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East Budleigh Marriages (1556 - 1651)

transcribed by

Elizabeth Howard

Provided here by kind permission of The Rev. Janice Cackett and Mr Stuart Lovett, Churchwarden

Marryed Anno Domini 1556  
John Clerke 8th July
William Worth 27th Sept
Edmond Hopwood 24th Oct
[no entries for 1557]  
Anno Domini 1558  
John Raffe/Rasse 19th July
John Linlye 19th Sept
John Seward 24th Nov
Umfree Bond 24th Nov
William Conante 26th Nov
Richard Crosse 26th Nov
John Gould 26th Nov
Alexander Bartone? 26th Feb
[no entries 1559-1568 though the 1569 entries follow directly under 1558]
Nicholas Maine? 23rd April
Robert Russell 15th April
Roger Archpolle 5th May
Anno Domini 1570  
John Rugge 23rd April
Henry Diggins 28th April
William Mollo ? 12th May
William Lander? 6th ?Sept
Gabryell Seyntelere.... 3rd Sept
John Watts 18th Nov
Roger Cooke 8th Jan
Richard Randell 21st Jan
John Shapyard 6th Feb
John Stoke 6th Feb
Anno Domini 1571  
George Loveyt'n 28th July
Francis Bartlett 26th Nov
Christopher Brewton 20th Jan
Gilberte Mollo 27th Jan
Thomas Studman 28th Jan
William Lucras 29th Jan
Anno Domini 1572  
Richard Hopping 28th April
John Pearse 14th Sept
John Gibbe 14th Oct
William Dolline 20th Nov
George Golsworthy 23rd Nov
Stephen Reyddle 17th Jan
Anno Domini 1573  
John Maye 20th April
David Loman 27th June
Thomas Cudber/Cudler 3rd Aug
John Ellyott 22nd Oct
Andrew Harpe' 10th Nov
William Faytor 22nd Nov
John Michell 28th Jan
Gilberte Rugge 6th Feb
Anno Domini 1574  
Thomas Poysie? 12th July
Thomas Buckerell 21st Aug
John Drake 28th Aug
John Maynard 17th Oct
Willyam Stocker 21st Oct
John Lovelake/Lonelake 3rd Jan
Andrew Tremaine 24th Jan
John Crosman 26th Jan
John Fowller 29th Jan
Anno Domini 1575  
Richard Smith 15th June
Stephen Awstine 20th June
?Marlo Hill 20th Aug
Roger Crosse 9th Oct
John Manley 20th Nov
Charelles Heyman 12th Jan
Anno Domini 1576  
George Willes 23rd Sept
?Willm Mollo 1st Oct
Edmond Breane 4th Nov
John Limberye 14th Nov
Henry Manfield 28th Jan
John Toose 29th Jan
Anno Domini 1577  
Willyam Pridham 7th Oct
Symon Bachlor 28th Oct
John Baylie 18th Nov
Roger Cooke 18th Nov
Roger Tuckerman 28th Nov
John Craftman 22nd Jan
Willyam Smith 25th Jan
Anno Domini 1578  
John Salter 25th May
Willyam Thorne 26th May
John Smith 3rd Oct
John Vinston? 8th Jan
George Braine 23rd Jan
Richard Conante 4th Feb
Anno Domini 1579  
Thomas Buckerell 26th Sept
Robert Molle 4th Dec
Michaell Kallake? 18th Jan
Roberte Wolfe 7th Feb
Anno Domini 1580  
Thomas Rolson 1st May
Michaell Borland 31st July
Richard Stoke 8th Oct
Henry Barllett 8th Oct
John Roper 8th Oct
Richard Callendar 22nd Oct
Willm Cooke 14th [unreadable]
Roger Chapman 19th [unreadable]
Anno Domini 1581  
Phillipp Rugge 3rd April
Richard Willes 3rd May
Henry Wecke 4th June
Thomas Pynne 2nd Oct
Anno Domini 1582  
Roger Randell 27th May
Roberte Tristine 22nd Oct
Nicholas Tucker 12th Nov
John Spare? 25th Nov
Thomas Basse 26th Nov
Owyne Stoke 21st Jan
Anno Domini 1583  
James Luscombe 8th April
