Brantingham Registers - Burials 1653-1812.


Transcription of the Brantingham Registers - Burials 1653-1812.

Please note I cannot guarantee that my software has always extracted the date in the date column correctly.
The dates are given in the order the appear in the register which is not necessarily numerical order.
Also note that the year commenced on the 25th March up to 1752.

DateName(s) and relationship
01/11/1653Barbara Ellerker of Brantingham Widd : buried 1 November 1653
16/11/1653Mris Ann Johnson of Ellarker buried 16 November 1653
06/03/1653Robeart the son of John Huson buried 6 March 1653
25/03/1654John the son of Mr Robt : Haldanbie of Brantingham buried 25 March 1654
03/04/1654William Carlin of Ellerker buried 3 Aprill 1654
27/04/1654Thomas Reake of Ellerker buried 27 Aprill 1654
08/05/1654Issabell the wife of William Wright of Brantingham buried 8 May 1654
27/05/1654Elizabeth the wife of Robeart Hight of Ellerker buried 27 May 1654
19/06/1654Ellenor Thorpp of Ellerker widd : buried 19 June 1654
19/06/1654Issabell Browne of Ellerker widd : buried 19 June 1654
01/08/1654Grace the wife of William Woodmansey of Ellerker buried 1 Augt 1654
10/08/1654Ann Bursey of Ellarker buried 10 August 1654
01/09/1654Ann Hill of Brantingham buried 1 September 1654
17/09/1654John Gorwood of Ellerker buried 17 September 1654
20/11/1654Mary the daughter of William Nicholson of Brantingham buried 20 Novr
01/01/1654Richard the son of Richard Garton of Ellarker buried 1 Jany 1654
14/01/1654Miles Traine of Ellarker buried 14 Jany 1654
10/01/1654Willm the son of William Hambleton buried 10th Jany 1654
15/01/1654Elizabeth the wife of John Blanshard of Ellarker buried 15 Jany 1654
05/02/1654Samuel Wetwange buried 5 Feby 1654
13/02/1654William Langley of Brantingham buried 13 Feby, 1654
21/03/1654John the son of Robeart Freman of Ellerker buried 21 March 1654
22/04/1655Margaret Marr of Ellerker buried 22 Aprill 1655
28/10/1655Ann the da : of Thomas Palmer of Ellarker buried 28 October 1655
10/09/1655Elizabeth the wife of Robt : Simpson of Brantingham buried 10 Septr 1655
31/10/1655Kathrine the wife of William Weedley of Brantingham buried 31 Octr 1655
29/11/1655Elizabeth the wife of Christopher Wilkinson of Ellarker buried 29 Novr 1655
01/12/1655Thomas Palmer of Ellarker buried 1 December 1655
04/12/1655Margarett Watson of Brantingham buried 4 Decr 1655
01/09/1656Mary the wife of William Cottam of Ellerker buried 1 Septr 1656
06/10/1656John the son of John Jackson buried 6 October 1656
07/10/1656[blank] the son of William Southeram buried 7 October 1656
30/10/1656Richard Nicholson of Ellerker buried 30 October 1656
17/12/1656The two twines of Phillipp Ellerker of Brantingham the one of them buried 17th Decr the other on 19th Decr 1656
26/01/1656Jane the daughter of Ann Coipley widd : buried 26 January 1656
08/11/1656Alice the daughter of William Cottam of Ellerker buried 8 Novr 1656
06/12/1656John Nelson of Ellerker buried 6 Decr 1656
31/12/1656Mary da: of John Jackson of Ellerker buried 31 Decr 1656
06/01/1656Martin the son of Marmaduke Good of Ellerker buried 6 Jany 1656
06/03/1656Ann the daughter of John Bower of Brantingham buried 6 March 1656
05/02/1656Henry Ellerker of Ellerker buried 5 Feby 1656
14/03/1656Dorithy the wid: of John Bower buried 14 March 1656
15/03/1656William Taylor of Ellerker buried 15th March 1656
13/04/1657William Woodmansey of Ellerker buried 13 April 1657
27/05/1657Phillis Southeram of Ellerker buried 27 May 1657
27/06/1657William Thorpp of Ellerker Clerk to the Parish was buried 27th June 1657
Memor : He Gave in his Will tenn shillings to be paid yearly out of
his lands for ever toward the relief of the poore of Ellerker for ever
05/11/1661Thomas Bower sepultus 5 November 1661
24/12/1661Elizabeth Nare sepulta 24 Decr 1661
03/10/1662Ann Nickalson sepulta 3 Oct. 1662
23/11/1662William filius Stephani Rooton sepult 23 Nov. 1662
02/02/1662William ye sone of John Bradley sepult 2 Feby 1662
24/05/1663Jane Palmar sepult 24 May 1663
21/06/1663Elizabeth uxor Wilhelmi Green sepult 21 June 1663
14/06/1663Mary ye wife of Tho : Broklbank sepult 14 June 1663
20/11/1663John Elerker sepult ye 20th November 1663
19/11/1663John Barnard bury'd ye 19th November 1663
27/11/1664Johannis filius Johannis Jacksonne sepultus 27 Novemb. 1664
26/09/1670Simon Kirton sepult 26 Septr 1670
25/06/1670Elizabeth ye wife of Rob : Freman sepult 25 June 1670
28/09/1663Margaret wife of Robert Langley sepult Septr 28 1663
21/05/1663Janie Palmer buried May 21
02/06/1663Ellizabeth wife of William Green buryed 2 June
14/06/1663Mary wife of Tho : Brocklebanke buried 14 June
19/11/1663John Barnard buried 19th November
20/11/1663John Ellerker buried 20 Novr
27/12/1663John sonn of John Jackson buried 27th Decr
06/02/1663Martin sonn of Peeter Mounder buried 6th Feby
10/05/1664John Covill buried May 10
26/08/1664Elisabeth Gildhouse buried Augt 26
10/10/1664Mary Morton buried Octr 10
10/01/1664Robert Todd buried Jany 10
29/11/1664Katherin Keighley buryed Novr 29
12/01/1664William Paley buried Jany 12
29/01/1664John Kirton buried Jany 29
03/02/1664Samuell Anderson buried Febru : 3
03/02/1664Jeffery Nickallson buried Febru : 3
10/02/1664Epham Yowards buried Febru : 10
19/02/1664Lorense Ellerker buried Febru : 19
24/02/1664John Weedley buried Febru : 24
17/03/1664Grace Browne buried March 17
09/04/1665Lidia Weedley buryed Aprill 9
14/04/1665Samuell son of Stephan Brearclif buried Aprill 14
02/04/1665Abraham Fell buried Aprill 2
27/04/1665John son of Richard Bower buried Aprill 27
02/06/1665Ellizabeth dau : of Robert Barnard buried June 2
26/09/1665Ann dau : of John Ellerker Esq. buried September 26
07/11/1665Tho : Anderson buried Novr 7th
18/12/1665William son of Stephen Brearclif buried Decr 18
24/12/1665Tho : Caipe buried Decr 24
04/02/1665Ann Height buried Feby 4
27/02/1665Janie Apleton buried Feby 27
12/03/1665Elizabeth wife of John Ellarker buried March 12
01/05/1666Tho : son of Francis Sisson buried May 1
16/05/1666Cutburd Gelderd buried May 16
23/05/1666Janie wife of William Nelson buried May 23
12/07/1666Tho : sonn of Phillip Ellerker buried July 12
15/09/1666William son of John Ellerker buried Septr 15
22/12/1666Katherine wife of Jaimes Ellerker buried Decr 22
24/12/1666Jaimes Ellerker buried Decr 24
24/01/1666Edward Brearclife buried Jany 24
25/02/1666Ellizabeth Yardley buried Feby 25
04/03/1666Tho : sonn of John Bower buried March 4
18/03/1666Katherine wife of Stephen Brearclif buried March 18th
27/04/1667William Watson buried Aprill 27
12/05/1667Mary Cottam buried May 12
05/06/1667Ann dau : of John Braidley buried June 5
13/08/1667Ann wife of John Ellerker buried Augt 13
01/09/1667Ellinor wife of William Ellerker buried Septr 1
17/09/1667Ann da : of John Bewley buried Septr 17
13/10/1667James Freeman buried Octr 13th
19/10/1667Edmond sonn of William Ellerker buried Octr 19
10/11/1667William sonn of Robt Nelson buried Novr 10
05/12/1667Ellizabeth dau : of Roger Burrell buried Decr 5
10/12/1667Stephen Routon buried Decr 10
30/12/1667Mary dau : of Robt : Nelson buried Decr 30
27/02/1667Samuell son of Stephen Brearclif buried Feby 27
16/02/1667Jaine dau : of Richd Ellerker buried Feby 16
19/02/1667William Nellson buried Feby 19th
27/02/1667Mary wife of Marmaduke Weedley buried Feby 27
01/03/1667John Nicallson buried March 1st
17/03/1667Ann dau : of Christopher Thrisk buried March 17
27/04/1667William Watson son of Widdow Farley buried Aprill 27
11/04/1668John Yardley buried Aprill 11th
10/06/1668William sonn of Christopher Thrisk buried June 10th
04/07/1668Christopher sonn of Marmaduke Weedley buried July 4th
30/08/1668Robert sonn of Richard Hewson buried Augt 30
09/07/1668John Cleaving buried July 9
09/09/1668Ann wife of Edward Rashells buried Septr 9
27/09/1668Robert Atmar buried Septr 27
28/09/1668Ann Kemp buried Septr 28
31/10/1668William son of William Farley buried Octr 31
11/12/1668Janie Neilson buried Decr 11
13/01/1668Richard Bower & Ellizabeth his wife buried Jany 13
03/02/1668Julyan wife of John Bower buried Feby 3
04/02/1668Jain dau : of Richard Bower buried Feby 4
06/02/1668Richard Garton buried Feby 6
28/03/1669William sonn of Robert Baily buried March 28
27/05/1669Peter Mounder buried May 27
17/06/1669John sonn of Ann Yardley buried June 17
06/11/1669Sissely Bradlay buried Novr 6
27/01/1669Phillip Ellerker buried Jany 27
12/02/1669William Ellerker buried Feby 12
22/02/1669William Farley buried Feby 22
26/10/1669John Ellerker Esq. buried Octr 26
12/01/1670Mary dau : of Tho : Aire buried Jany 12
29/01/1670Ellinor dau : of Edward Rashells buried Jany 29
12/03/1670Infansa Johanni Gildhouse buried March 12
24/03/1670Elizabeth dau : of Richard Bower buried March 24
12/03/1670Bridget dau : of William Brown buried March 12
25/06/1670Ellizabeth wife of Robt Freeman buried June 25
26/09/1670Symon Kirtby buried Septr 26
28/03/1671Humphrey Cotness buried March 28
28/03/1671The wife of Alexander Jackson buried the same day
19/04/1671Ann wife of John Bewley buried Aprill 19
23/06/1671John sonn of Tho : Wallas buried June 23
24/08/1671Bridget wife of Gabriell Burgon buried Augt 24
22/03/1671Elizab : dau : of Robt Nelson buried March 22
25/04/1672Janie wife of Richard Gallen buried April 25
17/04/1672Robt Freeman burd Aprill 17
22/07/1672Mary wife of John Bewley buryed July 22
22/08/1672Christopher Thrisk buried Augt 22
12/01/1672[blank] the dau : of Robert Simpson buried Jany 12
22/01/1672Robert Langley buried Jany 22
03/02/1672Tho : Hambleton buried Feby 3
09/06/1673William Nickallson buryed June 9
18/06/1673Robt Barnard buried June 18
29/08/1673Mary wife of William Ringrose buried Augt 29
07/01/1673Mrs Ann Tomlin buried Jany 7
02/02/1673Katherine wife of Robert Hunsman buried Feby 2
02/12/1673John sonn of John Gildhouse buried Decr 2
02/12/1673Rebecca dau : of John Ellerker buried Decr 2
15/12/1673Christopher sonn of Chris : Thrisk buried Decr 15
09/01/1673Michaell sonn of Mary Furley buried Jany 9
22/02/1673Ann wife of Peeter Mounder buried Feby 22
27/02/1673Emmot Todd buried Feby 27
07/03/1673Martha dau : of Janie Anderson buried March 7
22/03/1673[blank] the sonn of Willia : Ringrose buried March 22
07/01/1673Misrs Ann Tomlin buryed Jany 7
17/05/1673William Bower buried May 17
09/06/1673Mary dau : of John Ellerker Esq. buried June 9
05/06/1674Lucas sonn of Tho : Chaplin buried June 5
01/07/1674John sonn of John Ellerker buried July 1st
20/11/1674Widow Caipe buried Novr 20
29/12/1674John Mounder buried Decr 29
03/05/1675Richd Brooke buried May 3r
01/06/1675Elizabeth Smith buried June 1
24/11/1675Ephraim Porter buried Novr 24
17/01/1675Tho : Yoward buried Jany 17
09/03/1675Widow Willson buried March 9
03/04/1676John Newton buried Aprill 3
09/04/1676Jaine Huson buried Aprill 9
05/06/1676William Cottam buried June 5
26/12/1676Ellinor Kirlington buried Decr 26
28/01/1676Eliz : the dau : of Robt Nelson buried Jany 28
06/02/1676William Tomlin buried Febr : 6
05/05/1677George Cottam buried May 5
05/07/1677Ann wife of John Jackson buried July 5
03/11/1677Benjamin sonn of John Ellerker buried Novr 3
09/11/1677Tho : sonn of Giles Tomlin buried Novr 9
25/11/1677Robert sonn of Jain Tomlin buried Novr 25
26/12/1677Thomas Hudson buried Decr 26
09/01/1677Mary Yoward buried Jany 9
03/02/1677George sonn of Michaell Dauson buried Feby 3
08/04/1678Ann Cleaving buried Aprill 8
30/05/1678[blank] the sonn of John Ellerker buried May 30
23/06/1678William sonn of William Parkinson buried June 23
05/08/1678Mathew Davison buried Augt 5
19/08/1678Widow Chapman buried Augt 19
05/09/1678John sonn of John Beck Septr 5 (could be a baptism)
23/09/1678Alis wife of Roger Burrell buried Septr 23
29/11/1678Marmaduke Weedley buried Novr 29
29/11/1678Edward Rashells buried eodem die
30/12/1678John Ellerker of Ellerker buried Decr 30
17/01/1678Jain Ellerker buried Jany 17
18/01/1678John Ellerker of Bra: buried Jany 18
29/01/1678John Ellerker of Ellerker Junior buried Jany 29
10/02/1678Margret Freeman buried Feby 10
01/00/1678[On the first page of this Book the following. appears, with notes
as to affidavits having been made as to the burying in woollen.]
