[From the Archealogical Journal (Royal Archealogical Institute of Great Britain and Ireland) Vol 40 1883 pages 225-233]

Transcribed by Jean E Harris


March 12, the 27th Year of Kg Henry 8th 1536 [Copied from Woodbury Church Ledger, formerly called the Malt Book]

    The hole P'ishners of the P'ishe of Woodbury by their hole assent & consent hath agreed to gyff ev'y yere yerely to the Alle Wardyns of the P'ishe Church of Woodbury for the tyme beyng so muche malt or monye to the valew of the malt for the mayntenance of the Church as apperyth upon ev'y of ther names hereafter followyng. And also the seyde P'ishners hath ferder agreed, that is to saye, to dyne togethers the Tuysday yn the Whitsonweke & the later seynt Swythyn Day at the Church House of Wodbury, & thei & ev'y of them to bryng there meyto & brede wt them & to paye at ev'y of the seide deyes afore rehersyd for there Dryncke at ther Dyners yerely for a man & his wyff the sum or sumes set on ther names hereafter folowyng. And also the seide P'shners hath ferder agreed that wn thei do not in' to dyne at ev'y of the seide dayes beffore lymyted that thei so paye at ev'y of the seide dayes for theire Dyn's the seide monye hereafter folowyng not wt standyng to the Churh Wardyns for the tyme beyng. And also that no wedow man or widow woman to paye for a place but iid [& for di'] a place id.

The Est Syde of Wodbury P'ishe 
Joh'es Haydon. Gentiii bushels
Joh'es Hylli -
Joh'es Myddletoni -
Joh'es Fermor ali' Wescottiii -
Cecelia Shrerewyll, Vidi -
Will'ms Webberi Pecke
Joh'es Dobbyni Bushell
Roger PowDi' -
Joh'es Comyngi -
Richd FaytorDi' -
Ric' Ellyottii -
Thos Wreyffordii -
Henry Gybbei Bushell
Thos Morysi -
Joh'es Sydecombi -
Wm Luttoni -
The West Syde of Wodbury P'ishe 
             Woodbury Towne 
Joh'es SymDi' Bushell
Joh'es AndebyDi' -
Thos Smyth1 Pecke
Wm Symii Q
Jacobus Myllward1 Pecke
Joh'es Saundersi Bushell
Rich. LeytDi' -
Joh'es Berymanii Q
             Grete Fenmore 
Hugo PyleDi' Bussell
Richd CampynDi' -
Joh'es Plymptoni Bushell
Joh'es Leghii Bushell
Wm Hoperi -
Wm Symii
Joh'es Emb'yi Pecke
Joh'es Rowei Bushell
Joh'es Northorni Pecke
Richd Okeii Q
Tho's Pynei Pecke
Ja's Croftii Q
Tho's Franke--
Joh'es Lucasi Peck
Tho's Coveii Q
                                                Sm'l Bussells 
Joh'es Wescott, Senriii Buss, &
Joh'es Wescott, Junri Pecke
             Lytell Fenmore 
Joh'es CaytDi Bussell
Wm Lucasii Bushells
Joh'es Webberii -
Richd Tyeii -
Joh'es Bryghti Pecke
Tho's Harrysi -
Tho's Hylmanii Q
Joh'es Scottii Q
Joh'es Yeattii Bussells
Joh'es Trossei -
Richd MorysDi'
Joh'es Adami -
Wm Tylli Bushell
Joh'es Aysshei -
Richd Scotti Bushell Di'
Rob't Adami -
Richd Smythii -
Walterne Holdmedei -
Joh'na Scott, Vidii -
Tho's Scottii Q
Joh'es RendellDi' Pecke
Thomas Boughtoni Pecke
Joh'es BoughtonDi'Pecke
Joh'es SymDi' -
Joh'es Hollwyll al' Hoppyni -
Waltr GybbeDi' Bussell
Richd TyrpynDi' -
Joh'es Okei -
Wm CarterDi' -
Richd TrappenellDi' -
Waltr Redei -
Alicia Courteney, Vidi -
Richd Germanii -
Tho's Youngi -
Tho's Haydoniii Bussells
Joh'es Robyns, VidDi' -
Tho's Wallii Q
Rob't Pynei Bussell
Wm JacobbDi' -
Richd Jacobbii Q
Richd Churchwylli Bussell