Roberte Killacott 26th May
William Beare 8th July
John Roper 19th Aug
William Rosement? 30th Sept
Remond Dermill? 21st Oct
Willyam Cooke 25th Nov
Anno Domini 1584  
John Newbery 4th May
Richard Kiddle 23rd May
John Pinston 26th Sept
Anno Domini 1585  
Willlm Kinge 14th Sept
John Edwards 15th Feb
Anno Domini 1586  
Andrew Pomerey 14th April
Thomas Channon 13th June
Bartholomew Beare 29th Oct
Michaell Harte 7th Nov
John Leaye 13th Jan
Marryed Anno Domini - 1587  
William Smith 20th April
Richard French 17th July
John ---v-----[French?] 21st Aug
William Rabgente 4th Sept
Leonard Nowleigh 25th Sept
Willyam Parker 3rd Oct
Anno Domini 1588  
William Hethem' 24th June
John Salter 15th July
John Shripford? 7th Oct
George Woods 14th Oct
Roger Crosse 13th Jan
Roger Russell 29th Jan
Henry Tailler 11th Feb
Anno Domini 1589  
Richard Coombe 1st June
Henry Courtis 22nd June
William Pridham 29th Sept
Anno Domini 1590  
Thomas Willyams 9th May
Richard Smith 13th May
John Brayne 7th Sept
John Smith 9th Sept
Richard Reve 6th Oct
Philip Rugge 8th Oct
George Hellyer 10th Oct
Anno Domini 1591  
Richard Swetland 29th June
Willyam Lowton 23rd Oct
John Braine 4th [unreadable]
William Croote 12th [unreadable]
T[unreadable]loman 17th [unreadable]
[unreadable] Dolline 17th [unreadable]
Roger Heymon 16th [unreadable]
Anno Domini 1592  
Edward Follett 21st May
Richard Tremlett 29th May
Gilbert Coude 9th July
John Gudridge 16th July
Thomas Speneway 20th Aug
Gilbert Morrin? 31st Aug
Thomas Betston 9th Sept
Richard Mondaye 27th Oct
Leonbr???Lucras 12th Nov
Phillipp Wescott [word written above
Wescott ? senr ?junr]
23rd Jan
Roger Mays?Nyays 6th Feb
James Horne 6th Feb
Anno Domini 1593  
John Stoke junr 30th April
Richard Fillmore 14th July
Roger Goulde 29th Sept
John Miller als Iellarde 17th June
Roger Triche 15th Oct
Thomas Hamme 26th Nov
John Trickher 13th Jan
Anno Domini 1594  
Roberte Follett 15th Oct
John Hamline 2nd Nov
Andrew Norwell 2nd Nov
Walter Jenens 26th Jan
Robt Hore 16th Feb.
Anno Domini 1595  
Clement Palfreyman 10th June
Willyam Russell? 8th Sept
Richard Perryman 15th Sept
Richard Faytour 3rd Nov
Thomas Temple? 19th Jan
Richard Coutic? 5th Feb
John Boocher 19th Feb
Anno Domini 1596  
John Russell 24th May
Thomas Cleake 1st June
William Brooke 5th Aug
Thomas Reve 14th Aug
Christopher Walronde 6th Sept
Roger Gibbard 17th Oct
Robert Pendye? 15th Nov
William Rooke 31st Jan
Anno Domini 1597  
Richard Franke 23rd May
John Coward 20th June
John Willes 20th June
Thomas Webber 28th July
Ellis Leegh 29th Aug
John Fleye 11th Feb
Stephen Rooper 13th Feb
Anno Domini 1598  
George Hethen? 25th May
Yewyne? Shapley 29th May
Robert Hookeward 5th Oct
James Horne 12th Dec
Anno Domini 1599  
Christopher Brernton? 11th Apl
John Baydon 10th March
Anno Domini 1600  
Alexander Riper? 10th Apl
Richard Stoke 28th July
John Stoke? senr 29th Sept
Willm Carnell? 8th Sept
Willm Smeete 10th Nov
?Thomas Luccras 22nd Dec
Christopher Elliott 5th Feb
Stephen Pope 22nd Feb
Anno Domini 1601  
John Baylie 13th Aug?
