Index to the "Civilian War Dead Roll Of Honour" for Northumberland, Durham and Yorkshire


ACC Assistant Chief Constable
AFS Auxiliary Fire Service
AGIO Assistant Gas Identification Officer
ARP Air-Raid Precautions
ARPA ARP Ambulance Driver
ARPCC ARP Control Centre
ARPD ARP Demolition Service
ARPDS ARP Decontamination Service
ARPI ARP Instructor
ARPM ARP Messenger
ARPSB ARP Stretcher Bearer
ARPT ARP Telephonist
ARPW Air-Raid Precautions - Works
ARW Air-Raid Warden
AS Ambulance Service
ATC Air Training Corps
BRCS British Red Cross Society
CDSL Civil Defence Service Leader
CMSCDO Cyclist Messenger Service Corps, Divisional
CS Casualty Service
DHW Deputy Head Warden
DMOH Deputy Medical Officer of Health
DUR Co. Durham
ERY Yorkshire, East Riding
FAP First-Aid Party
FAPL First-Aid Party Leader
FB Fire Brigade
FG Fire Guard
FW Firewatcher
GIS Gas Identification Service
HFVAFS Hull Fishing Vessels Association Fire Service
HG Home Guard
HRS Heavy Rescue Service
MN Merchant Navy
N Nurse
NBL Northumberland
NFS National Fire Service
NFSDR NFS Dispatch Rider
NFSM NFS Messenger
NRY Yorkshire, North Riding
PC Police Constable
PCLNER Railway Policeman
PF Police Fireman
PSGT Police Sergeant
PTO Police Telephone Operator
PWR Police War Reserve
RD Rural District
ROC Royal Observer Corps
SC Special Constable
SJAB St John Ambulance Brigade
SRN State Registered Nurse
SW Shelter Warden
UD Urban District
WRY Yorkshire, West Riding
WVS Women's Voluntary Service
YMN Yugoslav Merchant Navy

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