HARTFORD: Geographical and Historical information from the year 1932.


[Description(s) transcribed by Martin Edwards and later edited by Colin Hinson ©2010]
[from The Victoria County History series - 1932]

"HARTFORD CUM SAPLEY, the parish of Hartford has only included the Lordship of Sapley since 1877. The soil is clay with a sub-soil of gravel which occasionally comes to the surface, and has been worked in gravel pits. Over half the parish is arable land growing wheat and barley. The slope from Sapley in the north-west is about 145 ft above sea-level; it is now housing but was formerley left to grass. This slope falls down to the River Ouse in the south which forms the parish boundary where the height is almost 33 ft.

The village is on the southern border of the parish near the the river along the road from Huntingdon to St. Ives. In the late 20th century, many new houses have been built. The church is picuresquely situated on the north bank of the Ouse.

At Sapley, which now comprises much modern housing, there is a small motte and bailey castle, the history of which is not known. Roman coins and other objects have been found in the parish. In the Domesday survey of 1086, the land were given under the King.

The civil parish was mostly absorbed into Huntingdon Borough in 1935."

[Description(s) transcribed by Martin Edwards ©2003 and later edited by Colin Hinson ©2010]
[mainly from The Victoria County History series- 1932]