Jeffery Cuttyforde? 20th Aug?
Robert Thorne 22nd Oct
John Crosse 9th Nov
Phillipp Manley 6th Feb
William Hill 13th Feb
John Braine 15th Feb
Anno Domini 1602  
William Woode 10th April
John Manley 7th June
John Hoppinge 27th June
Jo?denn Lendall 15th Jan
Richard Kennell 17th Feb
Anno Domini 1603  
George Whitrowe 2nd June
John Hunte 21st June
George Braine 25th Aug
John Collins 2nd Oct
Anno Domini 1604  
Phillipp Wescott senr 25th June
Willyam Coggins 18th Oct
Pearce Awskine 18th Nov
Anno Domini 1605  
Henrie Tucker als Lame 29th Apl
John Heone? 29th Apl
Andrew Batston 6th May
John Merron ? 22nd Aug
John Randell to Alice Braine 20th Nov
Roger Robins to ?Grace?Mold 21st Nov
[one name unreadable]  
Henry Coude [?churchwardes]  
[still 1605]  
Peter Codner and Lydia Roger 29th Feb
Robert Wardater? and Joh'a Dollin 3rd March
Anno Domini 1606  
Thomas Golesworthy and Alice Stoke 22nd July
Thomas Herne cleark and Susanna Willes.. 6th Oct
John Kingst' and Anstis Braine 9th Nov
Walter Pinson and Mary Walrond 20th Nov
Phillipp Clapp and Anne Mayard 27th Nov
John Marne?Macin and Margaret Crosse 27th Nov
John Russell and Elizabeth Wootten 5th Feb
Anno Domini 1607  
Willm Harris and Dorothy Bedford ? [very
faint writing]
4th Aug
Robert Conant and Elizabeth Morris 14th Oct
James Ceverik? and Elizabeth Richards 7th Feb
Anno Domini 1608  
Henry Cutford and Jane Langford 14th Apl
William Tre?main and Mary [this entry looks as if it
has been erased]
Ollyver Stevens and [unreadable]..Nochalse and ? 23rd [unreadable]
?Marchal Be?rine and Mellony Cowpe' 23rd [unreadable]
Robt Harryson and Alice Courtyes 10th [unreadable]
George Hellyer and Elizabeth Faytoe 12th [unreadable]
Thomas Hunt and Maryan Russell 12th [unreadable]
Thos Herne vicar  
Jo Miller and Eliz Follett [date unreadable]  
Robert R?enniel and [unreadable also date]  
Anno Domini 1609  
Jo Elliott and Agnes Poppe 9th Feb
Robte Phillips and Mary Courtis 8th May
Tho Knolles and Jane Crante? 18th Sept
Richard Conant and Jane Slade 18th Sept
Andrew Terleate [as written] and Marye Toose 12th Nov
Thomas Lane [possible letters ?wid ?als after the name
and then] Barsard? and Christen Bagwell
7th Jan
Willm Splatt and Urslo Meyrand ? 3rd Feb
Roger Priddham and Margaret Rug [as written] 3rd Feb
Anno Domini 1610  
Willm Cowde and Agnes Davye 23rd April
Peeter Morrishe and Thomazin Diggins 17th Jan
Steven Manfield and Margery Stokes 31st Jan
Anno Domini 1611  
George Blackford and Johane Hopping 23rd April
Steven Langdon and Marie Goulde 27th April
Gilbert Smith and Jane Tucker 25th May
Roger Ley and Johane Browne 18th June
Richard H..?nd and Mary Bryghte 29th June
Willyam Collins and Mary Norleigh 26th Aug
George Elliott and Elizabeth White 4th Nov
Andrew Hill ?wid and Anshill Wolfe 28th Nov
Thomas Smith als Baylie and Agnes Lutton 16th Jan
Keh?Rey?chias Colley and Jane Follett 29th Jan
Raffe Gefford and Elizabeth Smith 30th Jan
Richard Baston and Alice Baylie 30th Feb [as written]
Anno Domini 1612  
Christopher Brenton senr and Julyan Locke 20th April
John Lawrence and Jane Swetland 29th April
Richard Batstone and Elizabeth Brewton 12th June
John Cowde and Christian Russell 21st Dec
Richard Gibbes and Joyce Feyter 11th Feb
Anno Domini 1613  
John H...ye and Johane Calley 3rd [unreadable]
Symon Newbery and Thomasin Webber 5th Oct
Anno Domini 1614  
Thomas Barnard? and Rechell? Deniell? 27th June?July
