Norfolk: Eaton


William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

This information about Eaton has been extracted from the Norwich section of the directory.

EATON, 2 miles S.W., is also in the vale of the Yare. The manor is about 1300 acres, and belongs to the Dean and Chapter, but the soil is let to a number of lessees, many of whom have handsome houses here. [Page 153].

EATON CHURCH, dedicated to St. Andrew the Apostle, stands also on the Yare, about 2 miles S.W. of the [ie Norwich] Market place, and is a long ancient fabric, covered with thatch, and having an embattled tower, with two bells. It is a vicarage, not in charge, valued, in 1831, at £87, and augmented, in 1732, with £200 given by the Earl of Thanet, and £200 of Queen Anne's Bounty. The Dean and Chapter are patrons, and the Rev. George Day, A.M., incumbent. [Page 118].

[Directory. Page 217]

Marked 1, are at Eaton; 2, Eaton Bower; 3, Eaton Grove; 4, Eaton Hall; 5, Eaton Villa; 6, Grove Farm; 7, Half-mile Lane; 8, Mile-end Lane; 9, Milehill; 10, Mount Pleasant; and 11, Unthank's road.

         10 Baldwin    James            gardener
         10 Barker     John             woollen draper
          1 Barnes     Mrs Sarah
         11 Bedford    Mr.              Fernhill Cottage
          9 Bensley    Robert           gentleman
          8 Betts      John             draper, &c.
         10 Bradbury   Thomas           gold beater
            Brewer     John Sherren     gent. Mile-end House
            Brewer     Rev Ebzr. Cobham,
         10 Buck       Zachariah        organist
          8 Button     Mrs Mary
          2 Crook      William, Esq.
         10 Day        Peter            solicitor
          6 Dix        Wm. James        farmer
          1 Ewing      Wm. Creasy, Esq.
          1 Fish       Benjamin         shoemaker
          1 Fish       Miles            shoemaker and vict. Two Brewers
          1 Fodder     Martha           gardener
         11 Freeman    Chas. Robt.      grocer, &c.
          7 Frost      William          farmer
          1 George     Geo. Brown       farmer
          1 George     Thomas Wm.       brewer
          8 Goggs      Robt. Raven      gentleman
          8 Gooch      Mrs Amelia
         10 Hansell    Henry, Esq.      solicitor
         11 Habberton  Wm.              draper
          9 Harvey     James            gentleman
          1 Hebron     Robt.            surveyor of taxes
         11 Howard     Robert           farmer
         10 Hull       Rev Wm.          incbt of St Gregory
          1 Latten     Wm.              gardener
         10 Mackenzie  Robt.            pattern designer
         10 Mitchell   Mrs Ann
            Morrison   Archibald, Esq.  Eaton Hall
          1 Nixon      Robert           vict. Lamb
          7 Owen       Rev John         curate of St Simon's
         11 Perfect    Samuel           parish clerk
          1 Porter     Eliza            shopkeeper
          1 Porter     John             vict. Red Lion
          8 Pymar      John             woolstapler
          9 Snelling   Joseph           farmer
          1 Stannard   Charles          joiner, &c.
            Willett    Edw. Esq.        mfr. Eaton Grove
            Wrench     Daniel           yeoman
          1 Warner     James            blacksmith
          2 Woolterton James            cabinet maker

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