Mary Scott Widow for the Tenement   
she lives in     -     3     1     
    for Bettyes Coate in   
        Woodbury Town--7
Wm Lovering for his Tenement-12
Rob't Addams-29
Joan Weekes Wid.-12
Joan Addams Wid.-12
Roger Nichol for his Tenement--7
    for Pollards Brook in   
        Woodbury Town--2
Rob't Moore-20
Barth' Webb--2
Wm Headman--6
John Pearse for a Cottage   
        at Exton Hill--1
Antho' Pearse--2
Wm Cooke for his Cottage   
        and his Land--7
Johan Roades--5
Oliver Wittehalse--1
Peter Knott--6
Wm Turpyn or Occupiers   
    of that Tenement--7
Arthur Spurr Gent for the Tenement   
        he lives in-26
    for Mr Goves Tenement-14
Joan Young Wid. for her Tenement   
    &    Water Mill-24
Ambrose Snow for one Close   
        called Long Park--2
Peter Trapnell for his 2 Tenements-19
Wm Webber for a Cottage   
        at Marsh--4
Alexr Duke Gent for Exton Farm-34
    for Sowell Ground-16
    for Ellyotts Tenement   
        in Woodbury Town-13
    for Bussells Tenement--5
    for Mr Thos' Duke's   
John Leate for the Tenement   
        he lives in-16
    for his Tenement called   
Tristram Pearse for a Close   
        called Stooke Bridge--2
Joseph Morrish--6
Gideon Haydon Esq for   
        Ebford Barton-12
    for Houndbear Farm-84
Christn Wall--10
Wm Whetcombe for the Tenement   
        he lives in-26
    for his Tenement at Exton-15
John Gibb-16
Mary Dalby Wid--9
Richd Bryant for the Tenement   
        he lives in-16
    for German's Tenement--7
Wm Pearse for the Tenement   
        he lives in-16
    for his Tenement in   
        Woodbury Town--10
John Beadon--2
Wm Hurford--5
John Embery--2
John Taylor--1
Rabbish Pearse Wid.--1
Tho's Crutchard--2
George Peeke--2
Richd Salter--9
Jane Holwill Wid. for the Tenement   
        she lives in-19
    for Broad Ridons--3
Robt Stogdon for Mosehills--3
    for two Closes of Thomas   
    his Tenement, & the little meadow   
        by the Mill--3
    for two Cottages in   
        Woodbury Town--6
Cath' Colsworthy for   
        Sabbyn's Marsh--4
Geo' Colsworthy--6
Christ' Hill Wid.-12
John Hill the Younger--6
        Little Fenmore   
Rob't Caddew-211
Anth' Pynse--6
Tristram Thomas--9
Jas' Vincent--6
        Great Fenmore   
John Plympton-16
John Spraett Gent-18
    for Payges Meadow--15
Wm Smyth-10
        Scutts Moor   
Rebecca Hill Wid.-15
    for Hamns Close--4
Tho's Cooke-24
Philip Pyne--11
Wm Way--10
    for his Cottage in Town--2
Wm Salter--2
Chas Stookes-17
Robt Lovering the Younger--9
Nichs Warren--4
Joan Hayman Wid.--5
Robt Halfyard--6
Robt Halfyard for that in Exton--6
Richd Smyth--3
Thos Manning--9
Amys Predyaux Gent-34
Wm Collings-18
Thos Denham-18
Wm Cooke for his Tenement--6
    for Pearse' Ground--4
    for the Mill at Ridon-13
