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The voyage to Cadiz in 1625:

Being a journal written by John Glanville, secretary to the lord admiral of the fleet (Sir E. Cecil), afterward Sir John Glanville, speaker of the Parliament, &c., &c., never before printed.
From Sir John Eliot's mss. at Port Eliot. Ed., with introduction and notes, by the Rev. Alexander B. Grosart.

Westminster: Printed for the Camden Society, (1883), xlvi, 132 pp.


Sir John Glanville

Prepared by Michael Steer

Sir John Glanville, one of Devon's 'worthies', was born in Tavistock and was brought up as an attorney. He entered Lincoln's Inn and was called to the bar on 6 February 1610. He was Recorder of Plymouth from 1614 and was elected Member of Parliament for Liskeard later that year. In 1621 he was elected MP for Plymouth, and was re-elected in 1624. He was secretary to the Lord Admiral of the Fleet during the Duke of Buckingham's assault on Cádiz in 1625, and managed several of the articles of Buckingham's impeachment over the next three years. He was again re-elected MP for Plymouth in 1625 and opposed the Crown in the 1620s, preparing a protest against the dissolution of Parliament in 1625. He was re-elected MP for Plymouth in 1626 and 1628; then sat until 1629 when King Charles decided to rule without parliament for eleven years. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally by Google from a copy in the University of Virginia Library collection and can be downloaded from HathiTrust. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

