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Help and advice for Eldersfield 1891 CENSUS, Worcestershire

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Eldersfield 1891 CENSUS, Worcestershire

The Crown waives its copyright in Crown copyright material in public records (such as Census returns) available to the public which were unpublished when they were transferred (ex. 26 March 1999)

We hereby acknowledge the Public Record Office's custody of the original returns.
P.R.O. Reference # RG12/2333

Sorry, I do not have a copy of the Description for this Enumeration District.

This is one of a series of transcriptions of Census Returns undertaken as part of a Boy Scouts of America service project, their contribution to GENUKI/WOR by Joseph Svedin is very welcome, thank you, all of you!

Name Relation Status Age Sex Occupation Where Born
BANKS, James Head Mar 79 M Farmer Kilrington, DEV
BANKS, Ann Wife Mar 80 F   Falwood, DOR
HOOPER, Mary Niece Single 23 F   Colston, DEV
HOOPER, Sarah Visitor Single 13 F   Colston, DEV
ATTWOOD, Charles Head Mar 31 M Labourer Eldersfield
ATTWOOD, Ann Wife Mar 35 F   Upton on Severn
ATTWOOD, John Son Single 11 M Scholar Upton on Severn
ATTWOOD, James Son Single 2 M   Pendock, WOR
CLARK, Thomas Head Mar 50 M Labourer Eldersfield
CLARK, Mary Wife Mar 68 F   Colewell, HEF
POOLE, William Head M 54 M Labourer Eldersfield
POOLE, Ellen Wife F 53 F   Eldersfield
POOLE, Arthur Son M 21 M Labourer Eldersfield
POOLE, George Son Single 16 M Labourer Eldersfield
HOBBS, John Head Mar 48 M Carpenter Westbury on Severn, WOR
HOBBS, Harriet Wife Mar 45 F   Frampton on Severn, WOR
HOBBS, Ernest Son Single 21 M Carpenter Westbury on Severn
HOBBS, Florence Dau Single 7 F Scholar Worcester
BAYLIS, Richard Head Mar 55 M Labourer Aure, WOR
BAYLIS, William F. Son Single 19 M   Aure, WOR
BAYLIS, Charles Son Single 15 M   Aure, WOR
GRIFFITH, Mary Ann Head Single 66 F   Eldersfield
POOLE, Henry Head Mar 39 M Labourer Eldersfield
POOLE, Jane Wife Mar 37 F   Eldersfield
POOLE, Francis H. Son Single 15 M   Eldersfield
POOLE, Agnes Dau Single 12 F   Eldersfield
POOLE, George Son Single 10 M Scholar Eldersfield
POOLE, Hubert Son Single 8 M Scholar Eldersfield
PIPICOT, Sidney Visitor Single 6 M   Bealleworth, WOR
HODGES, Jane Head Widow 74 F   Redmarley, WOR
DAWE, Frederick Gr. Son Mar 24 M Blacksmith Corse
DAWE, Jane Gr. Dau.   27 F   Redmarley
IRELAND, Joseph Head Mar 58 M Farmer Forthampton, WOR
IRELAND, Elizabeth Wife Mar 45 F   Norton
IRELAND, Mary Herbert Dau Single 20 F   Tewkesbury
IRELAND, Charles Edward Son Single 19 M Farmer Assistant Tewkesbury
IRELAND, Kate Shipton Dau Single 15 F Scholar Tewkesbury
IRELAND, Ethel Butt Dau Single 10 F Scholar Tewkesbury
SHORT, Eleanor Serv. Single 18 F Serv. Pendock, WOR
SHIPTON, George Head Mar 39 M Farmer Miller Eldersfield
WEST, Arabella   Mar 33 F Housekeeper Somerset
HEALEY, Annie     14 F Serv. Tewkesbury, WOR
WATKINS, Thomas Head Mar 43 M Labourer Dymock, WOR
WATKINS, Fanny Wife Mar 41 F   Longdon
WATKINS, William Son Single 14 M Scholar Eldersfield
WATKINS, George Son Single 12 M Scholar Eldersfield
WATKINS, Edward Son Single 10 M Scholar Eldersfield
WATKINS, Annie Dau Single 8 F Scholar Eldersfield
WATKINS, Elizabeth Dau Single 4 F   Eldersfield
WATKINS, Fanny Dau Single 1 F   Eldersfield
DAWE, Albert Head Mar 48 M Farmer Berrow, WOR
DAWE, Jane Wife Mar 34 F   Eldersfield
JACKSON, Agnes Serv. Single 17 F   Upton St. Leonard, WOR
BUSH, John Cholditch Head Mar 37 M Butcher Glouc.
