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York parish:

York, Archbishops transcription:

The List of Archbishops in York Minster.


BISHOPS 1181Geoffrey Plantagenet 1660Accepted Frewen
314Eborius 1215Walter de Gray 1664Richard Sterne
625Paulinus 1256Sewal de Bovill 1683John Dolben
664Chad 1258Godfrey of Ludham 1688Thomas Lamplugh
669Wilfrid I 1266Walter Giffard 1691John Sharp
678Bosa 1279William Wickwane 1714Sir William Dawes
705John 1286John Le Romeyn 1724Lancelot Blackburne
718Wilfrid II 1298Henry of Newark 1743Thomas Herring
ARCHBISHOPS 1300Thomas of Corbridge 1747Matthew Hutton
732Egbert 1306William Greenfield 1757John Gilbert
767Ethelbert 1317William of Melton 1761Robert Hay Drummond
780Eanbald I 1342William La Zouche 1777William Markham
796Eanbald II 1352John of Thoresby 1807Edward Vernon-Harcourt
-837Wulfsige 1374Alexander Neville 1847Thomas Musgrave
837Wigmund 1388Thomas Arundel 1860Charles Longley
854Wulfhere 1396Robert Waldby 1862William Thomson
-900Ethelbald 1398Richard Le Scrope 1890William Magee
Hrotheweard 1407Henry Bowet 1891William Maclagen
931Wulfstan I 1425John Kempe 1909Cosmo Gordon Lang
958Oskytel 1452William Booth 1928William Temple
-971Edwald 1465George Neville 1942Cyril Forster Garbett
972Oswald 1476Lawrence Booth 1956Michael Ramsey
992Ealdwulf 1480Thomas Rotherham 1961Donald Coggan
1003Wulfstan II 1501Thomas Savage 1975Stuart Blanch
1023Aelfric Puttoc 1508Christopher Bainbridge 1983John Habgood
1051Cynesige 1514Thomas Wolsey 1995David Hope
1061Ealdred 1531Edward Lee   
1070Thomas 1545Robert Holgate   
1101Gerard 1555Nicholas Heath   
1109Thomas II 1561Thomas Young   
1119Thurstan 1570Edmund Grindal   
1143William Fitzherbert 1577Edwin Sandys   
1147Henry Murdac 1589John Piers   
1153William Fitzherbert 1595Matthew Hutton   
1154Roger Pont L'evéque 1606Tobias Matthew   
   1628Samuel Harsnett   
   1632Richard Neile In memory of
   1641John Williams Arthur Michael Ramsey

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson