Compton Castle, in the parish of Marldon, near Torbay, and Paignton


Charles Spence

In Exeter Diocesan Architectural Soc. Trans 2 ser, v. 1, (1867) pp. 47-54.

Prepared by Michael Steer

Compton Castle is a fortified manor house in the village of Compton, about 5 miles west of Torquay, The castle has been home to the Gilbert family for most of the time since it was built. It has been a National Trust property since 1951. The original undefended manor house was built in the mid-14th century and consisted of a hall flanked by solar and service rooms at each end - these were rebuilt in the later Middle Ages. The fortress-like front was added in about 1520 by John Gilbert. The central hall was in ruins by the 18th century, but was faithfully reconstructed in the 1950s. Its most famous inhabitant was Sir Humphrey Gilbert (1539-1583), coloniser of Newfoundland. Legend has it that Raleigh smoked the first pipe of tobacco in Britain while visiting Sir Humphrey. This rare book was produced from a digital copy held by the University of Michigan Library that can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. Those on which copyright has expired are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Aleburne, William de 53
Bitton, Bishop Thomas 53
Champernowne, Katherine 53
Champernowne, Sir Philip 53
Chichester, Bishop Robert de 52
Chudleigh, Elizabeth 52-3
Chudleigh, Sir Richard 53
Compton, Alauric de 52
Compton, Cyriacus de 52
Compton, Elizabeth 53
Compton family 48, 52
Compton, Isabel 53
Compton, Jane 52
Compton, Joan 53
Compton, Thomas 53
Compton, William de 52-3
Crocker, Elizabeth 52-3
Crocker, Sir John, Knt 52-3
Dinham family 51
Edward the Confessor 51
Edward II 52
Edward IV 53
Gilbert, Sir Adrian 53
Gilbert, Amy 53
Gilbert, Elizabeth 52-3
Gilbert family 48, 52-3
Gilbert, Sir Humphrey, Knt 52-3
Gilbert, Jane 52
Gilbert, Jeffry 52-3
Gilbert, Joan 53
Gilbert, John 52-3
Gilbert, Sir John, Knt 52-3
Gilbert, Katherine 53
Gilbert, Oates 53
Gilbert, Otho 52
Gilbert, Richard 52
Gilbert, Thomas 53
Hawley, John 51
Henry II 51
John, Bishop of Exeter 52-3
Kirkham family 51
Lysons 51
Oliver, Dr 52
Osolf 51
Pole, Lady Alice de 52
Pole, Sir Maurice de 51-2
Prince 52
Raleigh, George 53
Raleigh, Katherine 53
Raleigh, Walter Esq 53
Scott, Sir Walter 47
Stapledon, Bishop 52-3
Stephen, King 51
Totneis, Joel de 51
Westcott 53