BUSH, Julia Ann Wife Mar 27 F   Brockworth, WOR
BUSH, Charles Henry Son Single 9 M Scholar Hu
BUSH, Herbert Son Single 7 M Scholar ? Common, LAN
BUSH, Fred Son Single 4 M   Wiltcomb, WOR
ANNIE, Edith Dau Single 2mos F   Eldersfield
BUSH, Louisa Mother Widow 70 F Nurse Thorton, DEV
LEE, George Head Mar 46 M Labourer Sederberrow, WOR
LEE, Elizabeth Wife Mar 40 F   Childswickham, WOR
LEE, William G. Son Single 14 M Labourer ?, WOR
LEE, Mary Elizabeth Dau Single 12 F   ?, WOR
LEE, Charles C. Son Single 8 M   ?, WOR
LEE, Leonard H. Son Single 4 M   Eldersfield
PULHAM, Ann Head Widow 73 F   Corse, WOR
PULHAM, Annie Dau Single 31 F   Eldersfield
PULHAM, Charles Gr. Son Single 11 M Scholar Eldersfield
BAYLIS, Arthur Lodger   43 M Labourer Eldersfield
MAYO, Jesse Head Wid. 49 M   Eldersfield
GRUBB, Thomas Head Mar 57 M   Handbourgh, Mls
GRUBB, Mary Jane Wife Mar 60 F   Alberham, BRK
GRUBB, Mary Dau Single 25 F   Bylington, LND
COLWELL, William Head Mar 76 M Labourer Eldersfield
COLWELL, Eliza Wife Mar 75 F   Flimington, WOR
PHILLIPS, George Head Mar 60 M   Eldersfield
PHILLIPS, Harriet Wife Mar 53 F   Pendock, WOR
KEMMON, Emma Daur Mar 24 F   Pendock, WOR
JAKEMAN, Joseph Head Mar 47 M Agr. Labourer Eldersfield
JAKEMAN, Jane Wife Mar 29     Eldersfield
JOHNS, Mayo Father Wid 68 M   Eldersfield
HODGES, William A. Head Mar 29 M Farmer And Rate Collector Redmarley, WOR
HODGES, Elizabeth B. Wife Mar 26 F   Worcester
HODGES, William E. Son Single 4 M   Eldersfield
HODGES, Sidney A. Son Single 2 M   Eldersfield
HODGES, Granville Son Single 2mon M   Eldersfield
DAUNTER, Emily J. Serv. Single 16 F   Westbury, WOR
WHEELER, Mary Head Mar 60 F   Eldersfield
CHARRINGTON, Jane Dau. Single 26 F   Staunton, WOR
COLE, Albert Lodger Single 19 M Labourer Eldersfield
COATES, Joseph Head Mar 58 M Labourer Clyminton, WOR
ASHMORE, Ellen F. Inn Keeper Mar 50 F   St. Brock, CON
BAYLISS, John Visitor Single 8 M   Berrow, WOR
DAVIS, Francis Head Mar 59 M    
DAVIS, Harriet Wife Mar 59 F   Worcestershire
DAVIS, Margaret Dau. Single 25 F   Worcestershire
DAVIS, Joseph Gr. Son Single 5 M   Worcestershire
DAVIS, James Gr. Son Single 4 M   Worcestershire
DAVIS, George Gr. Son Single 2 M   Worcestershire
HALL, Mary S. Head Single 69 F   Hanley Castle, WOR
COOPER, George Head Wid. 49 M Blacksmith Dymock, WOR
COOPER, Selina F. Dau. Single 19 F   Monham, WOR
COOPER, George M. Son Single 16 M Postman Monham, WOR
