan 29th  
Joanna dau of William Hunt Feb 24th  
Philip Elliott March 27th  
Mr John Thomas April 11th 1723
Elizabeth Hall May 11th  
Benjamin Mantson May 21st  
Wm Parker May 26th  
Mary Hill July 15th  
Peter England July 15th  
Roger Bigwill Sept 12th  
Rebaker Baker Oct 21st  
Elizabeth Snelling Nov 17th  
Mary Elliott Nov 17th  
John Sanders Feb 12th  
Thomas Bedford May 18th 1724
Susanar Leet June 2nd  
Elizabeth Bagwill July 15th  
Rebeckey Smeth Aug 30th  
Ann Coude Oct 8th  
Richeard J Cooper Hordley Oct 18th  
Ann Lee Oct 25th  
John Tucker Nov 29th  
Elesabath Limbery Dec 1st  
Ann Lee Dec 9th  
Martin Randall Dec 16th  
Marey Lee Dec 27th  
Elisabath Webber of Littlam Juneary 18th  
John Barrens Jan 24th  
Martin Benden Jan 25th  
Thomas Pennewill Feb 2nd  
Johannes Bishop Feb 7th  
Simon Mennifee Feb 8th  
Margit Dasshoud Feb 17th  
Elesabath Stone Feb 18th  
Judeth Berry Feb 18th  
Florens Hayman Apl 11th 1725
Marey Space of Woodbery Apl 18th  
Sarey Dassey Apl 24th  
Gelbet Coode Apl 25th  
Rogger Basstone June 27th  
Rogger Sandes July 2nd  
Dackes?Darkes Tucker July 13th  
Tamsen Benden July 14th  
Chearety Hill Aug 1st  
Marey Harris Sept 14th  
Jeane Franchs Sept 27th  
Amy Hooke Oct 16th  
Ann Messer Nov 18th  
Gorge Smeth Nov 25th  
Marey Willicott Dec 5th  
Elias Callender Dec 12th  
Marget Bennet Jan 6th  
Marey Ellet Jan 14th  
John Farder Jan 18th  
Johannes Bedford Feb 4th  
Elesabeth Hooke Feb 21st  
Ann Gouefer Feb 22nd  
Sarey Cantelberey Feb 22nd  
Sarey Cantelberey Feb 24th  
Marey Lassey Feb 27th  
Samuell Braddick March 3rd  
Hannar Harris March 8th  
Gorge Loucker March 11th  
Gorge Burrigg March 31st 1726
Jeane Willicott March 31st  
Ann Basstone Apl 4th  
Gorge Crase May 4th  
Dorothy Backer May 18th  
Cherety Parker May 22nd  
Jone Calender June 11th  
Peter Braddeck June 14th  
Frances Houpper July 17th  
Jone Bennett July 17th  
John Backer 25th  
Humphery Coumbe Oct 20th  
Jone Norton Oct 26th  
Frances Hill Nov 14th  
Marey Gelley Dec 4th  
Judeth Salter Dec 17th  
Sarah Leddon Dec 18th  
Joan Coude Jan 3rd  
An Bedford Jan 11th  
Hennearey Hopper Jan 23rd  
Thomas Bichop Jan 25th  
Sammuell Willicot Jan 28th  
Rebeckey Gare Feb 5th  
Dorothey Hunt Feb 8th  
Grace Smith senr March 26th 1727
Thomas Calendar March 29th  
Margaret Percham a child no aged't Apl 13th  
Sarah Williams Apl 18th  
Hannah Hunt Apl 24th  
Eliz Muttlebury July 18th  
Mary Marshall July 27th  
Jone Guess a child July 30th  
George Channon Sept 3rd  
John Bedford Sept 3rd  
Philip Cross Sept 4th  
Susannah Calender Oct 24th  
Robert Barnes Nov 12th  
John Elliott psh clerk Dec 24th  
Robert Teed Feb 4th  
Eliz Hooper wife of Gregory Hooper Feb 4th  
John Hunt senr [unreadable]  
John Clatworthy [unreadable]  
Joan wife of Richd S?hapre May 1st 1728
Jane Barnes May 3rd  
Mary Leigh May 5th  
Elizabeth Hall June 9th  
Robert Farrant June 13th  
Margaret Newbury Aug 18th  
Elizabeth Elliott Aug 25th  
Eliz Winter Sept 3rd  
Henry Leet Sept 23rd  
Christian Manfield Oct 23rd  
Wm Hill an infant Jan 17th  
William Stone Nov 20th  
Richd Warren infant Dec 8th  
Francis Hopping Dec 8th  
Sarah Braddick Dec 27th  
Robt Winter senr Feb 16th  
Mary Calender Feb 16th  
Eleanor Walrond March 4th  
Samuel Gover March 30th  
Wm Leat March 31st  
Mary Long wid Apl 13th 1729
Hannah Symons Apl 14th  
Matthew Elliot Apl 27th  
Thomas [unreadable] an infant Apl 27th  
Ann Elliott May 25th  
Grace Hill June 9th  
Richd Staple July 11th  
Martha Cook inf Aug 3rd  
Richd Elliott Aug 3rd  
Arthur Warren Aug 4th  
Ann Saunders Sept 17th  
Mary Lacy Sept 17th  
Joan Bragge Sept 19th  
Susannah Barnes Sept 20th  
Wm Teed Oct 2nd  
Thomas Manfield Oct 12th  
Mary Clatworthy Oct 21st  
Jane Channon Oct 26th  
Mary Cookney Nov 6th  
Joseph White Nov 22nd  
Martin Staper?Dec 1st  
Thomas Copering? an infant Dec 2nd  
Thomas Crandon senr Dec 11th  
Ruth?Rich Bishop Dec 19th  
Eliz Parker Dec 23rd  
Sarah Muttlebury Dec 29th  
Dorothy Hooke Jan 15th  
Mary Lacy Jan 15th  
[Unreadable] Jan 18th  
Christopher Dennis Jan 23rd  
Jane [unreadable] Jan 25th  
?Eliz Clatworthy Jan 31st  
[6 further names too faint to be readable Feb 1 - 29th]  
Philip Channon senr Apl 4th 1730
John Parker junr Apl 19th  
Mary Pounce? May 2nd  
Mary Barrett infant May 31st  
Judith ?Goep? of Salterton June 7th  
Mary Hill of Salterton June 24th  
Hannah Anly July 2nd  
Abigail Anly Aug 23rd  
Henry Calendar Oct 25th  
George Lavis Nov 5th  
Philip Smith Nov 22nd  
Joan Scott Nov 24th  
Nathaniel and Elizabeth Bishop infants Nov 24th  
Mary Parker Dec 13th  
Margt Batson Dec 24th  
John Crandon Dec 26th  
Thos Perry of ?..esker? Jan 14th  
Frances Amery inf Jan 31st  
