Between Thomas JENKINS, Henry Frederic ALSTON, Francis STEVENS and Robert LYS

Transcribed, and the original presented to the DRO, by Elizabeth Howard

This Indeture of four parts is made the 21st day of January in the second year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the fourth by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland King etc and in the year of Our Lord 1822
Between Thomas JENKINS formerly of Sidmonton House in the county of Southampton but now of Sidmouth in the co of Devon esquire of the first part, Henry Frederic ALSTON of Gloucester Place, Portman Square, in the co of Mddx esq of the second part, Francis STEVENS of Sidmouth afsd gentleman of the third part and Robert LYS of No 24 Lincolns Inn Fields in the co of Mddx gentleman of the fourth part.
Witnesseth that in consideration of the sum of five shillings of lawful money to each of them the said JENKINS and ALSTON in hand well and truly paid by him the said Robert LYS at or on or immediately before the sealing and delivering of these presents the receipt whereof is duly acknowledged they the said JENKINS and ALSTON have bargained and sold ...... unto the said Robert LYS all that piece or parcel of land or ground situate lying or being in York Terrace in Sidmouth in front next the road or way facing the beach and containing in front from east to west 25ft 9ins or thereabouts and from east to west in the rear of 22ft 4ins or thereabouts and in depth from north to south on the east side thereof 105ft 7ins or thereabouts and from north to south on the west side 103ft 7ins or thereabouts bounded on the north by a lane leading from the High Street into the Marsh on the east by premises now or lately known as Marsh`s Assembly Rooms on the north by a lane leading from the beach and on the west by premises belonging to the said Thomas JENKINS and leased to Robert HERRIES esquire And also the two modern built messuages tenements and dwelling houses erected and built on some part of the said land or ground one of which was formerly Marsh`s Dwelling House and Library and the other let by the said Francis STEVENS as a Lodging House but the former of which is now in the occupation of William CAWSEY as a dwelling house and Library and the other let by the said Francis STEVENS as a Lodging house all of which the said messuages buildings hereditaments lands and premises are set forth and delineated in the plan or ground plot thereof set forth in the margin of a certain Indenture of Release which said premises are within the manor of Sidmouth and also the High or Ground rent hitherto payable in respect of the premises by a certain Lease in the said Indenture of Release together with all rooms chambers lights easements yards etc to be hereby released To have and to hold the said piece or parcel of ground etc hereby bargained and sold to the said Robert LYS his heirs from the day next before the day fo the date of these presents for and during and unto the full end and term of one year Yielding and paying therefore at the end of the said term the rent of one peppercorn if lawfully demanded ..... and be hereby enabled to accept and take a grant and release of the reversion freehold and inheritance thereof unto him the said Robert LYS But in Trust for the said Francis STEVENS his heirs and assigns and according to the form of an Indenture of grant and release already prepared between the said Thomas JENKINS and Henry Frederic ALSTON and William Henry SURMAN of Lincolns Inn gentleman of the third part, Francis STEVENS of the fourth part, Robert LYS of the fifth part and Samuel STEVENS of Axminster gentleman of the sixth part . Witness seals of Thomas JENKINS, Henry Frederic ALSTON, Francis STEVENS. (And externally Signed sealed by Thomas JENKINS in the presence of JG JENKINS, Jno SEARLE; signed and sealed by Henry Frederic ALSTON in the presence of Geo HEMBROW clerk to Mr Surman; signed by Francis STEVENS in the presence of James BERRY clerk to Mr Stevens).
Lease for one year dated 21st day Jan 1822.