From White's Devonshire Directory of 1850

Transcribed by Neil Stanton

LIFTON is a considerable village, pleasantly situated in the valley of the river Lyd, about a mile from its confluence with the Tamar, 4 miles E. of Launceston, and 15 miles W.S.W. of Okehampton, on the main road. Its parish contains 784 inhabitants, and 5982 acres of land, including about 600 acres of plantation; the hamlets of Tinney, High Cookworthy, Beara, and West Week, and many scattered houses. A large cattle fair is held in the village on the 13th of February, and a cattle show on the first Thursday in June. Petty Sessions are held here at the Arundel Arms, on the last Thursday of every month, by the magistrates of Lifton Division, to whom S. Pattison and J. L. Cowland, of Launceston, are clerks. The manor of Lifton was given by King John to Agatha, who had been his mother's nurse. It afterwards passed to various families, and was sold, with 4580 acres, in September 1845, by W. A. H. Arundell, Esq., to the trustees of the late R. H. Bradshaw, Esq., for Henry Blagrove, Esq., but to be held in trust till he attains the age of 36 years, or till 1856. Mr. Blagrove married Mr. Arundell's eldest daughter, and has a, handsome seat here, called Lifton Park, and sometimes Castle Park. The mansion is large, and in the Tudor style, and was erected in 1815 and subsequent years, by Mr. Arundell, who now resides on the continent. It is encompassed by about 300 acres of lawn and woods, stretching into the Tamar valley, and commanding deIightful views. The Rev. W. Bayer, Sir W. Molesworth, the Rev. C. T. C. Luxmoore, and many smaller proprietors, have estates in the parish, which contains limestone, lead ore, manganese, &c. An argentiferous lead mine has lately been opened at Gatherley, and is likely to be profitable. The Church (St. Mary) is a large antique fabric, with a lofty tower, containing eight bells, and crowned by a crocketted spire. It has several handsome monuments, belonging to the Harris family. The rectory, valued in K.B. at £31. 2s. 11d., and in 1831 at £423, is in the patronage of Henry Blagrove, Esq., and incumbency of the Rev. Henry Townend, M.A., who has a good residence and 21A. of glebe. The tithes were commuted in 1841, for £540. 3s. 4d. per annum. The Baptists, Wesleyans, and Bible Christians have small chapels here; but there is no public school in the parish.

Bartlett Richard,butcher
Bickle Richard, butcher, Stone
Blagrove Henry, Esq. Lifton Park
Bluet Richard, surgeon
Brook John, schoolmaster
Carpenter Rev. Charles, Heale
Cater Miss P. || Martin Miss
Doidge John G. surgeon
Martyn Wm. baker, &c.
Palmer Richard, gent. Corner House
Penwarden John, plumber, &c.
Pyett George, brushmaker
Saunders Lawrence, miller
Sibbell Thomas W. gent Underhill
Smale Thomas, tax collector, Tinney
Townend Rev. Henry, M.A.. Rectory

Arundell Arms, Elizabeth Ball
Bell, Wm. Davey
Fox and Grapes, Joseph May, Tinney
Gardeners Arms, John Mason, Tinney
Plough, John Ball

Bickle John
Fox John
Knight Robert

Ball John
Bevan Richard
Harvey John
Reath Richard
Stenlake Richard

(* are Owners.)

Bloye Thomas
*Braund John
Braund George
Brendon Richard
Colwell Wm.
*Davy Wm.
*Doidge Henry
Facey Peter
Fletcher John
Glanfield John.
Hamlyn John
Hamlyn Richd.
Hanns Agnes
Harris Eliz.
*Hearne John
Hilson George
Hocking Fras.
Jackman Roger
Jackson Wm,
Jeffery Wm.
Kneeborn George
Mason Thomas
Medland. Wm.
Northey Wm., Lake
Northey W. & Jno.
*Northey Wm. sen.
Palmer John D.
*Palmer Thos.
*Palmer T. Rowe
Parsons Amos
*Rowe Thomas
*Smale George
Tucker Wm.
Uglow Wm.
Walter John

Brendon and Co.
Northey Rd. & Co.

Ball Jn
John Bullen John
Bullen J jun.
Bullen Jonth.
Bullen Henry
Bullen James
Davey Wm.

Chubb Benj. (and
auctioneer, &c.)
Croot Robert

Hamley John
Wise James

Kellaway John
Maddaver John
Prout John
Truscott Thomas

Palmer & Bullen
Vaudon Js., Tinney

POST-OFFICE at Robert Palmer's.
Letters desp. At 2 Afternoon
Mail ,Coaches & Carriers to Exeter,
Falmouth, &c., pass daily

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