Ann Hawkins of Bicton Feb 14th  
Susannah Teed Feb 20th  
Thomasin Lavis Feb 21st  
Daniel Hall Feb 25th  
Sarah Kerslake [unreadable] March 8th  
Sarah Calendar March 10th  
Michael Stone March 15th  
Sarah Carnel inf March 21st  
Mary Labbett Apl 7th  
Richd ye other name unknown Apl 9th  
Henry Fidle April 26th 1731
William son of Mary Hill May 2nd  
Thomas Allen May 16th  
Mary Menefy June 6th  
Joan Bedford a child June 6th  
Isaac Carslake of Newton June 24th  
Ann Smith July 18th  
Thomas Stocker Aug 4th  
Matthew Elliott a child Sept 26th  
Margt wife of Charles Hall?Hart?Hunt Oct 4th  
Catherine Swetland Nov 25th  
Ann Burridge Dec 21st  
John Guess Dec 26th  
John Baker an infant Jan 9th  
Eliz Avis wife of Ralph Avis Jan 23rd  
Eliz Wicker Jan 27th  
John Cowd Feb 4th  
Thomas Teed Apl 16th 1732
Agnes Cooper June 30th  
Margt Menefy July 18th  
Margaret and Susanna Butsons July 20th  
Thomas Kingman July 21st  
Mary Bennett July 30th  
George Payton Sept 3rd  
Saml Fude?Jucle Sept 3rd  
Joan Scarr Sept 22nd  
Richard Bateson Oct 3rd  
Mrs Honour Evans senr Oct 3rd  
Grace Tickner a child Oct 15th  
Joanna Braddick Oct?Nov 13th  
Mary Cowd Dec 3rd  
Mary [crossed out] Clapp, Eleanor, Dec 5th  
Ann Scott Dec 20th  
Thomasin Tucker Dec 30th  
Margt Staple Feb 25th  
Saml Leate senr Feb 26th  
Rebecca Kerslake March 8th  
William Crook a child March 11th  
Matt Butson a child Apl 10th 1733
Mary Follett a child May 6th  
Mary Hopping June 7th  
Saml Baker June 20th  
Jane Elliott July 3rd  
Richard Callender Aug 12th  
Jane Arscott Aug 28th  
Mathew Austin of Otterton Aug 29th  
Elizabeth Farr Sept 13th  
Eliz [unreadable....lyan] of Littleham Sept 23rd  
John Hooper Oct 28th  
Gregory Hooper Nov 23rd  
Matt Winsley inf Nov 26th  
Mary Hooper inf Jan 6th  
[unreadable] Elliott Jan 13th  
Jane Arscott a child Jan 14th  
Mary Lockyer Jan 16th  
Jno Braddick Jan 16th  
George Willicott Jan 23rd  
John Barnes inf Jan 30th  
John Warren Feb 25th  
Hannah Swetland Apl 2nd  
Nath Follett in infant Apl 18th 1734
Sarah Barnes May 3rd  
John Wright an infant May 6th  
Judith Pennywill July 8th  
John Marshall Aug 18th  
Dorothy Scott Sept 22nd  
Hannah Jude Oct 20th  
Hannah Winter Nov 19th  
Thomas Patch an infant Feb 2nd  
John Lavis March 2nd  
Elizabeth Barrett March 4th  
Jane Barnes March 20th  
[first entry at bottom of page for 1735 unreadable] 1735
Mary Gely of Limpstone May 8th  
Olave Clark infant May 22nd  
Susan Upham of Bicton May 31st  
Thomas Randal June 1st  
Margaret Bennett Aug 6th  
Mary Stafford Sept 9th  
Agnes Newbery Feb 19th  
Agnes Lukis March 6th  
Matthew Pennywill March 18th  
Roger Gold of Littleham March 23rd  
Martha Thompson infant March 23rd  
Christian Tucker May 6th 1736
John Pennywill a child May 9th  
RIchard Swetland May 18th  
Robert Penham June 16th  
Roger Batston Aug 25th  
Ralph Lavis Nov 28th  
John Gosling Dec 1st  
Hannah Elliott Dec 14th  
Grace Pennywill Dec 17th  
William Scott Dec 17th  
Jacob Clark Jan 2nd  
John Clark a child Jan 13th  
Jane Pine Jan 26th  
Thomas Swetland an inf Jan 30th  
Roger Pengally Feb 3rd  
Susannah Tucker Feb 10th  
William Barley Feb 16th  
Eliz Winsley infant Feb 21st  
Susannah Elliott ?junr March 4th  
Joan Smith May 19th 1737
Mary Bateson June 22nd  
Saml Bishop infant July 3rd  
Robert Teed July 31st  
William Leat Nov 30th  
Mary Hooper of Bicton Dec 17th  
Mary Langley Dec 19th  
Kate? Smith Dec 25th  
Sarah Pigeon Jan 15th  
Peter Carpenter Jan 22nd  
Susannah Bishop Feb 1st  
[possibly this Susannah Bishop was also buried Jan 22nd and
unreadable final name on page buried Feb 1st]
Mary Labbett June 9th 1738
Isaac Carpenter June 23rd  
Patience Saunders Sept 10th  
Robt Cook Oct 5th  
Mary Swetland of Ailesbear Oct 16th  
Sarah Salter Oct 25th  
Agnes Chanon Dec 24th  
Mary Herniman Jan 14th  
John Saunders Feb 4th  
Edward Coomb March 3rd  
John Teed senr Apl 15th  
Peter Gibbs of Otterton May 21st 1739
Jone Teed senr Aug 23rd  
John Hill Sept 18th  
John Labbett Oct 9th  
Mary Cox senr Nov 23rd  
Richard Anly Jan 9th  
Jone Seward of Collaton Jan 12th  
John Elliott infant Jan 13th  
George Gelly senr Feb 24th  
Eliz Carpenter inf Apl 4th 1740
Mary Conant Apl 6th  
Mary Barnes Apl 20th  
John Lukis inf May 11th  
Mary Smith May 11th  
Wm Martinfield May 12th  
Wm Pennywill May 18th  
Mary Lukis infs May 18th  
George Parker June 15th  
Sarah Smith June 28th  
Wm Chanon June 29th  
Matthew Thomas July 1st  
Tho Swetland of Aylesbeer July 11th  
Elizabeth Braddick July 17th  
Thomas Leigh July 24th  
Mary Long Sept 7th  
Mary Bidgood junr Oct 17th  
Mary Gibbs Oct 19th  
Arabella Swetland Oct 26th  
Elizabeth Leat Nov 11th  
Jane Teed Dec 2nd  
John Chanon March 3rd.  