01/08/1678A Register of all ye persons buryed in ye parish of Brantingham since 1 August 1678.
05/08/1678Impo Alice Chapman sepult quinto Augusti
06/09/1678John ye sonne of John Beck September 6
23/09/1678Allice wife of Roger Purrill Septr 23
08/10/1678Ellerker Gollons son of Tho : Gollons Octr 8
29/11/1678Marmaduke Weedley Novr 29
29/11/1678Edward Rashills the same day
13/12/1678John Ellerker of Ellerker Senr Decr 13
17/01/1678Jain Ellerker Jany 17
18/01/1678John Ellerker of Brantingham Jany 18
29/01/1678Ann Ellerker of Ellerker Junior Jany 29
31/01/1678Thomas Sisson buried Jany 31
05/02/1678Isabell Thorpe buried Feby 5
16/02/1678Margaret Freeman buried Feby 16
15/02/1678Henery sonne of Gyles Tomlin buryed Feby 15
29/03/1679Alce dau : of Richard Hewson buried March 29
29/03/1679Alice dau : of Robert Nelson buried March 29
18/05/1679Mary dau : of Richard Hewson buried May 18
19/07/1679Joan Nickallson buried July 19
20/09/1679Jaine Thorp Septr 20
26/08/1679John sonn of Robt Ellerker Augt 26
25/11/1679Ann dau : of Edmond Ellerker Novr 25
12/12/1679Henry Aier buried Decr 12
13/12/1679William Hambleton buried Decr 13
02/01/1679Willia : Browne buried Jany 2
05/01/1679Henry sonn of Widdow Ellerker Jany 5
11/01/1679Mary dau : of Giles Tomlin Jany 11
01/03/1679Alice wife of Robert Bursey March 1
02/03/1679Robt Maw buried March 2
25/04/1681Elizabetha Heathcote sepult 25 Aprill
01/05/1681Mary dau : of Thomas Chaplin buried 1st May
20/06/1681Anthonius Carlill sepult 20 June
11/11/1681Thomas Todd sepult 11 Novr
16/11/1681William sone of William Parkenson buried 16 Novr
23/11/1681John sone of Robert Nelson sepult 23 Novr
02/01/1681William sone of John Pickereng sepult 2 Jany
02/01/1681Mary filia Jane Tomlin sepult 2 Jany
22/02/1681William Southron sepult 22 Feby
06/03/1681Richard sone of Richard Bower sepult 6 March
27/05/1682Robt filius Roberti Simpson sepult 27 Maij
02/06/1682Sarah filia Johannis Jackson sepult 2 Juni
12/06/1682Rachell filia Thomae Chaplin sepult 12 June
22/06/1682Jane dau: of Robt Nelson buried 22 June
15/07/1682William sone of Thomas Ayer sepult 15 July
09/08/1682Thomas Ayer buried 9 Augt
14/09/1682Thomas sone of Thomas Wallas sepult 14 Septr
14/09/1682Maria filia Annae Ellerker generosae sepult eodem die
29/10/1682Joan wife of Thomas Wallas sepult 29 October
27/11/1682Richard Palmer buried 27 Novr
31/11/1682Eliz : filia Roberti Nelson sepult ultimo die Novembris
31/11/1682Anna uxor Richardi Kemp sepult eodem die
02/12/1682Maria uxor Robt Plaister sepult 2 Decr
11/01/1682Christopher fil : Rich : Atmar sepult 11 Janu.
02/06/1685Anne Garton sepult 2 Junij
18/08/1685Thomas Norman sepult 18 Augt
23/08/1685Johanes filius Johanis Mihil sepult 23 Augt
31/10/1685Jain Bradley sepult 31 Octr
21/01/1686Robt Kemp sepult 21 Jany
18/01/1686William filius Richardi Hewson sepult Jany 18
24/01/1686Jane filia Richardi Hewson sepult Jany 24
25/01/1686Richard Stather sepult Janu. 25
09/03/1686Robt Ellerker sepult March 9
07/05/1687Willielmus fil : Egedii Tomlin sepult 7 May
27/08/1687Marmaduke Weedley sepult 27 Augt
04/10/1687William filius Willielmi Parkinson sepult 4 Octob.
09/11/1687Ann Belshaw sepult Novemb. 9
22/06/1688Ann Covil sepult June 22 1688
23/09/1688Johanes Barker sepult 23 Septr
12/02/1689Robt filius Robti Nelson sepult 12 Febr. 1689
23/07/1690Deborah Broklebank sepult 23 July 1690
12/08/1690Rout Plaister sepult 12 Aug. 1690
13/11/1690(blank)filia Xtopheri Boothby sepult 13 Novr
28/04/1691Elizabeth Brooks sepult 28 April
01/06/1691Caleb filius Johanis Mihil 1 June (might be a baptism)
12/08/1691Averil filia Johanis Anderson sepult 12 Augt
14/08/1691Hannah filia Richardi Kemp sepult 14 Augt
28/08/1691Mary filia Johanis Anderson sepult Augt 28
15/09/1691Marmaduke filius Xtopheri Wadman sepult 15 Septr
16/09/1691Ann uxor Xtopheri Wadman sepult 16 Sevenber
12/10/1691John filius Rotti Simpson sepult 12 October
11/11/1691Mary uxor Thoma Clevin sepult 11 Novr
17/11/1691Johanes Penington sepult 17 Novr
19/11/1691Robert Simpson sepult 19 Novr
10/12/1691Mihil Brown sepult 10 Decr
19/05/1691John Barnard sepult 19 May 1691
31/08/1691Bridget filia Johanis Pickering sepult Aug. 31
23/06/1693Mary filia Thomae Broklebank sepult 23 June 1693
29/07/1693Elizabeth filia Richardi Falkner sepult July 29
02/09/1693Thomas Sisson filius Tho : Sisson sepult Septr 2
26/10/1693Mary Ayre sepult 26 October
30/11/1693Ann filia Samuelis Ellerker sepult Novr 30
06/11/1693Thomas Anderson sepult Novemb. 6
09/11/1693Robt Bursey sepult Novemb. 9
17/11/1693Ann uxor Richdi Hewson sepult 17 Nineber
24/11/1693John fil : Richardi Hewson sepult 24 Nineber
27/11/1693Thomas Sisson sepult 27 Nineber
17/12/1693Martha Spark sepult 17 Tenber
12/11/1693Francess Barker sepult 12 Nineber
05/01/1693Dorcas Huntsman sepult 5 Janu.
30/01/1693William Ellerker sepult 30 Janu.
21/01/1693Robt Huntsman sepult 21 Janu.
27/02/1693Elizabeth Lanrick sepult 27 Feb.
20/02/1693Richard Kemp sepult 20 Febru.
12/03/1693Harrah Kemp sepult 12 March
24/03/1693Christopher Boothby sepult 24 March
??/10/1694William Stather sepult 22 Octobr 1694
??/10/1694Egidius filius Egidii Tomlin sepult Octr 1694
02/04/1694Ann filia Richdi Falkner sepult 2 April
28/12/1694William filius Willielmus Parkinson sepult Tenber 28
09/01/1694Elizabeth Simpson sepult 9 Janu.
20/02/1694Richardus Kemp sepult 20 Febru.
14/01/1695Ann filia Willielmi Jenkinson sepult 14 Janu. 1695
19/11/1695Robert filius Willielmi Garton sepult 19 Novemb. 1695
03/04/1696Richardus Hewson sepult April 3
18/04/1696Robt filius Robti Burril sepult 18 April 1696
06/06/1696Catherine Huntsman sepult June 6
04/07/1696Anne Plaister sepult July 4 1696
24/08/1696William fil: Richardi Hewson sepult Aug. 24 1696
17/08/1696Rachel filia Willielmi Chaplin sepult Aug. 17 1696
07/09/1696Alce Nelsin sepult Septem. 7 1696
03/10/1696Abraham fil: Luke Wilberfoss sepult Octr. 3 1696
15/11/1696Catherine fil: Johanis Huntsman sepult Novemb. 15
12/12/1696Rot Nelsin sepult Decemb. 12 1696
25/05/1697Elizabeth Plaister sepult 25 May
19/06/1697Robt Broklebank sepult 19 June
03/07/1697Nathaniel Morton sepult 3 July
06/08/1697Thomas fil: Richardi Hewson sepult 6 Augt
21/09/1697Benjamin fil: Luke Wilberfoss sepult 21 Septr
05/01/1697Richard Ellerker sepult 5 Janu.
13/01/1697Thomas fil: Thomae Tompson sepult 13 Janu.
17/06/1698Sarah filia Thomae Tompson sepult 17 June
28/11/1698Ellenor filia Roberti Trusly sepult 28 Novemb.
