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Help and advice for Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for TADCASTER in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.

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Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for TADCASTER in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.



  • Parish Church - Rev. T. Clarke; Rev. W. A. Hick. Sunday, 10-45 a.m. and 6-30 p.m.; Wednesday, 7 p.m.
  • Roman Catholic - Rev. G. Thonon. Sunday (alternate), 9 a.m. and 10-30 a.m.
  • Roman Catholic, Hazlewood - Same pastor. Sunday (alternate), 9 a.m. and 10-30 a.m.
  • Wesleyan - Rev. E. F. Hardwick. Sunday, 10-30 a.m. and 6 p.m.; Wednesday, 7 p.m.
  • Primitive - Rev. E. I. Devenish. Sunday, 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.; Thursday, 7 p.m.
  • Congregational - Various. Sunday, 10-30 a.m. and 6 p.m.; Tuesday, 7-30 p.m.


  • Judge - His honour E. R. Turner,
  • Registrar - T. L. Bickers
  • Treasurer - J. P. Clapham
  • High Bailiff - T. L. Bickers
  • Bailiff - W. Shipman
  • Clerk to Registrar - C. Rawson Held bi-monthly in the Town Hall


  • E. Brooksbank, Esq., Healaugh manor, Chairman Chas. Shaun, Esq., Tadcaster W. W. Wickham, Esq., Chestnut grove, Boston Spa Sir F. G. Milner, Bart., Nun-Appleton Sir Wm. E. J. Vavasour, Bart., Hazlewood castle Ed. C. Brooksbank, Esq., Healaugh Old hall The Right Hon. Lord Hawke, Wighill park John Miles Dawson, Esq., Brook hall, Wighill
  • Clerk - T. L. Bickers
  • Petty Sessions are held every alternate Monday, in the Kirkgate Room, at 11 a.m.

Miscellany of trades

  • Police Station, York Road - Ralph Shepley, superintendent


  • Chairman - B. E. Wilkinson, Esq., J.p.
  • Vice-Chairmen - Messrs. J. White & A. Cooper
  • Clerk - J. A. Bromet
  • Treasurer - T. W. Tew
  • Medical Officers and Public Vaccinators - Aberford district, Sidney Griesbach;
  • Kippax district, John Allen Carr;
  • Ryther district, Robt. Hamilton;
  • Sherburn district, E. P. Pickersgill;
  • Tadcaster district, T. B. Ireland
  • Vaccination Officers - The Registrars
  • Relieving Officers - First district, E. Payne: Second district, Robert Evers
  • Superintendent Registrar - J. A. Bromet; deputy, John Tebb
  • Registrar of Marriages - Edwin Payne; deputy, William Holloway
  • Registrars of Births and Deaths -
  • Aberford subdistrict, Robt. Evers; deputy, John Carnell;
  • Appleton Roebuck sub-district, T. Roberts; deputy, Jas. Roberts;
  • Tadcaster sub-district, Edwin Payne; deputy, William Holloway
  • Workhouse - John Constantine, master; Mrs. Annie Constantine, matron; Rev. T. Clarke, chaplain; T. B. Ireland, medical officer
  • Guardians meet every alternate Monday, at the Board Room, Union Workhouse


  • Clerk - J. A. Bromet
  • Treasurer - T. W. Tew
  • Medical Officer of Health - J. Mitchell Wilson
  • Inspector of Nuisances - Hodgson Denham


  • Clerk - J. A. Bromet


  • Clerk - J. A. Bromet
  • Attendance and Inguiry Officers - E. Payne and Robert Evers


  • Members - A. Cooper, T. Swales, J. E. Scriven, J. Nettleton, Geo. Hollings, J. Watson, D. W. Johnson, T. Bywater, and J. Holliday
  • Clerk - T. L. Bickers
  • Cemetery Keeper - J. Eccles


  • Members - Wm. Scholefield, Wm. Addinell Rev. G. Thonon, H. H. Riley-Smith, J. Nettleton, A. Cooper, and J. E. Scriven
  • Clerk - Henry Bromet.
  • School Attendance Officer - Walter Blake


  • Supervisor - John Morrison
  • Officers - Henry Tomlinson, Thomas Anderton, and Thomas J. Ormsby.