Andrew Hall and Thomazin Feytor 4th Feb
Richard Browne als Batston and Mary Brigge 20th Feb
Anno Domini 1615  
Henry Hawkswell and Anne Peyne 22nd May
Richard Windaner? and Yeedith Hopping 8th June
Symon Randell and Mary Bagwill 27th June
Jo Gudridge and Eliza Courtice 29th June
Richard Cox and Eliza Newbery 9th Oct
Lawrence England and Julyan Brewton 13th Jan
Nicholas Smith and Elizabeth Basse 15th Jan
Edmond Coombe and Anne Conant 16th Jan
Gilbt Bedford and Heaster Garrett 20th Jan
John Randell and Agnes Hoope 31st Jan
Thomas Harris and Mary Ley 5th Feb
Michael Manfield and Johane Smith als Baylie 6th Feb
Anno Domini 1616  
John Bassoner and Sarah Williams 9th April
William Luckies and Elizabeth Carpenter 24th June
Henry Golsworthy and Dorothy Luckis 18th Sept
George Colby and Anne Sary 19th Sept
Henry Coxworthy als Browne and Mary Tihard? 4th Feb
Jo Barrow and Jone Russell 13th Feb
Anno Domini 1617  
Pearce Hellyer and Margery [?er]scott 8th Oct
Gregorie Leye and Catherin Golsworthy 19th Nov
Richard Tucker [unreadable word] and
Thomasin Besood?
12th June
Necholas Brewton and Margarett Dollinge 15th June
Bornard Hathely and Catherin Braine 20th June
Walter Faytor and Johan Cooker? 28th Jan
Leonard Star and Charitie Hoppinge 31st Jan
Anno Domini 1618  
Roger Fowler and Thomasin Bending 7th June
Willyam Windoner and Willmett Smith als Baylie 3rd Aug
Richard Manley and Agnes Toose 29th Oct
Robte Tuckett and Rechella Moye 19th Nov
Leonard Starre 'sig' and 'Robte' Symons ;churchwardens
Martyn Bagwill and Robte Thorne sidemen
Anno Domini 1619  
John Tilke and Ellyne Russell 5th June
Richard Salter and Jone Luckis 28th Sept
Christopher Goles' and Elizabeth Tyll 29th Sept
George Bond and Ame or Anne Richards 27th Feb
Anno Domini 1620  
Wm Hill and Agnes Faytour 12th June  
Peeter Ractliffe and Peeternell Basse 16th Apl  
Richard Hall and Mary Wilkes 9th Oct
Willyam Ston man [as written] and Margarett Leye 3rd Nov
Daniell May'e and Susanna Rooke 27th Jan
Anno Domini 1621  
Jo Salter and Alice Gilberd 4th June
Robte Bartlett and Jone Brooke 11th June
Hewgh Bird and Alice Stocker 1st July
Thomas Crane and Julyan Smith 13th Feb
Anno Domini 1622  
Peeter Morrysh and Hope Stoke 10th May
Wm Norrington and Grace Bale 5th June
Adam? Willyams and Anne Skewes 15th July
Jonas? Walrond and Catherin Courtis 19th Nov
Henry Cowde and Johane Heath [unreadable word] 20th Nov
Anno Domini 1623  
Necholas Harte and Elizabeth Leigh 24th April
George Webber and Grace Wilkings 30th Nov
Jo Bowman and Mary Leigh 21st Jan
Jo Cowde and Jane Coombe 22nd Jan
Anno Domini 1624  
Wm Richards and Dorothy B?ond 25th April
Robert Clarke and Anne Norley 17th June
Roger Gould and Johane Cocke als Baker 30th June
Thomas Stocker and Anne Warren 18th Oct
Jo Willes and Susanna Awstine 10th Feb
Anno Domini 1625  
Charles Lacy and Catheren Salter 4th July
Gyles Pennywill and Elizabeth Hookeway 5th Oct
Jo Hall and Mary Randell 24th Oct
Joshua 'Wipe' and Margarett Hethen 16th [unreadable]
Phillip Watts and Jane Knolles [unreadable]  
Henry Peeter and Catherin Horn [unreadable]  
Jonas Walrond and Hester Swetland [unreadable]  
Thomas Hearne vic  
Pearce Austin  
Jo Newbery ?churchwardens  
Walter Burgies and Prudence Gilberd 18th May
Peter Prew and Dorothy Leye 27th July
Francis Bazeley and Margaret Brewton 17th Aug
Richard Tucker [small word indecipherable]
and Mary Mannre?
