From White's Devonshire Directory of 1850

DOWN, (WEST) a pleasant village, on a bold acclivity, near a rivulet, 6 miles N.N.W. of Barnstaple, has in its parish 637 souls, and 4059 acres of land, including the small hamlets of Willincott, Dean, and Trimstone. Anthony Loveland, Esq., is lord of the manor of Bradwell; and Dr. Yeo is lord of that of Stowford, which was the seat of Bishop Stowford, who built Pilton bridge. The Langdon, Parminter, Griffiths, Coats, and other families have estates here. The Church (Holy Trinity,) is an ancient fabric, and the living is a vicaraqe, valued in K.B. at £8. 14s. 9d., and in 1831 at £211, in the patronage of the Bishop of Exeter, and incumbency of the Rev. H.J. Drury. The tithes were commuted in 1841, the vicarial for £163, and the rectorial for £255. The latter belong to Messrs. G. and J. Langdon, T. Parminter, and J. Menhinniott. The Wesleyans have a small chapel here. The poor have a cottage, garden, and a 3A. field, purchased in 1672, with £20 left by John Eyre; and the interest of another £40 left by the same donor. For teaching six poor children, a schoolmistress has £40s. a year from Mrs. Newcommen's Charity. (See Bideford.)

Acland Hugh, vict. King's Arms
Brimley Mr Wm. || Chugg Mrs
Davis John, vict. Blue Anchor
Drury Rev Hy. John, Vicarage
King John, baker and shopkeeper
May John, saddler
Phillips Mary, schoolmistress
Pile John, shopkeeper
Scamp Robert, mason
Setters Wm. grocer, &c


Collings Richard
Phillips John
Phillips Wm. BLACKSMITHS. Cornish John
Lewis Richard
Phillips Thos. & ironmonger


Phillips John
Phillips Thomas
Phillips Wm.
Setters John


Phillips George, Bradwell
Thomas Wm.


Chugg John
Chugg Thomas
Coats Elizabeth
Coats John
Coats Jno. jun
Coats Robert
Coles Richard
Dyer James
Frost James, Willincott
Gammon John
Geen John
Hartnoll James
Heddon John
Menhinniott Jno.
Parminter Thos.
Slocombe Thos., Stowford
Thomas ---
Tucker Robert
Verney John


Collings George
Lewis Wm.


Cornish George
Phillips Henry
Scamp James
Setters Wm.
Vicary Wm.

Brian Randell, 26 Aug 1999