Miscellany of trades

  • Ancient Order of Foresters (No. 414) - William Atkinson, sec.; held monthly at Bay Horse (210 members)
  • Circulating Library (Conservative Club) - Wm. H. Green, secretary
  • Conservative Club (The Cross) - E. C.Brooksbank, Esq., J.P., president; Henry Bromet, secretary
  • County Councillor for Tadcaster Division of West Riding - H. H. Riley-Smith, Esq.
  • Grand United Order of Oddfellows (Calcaria Lodge, Old Ebor district, No. 536) - William Neveau, secretary; held monthly at Britannia (71 members)
  • Independent Order of Oddfellows (Loyal Archangel Lodge, M.U.S. No. 655) - S. Robinson, secretary; held monthly at White Swan (125 members)
  • Parish Clerk - William Atkinson
  • Railway Station (Stutton) - Wilson Mortimer, station master
  • Railway Station - J. H. Whitelock, station master
  • Tadcaster Agricultural Horticultural Society - Matthew Thomlinson, secretary. Show held annually
  • Tadcaster District Chamber of Agriculture - James Varley, sec. Meet monthly at Town Hall
  • Tadcaster Wetherby District Gas Co., New street - J. R. Smith, secretary, Wetherby; Chas. W. Smith, manager
  • Town Crier - David Blake
  • Young Men's Institute (Chapel street) - Oswald Moverley, secretary


  • Post, Money Order, Telegraph, Savings Bank, Annuity and Insurance, and Inland Revenue Stamp Office; postmaster, James F. Hullay.

    From London and all parts, at 4-20 a.m.; deliveries commence at 7 a.m.
    From London and Yorkshire, at 12-15 p.m.; deliveries commence at 12-30 p.m.
    From London and all parts, at 5-30 p.m.; deliveries commence at 5-45 p.m.
    Sundays, deliveries commence at 7 a.m.

    Letters are despatched at 11 am., 7-30 p.m., and 8-20 p.m.
    Parcels are despatched at 10-45 a.m., 6-30 p.m., and 7-30 p.m.
    Sundays (letters only), 8-20 p.m.

    The office is open daily for ordinary business, from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. Money Order and Savings Bank business, 9 a.m. until 6 p.m.; Saturdays until 5 p.m. Telegraph business, 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. On Sundays for the sale of stamps, delivery of letters to callers, and telegraph business, 7 a.m. until 10 a.m. Letter Boxes (Tadcaster East and The Cross) cleared at 10-30 a.m. and 8 p.m. Foot messengers start from Tadcaster, week-days, at 6 a.m. with letters for Barkston Ash, Colton, Cross Roads, Healaugh, Newton Kyme, Kirby Wharfe, Stutton, and Wighill; and again at 5-45 p.m. for Colton and Oxton.


Academies & Schools.

  • Dawson's School (Girls'), London rd; Miss Earl, mistress
  • Grammar School, Castle Hill terrace; Wm. Callum, B.A., master; Ernest W. Hurst, assistant master
  • St. Joseph's Catholic School, St. Joseph street; Miss Eliz. Aughton
  • Tadcaster Board Schools,Station road; Boys, Phillip Howell; Girls, Miss Eliz. Greaves; Infants, Miss C. Kettlewell

Bakers & Confectioners

  • Clewer Wm. (and tobacconist), Bridge street
  • Smith Mrs. Lucy J., Bridge st


  • Bradford Old Bank Limited (branch); W. Hy. Gilmour, manager, Bridge st; (draw on Lloyds, Limited, London)
  • York City and County Bank Ltd. (branch), (open alternate Mondays); High street
  • Yorkshire Penny Bank (branch) (Mondays), The Cross; E. Payne, actuary


  • Howden Arms, High street; F. Pearson, (and carter)


  • Johnson George, Chapel street
  • 1 Noble William, Hill top
  • Shearsmith Mrs. A., High st

Booksellers, Printers, &c.

  • Askey William, Market place
  • Verity John William, Kirkgate

Boot and Shoe Makers.

  • Middleton John, Kirkgate
  • Nicholson George, Kirkgate
  • Nicholson James H., High st
  • Pick William, High street
  • Todd Chas. Wm., Kirkgate

Brewers & Maltsters.

  • Braime Ben., Victoria brewery
  • Smith J. (and spirit merchant),The Brewery. - (see Advt.)
  • Smith S. (and stone and lime merchant, Smaw's quarry), The Old Brewery
  • Tadcaster Tower Brewery Co.; manager, C. H. Tripp; head offices, George street, York
  • Wilson & Cundall, Kirkgate


  • 1 Bilbrough Geo., Victoria ter
  • 1 Bramham Wm., North view
  • Brayshaw John, Station rd
  • 1 Grocock Wm. (and joiner), York road
  • Harrison Mellor, Chapel street
  • Kendall John, Chapel street
  • Wright C. & R., Wharfe bank


  • Dobson Arthur, Kirkgate
  • Dyson John, Bridge street
  • Fletcher Richard, High street
  • 1 Gill John C., Commercial st
  • Heigold F. (pork), Bridge st
  • Parsons John Wm., High st
  • Scholefield John Hy., Bridge street; h Station road
  • 1 Thomlinson J. J.; h Wighill

Cabinet Makers, &c.(See Joiners).