25th Sept
Jo Clattery and Jane Shutt 2nd Dec
Jo Hensburie and Elizabeth Callender 9th Jan
Robte Rennell and Mary Bendinge 10th Jan
Anno Domini 1627  
Willm Rai?ton and Agnes R?oge 11th June
Jo Cowde and Dorothy Birdwood 24th Sept
Robte Warren and Johan Shutt 31st Oct
Silloman Tichord[as written] and Catherin Fowler 22nd Jan
Anno Domini 1628  
John Guderidge and Susanna Cox 24th April
Joseph Drew and Judith Toose 30th April
Martyn Bendinge and Mary Oshmon 7th May
Roger Gould and Mary Capell 27th July
Gilbe Medow and Beaton [as written] Willes 27th Nov
Jo Teape and Elizabeth Tih?ard 29th Nov
Peter?Pearc Hellyer and Elizabeth Comb 12th Jan
Nicholas Manfield and Susanna Gould 31st Jan
Anno Domini 1629  
John Wollcott and Willmotte Re? 13th April
Jo Morrin and M'garett Stoke 14th Jan
Anno Domini 1630  
Jo Smith and Johane Pease 6th April
George Pringe and Margarett Brewton 26th May
Francis Hill and Elizabeth Hopping 10th June
Richard 'M' Drestlin? and Elizabeth Tebre? 23rd July
Jo Callard and Johane Faytor 28th Aug
Richard Thorne and Julyan Hawkins 16th Jan
Richard White ?widw and Cicelly Willes 2nd Feb
Anno Domini 1631  
Richard Pennywill and Christian Clements 3rd May
John Callender and Grace May 6th June
Charles Rugge and Anne Birch 9th June
Richard Wills and Mary Sunnt? 31st Aug
John Bending and Isett Ewings 15th Sept
Jo Crosse and M'gett Chanon 26th [unreadable]
George Harris? and Melony Headon? 22nd Sept
Richard Cary and Thomasin Russell 3rd Oct
Richard Chadsly and Margarett Harrison 19th Jan
Anno Domini 1632  
Willm Clarke and Melonie? Penney 31st May
Thomas Gould and Christian Capell 14th July
Richard Lacy and M'grett Peters 20th Aug
Richard Pynell and Mary Ga?den 16th Oct
Jo Rabgent and Elizab Rop 20th Oct
Walter Gyles and Agnes Besse 29th Nov
Anno Domini 1633  
Matthew Watten and Joan Bagwell 31st Oct
Thomas Peeke and Isett Pring 7th Nov
Roger Roenis? and Anne Peese 13th Nov
Thomas Tucker and Agnes Warberton 28th Nov
Anno Domini 1634  
Nicholas Rusell and Joan Barons 29th June
Henry Hopping and Susanna Basse 2nd July
Elias Bruton and Jane Collins 29th Oct
John Peyne and Anne Labet 23rd Nov
James Norway and Bridget Ley 19th Nov
William Cowde and Jane Curtis 22nd Jan
John Leate and Elizabeth F[unreadable] 24th Jan
Anno Domini 1635  
Thomas Cox and Rehead? Randle 27th April
Richard Curtise and Susana Knolles 19th July
Roger Robbins and Katerein Summers 6th Aug.
