Moreleigh 1601

Published here by kind permission of the Diocese of Exeter

Provided by Barbara Wilson via Philip Steer

Moreleigh 1601  These are to certifye you that I have three
                  closes of gleabe land, one of them contayning fower
acars of ground, called the Aryshe, the second contayning nynge
fower acres of ground, named the Barowe Parke, the third con-
tayning three acars,called Wranwell wth on littell close con-
tayning one acar, all tyllable lande, and halfe an acar of
Coppes wood, all whch are bounded wthin the grounds of Mr Sture,
Peter Parnell and the towne.
  Farther more there belongeth to the Churche fower bullockes
leafe in the wester Morleygh Park in the Sommer, and but three
in the Winter, and three in the easter Morleygh Parke in the
Summer, and but two in the winter.
  Also xxd a yeare out of the wester Hannimore, and so out of
easter Mannimore.
  For Implements, none.
  For houses, a Hale, a Parler, a Butterye wth two chambers.
  A Barne, a Bakehouse, a Stable, and a Cowehouse.
The names of the Patrons ar Sr Rychard Champernowne, knight,
  and Mr Rychard Sture, gent.
Ralph Plumbe, Parson