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Cliburn 1841 Census Transcript

Transcription by household of the 1841 Census for the Hundred, Wapentake, Soke or Liberty of West Ward, Parish of Cliburn [HO107/1162] by Virginia Gretton.

Abbreviations: Ag (agricultural), Ap (apprentice), F (female), Ind (living on independent means), FS (female servant), I (born in Ireland), J (journeyman), Lab (labourer), M (male), MS (male servant), N (born in a county other than Westmorland), NK (not known)S (born in Scotland), Sh (shopkeeper), Shoe m (shoemaker),
Y (born in Westmorland). Figures indicate age in years unless otherwise stated.


Cliburn Hall

Ann WATSON, F, 65, Farmer, N
Joseph WATSON, M, 35, Y
Samuel WATSON, M, 30, Y
John WATSON, M, 25, Y
Jacob WATSON, M, 20, Y
Eliz ROBINSON, F, 30, FS, Y


Thomas WAITING, M, 40, Farmer, Y
Ann WAITING, F, 40, Y
Mary WAITING, F, 12, Y
Sarah WAITING, F, 10, Y
Joseph WAITING, M, 8, Y
Thomas WAITING, M, 5, Y
John SANDERSON, M, 20, MS, Y
Eliz BIRKET, F, 15, FS, Y
Rev H R ROBINSON, M, 30, Clerk, Y
Mary ROBINSON, F, 30, Y


Edward NELSON, M, 60, Ag Lab, Y
Margt NELSON, F, 50, Y
Margt NELSON, F, 8, Y
Thomas NELSON, M, 20, Y

Matthew SOWERBY, M, 45, Carpenter, Y
Hannah SOWERBY, F, 45, Y
Ann SOWERBY, F, 20, Y
Sarah SOWERBY, F, 14, Y
James SOWERBY , M, 9, Y

John ROBSON, M, 30, Shoe Maker, Y
Ann ROBSON, F, 20, Y
Joseph ROBSON, M, 1, Y
Wm ROBSON, M, 2 months, Y

John IRVING, M, 40, Ag Lab, N
Mary IRVING, F, 30, Y
Letitia IRVING, F, 15, Y
John IRVING, M, 10, Y
Ann IRVING, F, 1, Y

John WOOFE, M, 40, Tailor, Y
Jane WOOFE, F, 55, Y
Sarah WOOFE, F, 12, Y
Thomas BAXTER, M, 45, Tailor J, Y
John RUDD, M, 15, Tailor Ap, N
Willm YARKER, M, 15, Tailor Ap, Y

Henry RICHARDSON, M, 45, Schoolmaster, Y
Henry RICHARDSON, M, 11, Y
Jane JACKSON, F, 15, Y

John T BAILEY, M, 45, Ag Lab, Y
Frances BAILEY, F, 50, Y
Ann BAILEY, F, 15, Y

Matthew PEARSON, M, 65, Weaver, Y
Joseph COULSTON, M, 35, Ag Lab, Y
Sarah COULSTON, F, 30, Y
Matthew COULSTON, M, 2 Weeks, Y

John PEARSON, M, 50, Blacksmith, Y
Mary PEARSON, F, 50, Y
Ann PEARSON, F, 15, Y

Joseph DOBSON, M, 60, Farmer, N
Eleanor DOBSON, F, 70, Y
Mary DOBSON, F, 19, FS, Y

Richard SILL, M, 40, Ag Lab, Y
Mary SILL, F, 45, Y
John SILL, M, 19, Y
Mary SILL, F, 14, Y
Miles SILL, M, 11, Y
Isabella SILL, F, 7, Y
William SILL, M, 4, Y
Mary DAY, F, 80, Y
William DAY, M, 40, Ind, Y

Mark COULSTON, M, 30, Farmer, Y
Mary COULSTON, F, 25, Y
Sarah COULSTON, F, 6, Y
Thomas COULSTON, M, 5, Y
Joseph COULSTON, M, 80, Ind, Y

William WATSON, M, 35, Farmer, Y
Mary WATSON, F, 25, Y
Ann WATSON, F, 10, Y
Elizabeth WATSON, F, 7, Y
Rachel WATSON, F, 3, Y
Jonathan ROBINSON, M, 25, Cotton Broker, Y
Edith LAYCOCK, F, 25, FS, Y
Mary NICHOLSON, F, 23, FS, Y
Henry McHAFFEY, M, 30, MS, Y
Wm HINDSON, M, 20, Tea Dealer, Y

Mary JACKSON, F, 70, Y
John LONGSTAFF, M, 13, N

Mary COULSTON, F, 70, Y
Henry COULSTON, M, 30, Y
Jane COULSTON, F, 20, Y
Mary COULSTON, F, 1, Y
Thomas HENDERSON, M, 10, Y

Thomas THOMPSON, M, 60, Farmer, Y
Barbara THOMPSON, F, 50, Y
Geo THOMPSON, M, 15, Y
Thomas THOMPSON, M, 14, Y
Barbara THOMPSON, F, 20, Y

Richd EDMUNDSON, M, 75, Y
Eliz EDMUNDSON, F, 75, N
Richard PEARSON, M, 35, N
Ann PEARSON, F, 35, Y
Matthew PEARSON, M, 11, Y
Margt PEARSON, F, 6, Y
Thos PEARSON, M, 2, Y
John CLARKE, M, 67, Ind, Y

Donald McDONELL, M, 35, Ag Lab, S
Margt McDONELL, F, 35, Y
Richd McDONELL, M, 12, Y
Sarah McDONELL, F, 10, Y
John McDONELL, M, 5, Y
Eliz RAILTON, F, 15, Y