Wm Elliott March 28th 1741
Catherine Sweetland Apl 2nd  
Mary Gauden Apl 3rd  
Mary Halse Apl 6th  
Charles Hall Apl 9th  
Grace Lee Apl 16th  
Sarah Gauden Apl 23rd  
Elizabeth Bedford Apl 24th  
Miriam Hodges inf Apl 25th  
Dorcas Teed Apl 29th  
Ann Hallet Apl 30th  
Sarah Banfield Apl 30th  
Elizabeth Burch May 3rd  
Elizabeth Bastone May 5th  
Samuel Parker May 6th  
William Hall of Yettington May 7th  
Joanna Bedford inf May 10th  
Elizabeth Perryman May 13th  
Melony Farrant May 16th  
Isaak Burch inf May 18th  
Susanna Elliot inf May 18th  
John Rod inf May 22nd  
John Elliot inf May 22nd  
William Bartlett May 24th  
Sarah Farrant senr May 25th  
Gilbert Elliot May 27th  
Elizabeth Tilder May 28th  
John Halse June 16th  
Mary Palmer June 17th  
Elizabeth Patch July 7th  
Matthew Elliot July 7th  
Mary Elliot July 14th  
Benjamin Jouxon,vicar, July 21st  
Mary Hill inf July 23rd  
Susanna Elliot Aug 30th  
Mrs Mary Westcot Sept 1st  
Matthew Mundy A M Vicar inst Sept 21st induct Sept 24th  
Samuel Clatworthy senr Sept 25th  
Martha Carnal Nov 3rd  
Richard Lee Dec 23rd  
Gilbert Cowd senr Dec 28th  
Mary Bedford inf Jan 3rd  
Mary Burrough inf Jan 24th  
Christopher White Feb 5th  
Elizabeth Parratt Feb 5th  
John Thomas inf Feb 27th  
William Winsley inf Feb 28th  
Mary Winsley inf March 7th  
John Winsley inf March 7th  
John Crook inf March 14th  
Thomas Carnall March 18th  
Samuel Baker inf March 28th 1742
Ann Cowd May 6th  
John Thomas senr May 18th  
Ann Cowd June 18th  
Wilmot Willicot July 29th  
Hannah Pidgeon Aug 21st  
Nicholas Rogers of Newton Popleford inf Sept 12th  
Sarah Calendar Sept 19th  
Mary Hopping Oct 10th  
Jane Bartlet of Bicton Oct 11th  
Jane Cran Dec 8th  
John Chave of St Marys in Exon Dec 27th  
Agnes Baker Apl 24th 1743
Dorothy Ghest Apl 26th  
Hannah Smith May 8th  
Sarah White May 30th  
John Elliot July 8th  
John Elliot inft Sept 18th  
Hannah Always Oct 6th  
Ann Henson Oct 13th  
Elizabeth Long Jan 8th  
Robert Tucker Jan 29th  
Henry Elliot of Topsham Feb 6th  
John Hook Feb 9th  
Hannah Salter March 1st  
Thomas Hooper March 20th  
Daniel More Apl 1st 1744
Samuel Salter Apl 2nd  
Mary Short Apl 8th  
Elizabeth Hopping Apl 15th  
Thomas Cooper Apl 19th  
Richard Farrant inf Apl 29th  
Eve Middleton May 6th  
Stephen Thompson June 5th  
Samuel Teed June 27th  
Joan Hill July 17th  
Margaret Hill Aug 29th  
Susanna Carpenter Aug 31st  
John Elliot inft Sept 12th  
Josiah Middleton Sept 19th  
Catherine Randel Dec 16th  
Joun Barret Jan 30th  
William Hill March 10th  
Henry Perryman May 2nd 1745
Mary Anly Aug 16th  
Jane Bastone Sept 22nd  
George Saunders Nov 7th  
Mary Saunders Nov 7th  
Peter Lacy Dec 12th  
Andrew Leat Dec 24th  
Thos Taylor Feb 6th  
Margret Channon March 2nd  
'Prelat Vonetiel of Bicton' Jan 2nd 'of ye above date'.  
Mary Cuxion Apl 26th 1746
Margret Willicot of Topsham Apl 29th  
Hannah Bending March 1st  
Thomas Heldrige March 18th  
Jane Kelly March 21st 1747
Susannah Barnes Apl 24th  
Hannah Elliot May 24th  
Susannah Bedford June 11th  
Martha Bedford June 19th  
Joan Barley July 4th  
Matthew Elliot Sept 20th  
Samuel Harris Sept 23rd  
Judith Teed Oct 24th  
Elizabeth Kember Oct 24th  
Richard Hall Nov 29th  
Mary Baston Dec 23rd  
Izet Taylor Jan 26th  
Elizabeth Aplin Jan 31st  
William Lee Feb 7th  
Elizabeth Cookney Feb 9th  
Prudence Follett April 20th 1748
Catherine Tottle Apl 24th  
Mary Aplin May 1st  
Humphrey Dyer July 23rd  
Dorothy Jouxon Aug 27th  
Sarah Butson Sept 7th  
Judith Teed Dec 16th  
Sarah Warren Jan 1st  
Agnes Saunders Jan 6th  
Jane Smith Jan 13th  
Joannah Bedford Feb 22nd  
Mary Penny Feb 28th  
Samuel Tanner March 4th  
Elizabeth Warren March 12th  
William Hunt March 16th  
Abraham Karslake March 28th  
Mary Birch Apl 17th 1749
Mary Dodd May 8th  
Susannah Eliot July 29th  
John Cowd Feb 4th  
William Hill March 8th  
Elizabeth Capron March 17th  
John Satchel Apl 14th 1750
Mary Harris Apl 14th  
Mary Cox May 23rd  
Elizabeth Totten June 27th  
Hannah Warren July 12th  
Martha Cowd Sept 4th  
Mary Stone Sept 9th  
William Thorne of Salcombe Sept 12th  
Elizabeth Parkers Nov 11th  
Deborah Bending of Topsham Dec 2nd  
Samuel Bastone Dec 12th  
Thomas Birch Dec 21st  
John Salter Jan 17th  
John Audley of Salcombe Feb 28th  
Samuel Yarner April 25th 1751
John Farrant May 29th  
Charity Bastone June 18th  
John Burrage of Holcum Bar [unreadable] July 18th  
Willm Kelly Aug 25th  
Judith Hill Sept 4th  
Rebecca Way Sept 17th  
Mrs Joan Thomas Oct 9th  
Willm Jenkins Oct 11th  
Mary Winsely Nov 14th  
Elias Bending of Collaton Rawleigh [date unreadable]  
Dorothy Bending of Topsham [date unreadable]  
[first two names and dates of 1752 unreadable] 1752
Elias Totten [date unreadable]  
Mary Carpenter [date unreadable]  
Sarah Taylor [date unreadable]  
[unreadable] Bedford Feb 25th  
Katherine King Apl 10th  
Peter Taylor Apl 23rd  
Iset Bending of Littleham Apl 24th  
Margery Hooper Oct 14th  
John Taylor Nov 4th  
Elizabeth Hill Nov 17th  
Thomas Eliot February 28th 1753
Mary Bidgood March 17th  
Francis Hill March 19th  
Patience Birch May 13th  
Edward Harris July 9th  
John Wright July 21st  
Lazarus Stone July 28th  
Eleanor Leat Aug 7th  
John Bedford Sept 9th  
Anthony Discombe January 22nd 1754
Margaret Mutlebury Feb 13th  
Francis Winsley Feb 19th  
George Smith March 17th  
John Bass March 17th  
Catherine Pile of Ottery St Mary March 31st  
Jane Smith Apl 28th  
Mary Tottle May 9th  
Amy Elliot July 11th  
Sarah Mugford Sept 15th  
William Hooper Oct 9th  
Mary Hooper Nov 14th  
Margaret Perryman Dec 14th  
Charles Curry Dec 27th  
Jane Lacy January 2nd 1755
Joan Palmer Jan 5th  
John Dunsford Jan 27th  
George Leate May 11th  
John Anley June 29th  
Mary Hall July 20th  
Mary Towning Sept 24th  
Joan Calendar Oct 3rd  
Joan Harris Oct 5th  
Mary Collins Oct 16th  
Mr Joseph Comer Oct 18th  
Joan Bishop Nov 9th  
Mary Cowde Nov 27th  
John Randal of Bicton January 4th 1756  
Christopher Hollet Feb 15th  
William Weeks Feb 17th  
Susanna Bedford Feb 20th  
Joan Perry Feb 22nd  
Jenny Calendar March 12th  
Richard Elliot March 27th  
John Bending June 11th  
Thomas Perryman Aug [unreadable]  
Grace Smith Sept 22nd  
Jane Serle inft Sept 26th  
John Bedford inft Oct [unreadable]  
Joan Harris Nov [unreadable] .  