22/10/1698Anna wife of William Jenkeson sepult 22 October
07/03/1699William fil: Willielmi Jenkeson sepult 7 March 1699
15/05/1699Thomas Baley sepult 15 May 1699
20/03/1698Elizabeth Garton sepult 20 March 1698
01/06/1699Anne filia Willielmi Garton sepult 1 June 1699
??/02/1699Saray dau : of Tho : Atchinson buried in February
??/02/1699Elizabeth Bayley in February
18/08/1700Christopher Wadman of Brantingham buried Aug. 18
25/08/1700George Mush of Ellerker buried Augt 25
07/11/1700Richd Galon of Ellerker buried Nineber 7
30/12/1700Sarah Thompson dau: of Thomas Thompson of Ellerker buried Tenber 30
06/07/1701Katherine dau: of Richd Hewsen of Ellerker Labrer buried July 6
01/11/1701Isabell wife of Thom: Thompson Labr burd Novr 1
08/10/1701John Brookelbank Farmer buried Eightber ye 8th
12/10/1701Edward Rashells Carpenter buried Eightber ye 12th
12/11/1701John sonne of Mr John Tomlin buried Nineber 12
07/12/1701Thomas Brookelbank Farmer buried Tenber 7
16/01/1701Henry sonn of Willm Ayre buried Jan. 16
22/03/1701Margaret dau: of Elizabeth Dilcock poor woman buried Mar. 22
01/05/1702Richd Butterfield of Ellerker Farmer buried May 1
12/05/1702Ursula dau: of Anthony Tyston of Ellerker Labourer buried May 12
24/06/1702Ann dau : of Joseph Belshaw buried June 24
16/07/1702Elizabeth dau: of Joseph Sheerwood bur July 16
04/09/1702Widow Covill of Ellerker buried Sevenber 4
19/02/1702Willm Plaxton of Brantingham weaver buried Feby 19
21/02/1702Mrs Ann Ellerker of Ellerker buried Feby 21
06/06/1703Francis soon of Francis Hudson of Ellerker bur June 6
20/06/1703Sarah wife of Joseph Sheerwood buried June 20
24/09/1703Eliz: dau: of Angell Trott paup bur Septr 24
12/10/1703Jeremiah sonn of Mr John Tomlin buried Eightber 12
18/10/1703Jacob sonn of Jacob Dawson of Ellerker buried Eightber 18
23/10/1703Frances Gardome of Ellerker poor woman buried Eightber 23
30/12/1703Eliz : Ringrose of Brantingham buried Tenber 30
20/01/1703John Huntsman of Brantingham buried Jan. 20
19/02/1703Francis Jackson of Ellerker buried Feby 19
28/02/1703Eleanor dau: of Robt Thruslove bur Feby 28
13/04/1704Willm sonn of Matt: Wright bur Apr. 13
23/06/1704John Guildhouse of Ellerker bur June 23
06/09/1704Robt Garton of Thorp Brantingham bur Sevenber 6
08/11/1704Ann dau : of John Ellerker of Thorp bur Nineber 8
20/11/1704Mary dau: of Robt Thruslove of Thorp bur Nineber 20
24/11/1704Elizabeth dau: of Matt: Wright of Ellerker bur Nineber 24
01/11/1704Richd Falkner of Ellerker bur Nineber 1
03/02/1704Tabitha dau: of Tho: Frankish of Ellerker bur Feb. 3
27/01/1704Robt sonn of John Mesh of Ellerker bur Jan. 27
04/02/1704Mr Wille Ellerker of Ellerker bur Feby 4
06/02/1704Eliz: Guildhouse of Ellerker bur Feby 6
06/02/1704Robt sonn of Willm Etty of Ellerker bur Feby 6
15/02/1704Eliz: & Ann twin date of Robt Thruslove of Thorp bur Feby 15
16/02/1704Mr Stephen Breercliffe bur Feby 16
16/02/1704Grace Feather bur Feby 16
27/02/1704Ann dau: of Anthony Tyston of Ellerker bur Feby 27
02/03/1704William Leighton of Thorp Brantingham bur March 2
08/04/1705Dinah dau: of Thomas Frankish of Ellerker bur Apr. 8
14/04/1705Jane Mush of Ellerker buried Apr. 14
09/04/1705Jacob Dawson of Ellerker buried Apr. 9
12/04/1705Mary Brooklebank of Ellerker buried Apr. 12
10/04/1705John sonn of Angell Trott bur Aprill 10
24/04/1705Ruth dau: of Thos Craythorn bur Aprill 24
06/05/1705Robt sonn of John Huntsman of Brant: bur May 6
17/05/1705Susanna dau: of John Grasby of Brant: bur May 17
09/07/1705Mary Wilbowfosse of Ellerker bur July 9
17/07/1705Bridgett dau: of Anthony Tyston of Ellerker bur July 17
29/10/1705Ann dau: of John Grasby of Brantingham bur Eightber 29
26/11/1705Jane Chapman of Brant: bur Nineber 26
17/03/1705Sarah dau: of Lawrence Ellerker of Thorp-Brant: bur March 17
29/09/1706Benjamin & Willm twin sons of Thomas Attchinson buried Sevenber 29
14/02/1706Susanna dau: of Thomas Frankysh of Ellerker bur Feby 14
01/03/1706Ann Galon of Ellerker bur March 1
13/11/1707Mr Giles Tomlin of Brant: bur Nineber 13
18/11/1707Thomas Chaplane of Ellerker bur Nineber 18
14/01/1708Christopher Creram of Ellerker bur Jany 14
04/01/1708Wm Ayre of Ellerker bur Jany 4
26/07/1709Mary dau: of Henry Purvey bur July 26
18/11/1709John Pickering of Ellerker bur Nineber 18
02/12/1709Willm Ellerker of Brant: bur Tenber 2
??/01/1709Ann Murton of Brantingham bur in January
26/06/1710John & Robt twin sonns of John Huntsman Junr bur June 26
10/04/1710Susanna Purvey bur Aprill 10
29/01/1710John Bower of Brant: bur Jan. 29
12/08/1711Joan wife of Willm Jenkinson bur Augt 12
14/08/1711Lawrence Elerker of Thorp bur Augt 14
05/11/1711Mary dau: of Go : Tomlin bur Novr 5
27/10/1711Angell Trott of Ellerker bur Eightber 27
13/01/1711Alexander Purvey bur Jany 13
26/01/1711Thomas sonn of Tho: Stennet bur Jan. 26
27/01/1711William Tomlin son of Mr John Tomlin bur Jany 27
31/01/1711Richd Hewson of Elerker bur Jany 31
09/03/1711John Bulmer sonn of Willm bur March 9
18/03/1711Ann Trott of Elerker bur March 18
15/04/1712Thomas sonn of Thos Richardson of Ellerker bur Apr. 15
11/10/1712Mary Stamp of Ellerker bur Eightber 11
15/10/1712Robt Stamp of Ellerker bur Eightber 15
02/01/1712Mary Clark bur Jany 2
19/03/1712John Huntsman of Brant: bur March 19
26/02/1713Peter Kemp of Thorp-Brantingham bur Feby 26
27/05/1714Robt sonn of Robt Thruslove of Thorp Brantingham bur May 27
02/06/1714Mercy Jackson of Elerker bur June 2
16/07/1714Ann dau: of Wm Stather of Elerker bur July 16
27/01/1714John sonn of Willm Etty of Elerker bur Jany 27
04/02/1714Agnes dau: of Willm Etty of Elerker bur Feby 4
02/03/1714Willm Cleveing of Elerker bur March 2
16/04/1715Josua Chapman bur Aprill 16
07/09/1715Frances dau: of Thom: Thompson of Elerker bur Sevenber 7
06/10/1715Mary Parkinson of Elerker bur Eightber 6
03/12/1715Ann Pickering of Eloughton bur Tenber 3
09/12/1715Widw Abell buried Tenber 9
02/01/1715Richard sonn of Paul Ferrae of Brantingham bur Jany 2
07/01/1715Nicholas Peckwoods of Elerker bur Jany 7
22/01/1715Will: Jenkinson of Thorpe-Brantingham bur Jany 22
11/03/1715Ann Bewley of Elerker bur March 11
06/04/1716Elizabeth Plaister of Brantingham bur Aprill 6
10/04/1716Peter sonn of Peter Wogan of Elerker bur Apr. 10
10/05/1716Faith Stamp of Elerker bur May 10
16/08/1716Abraham sonn of Thom: Thompson of Elerker bur Augt 16
13/10/1716Mr William Bosseville of Thorp Hall bur Eightber 13
24/12/1716Ann Browne of Elerker bur Tenber 24
04/04/1717Ruth dau: of Henry Purvey of Brantingham bur Apr. 4
14/04/1717Ann Attmar of Brantingham bur Apr. 14
09/07/1717Willm sonn of Willm Hardy of Elerker bur July 9
07/07/1717Robt Belshaw of Elerker bur July 7
24/10/1717Grace dau: of George Harrison of Elerker bur Eightber 24
??/11/1717Joan dau: of Robt Thruslove of Thorpe bur Nineber
18/11/1717Ann Craythorne of Brantingham bur Novr 18
13/01/1717Ann Richardson of Ellerker bur Jany 13
31/01/1717Elizabeth Blackburne of Ellerker bur Jany 31
05/03/1717Sarah Waddingham of Thorpe-Brant: bur Mar. 5
03/04/1718Mrs Margarett Tomlin of Brantingham bur Apr. 3
20/10/1718Elizabeth Huntsman widow bur Eightber ye 20th
13/01/1718John Mihill Senor of Elerker bur Jan. 13
22/01/1718Games sonn of Willm Stather of Ellerker bur Jany 22
30/03/1719Mrs Gane Tomlin of Elerker bur Mar. 30
19/04/1719Mrs Margarett Tomlin of Brantingham widow bur Aprill 19
28/04/1719Jane Grasby of Brantingham bur Aprill 28
05/05/1719Ann Elerker of Elerker bur May 5
13/06/1719John Budd of Brough in ye p'sh of Eloughton bur June 13
23/07/1719Thomas Thompson of Elerker bur July 23
01/08/1719Eliz : Robinson of Elerker bur Augt 1
08/08/1719Elizabeth Burrill of Elerker bur Augt 8
11/08/1719Hellen Henderson of Elerker bur Augt 11
31/08/1719Richd sonn of John Anderson of Brantingham bur Augt 31
21/10/1719Samuell sonn of John Elerker of Elerker bur Eightber 21
04/11/1719Peter Wogan of Elerker bur Nineber 4th
30/11/1719John Covill of Elerker bur Nineber 30th
20/12/1719Hannah dau: of Xtopher Attmar of Brant: bur Tenber ye 20th
04/02/1719Ann Chapman of Brantingham bur Feb. 4
06/02/1719Hannah Dewell of Elerker bur Feb. 6
27/02/1719Rachell dau: of Thom: Stennett of Elerker bur Feb. 27
18/05/1720John Elerker of Elerker bur May 18
23/05/1720Margt wife of Wm Horsefield of Eler: bur May 23
29/05/1720Mary dau: of Rachell Peckwood of Eler: bur May 29
01/11/1720Thomas Pape of Elerker bur Nineber ye 1st
10/11/1720Elizabeth dau: of Mr Mann: Tomlin of Brantingham bur Nineber 10
23/11/1720Francis Hudson of Elerker bur Nineber ye 23d
28/12/1720John Elerker of Brantingham bur Tenber ye 28th
25/01/1720Goseph Anderson of Ellerker bur Jany 25
25/02/1720Elizabeth wife of Thomas Craythorne of Thorpe Brantingham bur Feb. 25
27/03/1721Willm Etty of Elerker bur Mar. 27
11/05/1721Rachell dau: of Thom: Stennett of Ellerker bur May 11
16/05/1721Isabell Tyston of Ellerker widow bur May 16
13/06/1721Elizabeth Attkinson of Brant: bur June 13
30/09/1721Mr Thomas Ellerker of Ellerker bur Sevenber ye 30th
27/10/1721Mary Mihil of Ellerker widow & Thomas Mihill her sonn bur Eightber ye 27th
09/11/1721Dinah Frankish of Elerker bur Nineber ye 9th
24/11/1721Rachell Andrson of Brant: bur Nineber ye 24th
13/12/1721Willm Green of Elerker bur Tenber ye 13
08/01/1721Richd King of Elerker bur Jan. 8
10/02/1721Willm sonn of Widow Green of Elerker bur Feby 10
27/03/1722Gane dau: of Willm Gackson of Brantingham bur Mar. 27
08/04/1722Dorothy dau: of Thom Stennett of Elerker bur Apr. 8
29/04/1722Benjamin sonn of John Lyon of Ellerker bur Apr. 29
03/06/1722Mr Marmaduke Tomlin of Brantingham bur June 3
13/07/1722David Taylor of Ellerker bur July 13
29/08/1722Mary dau: of Rachell Camp bur Aug. 29
19/10/1722George sonn of Willm Horsefield of Elerker bur Eightber ye 19th
06/04/1723Sarah wife of Thomas Chaplin of Elerker bur Apr. 6
Certifyd to ye Chapel Warden Aprill ye 16 yt noe Affidavit was made
19/05/1723Richd Thorneton of Thorpe-Brantingham bur May 19 (affidavit)
30/05/1723Mary dau: of George Tomlin of Thorpe-Brantingham bur May ye 30th
Affidavit made & Certifd yt she was burd in woollen
12/01/1723Paul Woolhouse of Elerker bur Jan. 12 (certifyd)
31/01/1723John Andrson of Brantingham bur Jan. 31 (certifyd)
03/02/1723Bridgett Mihil of Elerker bur Feby 3 (affidavit)
11/02/1723Clare wife of Robt Attkinson of Broomfleet bur Feby 11 (certify)