John Tucker and Alice Arscott 26th Oct
Richard Hopping and Judith Wolborn 2nd Feb
Phillip Elliot and Joane Morris 2nd Feb
Robert Cooke and Elizabeth Smith 11th Feb
Anno Domini 1636  
Thomas Lane and Winifred Varter? 7th July
Stephen Lavis and Elizabeth Manning 21st July
Ralph Teape and Thomasin Bennet [unreadable] Aug
William Lavis and Joane Hookway 11th Oct
Roger Elliot and Katereine Penny 5th Nov
Francis Batston and Christian Pe[unreadable] 9th Dec
John Elliott and D[unreadable] Pridise [unreadable] 19th Jan
Roger Batstone and Alice Newbery 24th Jan
Charles Tudd and Tomizen Cowde 26th Jan
Anno Domini 1637  
Humphery Coombe and Mary Hopping 25th April
George Strong and [unreadable also small word inserted
above first and second names] May als [unreadable]
8th May
Henry Treleate and Alice Pope ejus Sept
John Lavis and Elizabeth Stephen 16th Jan
Anno Domini 1638  
Richard Hellard and Elizabeth Starr 15th Sept
Robert Keswell and Alice Toose 20th Oct
Edward Hopping and Alice Coode 17th Jan
William Smith and Thomazen Thorne 5th Feb
Anno Domini 1639  
William Maynard and Elizabeth Brayne 8th May
Thomas Skinner and Mary Teup? 14th [unreadable]
Richard Crosse and Thomazin Tudd 12th Sept
Henry Elliot and Martha Luckresse 10th Oct
Anno Domini 1640  
Francis Clappe and Elianor Smith 5th April
William Rabgent and Susanna Crosse 13th July
Thomas Pease and Mary Thorn [unreadable]
Anno Domini 1641  
John Rogers and Charity Staple 6th [unreadable]
Roger Bagwell and Sarah Birch 12th [unreadable]
Edward Lavis and Elizabeth Russell 22nd [unreadable]
Richard Callender and ?Mary ??ward 24th [unreadable]
George Harris and Amey [unreadable also date]  
John Elliot and Elizabeth Worron 27th Nov
John Milton and Joane Shutt 5th Feb
Anno Domini 1642  
Willm Plyer? and Elizabeth Helor? 20th June
William Birch and Joane P'dmis? 3rd Sept
Nicholas Rolstone and Ann Richard 29th Oct
Roger Priderm and Elizabeth ?hriser? 30th Sept
John Manfield and Martha Huggent 2nd Nov
John Rabgent and Margaret Manfield 15th Feb
[no entries for 1644]  
?Josh Bird and Elizabeth Goare 12th June
Thomas Tucker?Turbet and Winifarde Hyner? 10th July
Willm Feuldin ? and Jeane Manfield 6th Aug
Richard Butston and Kateren Ley 29th Aug
John Ford and Doraty Smith 2nd July
John Smith and Amey French 14th Aug
William Newcombe and Elizabeth H[unreadable] 3rd Nov
Thomas Harison? and Anne [unreadable] 24th Dec?
Henry Nut? and Joane Hathwell/Hartwell 10th Oct
Robert Harrison and Joan? Luckris 6th Nov
Francis Butston and Ann Harris 18th Dec
Roger Robbins and Joan Till 3rd April
John Sander and Judith Bragge 28th Sept
Aaron Bedle? and Urzula Stonem' 26th Dec
Thomas Batherm'?Dathermore and Joan Lewes/Lavis 4th Jan
John Scoinle? and Hester Wilshm' 6th Jan
Michaell Toose and Charity Salter 4th Oct
Thomas Bragge and Mary Rabgent 14th Nov
[no entries for 1650]  
George Blathford and Ann Newberry 7th Oct
Ralph Rudden and Elizabeth Elliot 6th Nov
George Hellier and Mary Adams 3rd Feb.
Thomas Staddon and Charity Lavis 12th Feb.

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