Mary French Nov 28th  
Charles Bedford Dec 5th  
Elizabeth Hill Dec 19th  
Susanna Hooper Jan 16th 1757
Charity Mangard Feb 10th  
William Cox Feb 27th  
Joseph Taylor May 29th  
Richard Ayres June 14th  
Mary Winter June 17th  
Elizabeth Leate Aug 16th  
Mary Squire inft July 28th  
John Manyard?Mangard Sept 12th  
Mrs Judith Stafford Oct 26th  
John Middleton Dec 6th  
Margaret Hall Dec 6th  
Mary Skinner Feb 12th 1758
George Sanders March 13th  
Henry Cowde Apl 17th  
Sarah Whitney May 14th  
Christopher Perry May 14th  
Mrs Hannah Arscott May 20th  
William Sweetland May 26th  
Clement Troakes Aug 23rd  
Sarah Barret inft July 23rd  
Elizabeth Cowde inft July 23rd  
John Squire inft Sept 10th  
Mary Toby inft Oct 8th  
Sarah Sanders Dec 3rd  
Robert Brayne March 7th 1759
Ann Bastone March 18th  
Mary Wright March 23rd  
Arabella Rogers March 28th  
Charity Bastone Apl 11th  
John Teed Apl 25th  
Joan Sanders Apl 26th  
Samuel Luckis Apl 27th  
Richard Hill May 6th  
Ann Bending inft Aug 28th  
Jonathan Bending inft Sept 29th  
William Hill Oct 7th  
Mary Mangard Nov 8th  
Samuel Bishop May 25th  
Robert Stocker Dec 25th  
Elizabeth Hopping Dec 30th  
Richard Parrat March 11th 1760
Ann Thomas March 20th  
James Bishop Apl 6th  
Joan Gawden Apl 8th  
Ann Thomas inft June 10th  
Joseph Warren June 28th  
Elizabeth White June 29th  
Mary Gardiner Sept 3rd  
Sarah Bending Sept 27th  
John Parker Oct 16th  
Elizabeth Avis Nov 9th  
Sarah Mugford Nov 13th  
Thomas Skinner Dec 27th  
Olive Teed Jan 9th 1761
Francis Bedford Feb 15th  
Thomas Capron Feb 22nd  
William Long Apl 5th  
Elizabeth Parker Apl 16th  
Grace Gelly June 3rd  
Susanna French June 10th  
Mary Tottle June 30th  
Emanuel Aplin Sept [date unreadable]  
Joseph Peryam inft [date unreadable]  
Tobias Barret Jan 24th 1762
Susanna Potbury Feb 9th  
Sarah Patch Feb 17th  
Grace Brayne Feb 21st  
Martha Jude March 20th  
James Hutchings Apl 25th  
Mr John Stafford June 14th  
Margaret Sanders June 24th  
Emmett Hall of Yettington Sept 22nd  
Charity Tutt Nov 10th  
John Capron Dec 12th  
Margaret Bending Dec 18th  
Elizabeth Warren Dec 18th  
John Lucris junr Jan 16th 1763
Susanna License Feb 19th  
Thomazin Taylor May 1st  
Joseph Taylor inft May 15th  
John Rod May 25th  
Abraham Carslake May 29th  
Elizabeth Taylor June 17th  
John Warren June 19th  
Sarah Gelly Aug 6th  
John Carpenter Aug 11th  
Isaak Burch Aug 15th  
Joan Carslake Sept 29th  
David Thomas Oct 31st  
James Parker Jan 30th 1764
Hannah Barret inft Feb 5th  
Elizabeth Stone Feb 22nd  
Joan Crutchett Feb 24th  
Sarah Ward inft March 14th  
Susanna Elliot March 23rd  
Mrs Susanna Cockram March 29th  
Mary Hill Apl 12th  
Joan Hopping Apl 30th  
Sarah Calendar May 13th  
Philip Smith May 21st  
Joan Carpenter May 25th  
Charles Stafford May 30th  
Mary Warren Aug 19th  
Sarah Skinner inft Oct 7th  
Joan Parker Dec 31st  
Elizabeth Searle Jan 8th 1765
John Elliot Jan 15th  
Samuel Teed inft March 5th  
Priscilla Teed March 5th  
Elizabeth Skinner May 9th  
Thomas Green June 9th  
Thomas Hayman June 27th  
John Hooper inft June 29th  
Rebecca Middleton July 20th  
Margaret Randal Aug 12th  
Joan Cowde Aug 28th  
Dorothy Hooper Oct 29th  
Daniel Gerard Nov 17th  
Sarah Warren Nov 28th  
George Gibbs inft Jan 12th 1766  
William Teed Jan 15th  
Sarah Hawkins Feb 7th  
James Kelly inft Feb 9th  
Joanna Hines Feb 22nd  
Julian Dure Feb 25th  
Joan Parrat March 4th  
Robert Squire March 21st  
Mary Capron Apl 2nd  
Mary Taylor inft Apl 11th  
Elizabeth Hill inft Apl 11th  
Hannah Thorn inft Apl 16th  
Leah Follet inft Apl 20th  
Mary Follet Apl 21st  
Joanna Hall inft Apl 27th  
Hannah Sweetland Apl 30th  
Richard Hall inft May 2nd  
Olive Hall May 4th  
John Lavis May 9th  
William Pash inft May 11th  
Elizabeth Sweetland May 13th  
Elizabeth Skinner May 15th  
William Sweetland May 20th  
Martha Tanner May 25th  
William Hines inft July 3rd  
Judith Sweetland July 17th  
Sarah Skinner inft Aug 3rd  
Francis Hill Nov 15th  
Jane Lee Nov 30th  
Ann Morris inft Dec 31st  
Edward Willis Jan 22nd 1767
William Leate Feb 3rd  
Elizabeth French Feb 4th  
Isaak Brown inft March 28th  
Sarah Tucker inft Apl 1st  
John Carpenter Apl 13th  
John Henson June 28th  
Jane Elliot June 30th  
Sarah Cran July 31st  
Robert Bartlett inft Aug 7th  
Mary Hall Jan 6th 1768
Robert Barnes Jan 9th  
Dorothy Smith Jan 16th  
William Chamberlayne Feb 14th  
Susanna Tucker inft Feb 15th  
Ann Sanders March 2nd  
John Norrish inft Apl 9th  
Rebecca Bishop May 8th  
Thomas Bastone May 15th  
Thomas Crook inft June 8th  
Thomas Lee July 14th  
Mary Bishop July 23rd  
Joan Crook Aug 4th  
Joseph Turnock Oct 6th  
Francis Wednesley Oct 6th  
Edward Harris Nov 2nd  
John Smith Nov 9th  
Hannah Sanders Nov 23rd  
Elizabeth Lacy Jan 20th 1769  
Jenny Nias inft Feb 15th  
John Cooper Feb 20th  
William Carpenter Feb 28th  
Sarah Teed May 9th  
William Matthews May 28th  
John Lacy June 9th  
Susanna Leate June 29th  
Sarah Braddick July 16th  
Thomas Melhuish inft Aug 13th  
Jane Bastone Sept 3rd  
Elizabeth Warren Nov 5th  
Deborah Bending Nov 20th  
Sarah Middleton Dec 6th  
Martha Aplin Dec 6th  
John Cowde Dec [unreadable]  
John Taylor March 11th 1770
Willm Barret March 14th  