23/02/1723Milcah Garton of Rowley p'sh bur Feb. 23 (noe affidavit)
07/03/1723Elizabeth Belshaw of Elerker bur Mar. 7 (certd & noe affidt)
13/03/1723John Nicholson of Elerker bur Mar. 13
24/03/1723Rhoda dau: of George Harrison of Elerker bur Mar. 24
21/07/1724John sonn of Stephen Hardy of Elerker bur July 21 (noe affidt)
24/07/1724Mrs Elizabeth Lawton of Thorpe-Brantingham bur July 24 (affidt made)
27/07/1724Thomas sonn of Robert Wouldby of Ellerker bur July 27
04/08/1724Thomas sonn of Rachell Camp of Elerker bur Augt 4
19/08/1724Willm Easingwood of Elerker bur Augt 19
15/02/1724John Easingwood sonn of Willm of Ellerker bur Feby 15
15/02/1724George Harrison of Ellerk : buried Feby 15
04/03/1724Elizabeth dau: of Xtopr Attmar of Brantingham bur Mar. 4
20/03/1724Xtopher Hudson of Elerker bur Mar. 20 (affidavit made)
24/03/1724Willm sonn of Willm Hardy of Elerker bur Mar. 24
15/07/1725Elizabeth dau: of John Mihill of Brantingham bur July 15
12/08/1725Elizabeth Elerker of Brantingham bur Aug. 12 (noe affidavit)
29/08/1725Elisabeth wife of Stephen Hardy of Elerker bur Augt 29
12/02/1725Elizabeth wife of John Mihill of Brantingham bur Feby 12
26/02/1725Robt Huntsman of Brantingham bur Feb. 26
04/03/1725Ruth wife of Robt Woulby of Ellerker bur Mar. 4
12/05/1726Willm sonn of John Neeves Ship Carpenter bur May 12
04/10/1726Willm Ralph sonn of Mr Willm Elerker of Elerker bur Eightber 4
08/03/1726John Mihill of Brantingham bur March 8
09/03/1726Mrs Elizabeth Idell of Brantingham bur March 9
15/03/1726Benjamin sonn of John Mihill of Ellerker bur Mar. 15
09/07/1727John sonn of Thomas Grubb of Elerker bur July 9
10/10/1727Mrs Dorothy Johnson widow ye only dau: of Mr Anthony Richardson of Great Yackcliffe in ye Co. of Durham and sister to Mr Willm Richardson vicar of Brantingham was buryed Octr 10 (affidavit made)
14/10/1727James Newton of Thorpe Brantingham bur Eightber 14
18/10/1727Thomas Hutchinson of Thorpe Brantingham bur Eightber 18
10/12/1727Joseph Belshaw of Elerker bur Tenber ye 10th
18/12/1727John Smith of Elerker bur Tenber 18
16/02/1727Jane Smith of Elerk : bur Feby 16
17/02/1727Emma Ayre of Elerk : bur Feby 17
23/02/1727Mary Huntsman of Brant: bur Feby 23
23/02/1727Henry Purvey of Brant: bur Feby 23
24/02/1727Susanna Hudson of Elerk : bur Feb. 24
03/03/1727John Hudson of Elerker bur Mar. 3
28/02/1727Stephen Fish of Brant: bur Feby 28
17/03/1727John Mihill of Elerker bur March 17
01/04/1728Thoms Craythorne of Elerkr bur Apr. 1
16/04/1728Eliz: Harrison of Elerker bur Apr. 16
26/04/1728Mary Newton of Thorpe Brantingham widow bur Apr. 26
04/05/1728Mary Jackson of Brant: bur May 4
15/05/1728Henry Purvey of Brant: bur May 15
28/05/1728Elizabeth Hall of Brant: bur May 28
28/10/1728Memorandum yt I gave notice to Mr Hudson of Thorpe Brantingham Overseer of the Poor of ye default of affidavits for buriall according to the Statute for burying in woollen May 30 1728 fro: Eightber ye 14th 1727 to May 30th 1728. The same day likewise I gave notice to ye over-seer of Elerker of ye same default
07/05/1728Willm Barffe of Thorpe Brant: burd May 7
03/07/1728Frances dau: of Widow Mihill of Elerker bur July 3
04/07/1728Sumley Wood of Elerker bur July 4
27/07/1728John Camp of Elerker bur July 27
06/08/1728Ann wife of Thoms Jackson of Brantingham bur Aug. 6
20/09/1728Isabell Hudson bur Sevenber 20
24/10/1728Mr John Robinson of Brant: bur Eightber ye 24th
24/10/1728Ann Richardson of Elerker bur Eightber ye 24th
27/10/1728Mrs Sarah Elerker of Elerker bur Eightber ye 27th
29/10/1728Catherine Stathr of Ellerker bur Eightber ye 29th
07/11/1728Hannah Hewson of Elerker bur Nineber ye 7th
13/11/1728John Huntsman Clarke of Brantingh: bur Nineber ye 13th
16/11/1728Herbert Dawson of Elerker bur Nineber ye 16th
28/11/1728Xtopher Attmar of Brant: bur Nineber ye 28th
05/12/1728John Grasby of Brant: bur Tenber ye 5th
12/01/1728Richard Hopper of Elerker bur Jany 12
28/01/1728Isabell Thompson of Elerker bur Jany 28
03/02/1728Rachell Champ of Elerker bur Feby 3
05/03/1728Sumley Wood of Elerker bur Mar. 5
15/03/1728Robt Thompson's son bur Mar. 15
28/05/1729Thoms Frankish of Elerker bur May 28
17/08/1729Mary dau: of Wm Jackson of Brant: bur Augt 17
14/09/1729Mary dau: of Mr Willm Elerkar bur Sevenber 14
28/10/1729Hester dau: of Xtopher Attmar of Brantingham bur Octr 28
20/10/1729Margaret Goofrey of Elerker bur Eightber ye 20th
23/12/1729Cokeley-Edwards Elerker of Elerker bur Tenber ye 23rd
22/01/1729Elizabeth Jobson bur Jan. 22
23/03/1729Memorandum yt March ye 23rd I gave notice to the Overseers of the Poor of Brantingham & Ellerker of ye default of affidavits this year according to ye statute for burying in woollen
03/06/1730Mary wife of Thoms Chaplin of Elerker bur June 3
16/06/1730Elizabeth wife of Richd Osburne of Elerker bur June 16
01/09/1730Willm son of Willm Huntsman of Brantingham bur Sevenber ye 1st
06/09/1730Elizabeth dau: of Mr Willm Newmarch of Brantingham bur Sevenber 6
26/12/1730James son of James Woods of Elerker bur Tenber ye 26th
09/01/1730Elizabeth dau: of Thorns Chaplin of Elerker bur Jany 9
13/01/1730Elizabeth dau: of Wm Ayre of Elerker bur Jany 13
23/01/1730Richd Champ of Elerker bur Jany 23
04/05/1731Elizabeth Hopper of Elerker bur May 4
27/05/1731Margaret Rayley of Brantingham bur May 27
02/07/1731Henery Herrinton of Elerker bur July 2
02/09/1731Isabell dau: of Thoms Craythorne of Elerker bur Sevenber 2
11/10/1731Jane dau: of John Barker of Brantingham bur Eightber 11
04/01/1731Elizabeth Thrusk of Elerker bur Jany 4
25/01/1731Honour dau: of Wm Hardy of Elerker bur Jany 25
03/03/1731John ye sonn of Robt Learning bur Mar. 3
20/03/1731Sarah Neeves of Brantingham bur Mar. 20
28/03/1732Willm Tod of Elerker bur Mar. 28
07/05/1732William sonn of Wm Chambrs of Elerker bur May 7
11/05/1732Wm sonn of Wm Ayre of Elerker bur May 11
20/05/1732Mary Woolhouse of Elerker bur May 20
16/12/1732Ann Anderson of Brant: bur Tenber ye 16th
22/12/1732Edward Simpkin of Elerker bur Tenber ye 22nd
15/02/1732Joan Belshaw of Elerker bur Feby 15
18/02/1732Willm son of John Garton of Elerker bur Feby 18
02/03/1732Ann wife of John Chaplin of Elerker bur Mar. I2
23/03/1732John Tod of Elerker bur March 23
01/11/1733John sonn of Thomas Mutch of Thorp Brantingham bur Nineber 1
14/12/1733Thomas sonn of Thoms Attkinson of Brantingham bur Tenber 14
19/12/1733John Blackburne of Elerker burd Tenber ye 19th
24/03/1733Thorns Richardson of Elerker bur March 24
23/05/1734Willm sonn of Thoms Andrew of Brantingham bur May 23
26/07/1734Francis sonn of Wm Rayley bur July 26
12/08/1734Susanna dau : of Ann Tomlin widow bur Aug. 12
11/12/1734Thoms Stennet of Elerker bur Tenber ye 11th
11/12/1734Mary dau: of Matthew Hutchinson of Elerker bur Tenber ye 11th
11/01/1734Isabell dau: of Thoms Craythorne of Elerker bur Jan. 11
19/01/1734Ann dau: of Robt Leaming of Elerker bur Jan. 19
06/02/1734John sonn of John Gale of Elerker bur Feby 6
23/03/1734Margaret dau: in Law of Mr Wm Newmarch of Brantingham burd March ye 23d
28/03/1735Richard Ousdale of Elerker bur Mar. 28
07/07/1735Hannay dau: of Thoms Chaplin of Elerker bur July 7
01/05/1736Thoms Smith of Elerker bur May 1
11/05/1736Alice wife of Wm Bayley of Thorpe Brantingham bur May 11
27/08/1736Ada Wilkinson bur Aug. 27
20/10/1736Martha wife of George Tomlin of Thorpe Brantingham bur Eightber 20
09/11/1737Ann Tomlin of Brantingham bur Nineber ye 9th
14/12/1737Robt Thruslove of Thorpe Brantingham bur Tenber ye 14th
27/12/1737Mrs Margaret Wren of Thorpe Brantingham bur Tenber ye 27th
08/02/1737Feby ye 8th John sonn of Thomas Williamson buried
26/03/1738Ann dau: of Thoms Jackson of Thorpe Brantingham bur Mar. 26
23/07/1738Elizabeth dau: of Thoms Atkinson of Brouf bur July 23
16/08/1738Mrs Susannah Tomlin of Brantingham bur Aug. 16
04/08/1738Joseph Grasby of Elerker bur Aug. 4
12/10/1738Elizabeth wife of John Grasby of Elerker bur Eightber 12th
26/10/1738Jane child of Elizabeth Thrusell of Thorpe Brantingham bur Eightber 26
29/10/1738William sonn of Mr Willm Elerker of Elerker bur Eightber ye 29th
19/11/1738Peter Dean of Brantingham bur Novr 19
03/12/1738Mary Gorton of Elerker bur Tenber ye 3rd
30/03/1738Thomas Hodgson of Elerker bur March 30
16/04/1739Mrs Elizabeth Elerker of Elerker bur Apr. 16
15/06/1739Willm sonn of Mr Wm Newmarch of Brantingham bur June 15
04/09/1739Ann Brigham of Elerker bur Sevenber ye 4th
16/09/1739Richard Bedford bur Sevenber ye 16
29/09/1739Mary Grasby of Elerker bur Sevenber ye 29th
27/03/1740Mary Easingwood of Elerker bur Mar. 27
15/06/1740Thomas son of Joseph Chapman of Brantingham bur June 15
10/07/1740John Mihil of Elerker bur July 10
07/08/1740Ann Lyon of Elerker bur Aug. 7
18/08/1740Sarah dau: of Willm Lyon of Elerker bur Aug. 18
28/10/1740Margaret Jackson of Thorpe-Brantingham Eightber 28th
04/11/1740Thorne Jackson of Thorpe-Brantingham bur Nineber ye 4th
28/11/1740An dau: of Wm Ayre of Elerker bur Nineber ye 28th
13/04/1741Mr Willm Newmarch bur Aprill ye 13th
15/05/1741Ann wife of Thoms Chaplin of Elerker bur May 15
30/05/1741Robt Trott of Elerker bur May 30
12/07/1741John Beck sonn of George Beck of Elerker bur July 12
31/08/1741Mary dau: of Robert Stather of Ellerker bur Aug. 31
14/10/1741Elizabeth wife of Wm Horsefield of Ellerker bur Eightber ye 14th
03/01/1741Mr Thomas Hudson of Thorpe-Brantingham bur Jany 3
24/01/1741Ann Weatherell of Elerker bur Jan. 24
10/01/1741Thoms Andrew of Brantingham bur Jany 10
19/02/1741Elizabeth dau: of Joseph Chapman of Brantingham bur Feby 19
25/02/1741Mrs Elizabeth Newmarch bur Feby 25
20/05/1742Sarah dau: of Wm Tod of Thorpe-Brantingham bur May 20
03/05/1742Mr William Richardson Vicker of Brantingham bur May 3
17/06/1742Honour Hardy wife of Wm Hardy of Elerker bur 17 June
23/07/1742Jane dau: of Edward Thornton bur July 23
14/08/1742Augt 14. Katherine wife of Thos Mutch of Ellerker
20/08/1742Augt 20. Mary King widow of Elleker
22/09/1742Septr 22. John son of John Hotchson Brantm
09/10/1742Octr 9. Elizabeth dau: of Thos Bayley
12/11/1742Novr 12. Ann wife of Thos Craythorn of Elleker
11/02/1742Feby 11. Henry son of Henry Hilyard of Elleker
07/03/1742March 7. William Horsfield of Elerker
11/04/1743Mary dau: of John Garton bur 11 Aprill
22/04/1743Mr William Elerker of Elerker bur 22 Apr.