COOPER, James W. C. Son Single 7 M   Mindral, WOR
COOPER, Humphrey R. C. Son Single 5 M   Dymock, WOR
MANN, Edwin S. Head Mar 32 M School Master Northampton
MANN, Sarah M. Wife Mar 27 F   ? Bromwick, STS
MANN, Robert Son Single 4 M   Brawford, DOR
MANN, Gertrude Son Single 5 F   Brawford, DOR
SPIERS, Sarah Head Wid 75 F   Newham, WOR
BEMAN, Sarah Serv. Single 12 F Scholar Forthampton
NORMAN, Rowland H. Head Mar 32 M Farmer Shepton Mallet, SOM
NORMAN, Lillian A. Wife Mar 34 F   Tilton, SOM
NORMAN, Alfred C. Son Single 9 M Scholar Doulting, SOM
NORMAN, Percy I. Son Single 7 M Scholar Doulting, SOM
NORMAN, Agnes A. Daur Single 6 F   Doulting, SOM
NORMAN, Agusta M. Daur. Single 3 F   Berrow, WOR
COOPER, Lillian E. Help Single 23 F Governess Buckland, SOM
WILTS, Lucy Mary Serv. Single 13 F Serv Bichampton, WOR
POOLE, Ann Head Wid 80 F   Berrow, WOR
TOMBS, Albert Head Mar 48 M Labourer Eldersfield
TOMBS, Maria Wife Mar 47 F   Longdon, WOR
BARNES, Albert Son Single 7 M   Eldersfield
HEMMING, Henry Boarder Single 21 M Labourer Forthampton, WOR
MOON, Edmund Head Wid 40 M Labourer Shipton Mallel, SOM
MOON, Walter Oliver Son Single 12 M Labourer Penton Clucksift, SOM
MOON, Amelia Daur. Single 9 F Scholar Shipton Mallett
MOON, Elizabeth Daur. Single 6 F   Wells, SOM
ANNOTTS, Moses Head Mar 67 M Thatcher Worcestershire
ANNOTTS, Mary Ann Wife Mar 69 F   Worcestershire
ANNOTTS, Charles Gr. Son Single 22 M Thatcher Worcestershire
JONES, Andrew Gr. Son Single 18 M Thatcher Worcestershire
ANNOTTS, Rose Visitor Single 8 F   Worcestershire
DEE, Thomas Head Mar 82 M Parish Clerk Castlemorton, WOR
DEE, Maria Wife Mar 72 F   N. K.
WOOD, Thomas W. Head Mar 48 M Vicar Of Eldersfield Hysh Hart
WOOD, Harriet Wife Mar 28 F   Brightlingses, ESS
WOOD, Edith M. Daur. Single 18 F   Cumlford, Gt. Malon
WOOD, Florence E. Daur. Single 4 F   Eldersfield
TARRANT, Annie Serv Single 17 F   Eldersfield
MERRETT, Eliza Head Single 56 F   Stow Derkeley, WOR
IRELAND, Gertrude A. Visitor Single 14 F   Chaddesley, WOR
DUNN, John Serv Single 22 M Servant Eldersfield
ATTWOOD, Arthur W. Head Mar 31 M Labourer Eldersfield
ATTWOOD, Rosina Wife Mar 21 F   Eldersfield
JEFFES, Thomas Head Mar 54 M Farmer Eldersfield
JEFFES, Jane Wife Mar 52 F   Newport, WOR
JEFFES, Ethel A. Daur. Single 20 F   Eldersfield
JEFFES, Ernest E. Son Single 21 M Farmer Eldersfield
RICHINS, Elizabeth Serv Single 16 F Servant Glouc.
ALFORD, Henry James Serv Single 16 M Servant Glouc.
