Reminiscences and Letters of Sir Robert Ball

edited by

W Valentine Ball

Boston: Little Brown (1915). illus, xvi, 407 pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

Sir Robert Stawell Ball (1 July 1840 - 25 November 1913) was an Irish astronomer. In 1867 he became Professor of Applied Mathematics at the Royal College of Science in Dublin. In 1874 Ball was appointed Royal Astronomer of Ireland and Andrews Professor of Astronomy in the University of Dublin at Dunsink Observatory. In 1892 he was appointed Lowndean Professor of Astronomy and Geometry at Cambridge University at the same time becoming director of the Cambridge Observatory. The Ball family came originally from Morebath in Devon. The book was produced as a memorial tribute by his son. This rare book was produced from a digital copy held by the Bodleian Library that can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. Those on which copyright has expired are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers. The copy of the book was produced by Forgotten Books.

Ball, Amelia Charlotte 11
Ball, Annie Frances 11
Ball, Bent Esq 6
Ball, Bob Stawell 2, 6
Ball, Sir Charles, Bt, FRS viii, 11, 15
Ball, Elnor 1
Ball family 1, 4, 6, 12
Ball, Henry 2, 5
Ball, John 1
Ball, Katherine 9, 13
Ball, Mary Agnetta 11
Ball, Miss Maude 3
Ball, Nicholas 4-5
Ball, Peter, MD 2
Ball, Sir Peter 1
Ball, Robert 1-2, 4-6, 8
Ball, Sir Robert Stawell viii, 6, 8, 17
Ball, Thomas 4
Ball, Valentine, CB, FRS 11, 15
Ball, William 1
Burton, Sir Frederick 8-9
Butt, Annie Frances 11
Butt, George 11
Butt, Isaac 14
Callwell, Robert 8
Camden 5
Caulfield, Mr R 6
Charles II 1, 4
Croker, Mary 6
Darwin, Charles 13
Dreyer, Dr viii
Duff, Mr J D viii
Edouart 6
Ellis, Mary 6
Forbes, Professor Edward 14-5
Graves, Rev R Percival 9
Green, Alice 3
Green, Charles 3
Green, Edward 3
Green, John & Kitty 3
Green, Johnny 3
Green, Mrs Sam 3
Green, William (Willy) 3
Green, Rev William Spotswood, CB, MA 3
Gresley family 8
Gresley, Katherine 8-9
Hellicar, Amelia Gresley 8
James II 6
Jones, Molly 6
Larmor, Sir Joseph viii
Llangatock, Lord & Lady 8
Loane, Mrs 3
MacMahon, Miss Ella viii
Madan, Mr Falconer 8
Meredith, Jane 6
Millington, Mrs Mary Agnetta 4, 11
Millington, William, MD 11
O'Brien, Smith 16
O'Connell, Daniel 16
Owen, Sir Richard 15
Patterson, Mr Robert, FRS 8, 16
Patterson, Sir Robert Lloyd 16
Raleigh, Sir Walter 2
Reid family 5
Riall, Captain RN 2
Stawell, Ruth 2
Steele, Mr Lawrence Edward viii, 3, 5
Swanzy, Rev H B, MA 6
Thomson, Annie Frances 11
Thomson, John 11
Thompson, Mr William 13
Todhunter, Dr John 9
Vaughan, Elizabeth 4
Wallop family 1
Whittacker, Professor E T viii
Wright, Rev William Ball, MA 6