Betty Hines inft March 17th  
George Davis March [unreadable]  
Mary Smith inft Apl 22nd  
George Parker Apl 28th  
Ann Cox May 4th  
Melony Bagwell May 9th  
Richard Middleton May 27th  
Mary Sanders June 9th  
John Wednesley,Simon Wednesley, John Wednesley, Francis
Wednesley, drown'd at Salterton July 2nd
Joanna Parker July 22nd  
James Morris Oct 23rd  
Samuel Harris Nov 6th  
Martha Warren Jan 10th 1771
Mary Melhuish Feb 10th  
Joseph Calendar March 1st  
Margaret Warren March 28th  
Martha Sanders Apl 15th  
Joseph Weeks Sept 17th  
Mary Bedford Oct 19th  
Elizabeth Dyer Dec 28th  
Susanna Grant Jan 20th 1772
Mary Arscot Jan 24th  
Elizabeth Hill Jan 24th  
Charles Hall Feb 5th  
Joanna Hunt Feb 27th  
James Gush March 8th  
Betty Moone inft Apl 23rd  
Edward Sanders May 28th  
John Calendar Sept 5th  
Margaret Lee Sept 7th  
Joseph Moggridge Sept 15th  
John French inft Oct 20th  
Samuel Teed inft Jan 19th 1773
Mary Avis inft Jan 25th  
John Melhuish inft Feb 23rd  
William Carnal March 25th  
John Dadd May 12th  
Richard Hopping June 9th  
Mary Aplin July 7th  
Mary Parker July 20th  
Elizabeth Kingswill Oct 12th  
Mary Mander Dec 7th  
Mr John Thomas Feb 2nd 1774
Sarah Lucris Feb 28th  
Sarah Kember March 22nd  
Edward French June 19th  
James Mander July 31st  
Philip Warren Aug 16th  
Gabriel Warren Aug 20th  
Elizabeth Labbet Aug 21st  
Mary Cowde Sept 12th  
Olive Cawley Sept 29th  
Thomas Pennywill Oct 13th  
John Teed Jan 13th 1775
Rose Hill Jan 15th  
Samuel Leate March 29th  
James Follet Apl 20th  
Jane Otten inft May 5th  
Sarah Nias May 17th  
Mary Parker June 28th  
Elizabeth Smith July 20th  
Sarah Teed inft Sept 19th  
Roger Admore Sept 22nd  
Mary Farmer Sept 25th  
Sarah Chowne Sept 26th  
Richard Elliot Oct 13th  
Mary Cull Nov 25th  
Thomas Bartlett Dec 9th  
Joan Cull Dec 11th  
Hannah Gelly? Dec 26th  
Hannah Cox Jan 19th 1776  
Mr John Trounce Feb 8th  
Mary Admore Feb 20th  
Joseph Turnock Apl 27th  
Ann Dyer May 13th  
William Priscott inft Aug 25th  
John Sweetland Aug 29th  
Alice Melhuish Sept 25th  
Richard Sanders inft Nov 13th  
George Parker Dec 22nd  
Mary Sweetland Jan 30th 1777
Elizabeth Sladd Feb 13th  
John Teed Feb 23rd  
Faitor Dure March 18th  
Thomas Bedford March 23rd  
Susanna Discombe May 11th  
Robert Taylor inft June 1st  
Robert Way Trock inft June 8th  
Elizabeth Sanders June 8th  
Henry Otten inft June 22nd  
Grace Weeks July 6th  
Charles Warren July 20th  
John Taylor inft Sept 17th  
Elizabeth Pengelly Oct 8th  
Binmore Thomas Nov 20th  
Mary Wednesley Dec 12th  
Jonas Stone inft Dec 28th  
John Lucris Jan 26th 1778
Mrs Catherine Walker Feb 7th  
William Burnet March 1st  
Richard Scott March 15th  
Thomazin Manning March 22nd  
John Taylor inft Apl 3rd  
Gregory Jackson inft Apl 18th  
Sarah Melhuish Apl 28th  
Sarah Hines Sept 10th  
Jane Pengelley Oct 22nd  
Thomas Skinner Nov 5th  
John Taylor Nov 24th  
Mary Mehuish Feb 8th 1779
Elizabeth Elliot Apl 10th  
Ann Pennywill May 9th  
Mr John Walley June 17th  
Richard Periam inft June 27th  
Susanna Elliot July 4th  
Mr Endymion Walker July 17th  
Isabella Carnal July 25th  
Rebecca Warren Aug 1st  
William Sanders Sept 5th  
Elizabeth Rogers Nov 3rd  
John Elliot inft Dec 18th  
Joan Taylor Feb 5th 1780
John Pearce March 12th  
Elizabeth Warren March 24th  
Mary Pocock March 30th  
Susanna Wood Apl 2nd  
Rose Dyer Apl 2nd  
Elizabeth Leate May 2nd  
George Crook May 31st  
Frances Hewish inft June 4th  
Elizabeth Farrant July 6th  
Thomas Hooper inft July 20th  
Sarah Leate Sept 15th  
Mrs Hannah Comer Nov 23rd  
Mary Barrett Nov 26th  
Thomas Hussey inft Jan 4th 1781
John Bedford Jan 17th  
Robert Vinnicombe inft Jan 25th  
Richard Sweetland Jan 29th  
Henry Carpenter Jan 29th  
Mary Taylor Feb 12th  
Elizabeth Thomas March 29th  
Mary Sweetland Apl 2nd  
William Kelly Apl 17th  
Elizabeth Follet Apl 17th  
Sarah Scadding inft May 10th  
Jane Davis May 21st  
John Matthews May 22nd  
Elizabeth Taylor inft May 29th  
Sarah Carter inft June 24th  
William Crook July 1st  
John Sanders July 2nd  
Molly Stone inft July 27th  
Mary Hussey Aug 17th  
Sarah Lewis Sept 12th  
Susanna Ebdon Sept 25th  
Daniel Walling Oct 30th  
John Warren Nov 9th  
Elizabeth Youndall Nov 22nd  
Ann Thomas Dec 15th  
Mary Scott Jan 3rd 1782
John Grant Jan 23rd  
Elizabeth Eveleigh Feb 14th  
Ann Barker March 14th  
William Newbery inft Apl 5th  
Mary Gibbs Apl 14th  
Judith Teed inft Apl 19th  
Richard Warren Apl 24th  
Dorothy Simms June 14th  
Robert Vinnicombe inft June 16th  
William Gawden June 19th  
William Hill Oct 9th  
William Melhuish Nov 20th  
George Pengilly Nov 29th  
Ann Drake inft Dec 15th  
Mary Stickland inft Jan 12th 1783
Judith Hill Jan 26th  
John Barker Feb 11th  
James Palmer Feb 16th  
Sarah Teed inft Feb 23rd  
John Leate March 1st  
Elizabeth Elliot March 26th  
John Sanders inft May 9th  
Elias Bennet May 12th  
Robert Grant May 27th  
Frances Barret June 5th  
Thomas Hewish June 7th  
Ann Drake June 8th  
Michael Squire June 11th  
Tobias Barret June 13th  
Mary Drake inft June 22nd  
Grace Coplestone July 28th  
William Hynes Aug 27th  
Tax commenced Oct 2 1783  
Mary Duer Oct 6th  
John Cowley P Nov 19th  
William Burch P Dec 4th  