25/04/1743John Garton of Elerker bur 25 Apr.
28/04/1743Mrs Barbara Hudson of Thorp Brantingham bur Apr. 28
29/04/1743William son of Matthew Hutchinson bur Apr. 29
14/05/1743Ann Lion of Elerker bur May 14
18/05/1743Elizabeth dau : of Mercy Garton bur 18 May
08/07/1743Ann dau: of Thomas Donking of Ellerker bur July 8
10/09/1743William Chaplin of Ellerker bur Septr 10
27/09/1743Joseph Horsley of Ellerker bur Septr 27
13/01/1743Mary dau: of William Clarkson of Ellerker bur Jany 13
05/05/1744Tamar dau : of Martha Etty of Ellerker bur May 5 1744
13/05/1744Sarah dau: of Francis Pharoah bur May 13 1744
25/05/1744Robert Woadby of Ellerker bur May 25 1744
21/06/1744William son of Paul Woolhouse of Ellerker bur June 21 1744
27/06/1744Elizabeth dau: of Grace Thrushlove bur June 27 1744
18/11/1744John son of Catherine Atmar of Brantingham widow bur Novr 18 1744
28/10/1745Mr John Tomlin of Brantingham bur Octr 28
19/11/1745Thomas son of Thomas Ellerker of Ellerker bur Novr 19
14/02/1745John Longrick of Ellerker bur Feby 14
27/02/1745Jane Dean of Brantingham widow bur Feby 27
28/02/1745Miss Margarett Hudson of Thorp Brantingham bur Feby 28
15/03/1745Mary Huntsman of Brantingham bur March 15
03/04/1746Mary dau: of Barbary Bedford of Ellerker bur Apr. 3
16/07/1746Mr Thomas Ellerker of Ellerker bur July 16
21/07/1746Margarett Etty of Ellerker bur July 21
18/12/1746Mary dau: of Widow Ellerker of Ellerker bur Decr 18
20/12/1746John son of Richard Osborn of Ellerker bur Decr 20
23/12/1746Frances dau: of Leanord Stephenson bur Decr 23
03/01/1746Margaret wife of Paul Woolhouse bur Jan. 3
24/01/1746Jeremiah son of William Johnson of Brantingham bur Jany 24
14/01/1746Margaret wife of Mr Henry Hilyard of Ellerker bur Jany 14
04/02/1746Elizabeth Chaplin of Ellerker widow bur Feby 4
07/03/1746Thomas Mutch of Cheapside (extra parochial) bur Mar. 7
11/03/1746John son of William Thornham of Ellerker bur Mar. 11
14/03/1746Elizabeth wife of Thomas Grub of Ellerker bur Mar. 14
19/03/1746William Barff of Ellerker bur Mar. 19
23/03/1746Sarah dau: of Wm Lyon of Ellerker bur Mar. 23
21/04/1747Richard Osborne of Ellerker bur Apr. 21 1747
05/06/1747Hannah dau: of Robert Tod of Ellerker bur June 5
17/07/1747Sarah dau: of Tho: Donkin of Ellerker bur July 17
20/01/1747Tamar dau: of Margaret Etty of Ellerker bur Jan. 20
06/03/1747Mary dau: of William Clarckson of Ellerker bur Mar. 6
20/08/1747Samll Parish of Ellerker bur Augt 20 (1747?)
20/05/1747Richard Hall of Ellerker bur May 20
29/10/1747Thos Frankish of Ellerker bur Octr 29
22/01/1747Anne Huntsman of Brantingham widow bur Jan. 22
08/06/1749Fraces dau: of Leanord Stephenson of Ellerker bur June 8
19/06/1749Thomas Fish of Brantingham bur June 19
01/08/1749John son of William Thornham of Ellerker bur Augt 1
09/08/1749Ann wife of John Cornwell of South Cave bur Augt 9
10/10/1749Elizabeth dau: of Robt Woadby of Ellerker bur Octr 10
02/01/1749Robert Woadby of Ellerker bur Jany 2
26/06/1750John son of Widow Camp of Ellerker bur June 26
10/10/1750Richard son of Leonard Stephenson of Ellerker bur Octr 10
26/10/1750William son of William Lyon of Ellerker bur Octr 26
22/10/1750Hannah dau: of William Thrushlove of Bromfleet bur Octr 22
11/11/1750Leonard Stephenson of Ellerker Miller bur Novr 11
27/11/1750Robert son of Paul Woolhouse of Ellerker bur Novr 27
31/12/1750Ann dau: of Christopher Grant of Brantingham bur Decr 31
03/02/1750Rebekah wife of Robert Stather of Ellerker bur Feby 3
06/02/1750Mary wife of William Robinson of Ellerker bur Feby 6
05/04/1751Dorathy dau: of Tho: Blossom of Thorp Brantingham bur Apr. 5
16/05/1751Thomas Grub of Ellerker bur May 16
30/05/1751Robert Belshaw of Ellerker bur May 30
30/05/1751Ann wife of Thos Garton of Brantingham bur May 30
05/06/1751Jane wife of John Burrel of Ellerker bur June 5
09/08/1751Allice dau : of Edward Mason of Thorp Brantingham bur Augt 9
14/10/1751Ann wife of William Chambers of Ellerker bur Octr 14
24/10/1751John Burrel of Ellerker bur Octr 24
07/12/1751Edward Atkinson of Brantingham bur Decr 7
18/03/1752Ann wife of George Beck of Ellerker bur March 18
26/03/1752Mary wife of John Gale of Ellerker bur March 26
08/12/1752Edward Stephenson of Brantingham bur Decr 8
12/12/1752James Brown son of James Brown of Ellerker bur Decr 12
06/01/1753Thomason wife of Jn Blackshaw of Brantingham bur Jany 6
15/01/1753Anne Etty of Ellerker bur Jany 15
04/02/1753Elizabeth dau: of Mr John Moore of Ellerker bur Feby 4
06/02/1753Henrietta Maria Tomlin of Brantingham bur Feby 6
02/03/1753Mr John Idle of Brantingham bur March 2
01/06/1753John son of William Hardy of Ellerker bur June 1
08/07/1753Elizabeth wife of Michael Grey of Ellerker bur July 8
05/12/1753Thomas Crathorne (a Poor Boy) of Ellerker bur Decr 5
06/02/1754William Robinson of Ellerker bur Feby 6
10/03/1754Mary Woolhouse wife of Paul Woolhouse of Ellerker bur Mar. 10
10/03/1754Joseph son of Paul Woolhouse bur Mar. 12: The same day was buried his dau: Allice
15/03/1754Tho: Donkin of Ellerker bur Mar. 15
04/08/1754Frances dau: of Mr Hilyard of Ellerker bur Augt 4
08/08/1754Elizabeth dau: of Tho: Bainton of Ellerker bur Augt 8
10/08/1754Hannah dau: of Jn Giles of Brantingham bur Augt 10
23/09/1754Robert son of Paul Woolhouse bur Septr 23
05/10/1754William Hardy of the Parish of Eastrington bur Octr 5
18/10/1754James son of James Burleigh of Mapleton in Holderness bur Octr 18
29/11/1754Mr John Moore of Ellerker bur Novr 29:
29/11/1754The same day was buried William son of Tho: Bainton of Ellerker
30/12/1754Tho: Bainton of Ellerker Labourer bur Decr 30
06/02/1754Rebecca Stather dau: of Robt Stather of Ellerker bur Feby 6
07/02/1755The Revd Mr Whitaker Vicar of Brantingham dyed Feb. ye 7th & was buried Feb. ye 10 1755
03/07/1755Mary dau: of Frances Pharoh of Thorp Brantingham bur July 3
03/07/1755Matthew son of Rebeckah Wardell of Ellerker bur July 3
24/10/1755John Grasby of Ellerker bur Octr 24
10/12/1755Ellinor dau: of Thomas Blossom of Thorp Brantingham bur Decr 10
04/05/1756Richard son of Robert Todd of Ellerker bur May 4 1756
06/05/1756John son of John Giles of Brantingham bur May 6
06/03/1757John Cook of Ellerker bur Mar. 6
06/03/1757Ann dau: of John Underwood bur Mar. 6
09/03/1757Sarah dau: of John Underwood bur Mar. 9
09/04/1757Ann dau: of Mr Isaac Broadley bur Apr. 9
17/05/1757Catherine Attmar widow bur May 17
01/06/1757Ann dau: of Mr Baldwin bur June 1
14/06/1757Mary Garton of Ellerker bur June 14
07/07/1757Thomas son of Margaret Dunkin of Ellerker bur 7 July
15/09/1757Alexander son of Thou Binnington of Thorp Brantingham bur Septr 15
19/09/1757Lydia wife of Richard Barf bur Septr 19
04/04/1758Stephen Barf bur Apr. 4
27/04/1758Henry Ayre of Ellerker bur Apr. 27
03/05/1758Ann Cook of Ellerker widow bur May 3
28/08/1758Sarah dau: of Mr Isaac Broadley bur Aug. 28
30/09/1758Hannah wife of W Richd Archibald of Ellerker bur Septr 30
26/10/1758Ann wife of John Underwood bur Octr 26
27/10/1758Mary dau: of Mr Isaac Broadley bur Octr 27
04/01/1759William son of Christr & Ann Grant bur Jan. 4
11/01/1759Jane wife of Thomas Grasby of Ellerker bur Jan. 11
08/03/1759Matthew Hutchinson of Ellerker bur Mar. 8
10/07/1759Robert Stather of Ellerker bur July 10
02/09/1759John son of John Thorp bur Septr 2
16/10/1759Joseph Chapman of Brantingham bur Octr 16
05/11/1759William Stather of Ellerker bur Novr 5
18/12/1759John Gail of Ellerker bur Decr 18
04/01/1760George Tomlyn of Brantingham bur Jany 4
20/04/1760John son of John Ogle of Ellerker bur April 20
28/04/1760Paul Farrow of Brantingham bur April 28
09/07/1760Ann Farrow of Brantingham bur July 9
16/09/1760John son of Joseph Chapman bur Septr 16
03/01/1761John son of Joseph Chapman bur Jany 3
20/03/1761Alethea Chaplin bur March 20
28/05/1761Francis Pharoah bur May 28
06/06/1761Hugh Barker of Ellerker bur June 6
20/07/1761John son of Thomas Smith bur July 20
12/08/1761John Blackshaw bur Augt 12
13/11/1761Stephen Hardy bur Novr 13
02/03/1762Maria dau: of Thou Jewit of Ellerker bur Mar. 2
28/04/1762George Beck bur Apr. 28
07/08/1762Elizabeth Barfe bur Augt 7
26/02/1763John Chaplin bur Feby 26
14/03/1763Elizabeth Chaplin bur Mar. 14
19/03/1763William Chambers bur Mar. 19
12/04/1763William Thruslove bur Apr. 12
27/05/1763Jane wife of Paul Woolhouse bur May 27
14/06/1763Mrs Susanna Tomlyn bur June 14
08/10/1763Francis son of Francis Carlill bur Octr 8
28/02/1764Mary Hardy of Ellerker bur Feby 28
11/03/1764Peter Dean bur Mar. 11
30/07/1764John son of John Briggs bur July 30
11/07/1764Mrs Gill bur July 11
07/08/1764Elizabeth dau: of Mr Colly Archibald bur Augt 7
06/12/1764Sarah Dean bur Decr 6
20/03/1765John son of Francis Harper bur Mar. 20