GARDNER, Ralph Serv Single 10 M Servant Haresfield, WOR
BUNDY, John E. Head Mar 55 M Farmer Corse, WOR
BUNDY, Louisa T. Wife Mar 55 F   Eldersfield
BUNDY, Charles H. Son Single 25 M Farmer's Son Eldersfield
BUNDY, Alfred J. Son Single 21 M   Eldersfield
BRAY, Joseph Head Mar 55 M Labourer Eldersfield
BRAY, Emma Wife Mar 57 F   Eldersfield
ROBERTS, John Head Mar 41 M Labourer Deerhurst, WOR
ROBERTS, Susannah Wife Mar 36 F   Hartpury, WOR
ROBERTS, Frederick Son Single 14 M   Forthampton, WOR
ROBERTS, Thomas Son Single 12 M   Deerhurst, WOR
ROBERTS, William Son Single 10 M   Deerhurst, WOR
ROBERTS, Frank Son Single 8 M   Eldersfield
ROBERTS, Charles Son Single 4 M   Eldersfield
ROBERTS, Caroline Daur Single 2 F   Eldersfield
BENNETT, James Head Mar 59 M   Selborn, HUN
BENNETT, Mary Wife Mar 65 F   Eldersfield
HAWS, Emily Boarder Single 19 F Servant Hampton
POOLE, James Head Mar 72 M Labourer Pendock
POOLE, Ann Wife Mar 80 F   Pendock
COPPIN, William Head Mar 43 M Labourer Forthampton
COPPIN, Maranda Wife Mar 38 F   Chaceley
COPPIN, Fanny Daur Single 15 F Scholar Eldersfield
COPPIN, Albert Son Single 9 M Scholar Eldersfield
COPPIN, Ernest Son Single 7 M Scholar Eldersfield
COPPIN, James Son Single 5 M Scholar Eldersfield
COPPIN, Mary J. Daur Single 1 F   Eldersfield
HAWKES, Thomas Head Mar 74 M   Hasfield, WOR
HAWKES, Emma Wife Mar 71 F   Upleadon, WOR
HAWKES, William Gr. Son S. 4 M Scholar Burningham
BULLOCK, Frank Head Mar 25 M Labourer Chaceley, WOR
BULLOCK, Alice R. Wife Mar 25 F   Pendock
BULLOCK, William H. Son S 3 M   Chaceley, WOR
BOWERS, Thomas Head Mar 50 M Labourer Eldersfield
BOWERS, Ann Wife Mar 51 F   Eldersfield
BROOKS, Ellen Daur S 23 F   Eldersfield
BROOKS, Sidney Son S 19 M   Eldersfield
BOWERS, Charles Head Mar   M   Eldersfield
BOWERS, Patience Wife Mar 45 F   Eldersfield
BOWERS, George Son S 20 M Labourer Eldersfield
BOWERS, Emma Daur S 14 F   Worcestershire
BOWERS, Selina Daur S 12 F   Worcestershire
BOWERS, Leonard Son S 10 M   Worcestershire
BOWERS, Charles Son S 6 M   Worcestershire
TAYLOR, William Head Mar 44 M Labourer Eldersfield
TAYLOR, Sarah Wife Mar 52 F   Staunton, WOR
LEWIS, Henry J. Head Mar 29 M Labourer Ledbury, HEF
LEWIS, Caroline Wife Mar 30 F   Norton, WOR
LEWIS, Charles H. Son S 2 M   Eldersfield
LEWIS, Beatrice A. Daur S 1 F   Eldersfield
VINE, Eliza Head Wid 73 F   Newent, WOR
VINE, Arthur Son S 38 M Labourer Chaceley, WOR
VINE, Hiriam Son S 30 M Labourer Elemfris, WOR
VINE, Albert Head Mar 36 M Labourer Elemfris, WOR
VINE, Katherine Wife Mar 31 F   Brigtson, WOR
VINE, Ada Dau S 1 F   Cardiff
HAMPTON, William Head Mar 65 M Gardener Eldersfield, WOR
HAMPTON, Ann Wife Mar 66 F   Boothampton, WOR
HAMPTON, Lilley Gr.Child S 7 F   Eldersfield, WOR
HAMPTON, Lottey Gr.Child S 6 F   Eldersfield, WOR