  • Cooper William, to Appleton Roebuck on Mondays.
  • Jagger David, to York (Sats.), and Weds, from Bramham
  • N. E. Railway Co. (general)

Chimney Sweepers.

  • Best Robert, St. Joseph street
  • Rick Michael, Kirkgate

Corn Millers.

  • Gill James (grinding mill), Crane wharf
  • 1 Ingleby J. A. & Son, Tadcaster mills

Cowkeepers and Dairymen.

  • 1 Beaumont Rd., Wighill road
  • 1 Calvert John, Hillside
  • Freer Wm., St. Joseph street
  • 1 Grimston Thos., York road
  • 1 Stead Samuel, Wighill road
  • 1 Stones William, Islington
  • 1 Sweeney T., Rosemary row


  • Blake Mrs. Walter, Bank ter.
  • Nicholson Miss, Chapel street
  • 1 Swinden Miss Jane, Hill side
  • Tate Miss Maria, Bank terrace
  • 1 Thompson Miss Catherine, Commercial street


  • Addinell W. (& willow grower, &c.), The Willow farm
  • Blanchard George (and cab proprietor), The Cross
  • Braime Benj. (and brewer), Castle Hill farm
  • Colley Francis (and corn merchant), Smaw's farm
  • Elvidge Hy., High Moor grange and Manor House farm
  • 1 Lancaster Matt. (and timber merchant), Hill top
  • 1 Standidge William (yeo.), Low Moor farm
  • Stephenson Wm. Dawson (and cattle salesman), High moor
  • 1 Thompson Samuel (yeo.), The Grange


  • Blanshard J. (and fishmonger), Kirkgate
  • Grimston Wm. (and carter), High street
  • Swinden Isaac, Kirkgate
  • Varley Thomas, New street

Grocers and Provision Dealers.

  • Beaumont Geo., Market place
  • 1 Bolland Henry (& leather seller), Hill side
  • 1 Harrison Joseph Walter, sole proprietor of Harrison's salves, oils, pills, and baking powder, Hill top
  • Holliday J. W., Bridge street
  • 1 Holliday Jas., (and draper), Hill top
  • Holloway William, Bridge st
  • Leek David, Kirkgate
  • Rutherford Jas., Market place
  • Smith John, High street
  • White Edwin, Kirkgate
  • Whitfield Wm., Bridge street


  • Atkinson William, Kirkgate
  • Barker William Henry (and tobacconist), Bridge street

Hotels and Inns.

  • 1 Bay Horse, Commercial st; John Amos
  • 1 Boot and Shoe, Wighill rd; Rd. Robinson (and carter)
  • 1 Britannia, Commercial st; Wm. Dyson, (& boat owner)
  • 1 Coach and Horses,Commercial st; Walter Dobson
  • Falcon, Chapel street; Mrs. Mary Rusforth
  • Fleece, Kirkgate; J. Coates
  • Foresters' Arms, Chapel st; Thomas Freer
  • Fox and Hounds, Lady pits; Thomas Hoggett
  • George and Dragon, High st; Arthur Dobson
  • Golden Lion, Bridge street; George Henry Barker
  • 1 Leeds Arms, York road; Robert Calvert
  • Londesborough (B. C. T. C. Head Qtrs., and posting), High street; Jph. A. Scriven
  • Malt Shovel, New street; Mrs. Jane Cawood
  • Old Falcon, Kirkgate; Allen Liversedge
  • Queen, High st; Thos. Swales
  • Railway, Kirkgate; A. Smith
  • Robin Hood, Kirkgate; Richd. Grimston
  • 1 Royal Oak, Wighill road; R. Freer, (and cattle dealer)
  • 1 Travelling Man, York road; John Grimston
  • White Hart, Bridge street; Thomas Hanby
  • White Swan, Bridge street; John Wm. Parsons

Insurance Agents.