General Index, pp 129-132

Abraham, Lieutenant (Captain)123
Alcock, Lieutenant123
Alford, Captain123
Alley, Captain123
Amadas, Captain22, 127
Anderson, Lieutenant123
Appleyard, Ensign122
Appleyard, Lieutenant122
Apsley, Mr William108, 114
Argall, Sir Samuel Ktix, 37, 63, 65, 68, 72, 126
Arkeld, Ensign123
Ashley, Captain124
Atchison, Lieutenant124
Ayleworth, Ensign124
Ayres, Ensign123
Bagg, Ensign122
Bagnall, Ensign122
Banks, Richard W Esqxii
Barber, Captain126
Bargey, Captain17
Bargrave, Captain126
Barington, Lieutenant123
Barnett, Lieutenant122
Barsey, Ensign (Captain)122, 125
Bartlett, Ensign123
Barton, Mr Roger127
Basset, Lieutenant122
Bathurst, Lieutenant124
Baymond, Captain125
Bayning, Andrew13
Bayning, Mary13
Bayning, Paul13
Bayning, Thomas13
Beamont, Captain16, 92, 108, 125
Bemersyde, Lieutenant122
Bennett, Ensign122
Betnam, Ensign123
Bettes, Captain123
Blague, Captain16, 27, 125
Blake, Admiralxvi
Blount, Penelope2
Bluddell, Ensign124
Blundell, Sir George Ktix, 37, 122
Bockard, Ensign123
Bond, Captain17, 123, 125
Booth, Lieutenant122
Bonithon, Captain17, 125
Boswell, Ensign124
Boteler, Captain125
Bowles, Jr, Captain123
Bowles, snr, Captain123
Bowles, Ensign123
Bowyer, Lieutenant (Ensign)122-3
Brand, Lieutenant123
Brett, Sir Alexander46, 123
Brett, Captain (Lieutenant)122
Bridges, Captain (Lieutenant)122-3
Briges, Lieutenant123
Broadribbe, Lieutenant124
Bromigeham, Captain Edward45, 122
Brooke, Lieutenant122
Browne, Lieutenant (Ensign, Captain)122-4
Bruce, Ensign124
Bruce, Sir Henry Kt3, 37, 59, 122, 124
Bruce, Johnix
Bruerton, Ensign123
Bucke, Captain123
Buckingham, George Duke ofv-vi, ix-xii, xix, 1-4, 7-8, 13, 37, 100, 121
Bullock, Ensign122
Burdon, Captain16, 125
Burgh, Sir John Kt3, 37, 46, 59, 75, 123
Burke2-3, 27
Burley, Captain Barnabas127
Burley, Captain Mervin126
Burthogg, Lieutenant122
Bustamante, Don ffrancisco45-8
Butler, Captain (also Boteler)17, 72
Calvert, Lieutenant123
Carew, Captain126
Carew, Mr ffrancis22, 25, 27, 43, 121
Carew, Lord85
Carewe, Ensign122
Carleton, Captain123
Carlile, Ensign122
Carpenter, Mr Austin127
Cartwright, J J Esq, MAiii
Castañeta, Admiralxvii
Cecil, Algernonxix
Cecil, Annexix
Cecil, Lady Dianaxix
Cecil, Lady Sophiaxix
Cecil, Lady Theodosiaxix
Cecil, Earl Thomasxviii
Cecyl, Sir Edward (Lord Cecil)ix, xiii, xvii-viii, xix, 1-2, 36
Chadwell, Lieutenant123
Champernown, Ensign123
Chappell, William Esq, FSAiii
Charles Ixix, 1-3, 8, 37, 60
Chaucer, Geoffrey4
Chaworth, Lieutenant123
Cheeke, Captain127
Cheverton, Lieutenant122
Christmas, Captain122
Chudley, George37
Chudley, Sir John Kt37, 39, 43, 56, 77, 126
Clapham, Captain123
Cludd, Ensign124
Coffin, Lieutenant124
Coitt, Lieutenant123
Coke, Sir Edward4
Coke, Sir John Ktxii, 4, 11-2
Cole, Lieutenant123
Collins, Captain127
Colwell, Lieutenant122
Conway, Colonel Sir Edwardix- x, 3, 37, 77
Conway, Viscount (Colonel)3, 123
Cooke, Sir John7, 123
Cooke, Mr William8
Coop, Captain17, 123
Cooper, Captain125
Corke, Earl of121
Cornwell, Captain124
Cosens, F W Esq, FSAiii
Cotgrave & Minshew19
Countrey, Captain122
Courtenay, Captain123
Cowley, Lieutenant124
Crispe, Captain (Lieutenant)122-3
Croftes, Captain122
Cromwell, Lordix, 27, 36-7, 83-5, 87, 127
Cross, Ensign123
Dalton, Charles Esq, FRSxvii
Dawson, Lieutenant123
Dedham, Ensign122
Delaware, Lord13-4, 37, 83-8, 105, 107-8, 125
Denbigh, Earl ofxx, 13-4, 36, 49-52, 56-8, 62-4, 67-9, 83-4, 93, 127
Disson, Ensign122
Dixon, Captain123
Dodson, Ensign122
Dodsworth, Lieutenant124
Donne, Lieutenant122
Dowglas, Captain123
Downes, Captain16, 125
Doyle, James E Esqiii
Drury, Dianaxix
Drury, Lieutenant123
Drury, Sir Robertxix
Dudley. Ensign123
Dunne, Captain127
Duppa, Captain127
Ebsworth, Rev J Woodfall, MA, FSAiii
Eden, Ensign123
Eliot, Sir Johnv
Elizabeth Ixviii, 2
Elizabeth, Princess Electressxviii
Ellis, Captain (Ellys)16, 125
Elpheston, Captain122
Essex, Robert Earl ofix- xi, xiv, xx, 2, 36, 38-9, 43-4, 49, 63, 109, 126
Exeter, Earl ofxviii