Sarah Kember Jan 30th 1784
Mary Clay Warren Feb 29th  
Susanna Elliot Feb 29th  
Martha Brand Apl 29th  
Richard Tucker May 7th  
Mary Thorn June 12th  
Nathaniel Patch P Aug 4th  
Thomas Danbury Sept 5th  
Susanna Hunt Sept 13th  
William Burnet inft P Sept 18th  
Lydia Austin Oct 24th  
Sarah Wellington inft Oct 29th  
Nicholas Dure Nov 3rd  
Ann Austin Nov 5th  
Thomas French Nov 11th  
Elizabeth Smith Nov 21st  
Robert Quick inft Dec 24th  
Mary Laurence inft Jan 5th 1785
Rose Barret March 1st  
William Mugford March 20th  
John Nias inft March 21st  
William Laurence P Apl 13th  
Mary Cawley P Apl 19th  
Sarah Grant inft P May 1st  
John Baker May 1st  
Ann Austin May 1st  
Elizabeth Taylor inft May 8th  
Richard Baston P May 13th  
Elizabeth Hines May 18th  
Elizabeth Pengelly May 19th  
Simms Barret inft P May 20th  
Susanna Crook P May 27th  
Elizabeth Dunsford June 12th  
Richard Wellington July 5th  
Mary Coplestone Sept 8th  
Mary White P Oct 2nd  
Elizabeth Wednesley Oct 11th  
William Anning inft Oct 23rd  
Charles Sanders P Oct 28th  
Mr Robert Bartlett Nov 8th  
James Bartlett Dec 1st  
Thomas Wilson inft Jan 27th 1786
Mary Deem inft Feb 3rd  
George Wood inft March 5th  
Thomas Sanders P Apl 4th  
Mary Squire P Apl 5th  
Mary Hill May 7th  
Sarah Patch inft June 4th  
Mary Barrat Sept 3rd  
William Newbery inft Oct 1st  
Mary Taylor Nov 1st  
Francis Drake inft Dec 8th  
Susanna Morris inft Jan 11th 1787
Richard Teed inft Jan 17th  
Thomas Quick inft Jan 26th  
Thomas Drake Feb 11th  
John Bastone inft Feb 18th  
Olive Seaward March 5th  
Sarah Palmer March 8th  
Mary Gaverick Apl 1st  
Mary Squire Apl 2nd  
Ann Warren May 31st  
Elizabeth Lake inft June 6th  
Joan Austin inft June 17th  
Mary Passmore inft June 23rd  
James Best inft July 5th  
Ann Kember inft July 10th  
Thomas Best inft July 15th  
John Passmore inft July 21st  
Elizabeth Bedford P Aug 3rd  
James Deem inft Aug15th  
Ann Watcole Oct 12th  
John Pengelley P Oct 28th  
William Lewis of Aylesbeare Nov 14th  
Thomas Labbet Jan 1st 1788
Dorothy Reynolds Jan 27th  
John Harding Feb 5th  
Anna Hilman inft P Feb 6th  
Mary Kelly P Feb 28th  
John Gibbs inft Feb 29th  
Mary Mugford March 23rd  
Sarah Teed March 26th  
William Merdon inft Apl 20th  
James Quick inft May 30th  
James Fowler inft June 1st  
Thomas Farrant June 21st  
Charles Bastone inft Sept 23rd  
John Hawkins P Oct 19th  
Ann Hill Oct 23rd  
Martha Bennet Oct 26th  
Mary Austin inft Nov 6th  
Charles Teed inft Dec 8th  
Elizabeth Wednesley Feb 9th 1789
William Morris inft Feb 23rd  
Robert Arscott P Apl 6th  
Mary Barker Apl 9th  
William Wilson Apl 24th  
Susanna Chilper P Apl 25th  
Susanna Boyce May 8th  
William Warren May 21st  
William Cummins May 25th  
John Taylor July 7th  
Sarah Potbury July 30th  
John Chanon P Aug 23rd  
Mary Chanon P Aug 23rd  
William Dyer Sept 3rd  
Elizabeth Leate Sept 29th  
William Sanders inft P Oct 5th  
Elizabeth Lavis P Oct 15th  
William Bartlett Nov 1st  
William Allen drown'd Nov 12th  
Thomas Branscombe Nov 18th  
Elizabeth Chamberlain P Nov 22nd  
William Priddice inft Nov 23rd  
Peter Carpenter Nov 30th  
Robert Way Dec 1st  
Mary Kelly P Dec 27th  
RIchard Miller Jan 3rd 1790
Thomas Taylor P Jan 14th  
Thomas Chilper Feb 3rd  
Susanna Ward inft May 13th  
Samuel Bastone P May 16th  
Elizabeth Belamy Evans inft May 18th  
Jane Salter May 24th  
James Barret inft May 30th  
Sarah Palmer inft July 27th  
John Chanon inft Aug 1st  
Thomas Quick inft Aug 8th  
Henry Farrant inft Aug 25th  
Sarah Barrat inft Oct 21st  
John Dunsford P Oct 22nd  
Mary Cooper P Dec 7th  
Ann Bartlett P Dec 12th  
Elizabeth Admore alias Sedgemore inft Jan 9th 1791  
Sarah Wednesley P Jan 12th  
William Dyer inft Feb 28th  
Edmund Cox March 7th  
Sarah Smith inft March 13th  
Mary Whitmore March 17th  
Martha Tanner Apl 22nd  
William Palmer Apl 23rd  
Mary Bedford P May 11th  
Thomas Richards May 19th  
Thomas Elliot June 17th  
William Potbury June 17th  
Susanna Sketchley June 28th  
Mary Marsh P June 26th  
Thomas Dunsford July 10th  
Joanna Palmer inft Sept 15th  
Thomas Patch Oct 25th  
Hugh Brice Sanders inft Nov 6th  
Elizabeth Sanders inft Nov 7th  
Robert Simons inft Nov 20th  
Ann Thomas P Dec 14th  
Samuel Teed clerk MA Fell. in Exeter College, Oxford
Jan 18th 1792
Fanny Stone inft P March 11th  
Joan Wilkins Wednesley inft P March 22nd  
Abraham Moggridge Apl 7th  
John Bastone inft Apl 10th  
William Way P Apl 24th  
Richard Southward P May 8th  
Mary Otten May 28th  
Honour Bedford June 11th  
Mary Barratt July 31st  
Martha Dodd Aug 1st  
Agnes Teed Jan 8th 1793
William Hill junr March 5th  
Elizabeth Rodd March 11th  
Hannah Newbery inft May 5th  
Elizabeth Fling June 11th  
William Morrish inft July 4th  
John Bastone P July 22nd  
William Bence inft Aug 3rd  
Robert Barratt inft Aug 12th  
John Fouracre inft Aug 13th  
Elizabeth ?Eiles P Aug 22nd  
Martha Stone inft P Sept 20th  
Elizabeth Barret inft P Sept 26th  
Samuel Bastone inft Oct 24th  
Mary Kelly inft Dec 13th  
Sarah Taylor Dec 26th  
Ann Thomas P Jan 1st 1794
Sarah Turner inft P Jan 5th  
George Parker Jan 7th  
Catherine Melhuish Jan 8th  
Joyce Turnock Feb 3rd  
Frances Barrett March 25th  
John Channon infant Apl 3rd  
