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Ninth Report of the Committee on Devonshire Records: Plymouth Proprietary Library

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 31 (1899), pp. 120-145.


J. Brooking-Rowe (ed.)

Prepared by Michael Steer

The report, read at the Association's 1899 Great Torrington meeting continues the account of Plymouth Proprietary Library Manuscripts, in particular documents relating to Devonshire in its Halliwell-Phillips Collection . The purpose of the Committee was to investigate and report on manuscripts, records and ancient documents existing in or related to Devonshire, with the nature of their contents, their localities and whether or not they are in private or public hands. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.

Abbott, Mr142
Adnowe, Henry126
Algood, Jabez140, 142
Algood, James140
Algood, John140
Amiridith, Edward127
Andrew, Philip141, 142
Archer, Madame145
Atkyns, Edward145
Atterbury, Bishop145
Austin, William (Austyn)138, 140
Austyn, Thomas133, 137
Barton, Richard137
Bath, John Earl of123
Bellamy, John130
Bellamy, John jnr130
Bellamy, Susan130
Bennett, Henry124
Bennett, John124
Billingsley, John138
Bizer, Arthur127
Bond, Grace141
Bovey, John130, 142
Bovey, Richard144
Bradshaw, Peter127
Branwyn, Mary132
Broke, ffabyan127
Brooking-Rowe, Mr J120
Brownlow, W R, DD120
Bruer, William123
Brushfield, Dr T N120
Budgett, E129
Butler, John124
Cabell, Edward137
Cabell, Mrs Elizabeth Snr134-6, 140-1, 143-4
Cabell, Elizabeth jnr143
Cabell, Richard Esq128-30, 137-40, 142
Cabell, Roger Esq138
Cabell, Samuell Esq128, 135-6
Cadding, Richard129
Caddinge, John129
Caddinge, Mary129
Caddinge, Sariath129
Callard, Abram144
Callard, Henry134
Canterell, Edmund126
Champernowne, Arthur Esq127
Champernowne ffrancis127
Champernowne, Sir Richard Knt126-7
Charles I132, 137
Charles II133-4
Clappe, Andrew127
Clary, John137
Cleather, George121
Cleere, Andrew124
Cliffe, Richard123
Cock, John134
Cole, Henry123
Cole, Joan128
Cole, William128
Colwell, Mr144
Combe, Roger137
Congdon, John134
Cooke, Sir Edward Knt127
Cooke, Nicholas138
Cossel arms137
Cotton, Mr R W120
Coudman, John127
Cowie, Benjamin DD120
Crimpe, William141, 144
Crockewill, John gent124
Cromwell, Oliver139
Crossing, Philip139
Crossing, Richard140
Dennis, Sir Thomas Knt123
Dodd, Henry123
Duckenfield arms137
Duckenfield, Ralph137
Dyer, John124
Edmondes, Thomas125
Edwards, Mr141, 143
Elford, Sir Thomas121
Elford, Sir William121
Elizabeth I124-5, 133
Ellacot, John135
Ellacot, Tomsin135
Ellacot, William138
Elles, Thomas123
Ellis, Richard132
Emiell, Richard (also Ennell)124
Emot, Thomas124
Farley, William141
ffarwell, Edward143-4
ffinch, John142
Ffownes, Henry135-6
Fishmore, Roger128
Ford, George Esq124
Foster, Mr Richard141, 144
Foster, William126
Fox, Daniell139
Fox, John120-1
ffoxe, Edward139
ffurze, Mr140, 142
Gaell, Mr George131
Gagbine, Richard132
Gibsonne, Philip140
Gidley, Bartholomew129-30
Gordon, Rev Alexander121
Gotobed, John124
Gouswill, Mark124
Graye, John140-2, 144
Grosvenor, Lord122
Hale, John133
Hall, George142
Hamilton, Mr A H A120
Hamlin, Phillip143
Hamond, John131
Hannaford, Margaret128
Hannaford, Peter128
Hawkine, John the younger131