Ffanshawe, Ensign124
ffarrer, Captain122
ffearne, Ensign122
ffelton, Lieutenant122
ffennithorp, Captain122
ffisher, Captainxv, 122
ffitton, Captain126
ffoliatt, Ensign124
ffoscue, Ensign123
ffoxe, Lieutenant124
ffoy, Ensign124
Frier, Captain123
ffrisby, Captain17, 125
ffrith, Lieutenant123
ffrodisham, Lieutenant122
ffrogmorton, Lieutenant123
ffullerton, Ensign122
Gairdner, James Esq, LLDiii
Games, Lieutenant123
Gardiner, Dr S Rawsonxx, 2-3, 13, 35, 37, 39-40, 46, 85
Gayer, Sir Michael Kt (also Geere)ix, xi, 37, 43, 49-50, 69-70, 72, 125
Gibbes, Ensign124
Gibson, Captain123
Gibthorp, Captain123
Gibthorpe, Captain123
Gilbert, Captain126
Gilpin, Captain124
Gifford, Captain122
Gilbert, Captain Raleigh28, 37, 39, 43, 90
Glanville, Sir Johnthroughout
Glynne, Captain124
Goodridge, Lieutenant123
Gonsales, ffrancis30, 88
Gore, Captain48, 122
Goring, Captain123
Gosse, Captain17, 125
Grandison, Lord85
Graunt, Master John28
Gray, Lieutenant123
Green, Ensign (Greene)122, 124
Greenfeild, Ensign (Captain)122-3
Grey, Captain123
Grimshaw, Lieutenant122
Grove, Captain69, 123
Grove, Lieutenant123
Grover, Lieutenant123
Gurling, Captainxv, 126
Gwynne, Ensign123
Hacklett, Captainxv, 122-3
Hacklett, Lieutenant123
Hagthorp, Captain126
Hake, Captain127
Hales, J W Esq, MAiii
Hall, Bishop1
Halls, Ensign122-3
Hamden, Sir John Kt126
Hammond, Captain122-3
Hanley, Sir Edward123
Harman, Captain126
Harvey, Captain John126
Harvy, Captain Edward126
Hatch, Captain16, 125
Hawkins, Ensign122
Heatley, Captain123
Heigham, Ensign (Lieutenant)123
Hill, Captain William45, 48, 108, 123
Hobbes, Ensign124
Holdham, Lieutenant123
Holland, Earl of2
Hone, Captain123
Honniwood, Lieutenant124
Hooker, Captain Harry13
Hookes, Ensign123
Hooper, Richard108
Horner, Lieutenant122
Horwood, Colonel123
Houghton, Lieutenant124
Hudson, Ensign123
Humfreys, Lieutenant123
Hunkes, Lieutenant123
Hunt, Ensign123
Huson, Lieutenant123
Hynton, Lieutenant123
Jackson, Captain123
James Ixviii, xix, 46
Jarman, Lieutenant123
Jarves, Ensign123
Jarvis, Lieutenant124
Jeffereyes, Lieutenant123
Jenkinson, Master40
Jennison, Ensign123
Johnson, Captain22, 28, 51, 126
Jones, Lieutenant (Captain)124-5
Judd, Lieutenant123
Judge, Lieutenant122
Kelke, Ensign123
Kenton, Mr45
Kettleby, Ensign (Captain)123, 127
Killegrewe, Sir Henry124
Kingston, Alfred Esqiii
Kirton, Captain122
Knevet, Captain (Knivett)17, 125
Knight, Francis101
Knolles, Captain (Ensign)122, 124
Leake, Captain123
Lee, Lieutenant122-3
Leigh, Anthony122
Leigh, Ban123
Leigh, Edward122
Leigh, Ensign122
Leighton, Captain123
Leuett, Captain22
Levitt, Catain127
Lewkin, Lieutenant123
Lindsey, Ensign (Captain)122-3
Long, Lieutenant124
Love, Captain Brett (Lieutenant)8, 123
Love, Sir Thomas Ktix, 8, 15, 29, 37, 44, 67, 69, 72, 74, 121, 125
Lowe, Ensign124
Lucas, Ensign123
Maddison, Ensign123
Malyn, Captain16, 125
Mansfield, Count13
Marbery, Ensign (Captain)122, 127
Markham, Ensign (Lieutenant)122-3
Marshall, Lord122, 125
Mason, Captain17, 73, 125
Mason, Charles A J Esqiii
Massawe, Admiral William de Nassau)7
Masterson, Captain123
Mathewes, Ensign123
Mathewes, Lieutenant122
Mathews, Captain123
Maurice, Princexviii, 7
Maxey, Ensign123
Meatus, Captain124
Medina-Sidonia, Duke of67
Middlesex, Countess of46
Milton, John10, 79
Mohun, Captain126
Moldisworth, Captain123
Moone, Lieutenant123
Moore, Ensign122
Moreton, Sir Thomas123
Morg, Powell123
Morgan, Sir Charles2, 123, 127
Mostyne, Captain123
Muschade, Emanuell88
Nassau, William de7, 36
Nelson, Admiral Lord Horatioxvi
Netherton, Ensign123
Neuell, Lieutenant122
Newcomb, Sir Beverley Kt27, 37, 127
Noel, Sir Andrewxix
Noel, Theodosiaxix
Norton, Captain124
Ogle, Ensign122
Ogle, Sir Johnxviii, 123
Olivares, Conde de40
Orange, Prince of2
Osborne, Captain17, 57, 62, 64, 68, 92-3, 125
Otby, Ensign122
Ottey, Lieutenant (Ensign)123
Outridd, Lieutenant124
Owen, Ensign122
Oxenbridge, Captain65, 77, 93, 127
Paddon, Captain122
Pagitt, Ensign122