Christ" Ellett--3
        Wood Mandon   
Mrs Joan Farrington for the Tenement   
        she lives in-32
    for Heath's Tenement--10
John Heath the Elder--10
John Heath the Younger   
    for Ham's Ground--5
Robt Symons for his Tenement-15
    for Tucker's Wood--2
Amys Rochett--8
John Perryan--10
Joam Starr Wid.--1
Thomas Lee for his Tenement-15
    for his tenement in Gulliford--8
Richd Mallacke-32
Wm Taylor--5
Vincent Hellman-13
Richd Hill-11
    The Wester Part of Woodbury Towne             
Richrd Parrett for his Tenement there--7
    for his Tenement in Salterton--9
Wm Mable--1
Richd Mable the Elder--1
Joan Ballamant Wid.--3
James Payge--6
Wm Smeath--2
Thos Addams--11
    The Easter Part of Woodbury Towne   
Mrs Joan Gove Wid.-16
Edw. Bampfield, Esq. for   
    Woodbury Wood-12
Christr Labbett--2
Christr Pressford for Rushmoor--6
Nichs Scott--2
Christr Brockwell--2
Richd Corney--2
Andw Leonard for his house--2
    for Barton Land--7
Wm Soper--2
Richd Mable the Younger-16
Alice Ford Wid.--7
Richd Pigeon for his Cottage   
    & Silcomb Meadow--3
Alice Beale Wid.-110
John Trosse for Porslake Tenement-30
    for his Tenement at Salterton-19
Richd Johans & his Mother-111
John Hill-19
Edwd Glass for his Tenement there-15
    for his Tenement in Ebford--9
Peter Sutton for his Tenement-13
    for the Ground of Johans--5
Richd Hill for his Tenement-13
    for that was Johan's Ground--7
    for Coad's Ground--7
Susanna Biddicombe Wid.-13
John Turner-13
George Gibb--3
Abrm Parkyn-17
Marke Parkyn--4
John Bidgood for the Tenement   
        he lives in--10
    for Heale-13
    for ten Acres of Hoppings   
        & Woods--5
    for the tenement in right of   
        his wife-10
John Hoppinge--3
John Winter--3
Wm Pearse in right of his wife-17
Wm Downeham for Thatches--4
Wm Downeham for Lamb Parks--5
Anto Howe--10
John Potbury--9
John Wood--2
Joan Symons Wid.--1
Wm Radford--2
John Holwill for his Tenement-26
    for a Cottage--3
    for Wiscomb Meadow--11
    for Flemon's Ground-11
    for Bagmoors-18
Richd Payne for his Cottage--2
    for Porslake Grounds--3
Robt Brockwell--2
John Cheave--3
Edwd Holwill for the Tenement   
    he lives in & for 2 acres of   
        Scotts Land-210
    for Myll leates--8
    for the Tenement on   
        Winsore Green-13
    for the Well Parkes--8
    for Lamb Parkes--6
    for the Blacklands &   
        Hopping Hills--7
Oliver Hopping--10
Thomas Aauxe--7
Christr Westcott for his Cottage--3
    for Wood Parke & the   
Gilbert Drake Gent.-34
Thomas Webber-14
Humphry Smyth-14
John Clarke--2
John Crutchard--1
George Worthleigh--6
Henry Hann for Heathfield   
        & Combs--9
Joan Baker Wid.--3
Henry Hoppings for Kitelands--2
Wm Scott for his Tenement--3
John Spare--3
Wm German--1
Wm Lux--8