18/06/1765Mary Barker bur June 18
22/01/1766Henry son of William Ayre bur Jany 22
24/03/1766Rachel Tomlin bur Mar. 24
20/03/1767Thos Pierson bur March 20
07/06/1767John Camp bur June 7
25/06/1767Mr Tho: Gill bur June 25
14/08/1767Mr John Ellerker bur Aug. 14
12/02/1768Mary wife of Mr Wm Nelson bur Feby 12
06/11/1768Peter son of Christr Atmar bur Novr 6
27/02/1769Thomas Atkinson bur Feb. 27
07/03/1769Ann wife of Joseph Chapman bur Mar. 7
10/05/1769Joseph son of Joseph Chapman bur May 10
20/08/1769Augt 20 Buried Ann wife of Joseph Chaplin of Ellerker
06/10/1769Octr 6 Buried John son of William Andrew of Brantingham
30/05/1770May 30 Buried Isaac William son of Mr John Chambers of Hull
21/08/1770Augt 21 Buried Ann Elizabeth dau : of Philip Nicholson of Brantingham
11/09/1770Septr 11 Buried William Nelson Esq. of Brantingham
08/12/1770Decr 8 Buried William Todd of Brantingham Thorp
25/01/1771Jany 25 Buried Mary wife of William Thonham of Ellerker
23/02/1771Feby 23 Buried George son of George Gibson of Hull
21/03/1771March 21 Buried Ann Wood of Ellerker
03/04/1771April 3 Buried Stephen son of John Scaiff of Brantingham
12/04/1771Apr. 12 Buried Tamar Etty of Ellerker
29/04/1771Apr. 29 Buried Margaret widow of John Barker of Brantingham
26/05/1771May 26 Buried John Hudson of Ellerker
31/07/1771July 31 Buried Elizabeth Cogehill of Ellerker
20/09/1771Septr 20 Buried Thomas son of John Ryley of Ellerker
16/02/1772Feby 16 Buried George son of William Waddingham of Ellerker
09/03/1772Mar. 9 Buried Richard son of Richard Appleton of Ellerker
27/04/1772Apr. 27 Buried Elizabeth wife of John Bursey of Ellerker
28/06/1772June 28 Buried Elizabeth Wetwang widow of Ellerker
03/07/1772July 3 Buried Mary wife of William Lyon of Ellerker
20/07/1772July 20 Buried John son of William Jessup of Brantingham
22/07/1772July 22 Buried William Ayre of Ellerker
15/10/1772Octr 15 Buried Mary Bainton of Ellerker
18/10/1772Octr 18 Buried William son of William Andrew of Brantingham
18/12/1772Decr 18 Buried John son of John Wood of Ellerker
16/02/1773Feby 16 Buried Ellen Searby, commonly called Eleanor Clarke, as having been the real or
reputed wife of Samuel Clarke late of Ellerker. Wm Preston the son-in-law of the above
person says she ought to be thus set down in the Register, at whose dictation I do it
16/02/1773Feby 16 Buried Ellen Clarke of Ellerker
08/06/1773June 8 Buried Ann wife of John Wood of Ellerker
11/09/1773Septr 11 Buried John son of Sarah England of Brantingham Thorp
04/10/1773Octr 4 Buried Jane dau: of John Thornton of Brantingham
14/10/1773Octr 14 Buried Rosamond dau: of Philip Nickholson of Brantingham
01/11/1773Novr 1 Buried Robert son of William Leaper of Brantingham
01/11/1773Novr 1 Buried Mary dau : of Mark Becke of Brantingham
08/11/1773Novr 8 Buried George son of William Leaper of Brantingham
10/12/1773Decr 10 Buried Elizabeth Thornton widow of Brantingham
17/12/1773Decr 17 Buried John Briggs of South Cave
10/01/1774Jany 10 Buried Thomas son of Richard Mead of Ellerker
26/06/1774June 26 Buried Mary dau: of William Jessup of Brantingham
17/08/1774Augt 17 Buried Lidia dau : of William Andrew of Brantingham
06/11/1774Novr 6 Buried Thomas son of William Jessup of Brantingham
30/03/1775March 30 Buried Christopher Grant of Brantingham
31/03/1775Mar. 31 Buried Francis son of Christopher Atmar of Brantingham
05/04/1775Apr. 5 Buried Elizabeth dau : of Sarah Hogg of Ellerker
18/04/1775Apr. 18 Buried William Thornham of Ellerker
26/04/1775Apr. 26 Buried Gcorge son of William Leaper of Brantingham
07/07/1775July 7 Buried Joseph son of John Reyley of Ellerker
23/07/1775July 23 Buried Alice Ransom, mother of Alice Barffe of Brantingham
18/10/1775Octr 18 Buried Alice Edgehil of Brantingham
16/12/1775Decr 16 Buried Elizabeth Stather (widow) of Ellerker
05/01/1776Jany 5 Buried Rebecca Atkinson (widow) of Brantingham
05/02/1776Feby 5 Buried William son of William Andrew of Brantingham
24/07/1776July 24 Buried Catherine dau: of Christopher Atmar of Brantingham
02/10/1776Octr 2 Buried Hannah dau : of Isaac Widehope of Ellerker
06/10/1776Octr 6 Buried John Barser of Ellerker
07/02/1777Feby 7 Buried Catherine Mutch of Cheapside a poor widow on this Parish
22/02/1777Feby 22 Buried Joseph Chaplin of Ellerker
04/04/1777April 4 Buried Robert son of John Clarkc of Brantingham
18/05/1777May 18 Buried Elizabeth Jessup (widow) of Brantingham
30/05/1777May 30 Buried Ann Hudson (widow) of Ellerker
26/06/1777June 26 Buried Joseph a child of William Leaper of Brantingham
18/07/1777July 18 Buried Susannah wife of Wm Ellerker Esq. of Ellerker
18/08/1777Augt 18 Buried Joseph son of John Reyley of Ellerker
05/09/1777Sep. 5 Buried Mary a child of William Leaper of Brantingham
12/10/1777Octr 12 Buried William Stather of Ellerker
25/11/1777Novr 25 Buried in one grave Hannah wife of Alexr Douglas of Ellerker and her son Edward Harrison (by a former husband). The Son was crushed to death by a Waggon running over him : which melancholy event being too hastily told the mother, she was immediately seized with a fit which presently put an end to her life
03/01/1778Jany 3 Buried Mr Henry Hilliard of Ellerker
29/03/1778Mar. 29 Buried William Jackson of Waldby Woodhouse
22/04/1778Apr. 22 Buried Ann Grant (widow) of Brantingham
17/06/1778June 17 Buried Sarah Todd (widow) of Brantingham
26/06/1778June 26 Buried William Goforth of Brantingham
16/08/1778Augt 16 Buried Margaret dau: of John Reiley of Ellerker
13/09/1778Sep. 13 Buried William son of William Jessup of Brantingham
08/11/1778Novr 8 Buried Ann dau: of William Jessup of Brantingham
30/11/1778Novr 30 Buried Joseph son of Joseph Chapman of Brantingham
08/12/1778Decr 8 Buried George son of late Wm Jackson of Waldby Woodhouse
09/12/1778Decr 9 Buried William son of John Wood of Ellerker
12/12/1778Decr 12 Buried Robert son of Luke Wilberfoss of Ellerker
16/12/1778Decr 16 Buried Mary dau : of John Shield of Brantingham
11/12/1778Decr 11 Buried John Thornham of Ellerker
20/02/1779Feby 20 Buried Thomas Green of Brantingham
16/03/1779Mar. 16 Buried Paul Ferrow of Brantingham
13/06/1779June 13 Buried Francis a child of John Clarkson of Hazle who died at Brantingham
18/06/1779June 18 Buried Ruth dau: of Philip Nicholson of Brantingham
10/08/1779Aug. 10 Buried Hannah dau: of John Smith of Brantingham Thorp
22/08/1779Aug. 22 Buried Richard Huntsman of Brantingham
20/12/1779Decr 20 Buried Thomas son of the late Paul Ferrow of Brantingham
28/01/1780Jany 28 Buried Jane dau: of William Jessup of Brantingham
23/04/1780April 23 Buried Isaac son of Isaac Widehope of Ellerker
12/05/1780May 12 Buried John son of John Witty of Ellerker
05/07/1780July 5 Buried Thomas son of Robert Todd of South Cave
04/09/1780Septr 4 Buried Ann Elizabeth dau: of John Scaiffe of Brantingham
08/09/1780Septr 8 Buried William Ellerker Esq. of Ellerker
22/09/1780Septr 22 Buried John Ayre of Hull
21/01/1781Jany 21 Buried Elizabeth Wade a vagrant who died at Ellerker
26/01/1781Jany 26 Buried Hannah Green widow of the late Thomas Green of Brantingham
28/01/1781Jany 28 Buried Elizabeth dau : of Sarah Hogg of Ellerker
08/02/1781Feby 8 Buried Jane wife of Robert Todd of South Cave
16/04/1781Apr. 16 Buried Francis son of John Todd of Brantingham
11/06/1781June 11 Buried Mary dau: of W Baldwin of South Cave
20/07/1781July 20 Buried James Burley of Brough
06/08/1781Augt 6 Buried Mary wife of John Hallowel of Ellerker
02/04/1782Apr. 2 Buried John son of William Monro which died at the house of his wife's mother Mary Goforth in Brantingham
25/06/1782June 25 Buried Rachel widow of Richard Appleton late of South Cave who died at Brantingham
04/08/1782Augt 4 Buried Ann dau: of Thomas Skipwith of Ellerker
15/12/1782Decr 15 Buried Peter son of Mark Beck of Brantingham
22/01/1783Jany 22 Buried Thomas Skipwith of Ellerker
27/01/1783Jany 27 Buried Hannah wife of John Wood of Ellerker
27/02/1783Feby 27 Buried Elizabeth dau: of John Witty of Ellerker
29/05/1783May 29 Buried Jonathan Stather of South Cave
13/06/1783June 13 Buried Alice wife of Joseph Barffe of Brantingham
16/06/1783June 16 Buried Eleanor wife of John Griffith of Ellerker
30/06/1783June 30 Buried Hannah Giles of Ellerker widow of the late Giles of Walkington
03/07/1783July 3 Buried John Moses of Ellerker
01/09/1783Sept. 1 Buried Mrs Sarah Leighton (widow) of Heddon
16/09/1783Septr 16 Buried Thomas Williamson of Brantingham
06/12/1783Decr 6 Buried Eleanor wife of Robert Grasby of Ellerker
02/01/1784Jany 2 Buried Betteris Withrenwick of Ellerker Duty received
20/02/1784Feby 20 Buried John son of Robert Grimston (a Soldier) D.R.