HAWKINS, William Head Mar 52 M Farmer Borders, HEF
HAWKINS, Ann Wife Mar 48 F   Copford, ESS
HAWKINS, Oliver Son S 15 M Son Eldersfield, WOR
HAWKINS, Theodosia Dau S 13 F   Eldersfield, WOR
HAWKINS, Ernest Son S 8 M   Eldersfield, WOR
WATKINS, Edward Head Mar 32 M Blacksmith Upton on Severn, WOR
WATKINS, Annie Wife Mar 26 F   Folk O Hies, Clafford
WATKINS, Laura C. Dau S 2 F   Welland, WOR
HERBERT, William Serv S 25 M   Swindon, WIL
BUTLER, Ross Serv S 15 M Servant Upton, WOR
NIBLETT, James Head Mar 70 M Farmer Powick, WOR
NIBLETT, Ann Wife Mar 71 F   Wellington, HEF
GREENING, Elijah Head Mar 65 M Farm Bailiff Gaetton, WOR
GREENING, Sarah Wife Mar 46 F   Gaetton, WOR
GREENING, Amos Son S 23 M Groom Gaetton, WOR
NEWMAN, Sarah Head Wid 60 F   Painswick, WOR
NEWMAN, Fanny Head Wid 67 F Small Farmer Painswick, WOR
NEWMAN, James Son S 33 M Son Toddington, WOR
ROAN, Geo. Head Mar 68 M Labourer Eldersfield, WOR
ROAN, Charlotte Wife Mar 61 F   Dymock, WOR
ROAN, Hannah Dau. S 41 F   Eldersfield, WOR
BROOKS, Joseph Head S 69 M Bricklayer Eldersfield, WOR
ATTWOOD, Ann Head Wid 41 F Living on Means Forthampton, WOR
ATTWOOD, Ethel Dau. S 9 F   Forthampton, WOR
ATTWOOD, Louisa Dau. S 7 F   Forthampton, WOR
ATTWOOD, Lizzie C. Dau. S 3 F   Forthampton, WOR
WESTBURY, Thomas Head Mar 67 M Shoemaker Forthampton, WOR
WESTBURY, Catherine Wife Mar 66 F   Cascombe
SIMPKINS, Thomas Head Mar 56 M Bricklayer Chaceley, WOR
SIMPKINS, Mary Wife Mar 50 F   Ashchurch, WOR
SIMPKINS, Mary A. Daur. Single 15 F Pupil Teacher Eldersfield, WOR
SIMPKINS, John Son Single 9 M   Eldersfield, WOR
SIMPKINS, Gerty Daur. Single 4 F   Eldersfield, WOR
WEDGEWOOD, Ann Head Widow 50 F   Westbury on Severn, WOR
HAWKER, Henry Head Mar 36 M Pig Dealer; Cattle Chaceley, WOR
HAWKER, Fanny Wife Mar 26 F   Eldersfield, WOR
HAWKER, Alfred Son S 1mn M   Eldersfield, WOR
HAWKER, Charles Head Mar 44 M Labourer Chaceley, WOR
HAWKER, Ellen Wife Mar 44 F   Eldersfield, WOR
HAWKER, Alice Daur. S 9 F   Eldersfield, WOR
HAWKER, Gertrude Daur. S 7 F   Eldersfield, WOR
HAWKER, George Son S 6 M   Eldersfield, WOR
HAWKER, Edward Son S 4 M   Eldersfield, WOR
HAWKER, Thomas Son S 1 M   Eldersfield, WOR
MASON, Ann Head S 56 F Living on her Monies not known
TARRON, William Head Mar 44 M Labourer Forthampton, WOR
TARRON, Mary Ann Wife Mar 49 F   Forthampton, WOR
TARRON, Thomas Son S 26 M Labourer Forthampton, WOR
TARRON, Albert Son S 12 M   Eldersfield, WOR
HAWKER, George Head Mar 77 M Labourer Apperley
HAWKER, Hannah Wife Mar 70 F   Chaceley
FOWLER, Eliza Head Widow 62 F Farmer Severn Stoke
REASON, Annie Visitor S 19 F   Tilington, LND
HAWKER, James Visitor S 2 M   Eldersfield
WILLIAMS, George Head Mar 39 M School-master Birmingham, WAR
WILLIAMS, Melina Wife Mar 45 F   Herefordshire