Woodbury 1591

The whole Parishioners of the Parish of Woodbury by their whole assente and condiscente have elected & chosen those sixteen men, whose names are hereafter written, in the Visitation Corte holden at Woodbury Church by Mr John Leache Bachelor of Devynytie, Official of the Dyocese, & Thomas Chaffe Register the 28th June in the 33 year of the raigne of our Sovereigne Lady Elizabeth the Queen's Majestye, that now is. Upon weh election the sd 16 men were sworn there in the sd Corte by the sd official, to make a true & perfitte Rate or Taxatione of all the Land & Lands whatsoever lying within the P'she of Woodbury towards the reperations & Mentaynannce of the Churche of the sd P'she. And now yt is fully concluded & agreed uppon by & between the sd Raters that every Person & Persons hereafter written shall paye everye yeare towards the mentaynaunce of the sd Churche yearlye toe the Wardens for the tyme beyne so much Malte as appeareth & is set doune p'ticularly upon every of the name & names hereafter followinge. And it is further agreed upon by the said Raters too paye in money for every Bushell of Malte Sixteen pence, and soe bee yt more or less after the same Rate.

The names of the Raters -
Gregorgy Goffe Gent        Wm PearseJohn Hill
Wm Downam GenThos HalleThos Scott
Wm BeeleRichd ScottGregr Stokes
Andn HolwillTristram Whitcombe        John Windover
Robt CookePhilip WestcottRobt Loveringe
  John Sowile



Thos Prideaux Esq. for his Barteyne,   
    for that was Hole's Ground,   
    for Thirtyne acres, that was   
    Gregory Stokes for Bashaies,   
        five Bushell in all-    6    8
Robert Lovering one Bushell--16
Thos Scott one Bushell & half   
        & Half a peeke-22
John Tissard three Peckes--12
Eliz. Addame Wid. one Bush & half   
    &    & half a pecke-22
Nich Scott, three Peckes--12
Richd Addeme, three Peckes--12
Wm Pike one Pecke & half--6
Henry Holmead one Bushell   
        & a Pecke--20
John Watts half a pecke--2
Thos Webber half a pecke--2
Wm Lange half a pecke--2
Roger Smith half a Bushell--8
Johan Robines Wid half a pecke--2
Henry Knott a Pecke & Half--6
Henry Turpine a Pecke & half--6
Thomasine browne Wid. half a Bushell   
        & half a Bushell for Ground in   
Jone Yonge Wid. one Bushell--16
Jone Yeate Wid. one & half   
        & half a peck-22
Geo. Morrice half a Bushell   
        & half a pecke--10
Wm Whetcombe one Bushell--16
Walter Trapnell half a Bushell--8
Nic. Trapnell half a Bushell   
        & half a pecke--10
Henry Sanders one Bushell--16
Mistr. Christian Haydon   
    fower Bushells-54
Thos Wale half a Bushell--8
tristram Whitcombe one Bushell   
        & half-20
John Towill one Bushell--16
Alse Clapp Wid. half a Bushell--8
Wid. Bryante one Bushell--16
Richd Pearse one Bushell & three Peckes   
    & half & for Basteyn Land one Pecke   
    & halfe toe in all toe Bushells   
    & a pecke-30
Wid. Pike one Pecke--4
Wm Cooke half a Pecke--2
George Churchill one Pecke--4
John Pearse half a Pecke--2
Johan Holwill Wid. one Bushell & half   
    & half a Pecke-22
And. Holwill the younger   
    one Bushell & Half a Pecke--10
    Great Fenmore   
Richd Plymton one Bushell &   
        half a pecke--18
John Hill two Bushells & a Pecke-3 
John Pyle half a Bushell and   
        half a Pecke--10
John Axe two Bushells-28
Thos Parsons one Pecke & half--6
Robt Scott 3 Peckes--12
Wid. Wheaton three Peckes--12
Wid. Wickes one Bushell--16
Richd Scott one Bushell--16
Wm Downame toe Bushells & half-34
--- Martine toe Bushell & half-34
John Pridhome one Bushell & half-2 
Richd Watts one Pecke & half--6
George Ellies one Pecke & half--6
Mistriss Haydon fower Bushells-54
Wid. Hill one Bushell--16
    [Part of this Rate is missing, as the whole       
    is said to be 137 bushels and ? of a Peck;   
    in money £9 2s 11d]   



