Atwick Directory of Trades and Professions for 1857


Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for ATWICK in Post Office Directory of 1857.

Private Residents:
  • Etherington Mrs
  • Ogle Misses
  • Robson Mr Thomas
  • Wood Rev Cyril William (vicar)
  • Artingstoll William shoemaker
  • Bainton John farmer and freeholder Arram hall
  • Coates John omnibus proprietor
  • Crawford Joseph farmer Little Arram
  • Etherington Thomas farmer and freeholder Skirlington hill
  • Foster Ralph farmer Little Atwick
  • Foster Robert miller Atwick mill
  • Frost Charles farmer
  • Gale Geo. Mason farmer and freeholder
  • Jordan Richard farmer Low Skirlington
  • Knowles Vincent master of National school
  • Leonard Peter farmer
  • Needham George farmer
  • Sawden Paul wheelwright and blacksmith
  • Stephenson James shoemaker
  • Stephenson John parish clerk
  • Tate John farmer
  • Towse Francis farmer
  • Westoby William Black Horse
  • Willison John shopkeeper and postmaster
  • Wilson John tailor
  • Wilson William farmer
  • Wright Margaret (mrs) shopkeeper
Post Office:
  • John Willison, receiver.
  • Letters arrive from Hull at half past 12pm and dispatched at half past 2pm
National School:
  • Vincent Knowles master
  • Coate's omnibus to Hull, Tuesday, Driffield, Thursday and Bridlington Saturday

Transcribed by Shelly Stephenson. ©2006