WILLIAMS, James Edgar Son S 8 M   Bolney, SSX
ROBERTS, Mary Ann Head Wid 82 F   Eldersfield, WOR
HAMPTON, Gerald Son In Law Mar 27 M Labourer Eldersfield, WOR
HAMPTON, Elizabeth E. Daur Mar 28 F   Eldersfield, WOR
HAMPTON, Ruth Adelaide Daur S 8 F   Eldersfield, WOR
HAMPTON, Gerald Son S 11 M   Eldersfield, WOR
HUGHES, John Head Mar 54 M Labourer Dymock, WOR
HUGHES, Harriett Wife Mar 54 F   Eldersfield, WOR
HUGHES, Annie Rosina Daur S 24 F   Corse, WOR
HUGHES, Willie Francis Son S 15 M Labourer Eldersfield, WOR
TAYLOR, Charles Head Mar 40 M Bulley Dealer Rushoch, WOR
TAYLOR, Sarah Jane Wife Mar 38 F   Eldersfield, WOR
TAYLOR, Charles Henry Son S 8 M   Eldersfield, WOR
TAYLOR, Elizabeth Mary Daur S 7 F   Eldersfield, WOR
TAYLOR, Arthur J. Son S 1 M   Eldersfield, WOR
BEVAN, James Head S 49 M Butcher Eldersfield, WOR
COLLINS, William Head Mar 64 M Lawyer Eldersfield, WOR
COLLINS, Emma Wife Mar 54 F   Eldersfield, WOR
COLLINS, Francis W. Son Mar 30 M Postman Eldersfield, WOR
COLLINS, Emily Daur In Law Mar 36 F   Bristol, WOR
COLLINS, William F. Gr Son S 6 M   Eldersfield, WOR
COLLINS, Edith Louisa Gr Dau S 2 F   Eldersfield, WOR
LEWIS, Eliza Head Wid 48 F   Herefordshire
LEWIS, Thomas Son S 19 M Labourer Worshire
ATTWOOD, Charles Head Mar 58 M   Eldersfield, WOR
ATTWOOD, Elizabeth Wife Mar 62 F   Upton on Severn
ATTWOOD, Sarah Ann Dau S 24 F   Eldersfield, WOR
IRONS, James Head Mar 47 M Farmer Holdfort, WOR
IRONS, Sarah A. Wife Mar 41 F   Milton Albor, DEV
IRONS, Willie P. Son S 9 M Scholar Eldersfield, WOR
BATH, Tom Serv   15 M   Worcester
PARKER, Charles Head Mar 51 M Publisher Tewkesbury, WOR
PARKER, Sarah Wife Mar 53 F   Forthampton, WOR
SYMOND, Walter Nphw S 14 M Scholar Tewkesbury, WOR
WEST, George Head Mar 54 M Farmer Sankes, WOR
WEST, Rose Wife Mar 25 F   Stoura, WLS
WEST, Frank Son S 10 M Scholar Eldersfield, WOR
WEST, Percy Son S 5 M Scholar Eldersfield, WOR
WEST, Georgia Daur S 3 F Scholar Eldersfield, WOR
HUGHES, Margaret Help S 20 F Helper Rlayadas, WLS
HANCOCK, Agnes Maid S 13 F Maid Stayford, HEF
HANCOCK, Minnie Visitr S 20 F   Stanara, WLS
CARTER, William D. Head Mar 39 M Carpenter Tirley, WOR
CARTER, Louisa Wife Mar 39 F   Cromston
CARTER, Ellis S. Son S 5 M   Tirley, WOR
CARTER, Harold Son S 4 M   Eldersfield, WOR
CARTER, William D. Son S 2 M   Eldersfield, WOR
SHAW, Eliza Head W Id 42 F   Redmarley, WOR
SHAW, William Son S 14 M Labourer Eldersfield, WOR
SHAW, Annie Daur S 11 F   Eldersfield
DAVIS, James Head Mar 39 M Labourer Pendock, WOR
DAVIS, Mary Ann Wife Mar 39 F   Pendock
DAVIS, Emily Daur S 12 F Scholar Eldersfield, WOR
DAVIS, George Son S 10 M   Eldersfield
DAVIS, Charles Son S 6 M   Eldersfield
DAVIS, Alfred Son S 3 M   Eldersfield
DAVIS, Ernest Son S 1 M   Eldersfield
HAMPTON, Frank W. Head Mar 30 M Farmer Eldersfield
HAMPTON, Sarah A. Wife Mar 29 F   Forthampton, WOR
HAMPTON, Frank W. Son S 7 M Scholar Eldersfield, WOR
HAMPTON, Robert Son S 5 M Scholar Eldersfield
HAMPTON, Edward G. Son S 3 M Scholar Eldersfield
HAMPTON, Henry W. Son S 1 M   Eldersfield
HUGHES, Albert E. Head Mar 29 M Labourer Corse, WOR
HUGHES, Alice E. Wife Mar 30 F   Eldersfield, WOR
HUGHES, Janet W. Daur S 7 F   Tewkesbury, WOR
HUGHES, Wilfred G . Son S 5 M   Eldersfield, WOR
HUGHES, Arthur F. Son S 3 M   Eldersfield
HUGHES, Bertha M. Daur S 2 F   Eldersfield
HUGHES, Alfred J. Son S 5m M   Eldersfield
ROBERTS, Peter Head Mar 37 M Labourer Eldersfield
ROBERTS, Eliza A. Wife Mar 32 F   Ashleworth, WOR
ROBERTS, Edwin Son S 11 M   Eldersfield, WOR
ROBERTS, Eliza A. Daur S 10 F   Eldersfield
ROBERTS, William Son S 9 M   Eldersfield
STRAWFORD, Thomas Head Mar 69 M Farmer Tewkesbury, WOR
STRAWFORD, Sarah Wife Mar 69 F   Tirley, WOR
HAWKINS, Sarah Lodgr Wid 69 F   Eldersfield, WOR
GRIFFITHS, Henry Head S 61 M Labourer Castlemorton, WOR
STAIT, Sidney Head Mar 28 M Labourer Staunton, WOR
STAIT, Mary A. Wife Mar 35 F   Eldersfield, WOR
STAIT, Ellen Twynning Daur S 7 F Scholar Corse, WOR
STAIT, Alice B. Daur S 5 F Scholar Corse
STAIT, Silas Son S 9m M   Corse
HINDEN, Arthur Head Mar 37 M Labourer Hasfield, WOR
HINDEN, Eliza Wife Mar 56 F   Forthampton, WOR
TARRAN, Arthur   S 36 M   Tirley, WOR
TARRAN, William   S 21 M   Tirley
HINDSEN, Caroline Daur S 13 F   Tirley
SPARROW, William Head Mar 40 M Labourer Eldersfield, WOR
SPARROW, Mary Wife Mar 37 F   Ledbury, HEF
SPARROW, Jesse Son S 8 M   Eldersfield, WOR
SPARROW, Allen Son 5 s M   Eldersfield
SPARROW, May E. Daur 3 s F   Eldersfield
BROMAGE, Albert J. Head Mar 50 M Labourer Defford, WOR
BROMAGE, Mary Ann Wife Mar 49 F   Longdon, WOR
BROMAGE, William J. Son S 12 M   Eldersfield, WOR
WEAVER, W illiam Head Mar 32 M Labourer Corse, WOR
WEAVER, Eliza Wife Mar 26 F   Corse, WOR
YEATES, Thomas Head Mar 40 M Farmer Cropthorn, WOR
YEATES, Roselona Wife Mar 39 F   Chaceley, WOR
YEATES, George W. Son S 7 M   Berrow, WOR
YEATES, Florence C. Daur S 9 F   Berrow, WOR
YEATES, Leonard J. Son S 5 M   Eldersfield, WOR
YEATES, Christopher F. Son S 3 M   Eldersfield, WOR
YEATES, Sidney U. Son S 1 M   Eldersfield, WOR

[Transcribed by members of the Boy Scouts of America and contributed on 27th October 2003]

Census Transcription Copyright Notice:

The Crown waives its copyright in Crown copyright material in public records (such as Census returns) available to the public which were unpublished when they were transferred (ex. 26 March 1999)

Note however that any Census transcriptions are nevertheless the copyright of the transcriber, and themselves may NOT be reproduced - other than for personal use - without the permission of the transcriber.