Woodbury 1631

Whereas the ancient Rate for the repairing of the Church of the said Parish is now too little & not sufficient to satisfy such yearly charges & payments as heretofore hath been accustomed & now hereafter ought to be laid out & paid towards the said Church. Therefore it was ordered at the Visitation Court holden in the P'ishe Church aforesaid the 23rd of May in the year of our Lord 1631 by the Official & Register for the time being, that there should be a new Rate or tax made for the purpose aforesaid by the then Churchwardens & Sidesmen, with others of the said P'ish. Whereupon the sd Parishioners as well by the condisent of the Right Worsh Sir Thomas Predyaux Knight as also by the assent of Divers others of the said P'ish whose names are hereafter to this rate subscribed, have now made and agreed upon this new Rate and Tax upon all the lands within the said P'ish, towards the reparation of the said Church & Charges above said yearly from henceforth to be paid from the feast of Easter last past these several sums of money & of these several persons whose names are hereafter in this present Rate expressed: viz. --

Sir Thos Predyaux Kt for his ancient Barten of Nutwell;   
    for what was Holes Ground; for Withisaics;   
    for thirteen acres that was Stooks Ground;   
    for Rydon Meadow; & for Broad Meadow;   
    in all-168
Robt Lovering senr for the Tenement   
        he lives in--11
    for one Clove called the   
    Two Cloves at Sowell--4
    Five Cottages & a Meadow   
        at Gulliford--6
Nathanl Salter for Horklake--2
Gilbt Thatcher--7
Gregory Prydham--4
Nathl Wood for his Tenement--8
    for that was Bragge--2
Richd Dagworthy--9
Edmd Trumpe--2
Thos Hopping for his Tenement--7
    for that was Nychols--7
    for the Hills--10
Richard Earle Wid. for her   
    for Culverley--3
Agnes Benyson Wid.--1
Edwd Halse--1
Richd Wood--1
John Terry Gent. for Bridge-47
Peter Scott--1
Michael Leycock--2
--- Carpenter--1
John Wood the Younger--2
Edmd Gallop--10
Richd Halse-12
Wm Veale--10
Ellinor Bond Wid.--10
Thos Hall-18
Robt Hall--11
Ellinor Truscott Wid.--9
Richd Melhuish-12
George Wood--2
Clement Watts--1
John Edwards--6
Edwd Eveleigh--3
Wm Coole--1
John Maunder--1
Walter Younge Gent.-92
Thos Prydham-15
John Wescott-20
Richd Watts--4
John Stowforde--4
Wm Ellis--7
George Bussell--2
John Pynn--10
Christr Morre--4
Andw Hall--3
Thomsin Cooke Wid. for her   
    for Hernes Land--1
    for Southern Grounds--5
John Lee for Wotton Meadow--9
Francis Germyn--10
Robt Symons--4
Robt Scott-15
Thos Bussell--2
Nicholas Halse--10
Thos Scott-17
Robt Perry-14
John Scorkche-15
John Hill-     2    4
 £12 5    7

This Rate beeng finished & published in the P'ishe Church aforesaid, was in the month of July in the aforesaid year of our Lord God 1631 put in & fixed in this Book [the Malt or Ledger] & so confirmed by the hands of those persons whose names are hereafter following set down, viz:

       Thos Prydeaux Thos Webeer
       Thos Atwill Minister     Ar. Spurre
       Henry Henston)Robt Caddewe
       Edwd Dally) Churchwardens    John Perye
       Will. Waye Robt Adams
       Edward Holwill Wm Whetcomb
       Robt Halfyard Richd Bryant
       Richd Halse Robt Scott
       Thos Lee Robt Symons
       Thos Cooke John Holwill
       Charles Stokes Wm Pears