Transcript of

John Smale Torr. [Obituary]

Harplye, W. Trans. Devon. Assoc., 1879, Vol XI, p. 62

Prepared by Michael Steer

John Smale Torr son of John Torr, born at Moretonhampstead in Devon about 1919 married Maria Germon Jackson daughter of John Jackson at St Mary, Islington on 2 September 1843. Maria died in 1846. At the 1851 Census he was at 38 Bedford Row Finsbury where he earned his living as a solicitor.  He married Augusta Elizabeth King in 1856. He died on 17 August 1878 at Brookfield Cottage, Mitcham in Surrey. The article, from a copy of a rare and much sought-after journal can be downloaded from the Internet Archive. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

John Smale Torr was born on the 13th December, 1818, at Moretonhampstead, where he passed his boyhood. He received his later education at Mount Radford School, in Exeter, in which city he was subsequently trained to the profession of the law in the office of his cousin John Smale, now Sir John Smale, Chief Justice of Hong Kong. Although engaged in practice in London during all his afterlife, he was constant in maintaining the friendships and local interests in which he had grown up, and in his later years he derived much pleasure from his membership of the Association, which he joined in 1873, and in the Reports and Transactions of which he always felt a lively interest.

He died on the 23rd of July, 1878, leaving a widow, a daughter, and two sons. Mr. Torr was twice married.