Michael ROBINSON, M, 35, Ag Lab, Y

Copy Hill

Joseph ROBINSON, M, 70, Ind, Y


John RAILTON, M, 55, Carp, Y
Mary RAILTON, F, 40, Y
Hannah RAILTON, F, 20, Y
Ann RAILTON, F, 15, Y
Sarah RAILTON, F, 12, Y
John RAILTON, M, 11, Y
Isab[superscript a], F, 7, Y
Richd RAILTON, M, 5, Y
Barbara RAILTON, F, 3, Y
Frances RAILTON, F, 1, Y

James MAGEE, M, 60, Ag Lab, I
Sarah MAGEE, F, 70, Y

Leath House

Eliz RAYSON, F, 45, Y
Ann RAYSON, F, 15, N
Thomas RAYSON, M, 15, N
Joseph RAYSON, M, 10, N
Joseph PEARSON, M, 40, N
Ann PEARSON, F, 40, N
Mary PEARSON, F, 11, N
Ann CLARKSON, F, 20, N
Jane CLARKSON, F, 15, N


John FERGUSON, M, 50, Ag Lab, S
Mary FERGUSON, F, 50, Y
Mary FERGUSON, F, 25, Y
Jane FERGUSON, F, 20, Y
Sydney FERGUSON, M, 15, Y
Isab[superscript a] FERGUSON, F, 12, Y

Cliburn Mill

James JACKSON, M, 45, Miller, Y
Margt JACKSON, F, 45, Y
Mary JACKSON, F, 15, Y
Thomas JACKSON, M, 15, Y
Margt JACKSON, F, 14, Y
Ann JACKSON, F, 10, Y
John CREIGHTON, M, 30, MS, N entered in foreign birth column
John BROWN, M, 15, Miller Ap, Y
James STEPHENSON, M, 15, Y
James STANLEY, M, 35, Cattle Dealer, N

Shaw House

Geo WORKMAN, M, 25, Farmer, Y
Mary WORKMAN, F, 25, Y
John STOCKDALE, M, 15, MS, Y
Wm SALKALD, M, 15, MS, Y
Mary MOOR, F, 15, FS, Y


Joseph DIXON, M, 40, farmer, Y
Jos DOBSON, M, 20, MS, Y
John LITTLE, M, 20, MS, N
John NICHOLSON, M, 25, MS, Y
William ION, M, 12, MS, Y
Marg AICHBANK, F, 70, FS, Y
Eliz DOBSON, F, 20, N

Town Head

Thos ROBINSON, M, 75, Farmer, Y
Abigail ROBINSON, F, 60, N
Abigail SIMPSON, F, 15, N

Joseph BYERS, M, 45, Farmer, Y
Eve BYERS, F, 45, Y
Isab[superscript a] BYERS, F, 20, Y
Mary BYERS, F, 18, Y
Eve BYERS, F, 15, Y
Thos BYERS, M, 14, Y
Eliz BYERS, F, 6, Y

Thos CARRICK, M, 26, Shoe m, Y
Hannah CARRICK, F, 20, Y
Joseph CARRICK, M, 6 months, Y

John THOMPSON, M, 70, Farmer, Y
Mary THOMPSON, F, 60, N
Nicholas THOMPSON, M, 20, Y
Mark THOMPSON, M, 15, Y
Eliz MALLISON, F, 15, FS, N

John COULSTON, M, 40, Ag Lab, Y
Isab[superscript a] COULSTON, F, 40, Y
Isab [superscript a] COULSTON, F, 18, Y
Sarah COULSTON, F, 15, Y
John COULSTON, M, 13, Y
Miles COULSTON, M, 11, Y
Henry COULSTON, M, 6, Y
Mary COULSTON, F, 3, Y

Joseph HARRISON, M, 35, Ag Lab, N
Margt HARRISON, F, 35, Y
John HARRISON, F, 14, Carpt, Y
Margt HARRISON, F, 9, Y
Hannah HARRISON, F, 7, Y
Mary HARRISON, F, 2, Y
Sarah ROBINSON, F, 5, Y
Willm ROBINSON, M, 70, Ag Lab, Y

Margt ROBINSON, F, 65, N
Thos ROBINSON, M, 8, N

John WILLS, M, 40, Y
Eliz WILLS, 40, Y
William WILLS, M, 12, Y
Ann WILLS, F, 11, Y
John WILLS, M, 9, Y
Thomas WILLS, M, 7, Y
Jane WILLS, F, 5, Y
James WILLS, M, 3, Y
Joseph WILLS, M, 1, Y

Cliburn Head

Robert SILL, M, 45, Gamekeeper, Y
Mary SILL, F, 30, Y
Robert SILL, M, 14, Y
Jane SILL, F, 5, Y
Miles SILL, M, 1, Y
Miles SILL, M, 75, Ind, Y

Wm ROBINSON, M, 40, Ag Lab, Y
Eliz ROBINSON, F, 35, N
Margt ROBINSON, F, 12, Y
Thos ROBINSON, M, 9, Y
John ROBINSON, M, 3, Y
Joseph ROBINSON, M, 10 months, Y

Cliburn Ling

John FURNESS, M, 70, Farmer, Y
Jane FURNESS, F, 65, Y
Michael FURNESS, M, 20, Y
Eliz FURNESS, F, 15, Y
Ann HALL, F, 9, Y

Wiliam DALTON, M, 30, Farmer, Y
Frances DALTON, F, 20, Y
Agnes DALTON, F, 9 months, Y

John DALTON, M, 35, Farmer, Y
Margt DALTON, F, 25, Y
Eliz DALTON, F, 3, Y
John FURNESS, M, 14, MS, Y

© Virginia Gretton 2002