25/02/1784Feby 25 Buried Isable Williamson (Widow) of Brantingham D.R.
26/02/1784Feby 26 Buried Isaac Broadley Esq. of Brantingham D.R.
24/03/1784Mar. 24 Buried Robert son of William Leaper of Brantingham D.R.
03/05/1784May 3 Buried Jane dau: of Philip Nicholson of Brantingham D.R.
27/05/1784May 27 Buried Ann widow of Robert Moore late of Aubrough in Holderness D.R.
08/07/1784July 8 Buried Mary wife of William Monro & dau: of Mary Goforth of Brantingham D.R.
23/07/1784July 23 Buried James son of James Burley of Brough D.R.
22/11/1784Novr 22 Buried Elizabeth wife of Joseph Purdon of Ellerker D.R.
30/12/1784Decr 30 Buried Ann widow of the late William Ayre of Ellerker D.R.
09/01/1785Jany 9 Buried Martha Beck widow of Ellerker D.R.
21/01/1785Jany 21 Buried Ann wife of William Carlill of Wilton D.R.
25/02/1785Feby 25 Buried Elizabeth dau: of Simon Puckering of Ellerker D.R.
07/05/1785May 7 Buried John son of Robert Arton of Ellerker Sands D.R.
19/05/1785May 19 Buried Mary wife of John Hollowel of Ellerker D.R.
01/06/1785June 1 Buried Frances widow of the late Michael Andrew of S: Cave D.R.
18/07/1785July 18 Buried Elizabeth Stather of North Cave, widow of the late William Stather of Ellerker D.R.
24/11/1785Novr 24 Buried Elizabeth dau: of Ann Andrew of Brantingham D.R.
01/12/1785Decr 1 Buried William son of Thomas Millson of Ellerker D.R.
02/01/1786Jany 2 Buried Margaret wife of Francis Carlill of Ellerker D.R.
27/11/1786Novr 27 Buried Ann wife of George Hammond of Hull D.R.
05/12/1786Decr 5 Buried Elizabeth dau: of John Kidd of Brantingham D.R.
16/12/1786Decr 16 Buried William son of John Arton of Ellerker D.R.
22/02/1787Feby 22 Buried Robert son of John Witty of Elloughton D.R.
25/03/1787Mar. 25 Buried Elizabeth wife of John Clarke of Ellerker D.R.
11/06/1787June 11 Buried John son of John Chapman (a mariner) of Hull D.R.
16/11/1787Novr 16 Buried George son of William Miller of Ellerker D.R.
06/12/1787Decr 6 Buried Mary Atkinson of Brantingham sister of Wm Atkinson D.R.
06/02/1788Feby 6 Buried Ann Burley widow of Ellerker D.R.
14/02/1788Feby 14 Buried Carlton Moncton Esq. of Thorp Brantingham D.R.
06/04/1788Apr. 6 Buried James Brown of Ellerker, Pauper
06/05/1788May 6 Buried Edward Thornton of Brantingham, Blacksmith D.R.
02/06/1788June 2 Buried Simon Puckering of Ellerker D.R.
12/06/1788June 12 Buried Elizabeth dau: of the late John Ayre of Hull D.R.
14/08/1788Augt 14 Buried Thomas infant child of John Nickholson of Brantingham D.R.
14/09/1788Septr 14 Buried Robert Todd of South Cave D.R.
20/10/1788Octr 20 Buried James son of James Burley of Brough D.R.
09/12/1788Decr 9 Buried Ann Gedney Brigham dau :of Wm Brigham of Hull D.R.
01/01/1789Jany 1 Buried Mary dau: of John Witty of Elloughton D.R.
20/02/1789Feby 20 Buried Robert Ayre of Rise D.R.
14/03/1789Mar. 14 Buried Hannah & Frances twin children of H. Grimstone D.R.
03/05/1789May 3 Buried Hannah dau : of John Raynolds a Mariner of Hull D.R.
06/05/1789May 6 Buried Ann dau : of John Arton of Ellerker D.R.
08/05/1789May 8 Buried Jane dau : of the late Simon Puckering & Hannah his widow of Ellr D.R.
09/05/1789May 9 Buried John son of John Arton of Ellerker D.R.
19/05/1789May 19 Buried John son of John Kidd of Brantingham D.R.
27/05/1789May 27 Buried Joseph Purdon of Ellerker aged 90 D.R.
26/06/1789June 26 Buried Elizabeth dau: of John Smith of Brantingham Thorpe D.R.
30/07/1789July 30 Buried Sarah dau : of Mr Waller of Thorpe D.R.
26/08/1789Aug. 26 Buried Elizabeth wife of Stephen Northend of Ellerker D.R.
04/10/1789Octr 4 Buried Frances Cooke a servant in Ellerker, Pauper
13/12/1789Decr 13 Buried Mary Goforth (widow) of Ellowhton D. R.
31/12/1789Decr 31 Buried Jane wife of John Underwood of Brantingham, Pauper
17/02/1790Feby 17 Buried Mary dau : of Widow Ayre of Hull D.R.
10/02/1790Feby 10 Buried Thomas son of Thomas Brigham of Swanland D.R.
10/03/1790March 10 Buried Francis son of the late Wm Jackson D.R.
19/03/1790Mar. 19 Buried Ann widow of the late Wm Johnson of S. Cave D.R.
11/05/1790May 11 Buried Thomas Blossom of Elloughton, Pauper
13/06/1790June 13 Buried Mary widow of John Clarkson of Hazzle, Pauper
22/06/1790June 22 Buried Elizabeth dau: of Nicholson of Brant: D.R.
21/07/1790July 21 Buried John son of John Witty of Elloughton D.R.
16/02/1791Feby 16 Buried Thomas Crosby of Brantingham, Poor Houses
20/03/1791Mar. 20 Buried Wm son of John Witty of Elloughton D.R.
16/07/1791July 16 Buried James Story of Brantingham D.R.
18/07/1791July 18 Buried Susannah wife of Robert Todd of Ellerker D.R.
28/07/1791July 28 Buried Robert Todd of Ellerker D.R.
17/08/1791Augt 17 Buried Ann wife of William Sleigh of Ellerker D.R.
05/10/1791Octr 5 Buried William son of Thomas Milson of Ellerker D.R.
19/10/1791Octr 19 Buried John son of John Raynold a Mariner of Hull D.R.
23/11/1791Novr 23 Buried John son of John Nicholson of Brantingham D.R.
13/12/1791Decr 13 Buried James son of the late Wm Ayre of Ellerker D.R.
10/02/1792Feb. 10 Buried Mary dau: of Joseph Latiss of Brantingham D.R.
22/02/1792Feb. 22 Buried Margaret dau: of Wm Levet of Brantingham D.R.
27/02/1792Feb. 27 Buried Elizabeth wife of John Nickholston of Brantingham D.R.
27/03/1792March 27 Buried Sarah wife of Dr Sunley of Cave D.R.
10/08/1792Augt 10 Buried Jane wife of Philip Nickholson of Brantingham D.R.
25/09/1792Sepr 25 Buried John son of John Raynolds a Mariner of Hull D.R.
18/11/1792The Revd James Forster Vicar of Brantingham died 18th Novr & was buried the 21st D.R.
21/12/1792Ann Elizabeth Broadley of Brantingham buried 21 December 1792 D.R.
26/12/1792Ann Andrew of Brantingham widow buried 26 Decr 1792 D.R.
04/05/1680Impo John Sparrow was buryed ye 4th May. Affidavit made & certifyed yt he was Byryed acording to ye laite Acte
21/05/1680Margaret Hambleton buryed May 21
22/06/1680Francess wife of Willia: Usquate buryed June 22
08/12/1680Mary dau : of John Andrew buryed Decr 8
09/12/1680Phillip sonn of Edmond Ellerker buryed Decr 9
21/12/1680Christopher Thrisk Junior buryed Decr 21
25/12/1680Frances wife of John Bewley buryed Decr 25
27/12/1680Ann Thrisk buryed Decr 27
28/12/1680William sonn of Richard Bower buryed Decr 28
01/01/1681William Anderson buryed Jany 5 1681 ye first in ye year
11/01/1681John sonn of Robert Simpson Junr buryed Jany 11
16/01/1681Thomas sonn of Joshua Chapman buryed Jany 16
??/??/1681Elizabeth Punderson [blank] of John Penderston
04/02/1681Ann Bell buryed Feby 4
10/02/1681Robert Baly buryed Feby 10
22/02/1681Ann dau: of Edward Rashells buryed Feby 22
07/03/1681Isabell wife of Thomas Norman buryed March 7
25/03/1681Ann wife of Willia: Campe buryed March 25 1681
04/04/1681John (or Robt) sonn of John Jackson buryed Aprill 4 1681
25/04/1681Elizabeth Heathcote sepult April 25
01/05/1681Maria filia Thomae Chaplin sepult May 1 1681
20/06/1681Antonius Carlin sepult Junii 20
11/11/1681Thomas Tod sepult Novr 11
23/11/1681Johanes filius Robti Nelsin sepultus 23 Novr
16/11/1681Willielmus fil: Wilielmi Perkenson sepult 16 Novr
11/01/1681Wilielmus filius Johannis Pickering sepult Jany 11
14/01/1681Maria filia Jane Tomlin sepult Jan. 14
22/02/1681Wilielmus Sutheran sepult 22 Febru.
06/03/1681Richardus filius Ricdi Bower 6 Martii
27/05/1682Robtus filius Robti Simson sepult May 27
09/06/1682Sarah filia Johannis Jackson sepult 9 June
12/06/1682Rachel filia Tho: Chaplin sepult 12 June
22/06/1682Jane filia Robti Nelsin sepult 22 June
15/07/1682Wilielmus filius Tho: Ayre sepult Julii 15
09/08/1682Thomas Ayre sepult Augt 9
14/09/1682Thomas filius Tho: Wallis sepult Septr 14
14/09/1682Maria Ellerker filia Anna Ellerker generosae sepult eodem die
29/10/1682Joan uxor Tho: Wallis sepult 29 Octr
27/11/1682Richardus Palmer sepult 27 Novr
30/11/1682Elizabetha filia Rotti Nelsin sepult 30 Novr
30/11/1682Anna uxor Richardi Kemp sepult eodem die
02/12/1682Maria uxor Roberti Plaister sepult 2 Decr
29/01/1682Willielmus Sikes sepult 29 Jany
02/02/1682Maria filia Thomae Norman sepult 2 Feby
27/02/1682Elizabetha filia Tho: Sisson sepult 27 Feby
01/03/1682Willielmus filius Johannis Bradley sepult 1 March
16/03/1682Richardus Atmarre sepult 16 March
10/05/1683Josephus Tomlin sepult 10 Maii
10/05/1683Johannes Andra sepult 10 Maii
27/06/1683Elizabetha filia Rotti Simpson sepult 27 June
12/10/1683Sarah uxor Johannis Jackson sepult 12 Octr
13/10/1683Tho: filius Johanis Jackson sepult 13 Octr
26/10/1683Elizab: uxor Richardi Heuson sepult 26 Octr
27/10/1683Franciscus filius Tho: Broklebank sepult 27 Octr
25/03/1684Maria filia Willielmi Plaister sepult 25 March
18/04/1684Robert Marshal sepult April 18
23/04/1684Peter fili: Johanis Pickering sepult Apr. 23
03/04/1684Maria uxor Rotti Raven sepult Apr. 3
04/05/1684Richardus Balep sepult Maii 4
24/06/1684Johanes Bursey filius Robt Bursey sepult June 24
26/08/1684Jane uxor Richardi Heuson sepult Aug. 26
10/11/1684Simon Goakman sepult 10 Novr
15/12/1684Johanes Bradley sepult Decr 15
??/??/1684Anne Hamleton sepult
02/01/1684Jane uxor Wilhelm Mateson & John his sonn both buryed Jany 2
12/01/1684Anna filia Johannis Beck sepult Janu. 12
26/01/1684Hannah Jenkinson sepult 26 Janu.
20/02/1684Robt Ellerker sepult 20 Febr
07/04/1685Roger Purrill sepultus Apr. 7 1685
02/06/1685Ann Garton sepult June 2 1685
13/08/1685Thomas Norman sepult 13 Aug.