Paprill, Captain122
Parker, Ensign123
Parkinson, Captain123
Parry, Lieutenant123
Pawlett, Captain126
Pelham, Ensign (Captain)123
Pennannt, Ensign122
Peywell, Captain127
Phillipps, Halliwell99
Philpott, Captain126
Pigott, Sir Thomas Kt22, 127
Pinchbecke, Ensigne123
Plesington, Lieutenant123
Plumley, Captain (Plumleigh)65, 93, 127
Polkenhorne, Captain17, 125
Pollard, Lieutenant124
Porter, Thomas Esq37, 45, 106, 122, 125
Pottes, Ensign123
Pottes, Lieutenant122
Povie, Captain127
Powell, Lieutenant (Captain)122-4, 127
Powis, Earl of, LLDiii
Preston, Captain122
Price, Ensign123
Prideaux, Lieutenant123
Prode, Sir John Kt2, 37, 92, 122
Prowde, Lieutenant122
Putney, Baronxiii, xix
Quarles, Lieutenant123
Rabnett, Mr72
Rainsford, Captain123
Ramscroft, Ensign123
Ratcliff, Sir John123
Raymond, Captain17, 45
Reade, Captain123
Reskymer, Captain John127
Reskymer, Captain, William126
Revell, Mr Laurence36
Reynelles, Captain122
Reynolds, Lieutenant122
Rich, Lieutenant123
Richards, Captain123
Riche, Sir Charles Kt2-3, 37, 123
Roberts, George Esqxx
Robinson, Ensign124
Rous, Captain127
Ruckwood, Captain96, 126
Russell, Ensign122
Sacheverill, Captain127
Saltingstone, Ensign123
Saundilaunce, Lieutenant124
Scott, Captain124
Seamor, Captain17
Searle, Lieutenant122, 124
Shakespeare, William113
Shelly, John Esqxii, 123
Seymour, Captain (Seamour)123, 125
Sherrock, Lieutenant123
Shirley, Evelyn Philip Esq, MAiii
Shugborough, Captain123
Sidenham, Ensign (Captain)123, 126
Simpson, Rev W Sparrow, DD, FSAiii
Skeat19, 26, 104
Skelton, Captain123
Skipwith, Captain126
Smith, Ensign123
Smyth, Admiral1, 31, 63, 71
Snedall, Mr William126
Southampton, Earl of113
Speke, George Esq37
Spilling, Ensign123
Spring, Lieutenant123
Sprye, Captain122
Squibb, Captain92-3, 127
Standishe, Captain123
Stanhope, Earlxvii
Stanton, Ensign123
Staverton, Captain123
Stevens, Captain (Lieutenant; Ensign)17, 123, 125
Steward, Sir Francis Kt2, 13, 83-4
Stewart, Captain (Ensign)123
St Germans, Earl ofv
St John, Oliver85
St Leger, Sir William Ktix, xi, 2, 29, 37, 46, 75, 106-8, 123, 125
Stokes, Captain (Stoakes)17, 125
Story, Ensign123
St Paule, Lieutenant124
Stradling, Captain127
Talbott, Lieutenant122
Taylor, Captain122
Tentes, Mr Thomas126
Terrett, Captain123
Thoms, William John Esq FSAiii
Thornix, Sergeant Major122
Thorp, Ensign124
Thorpe, Ensign124
Tillier, Lieutenant123
Tolkarne, Captain122
Tomber, Robert108
Tourney, Lieutenant124
Trefuse, Ensign123
Tregoze, Baron85
Tremaine, Lieutenant122
Trye, Ensign123
Tucke, Captain123
Turner, Captain17, 125
Tysen, J R Daniell Esq, FSAiii
Valentia, Henry Viscount (Valencia)2, 27-9, 36, 56, 74, 83-4, 86-8, 126
Vaughan, Captain (Ensign)16, 124, 125
Veale, Ensign122
Vere, Sir Francisxviii
Vernon, Lieutenant123
Verulam, Earl of, FRGSiii
Villiers, Sir Edward121
Waller, Captain (Lieutenant)123
Walsingham, Captain126
Walters, Captain126
Warde, Ensign (Lieutenant)122-3
Warwick, Earl of2
Watkins, Captain123
Watnam, Ensign124
Wattes, Alice13
Wattes, Edward13
Wattes, Ensign123
Wattes, James13
Wattes, John13
Wattes, Sir John Kt13, 37, 51, 97, 127
Wattes, Lieutenant124
Wattes, Magdalene13
Wattes, Margaret13
Wattes, Mary13
Wattes, Paul13
Wattes, Richard13
Wattes, Sarah13
Wattes, Thomas13
Wattes, William13
Webb, Ensign124
Welcombe, Lieutenant123
Welden, Captain126
Welles, Ensign123
Wescott, Ensign123
West, Henry14
Westbrooke, Mr62
Wharey, Captain22, 126
Whiddon, Captain126
White, Captain17, 125
Whitehead, Lieutenant122
Whitney, Ensign123
Whorewood, Sir Edward Kt3, 37, 74
Williams, Lieutenant (Captain, Ensign)123-4
Willoughby, Captain (Ensign)123-4
Wilton, Lieutenant122
Wimbledon, Viscountix, xii-iii, xvii, xix-xx
Wollaston, Captain17, 108, 125
Wood, Captain124
Woodward, Ensign123
Wormewood, Lieutenant (Ensign)122-3
Worth, R N Esq, FRGSxii
Wright, Ensign123
Wriotesley, Mr113
Yates, Lieutenant (Captain)124
Yonge, Walterxix, 37, 46, 101, 121
Yorke, Sir Thomas123
Zouch, Sir Edwardxix
Zouch, Sofiaxix