Hawkine, Nicholas132
Hawkyns, John125, 132
Hawkyns, William125-6
Hayman, Ardy133
Hele, Mr143
Henry VII123
Henry VIII124
Hext, John127
Hockeley, John gent124
Hodg, Philip124
Hodge, Richard141
Hole, Jane132
Hole, John gent124, 132
Hole, William128, 130
Hooper, Richard133
Hord, Thomas144
Hore, John134
Hore, Mary134
Hore, Samuel134
How, Thomas140, 143
Hungerford, Mr Johem136
Hurle, John138-9
Ilbert, Mr Peter130, 140-1
James I122, 127-8
Keverde, John (also Kenerde)126
Knapman, Alex132
Knipe, William145
Lam, James123
Lang, Christopher141, 144
Lang, John130
Langdon, George129, 134-6
Latche, Thomas gent124
Locrofte, William123
Luscombe, Edward139
Luscombe, Mary128, 141
Luscombe, Samuell141
Luscombe, Thomas128
Madaford, Arthur136
Madaford, Pancrosse136
Maddock, Alexander140, 144
Mathew, Thomas138, 140
Mathewe, Edmund126
Mitchelmore, Samuell139
Mohun, Sir Rynold133
Mudge, Agnes141, 142
Mudge, Joan143
Mudge, John121
Mudge, William123
Mudge, Zachariah121
Muygge, Peter123
Newcombe, Alice132-3
Newcombe, Nichol132-3
Newcombe, Richard132
Newcombe, William132
Newton, Sir John Bt145
Newton, William124-5
Nichol, Richard133
Northaway, John143
Northcote, James Esq, RA120-2
Northcote, Mr Samuel121
Northleigh, Henry Esq129-36
Northleigh, Remond124
Northleigh, Robert123-4, 128-9
Oring, Peter141
Parr, John133
Passe, Johane jnr128
Peeters, Lord144
Penney, John132
Penney, John jnr132
Phillipp, Christopher126
Phillipp, Thomas124-6
Phillipp, William125
Phillips, Christopher134
Philpe, Samuel144
Pidgeon, Richard136
Pinckam, Andrew135, 140, 142, 144
Pinckam, John135
Please, Thomas134
Pomary, John129
Prestwood, Thomas138-9
Prowse, John144
Prowse, Thomas142
Putt, William Esq138
Raddon, Edward129
Rattenbury, Francis135
Rattenbury, John gent135
Reed, Anne136
Reed, Richard136
Reynell, Edmund129
Richards, Edward145
Rosewell, Sir Henry Knt129
Rowe, William138-9
Sainthill, Mr144
Salter, John124
Sayer, Hughe126
Scobell, Mr Ellis137, 142
Scroop, George145
Segar, Robert130
Seyward, John gent124
Shapter, John140-1
Shebbeere, Gertrude134
Shebbeere, John134
Shebbeere, Joseph134
Shebbeere, Richard gent134
Sherwill, Joan (also Jane)128
Sherwill, Mary128
Shirwill, William122
Slaning, Mary136-7
Slaning, Samuel136
Sloman, John132-3
Smyth, Alice128
Smyth, Robert128
Smyth, Roger128
Soper, William137
Southcombe, Humfrye128
Southcote, ffrancis138-9
Sparke, Nicholas126-7
Spratt, John gent129
Standen, Nicholas126
Standen, William126
Stevens, Thomas140, 142-3
Stone, John136
Stoneman, John127
Stoodly, Giles141
Strobrigge, Robert124
Sumptier, John139
Symes, Hugh132
Tallent, Humphrey121
Tamlin, Thomas141
Thorp, Thomas121
Tinckam, John135
Toope, William143
Torr, Peter snr143
Tothill, Henry Esq127-8, 132-3
Tothill, William Esq137
Treby, John143
Trevanion, John125
Trewyke, Richard gent127-8
Trewycke, William128
Tues, Andrew130
Underdowne, Richard134
Upton, Mr143-4
Vaughan, John132-3
Vincent, Edward133
Vise, R134
Ward, Lady145
Warren, John138
Warring, Daniell141
Welham, Thomas136
Westlake, Mrs Susan137
White, Mr T Jeston120
Willing, Thomas142
Wills, William129
Windeatt, Mr Edward120
Wonnacot, Michael132, 134
Wonnacott, Susan134
Wright, John145
Wright, William145
Wyot, Hugh127
Yendall, james134