  • Liverpool, London, and Globe (Fire and Life); T. L. Bickers, Chapel street
  • London Guaranteed Accident; C. Rawson, Wesley cottage
  • National Provident Institution (Life); C. Rawson
  • 1Prudential (Life); William Daniel, Islington
  • 1Refuge (Life); Fred. Powell, Commercial street
  • Royal (Fire and Life); John Allen, Bridge street
  • Yorkshire (Fire and Life); John A. Bromet, Kirkgate


  • Allen Benjamin, High street
  • Allen John, Bridge street

Joiners & Wheelwrights.

(Marked * are Cabinet Makers also.)

  • Carr Benj. John, Wharfe bank
  • 1Grocock Wm. (and undertaker), York road
  • *Jackson F. & Son, Westgate
  • Lazenby Francis, London rd
  • Nicholson Thos. R., Chapel st
  • *White Edwin, Kirkgate

Linen and Woollen Drapers.

(Marked * are Clothiers also.)

  • 1 Bolland Hy. (& grocer, &c.), Hill side
  • Dixon Mrs. Elizabeth, Market place; h High street
  • * Hollings Geo. & Son, Bridge street; h 1 West villas
  • * Johnson David W., High st
  • Lee George, Market place; h Station road
  • * Nettleton James, Bridge st

Painters & Paperhgrs.

  • Bywater Ellis, Westgate
  • Bywater Thomas, High street
  • Fairbourn & Son, Bridge st
  • 1 Spence Hy., Commercial st

Plumbers & Glaziers.

  • 1 Backhouse George, Hillside
  • Tindall Geo. F. (regd.), Bridge street; h Hill top

Saddlers and Harnessmakers.

  • Jackson William, Bridge st
  • Riley Walter, Kirkgate
  • 1 Smith William R., Hilltop


  • Cross George, Kirkgate
  • 1 Huscroft Miss Maria,Commercial street
  • 1 Irish William, Hill side
  • Jennings Mrs. E., Chapel st
  • Long Charles, Chapel street
  • Neveau William, Kirkgate
  • Poulter William, Lady pits
  • Tindall Thomas, High street
  • Tunningley George, Church st
  • 1 Wright Mrs. Mary, York rd


  • Bickers T. L., Chapel street
  • Bromet & Sons, Kirkgate


  • Ireland Chas. John, M.R.C.S., York Road house
  • Ireland T. Burrage, M.R.C.S., and L.S.A., York Road house
  • Johnstone John James, M.B., C.M., E., High street


  • Catmull Samuel W., Kirkgate
  • Robinson John T., Westgate

Timber Merchants.

  • 1 Lancaster Matthew, Hill top
  • 1 Maude Edmund & Sons, The Bridge

Watch & Clock Makers.

  • Calvert George, Bridge street
  • Pickering Richard, Kirkgate


  • Letters via Tadcaster.

Miscellany of trades

  • Harris The Misses, Oxton hall


  • Holliday James, Oxton farm; h Tadcaster
  • Nickols Harold, Manor house
  • Scholefield William (yeo.), Oxton grange


  • Letters via Tadcaster,

Miscellany of trades
Marked 1 reside at Haslewood, and 2 at Stutton.

  • 1 Coventry John, land agent
  • 2 Fennell John Clapham, grocer and vict., Hare and Hounds
  • Holtom Miss Frances, Schoolmistress, Wingate hill
  • 2 Mortimer Wilson, station master
  • 2 Moverley Mrs. Jane, blacksmith
  • 2 Stoker Daniel, maltster
  • 1 Thonon Rev. Gustave (Catholic), The Presbytery
  • 1 Vavasour Sir William Edward Joseph, Bart., J.P., and Captain in Yorks. Hussars, Hazlewood castle


  • 1 Akers William., Hayton House farm
  • 1 Beevors William, Beck House farm
  • 2 Brown Joseph (and willow grower)
  • 1 Conaty Thos. (and assistant overseer), Nut Hill farm
  • 2 Cooper Richard, Stutton grove
  • 2 Copping George (and miller)
  • Cundall Joseph, Wingate hill
  • 1 Heptonstall Mrs. Mary Jane, Warren house
  • 1 Horn John (bailiff), Home farm
  • 1 Lancaster M., The Lodge farm, h Tadcaster
  • 1 Makin Thomas, Coxford farm
  • 1 Stubbs F. (and cattle dealer), Low Lead farm
  • 1 Thompson S., Cross Road farm; h Tadcaster
  • 2 Ward W., (and willow grower), Hill Side farm
  • 2 Wiley John
  • 1 Wiley Thomas, White Quarry farm
  • 1 Wilkinson John, Newstead and Lead hall

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