Hannah Cowd Apl 20th  
Harriet Barrett infant Apl 27th  
John Webber June 5th  
John Barrett June 15th  
Anthony Burd July 8th  
Wm Stadden infant Aug 3rd  
Rachel Follet Oct 9th  
John Serle Oct 14th  
Mary Hussey Oct 16th  
Rebecca Way Oct 21st  
Robert Channon Oct 26th  
John Slad inf Oct 26th  
Ann Mitchell inf Dec 5th  
Elizabeth Barrett inf Dec 7th  
Thomas Hillman Dec 21st  
Hannah Lugg Dec 25th  
Mary Stone Jan 25th 1795
John Cran Feb 2nd  
William Baker Feb 4th  
James Farr Feb 5th  
Mary Barker inft Feb 7th  
John Amery Feb 14th  
Lydia French March 15th  
Joseph Thompson Apl 2nd  
Elizabeth Carnel Apl 5th  
John Thomas Apl 17th  
William Hillman May 5th  
Rhoda Mar? May 15th  
Mary Burnett May 31st  
[unreadable] June 18th  
Agnes Hines June 19th  
Samuel [unreadable] July 16th  
Miriam Barrett June 28th  
Mary Stickland July 10th  
Ann Webber July 12th  
Samuel Webber July 12th  
Joanna Hall July 17th  
Hannah Wilkes July 22nd  
Mary Hillman July 23rd  
John Amery July 24th  
Sarah Kember July 24th  
Izet [unreadable] ?Barrett July 31st  
Ann Emmett Aug 16th  
Mary Dunsford Aug 22nd  
?Thomas White Sept 6th  
Elizabeth [unreadable] Sept 22nd  
John [unreadable] Oct 1st  
Sarah Troak Oct 13th  
Elizabeth [unreadable] Nov 13th  
[four names of those buried Jan and Feb unreadable] 1796  
[unreadable] Belamy Feb 21st  
?Joanna Mills ? March 3rd  
Henry Austin ? March 4th  
Mary Troak ? March 11th  
?John Burch March 20th  
Sarah Warren May 8th  
Thomas Vinicombe June 19th  
Sarah Nias June 20th  
Thomas Mitchell June 22nd  
John Farrant June 24th  
Elizabeth Blampin June 24th  
Mary Walten June 28th  
Thomas Rendell July 3rd  
Robert Crispin July 28th  
Mary Bartlett Sept 11th  
Elizabeth Perriam Nov 16th  
Mary Harford Dec 9th  
Sarah Nias Feb 8th 1797
Martha Saunders Feb 13th  
Mary Hillman Feb 16th  
John Farrant March 1st  
Charity Branscombe March 22nd  
Thomas Best March 26th  
Elizabeth Aplin March 31st  
Maria Barrat Apl 7th  
Sarah Hooper Apl 16th  
Thomas Kelly Apl 19th  
Mary Farrant Apl 30th  
Martha Saunders May 14th  
Joseph? French? May 18  
?Launcelot Saunders ?May 24th  
Jane Leat June 2nd  
William Turner June 5th  
Sarah White July 15th  
William Hayman Aug 18th  
Ann Hayman Aug 24th  
William Rogers Sept 7th  
Patience Harding Oct 13th  
Ann Voysey [date unreadable]  
John Hayman [date unreadable]  
Samuel Austyn Dec 1st  
Mary Chanon? Dec 7th  
Samuel Hayman Dec 12th  
Tobias Barratt Dec 27th  
Hannah Gibbs Dec 27th  
Sarah Davy April 19th 1798
?Lucy ?Ann [unreadable and date also]  
Sarah Miller May 28th  
John [unreadable and date also]  
John Harding May 22nd  
Sarah Farrant June 1st  
Ann Wells? June 1st  
Joan? Austyn July 17th  
Joan Teed?Ford July 28th  
John Hayman Oct 19th  
Stephen Nias Dec 8th  
Benoni Hill Dec 23rd  
John Barratt junr March 20th 1799
Robert Page inft March 28th  
Hannah Wally Apl 6th  
Gilbert Coude Apl 16th  
James Kelly Apl 21st  
James Huish Apl 21st  
James Harding Apl 26th  
Richard Swaine Davis May 5th  
Johanna Middleton May 11th  
Elizabeth White May 27th  
John Barker June 6th  
Thomas Leigh June 9th  
John Barker June 16th  
Elizabeth Sedgemore June 16th  
Mary Leatt June 30th  
Thomas Davis July 14th  
Elizabeth Hayman Aug 24th  
Wm Mear Sept 11th  
Johanna Parker Sept 27th  
Martha Burch Dec 1st  
Hannah Webber Dec 8th  
Susannah Farrant Jan 8th 1800
Elizabeth Miller Jan 31st  
Susannah Leat? Feb 4th  
Sarah Best Feb 14th  
Sarah Williman Feb 14th  
Elizabeth Barrett Feb 23rd  
Grace Searle Feb 25th  
James Quick March 5th  
Charles French March 21st  
Ann Passmore March 30th  
Elizabeth Matthews May 6th  
Richard Evans June 1st  
Thomas Chilper July 4th  
John Saunders July 25th  
Charlotte Carter inft Aug 14th  
Francis Pengelly Aug 22nd  
George Cowling Sept 11th  
Miriam Stone Jan 11th 1801
Elizabeth Northcote Feb 4th  
Mary Farrant Feb 11th  
John Clarke March 22nd  
John Passmore Apl 14th  
Robert Aplin Apl 23rd  
Mrs Turner Apl 27th  
Mary Best?Pash May 10th  
William [unreadable ? furse] May 11th  
John Bastyn May 15th  
Richard Ward June 19th  
Agnes Bastone ?inf Sept 11th  
Elizabeth French Sept 27th  
Maria Hayman Sept 30th  
John White Oct 11th  
Rosemary Osgood Oct 16th  
Samuel Farrant Nov 7th  
Martha Parker Dec 7th  
Rose Saunders Jan 9th 1802
Elizabeth Stadden Jan 17th  
Sarah Nias Jan 19th  
Jane Baker Jan 26th  
Harriet Dunnford Feb 14th  
Elizabeth Lacey Feb 17th  
Elizabeth Troak Feb 24th  
Elizabeth Hood?Flood March 25th  
Sarah Barker Apl 23rd  
Mary Bartlett Apl 25th  
John Gibbs May 23rd  
John Taylor Williams May 23rd  
Leah Parker July 3rd  
Grace Cowde July 18th  
Hannah Fling Aug 28th  
Abraham Braine Oct 14th  
Mary Bastyn Nov 1st  
Elizabeth Walters Nov 15th  
John Kelly Nov 23rd  
Sarah Rogers Dec 5th  
Elizabeth Westlake Dec 26th  
Mary Priscott Jan 6th 1803
Martha Nias Feb 2nd  
Wm Aplin Feb 7th  
Elizabeth Cowd March 20th  
John Courties March 27th  
Sarah Teed Saunders Apl 2nd  
John Pile May 12th  
Judith Barrat May 22nd  
Elias?Elena Dennis? Denner July 27th  
Mary Patch Aug 6th  
John William Palmer Aug 30th  
William Stone Sept 25th  
John Cox Oct 20th  
Mr? Wm Edmunds ? Nov 4th  
Wm Kelly Nov 16th  
Mary Leatt Nov 24th  
Isaac Burch Barret Jan 10th 1804
Wm Hurford Coplestone Feb 3rd  
Elizabeth Evans Feb 5th  
John Mear Feb 29th  
James Braine? March 4th  
John Carter? March 16th  
Thomas Mear March 16th  
Sarah Teed?Ford March 28th  
Elizabeth Amery March 29th  
Johanna Berry Apl 1st  
Fanny Webber Apl 29th  
Susannah Western May 4th  
Sampson? Lugg May 6th  
?Wm Knight? May 13th  
Catherine Brown May 25th  
William Richards June 3rd  
Mary Lake [almost illegible] Aug 17th  
Mary Smith Aug 28th  
[unreadable ? James ?Samuel] Cox Nov 6th  
Anna Maria Barrett Nov 25th  
Susannah Bedford Dec 5th  
Susannah Teed Jan 9th 1805
Joseph Marker Jan 23rd  
Thomas Drake Middleton Feb 10th  
Amelia French Feb 17th  
Joan Pester Apl 12th  
Susannah Coombs May 5th  
Mary Barrett May 20th  
Elizabeth Amory June 1st  
William Walters June 2nd  
Elizabeth Palmer July 5th  
Wm Davy July 11th  
Thomas Judd July 11th  
Henry Rosewell July 16th  
Joan Bedford July 21st  
John Gush? Carter July 24th  
Henry Melhuish July 25th  
Edward Sketchley Oct 1st  
Mary Farmer Oct 22nd  
Elizabeth Bartlett Nov 1st  
Harriet Carter Dec 11th  
Joseph Newbery Jan 1st 1806
Joan Hill Feb 5th  
Elizabeth Hill Feb 7th  
Frances Pester March 2nd  
Mary Taylor March 3rd  
Mary Newbery April 1st  
Sarah Swaine Apl 9th  
Richard Swaine Apl 20th  
Ann? Middleton Apl 29th  
[unreadable] Rosewell May 2nd  
[unreadable Hannah?Samuel] Vinicombe July 6th  
John or Joan Leatt aged 93 Aug 3rd  
Susannah Barons Nov 11th  
Maria Simmons Dec 14th  
Sarah Davis Dec 16th  
Robert Troak Dec 19th  
William Potbury Jan 1st 1807
Faith Barnes Jan 25th  
Hannah Barrett Jan 25th  
Thomas Edwards Feb 24th  
Elizabeth Saunderman March 12th  
Sarah Pengelly Apl 12th  
Margaret Smith Apl 14th  
John Smith May 15th  
James Cockeram [unreadable] 10th  
William Periam Aug 5th  
Edward French Aug 25th  
John Priscott Sept 30th  
Thomasin Farrant Oct 4th  
'Janory' Bending Oct 15th  
Joan Carter Nov 17th  
Mary Cooper Dec 8th  
Joan Tucker?Fowler Dec 20th  
Samuel Austyn Dec 22nd  
'Luckey?Suckey' Coombes Jan 4th 1808
John Priscott Jan 6th  
William Teed Jan 29th  
Elizabeth Goed? Feb 3rd  
Mary Manley Feb 8th  
John Hooper Feb 28th  
Samuel Barker Feb 29th  
Lydia Kersley?Keanley March 18th  
William Turner March 20th  
Elizabeth Teed March 20th  
Mary Perriam Apl 1st  
Susannah Morrish May 2nd  
Mary Halwell May 6th  
John Nias May 13th  
Thomas Hillman May 22nd  
Olive Burch June 20th  
Elizabeth Palmer July 11th  
Mary Carpenter Aug 4th  
Abraham Ford Aug 5th  
Mary Potbury Aug 13th  
James Mear Aug 21st  
Henry Leatt Sept 1st  
Elizabeth Rew?Prew Sept 25th  
Ann Cockeram Sept 26th  
Elizabeth Wellington Nov 3rd  
Eliza Carpenter Nov 16th  
William Blackmore Nov 16th  
Wm Jackson Nov 18th  
Ann Kember Nov 26th  
Edward Carter Dec 2nd  
John Taylor Dec 18th  
William Langstr....Jan 2nd 1809
Mary Barritt Jan 24th  
Richard Swaine Jan 29th  
Thomas Chamberlayne Feb 5th  
John Barrett March 12th  
William Austyn March 15th  
Thomas Lake June 7th  
Elizabeth Channon June 7th  
Joseph Perriam June 19th  
Samuel Pile July 16th  
Robert Knight Aug 17th  
John Warren Parker Aug 21st  
Martha Kelly Sept 13th  
Charles Palmer Sept 13th  
William Hurford Copplestone Sept 29th  
Charlotte Bastone Oct 11th  
Margaret White Nov 23rd  
Sarah Emmett Dec 14th  
John Tagart Dec 14th  
Amey Cockeram Dec 26th  
Henry Cowde Jan 15th 1810
Ann Cockeram Jan 23rd  
Elizabeth Cooper March 30th  
John Palmer March 31st  
Mary Franks ?French Apl 2nd  
Mary Randle Apl 5th  
Frances Manley Palmer Apl 20th  
Elizabeth Cockeram Apl 23rd  
Patience Norris Apl 26th  
Maria Manley Palmer Apl 28th  
Eleanor Small May 1st  
Mary Buffet Boaker May 28th  
William Manley Palmer June 8th  
Mary Otten June 8th  
George Parker Barley June 9th  
William Laurence June 9th  
George Rundle June 21st  
John Vinicombe June 25th  
Eleanor Ayles June 29th  
Richard Pratt July 9th  
Martha Channon July 16th  
Mary Brown Aug 1st  
John Farrant Aug 5th  
Margarer Nowell Aug 31st  
Charlotte Teed Sept 2nd  
William Teed Sept 16th  
Ann Farrant Sept 19th  
Edward Newton Good Sept 19th  
Mary Teed Nov 4th  
Henry Bence Nov 21st  
Lydia Pile Nov 21st  
Margaret Smith Nov 25th  
Abraham Ford Dec 7th  
John Ford Dec 11th  
Robert Channon Dec 14th  
Sarah Ford Dec 15th  
'Marlow Kimber Jud ' [as written] Dec 20th  
Ann Quicke Jan 24th 1811
Mary Deem Jan 30th  
James [unreadable and date] 29th  
Frances [unreadable] Apl 1st  
Mary [two names unreadable] Apl 29th  
[two names unreadable]  
[unreadable] Burch [unreadable] 24th  
John Kamp? [unreadable] 27th  
Mary Barrett Teed June 26th  
John [unreadable] July 14th  
John Parker Aug 7th  
Sarah [unreadable also date]  
Charlotte Best Oct [unreadable]  
John [unreadable]  
Soloman Drake [unreadable]  
Joan [unreadable]  
[first name unreadable] 1812
Margaret Williams Apl [unreadable]  
[unreadable] Swain May 1st  
Sarah Burd or Burch May 28th  
Samuel [unreadable] June 4th  
Ann Pengelly July 5th  
Henry Leatt [unreadable] July 21st  
George Bastyn July 28th  
Mary [unreadable] Aug 3rd  
Mary [unreadable] Aug 18th  
Mary Pratt Nov 8th  
Henry Knight? Nov 15th  
Edward Rendell Jones Nov 21st  
John Vinicombe Nov 29th  
[unreadable] Dec 6th  
A New Regester commences.  

Brian Randell, 10 Nov 2006