23/08/1685Johannes filius Johanis Mihil sepult 23 Aug.
22/09/1685Francess filia Willi: Perkinson sepult 22 Septr
31/10/1685Jain Bradley sepult 31 Octr
18/02/1685Katherina filia Tho: Broklebank buryed 18 Febru.
16/03/1685Robert Ion sepult 16 Martii
10/04/1686Jane Norman sepult 10 Aprill
19/05/1686Mathew filius Johanis Beck sepult 19 Maii
20/07/1686Johanes filius Gulielmi Garton sepult 20 July
18/08/1686Eliz: filia Gulielmi Parkinson sepult 18 Augusti
28/09/1686Eliz: Rooton sepult 28 Septembris
12/10/1686Jonathan Stather sepult 12 Octobris
09/12/1686Maria Stather sepult 9 Decembris
12/12/1686Anna Boothby sepult 12 Decembris
15/12/1686Anna Ayer sepult 15 Decembris
21/01/1686Robertus Kemp sepult 21 Janii
18/01/1686Gulielmus filius Ricardi Hewson sepult 18 Janii
24/01/1686Jane filia Ricardi Hewson sepult 24 Janii
25/01/1686Ricardus Stather sepult 25 Janii
05/02/1686Hannah filia Ricardi Hewson sepult 5 Febr.
09/03/1686Robertus Ellerker sepult 9 Martii
07/05/1687William sonn of Giles Tomlin buried 7 May
21/08/1687Marmaduke Weedley buried 21 Augt
04/10/1687William sonn of William Perkinson buried 4 Octr
09/11/1687Ann Belshaw buried 9 Novr
22/06/1688Ann Covil buried 22 June
06/09/1688Thomas Sisson buried 6 Septr
23/09/1688John Barker buried 23 Septr
03/10/1688John Jackson buried 3 Octr
09/10/1688Mary Atmar buried 9 Octr
09/10/1688Martha Trane buried the same day
03/01/1688William Camp buried 3 Jany
29/05/1689Thomas Sisson buried 29th May
20/06/1689Alice Thompson buried 20 June
20/07/1689Richard Bower buried 20 July
26/07/1689Anne Hobman buried 26 July
10/09/1689Katherine Johnson buried 10 Septr
26/11/1689Mary wife of William Matteson buried 26 Novr
12/03/1694Hannah Kemp sepult 12 March 1694
10/03/1695William son of William Garton buryed 10 March 1695
25/11/1695Abraham filius Robt Trusley sepult 25 Novr 1695
05/02/1695Thomas filius Willielmi Parkinson sepult 5 Febru. 1695
01/03/1695William Thompson sepult 1st March 1695
24/12/1696Anne wife of Robt Atmar sepult 24 Tenber 1696
27/03/1697Mary dau: of Angel Trot buryed 27 March 1697
05/11/1698John son of Willia: Jenkinson sepult 5 Novr 1698
07/03/1698William son of William Jenkinson buryed 7 March 1698
14/01/1793Jany 14. Bessy dau: of Hannah Grimston buried
26/02/1793Feby 26. Robert Grasby of Ellerker
10/03/1793March 10. Edward Ayre of Ellerker
06/06/1793June 6. Richard Barffe of Woadby
09/06/1793June 9. James Stockdale of Brantingham
28/06/1793June 28. Alexander Douglass of Ellerker, a pauper
07/07/1793July 7. Jane dau: of John Chapman of Hull
10/07/1793July 10. Richard Stather of South Cave aged 82 years who for a many years was a Foreman in one of the King's Dock Yards
17/09/1793Septr 17. Jane dau: of the late Robt Todd of South Cave
20/12/1793Decr 20. A Person unknown was wash'd up by the Tide and found dead upon Ellerker Sands & was buried at Brantingham after the Coroner and his jury had taken an Inquest upon the Body. N.B. He was buried as a pauper
02/05/1794May 2nd George Woodhouse of Hull, Surgeon & Apothecary
03/05/1794May 3. Thos Andrew Rosendam son of Phylip Rosendam of Skuttle Hill in the par: of Ferriby
12/05/1794May 12. Hannah wife of Thomas Adamson of Howden & dau: of Callow Archbald of Ellerker
19/05/1794May 19. Mary wife of James Stather of Ellerker
12/11/1794Novr 12. John Linton of Brantingham, Shoemaker
14/12/1794Decr 14. Mary wife of James Burley of Ellerker
06/01/1795Jany 6. Mary dau : of the above James Burley of Ellerker
08/03/1795March 8. John Purdon of Ellerker aged 62 years
17/03/1795March 17. Callow Archbald of Ellerker was found dead betwixt South Cave & Ellerker on Monday morning March 16th aged 70 years
09/04/1795April 9. Robert Clark of Ellerker aged 63 years
12/06/1795June 12. William Clayton Stather son of Wm Harrison Stather of the City of London died at North Cave aged 5 years
31/07/1795July 31. Edward Fish who was found wash'd up upon Ellerker Sands having slip'd over Board in Wintringham Haven on 15th July
20/09/1795Septr 20. Mary dau: of Mark Beck of Kingston-upon-Hull
17/12/1795Decr 17. William son of William Wray of Brantingham aged 28 years
06/01/1796Jany 6. Eleanor Blossom widow of the late Thomas Blossom of Brantingham died at Elloughton aged 85 years
28/04/1796April 28. Peter Brigham nephew to Wm Atkinson of Brantingham
07/05/1796May 7. Martha Chapman aged 91 years mother to Joseph Chapman of Brantingham
25/10/1796Octr 25. William Preston of Ellerker aged 72 years
29/10/1796Octr 29. Sarah Thornton widow of the late Edward Thornton of Brantingham aged 74 years
05/03/1797March 5. Alexander son of Thomas Binnington of Brantingm aged 34 years
09/04/1797April 9. Elizabeth wife of John Reynolds a mariner of Hull & dau: of John Clarke of Ellerker aged 35 years
23/04/1797April 23. Harriot infant dau: of the above John Reynolds aged 5 weeks
25/04/1797April 25. William son of Thomas Binnington of Elloughton aged 8 months
21/05/1797May 21. Ann dau :of Jane Underwood of Brantingham aged 2 weeks
18/06/1797June 18. William son of Philip Rosendale of Brantingham aged 6 months
21/06/1797June 21. Lydia widow of the late Wm Jackson of Waudby died at Hessle aged 50
02/07/1797July 2. Anna dau: of Edwd Thornton of Brantingham
19/08/1797Augt 19. Mary dau: of William Levett of Brantingham
19/10/1797Octr 19. Elizabeth dau: of Thos Binnington of Brantingham & wife of John Chapman of Kingston-upon-Hull mariner aged 37
21/12/1797Decr 21. John Wood of Ellerker Farmer aged 54 years
28/12/1797Decr 28. Meriah wife of James Stather of Ellerker aged 46 years
11/01/1798Jany 11. Mary wife of John Nicholson of Brantingham aged 46
23/02/1798Feby 23. Elizabeth wife of ChristopherAtmar of Brantingham aged 65
27/04/1798April 27. Mary dau: of John Hallowell of Ellerker aged 33
09/12/1798Decr 9. Robert son of John Kidd of South Cave formerly of Brantingham aged 3 years
07/01/1799Jany 7. John son of Eleanor Nicholson of Brantingham
10/01/1799Jany 10. Jane dau: of Thos Binnington of Elloughton aged 3 years
25/01/1799Jany 25. James son of John Stockdale of Brantingham aged 1 year
28/01/1799Jany 28. Elizabeth dau: of ThosBinnington of Elloughton aged 1 year
22/02/1799Feby 22. Ann dau: of George Craike of Brantingham aged 3 years
07/03/1799March 7. Ann dau: of Philip Rosendale of Brantingham aged 1 year and 5 months
10/03/1799March 10. William Ayre of Kingston-upon-Hull Baker aged 33 years
14/04/1799April 14. William son of John Pardon alias Styron of Ellerker
23/04/1799April 23. John son of William Levett of Brantingham aged x year
03/06/1799June 3. Hannah Ayre of Kingston-upon-Hull aged 64 years
11/06/1799June 11. Margaret Dunkin widow of the late Thos Dunkin of Ellerker aged 91
28/07/1799July 28. Mary Trout widow who lived the greatest part of her time at Hull & died at her son-in-law's at Ellerker aged 68 years
07/08/1799Augt 7. Mr Robert Wetwang of Ellerker aged 71
04/10/1799Octr 4. Anna infant dau: of Edward Thornton of Brantingham aged 1 month
12/12/1799Decr 12. John Millson of Brantingham aged 76 years
07/01/1800Jany 7. Thos Camp of Ellerker aged 60 yrs
08/01/1800Jany 8. Hannah dau: of Hannah Grimshaw of Brantingham
30/01/1800Jany 30. Robert Escricke of Ellerker Farmer aged 40 years
26/02/1800Feby 26. Philip Nicholson of Brantingham aged 75 years
02/03/1800March 2. Elizabeth Millson widow of Brantingham aged 81 years
20/03/1800March 20. Mrs Archbald widow of the late Callow Archbald of Ellerker aged 75 years
28/03/1800March 28. Robert Gardham of Brantingham aged 71 years
10/06/1800June 10. Richard son of Mark Beck of Kingston-upon-Hull
02/11/1799July 9. Thomas Jobson of Hull a Sailor who was drowned in the Humber near Brough in November 1799
and wash'd up upon Ellerker Sands 8 July 1800 aged 52 yearsN.B.Jobson's widow was married again
before he was found and attended the funeral with her second husband
17/09/1799Septr 17. Robe Turner who came from Hooke to live at So: Cave & died there aged 58 years
15/10/1799Octr 15. Jane wife of Samuel Tomlinson of Ellerker aged 28 yrs
15/12/1799Decr 15. Elizabeth wife of John Nicholson of Brantingham aged 45 years
22/12/1799Decr 22. Mary dau: of Wm Coult of Ellerker
10/04/1801April 10. Sarah dau: of Thos Millson of Ellerker aged 11 months
05/05/1801May 5. Betty dau: of James Hallowell of Ellerker aged 1 yr
08/05/1801May 8. Mary dau: of Richd Rispin of Ellerker aged 1 year
06/09/1801Sept. 6. Susannah wife of Thos Binnington of Elloughton aged 36 years
29/09/1801Septr 29. Elizabeth wife of Robt Turner of No: Cave & dau: of Christopher Atmar of Brantingham aged 35 years
10/12/1801Decr 10. Thomas Ayre of Ellerker aged 71 years
15/02/1802Feby 15. William Levett of Brantingham aged 43 years
19/02/1802Feby 19. Nicholas Henry Hawes son of John Henry Hawes of Kingston-upon-Hull aged 1 year
20/05/1802May 20. Margaret wife of William Wray of Brantingham aged 69 years
25/05/1802May 25. Thos & Bridget son & dau: of William Hodgson of Ellerker
14/08/1802Augt 14. Elizabeth Ayre sister to the late Thos Ayre of Ellerker aged 62 years
27/12/1802Decr 27. Nicholas son of John Henry Hawes of Kingston-upon-Hull aged 2 weeks
29/01/1803Jany 29. Mary Ann dau : of George Furniss of Ellerker aged near 3 years
04/02/1803Feby 4. Ann Elizabeth dau: of Robert Turner of North Cave
07/02/1803Feby 7. Mary dau :of Thos Brigham of Brantingham aged near 8 years
23/02/1803Feby 23. John son of Wm Green of Brantingham aged about 4 months
29/03/1803March 29. William Atkinson of Brantingham aged 68 years
11/04/1803April 11. Jane dau: of George Duck of South Wold House
11/04/1803April 11. A Person unknown was wash'd up upon Ellerker Sands & buried at Brantingham. He seem'd to be about 18 years of age
19/05/1803May 19. Ann dau: of Isabella Newcombe of Brantingham
15/06/1803June 15. John Infant son of Michael Richardson of the Par: of Sculcoates
29/07/1803July 29. Christopher Atmar of Brantingham aged 82 years
25/08/1803Augt 25. Thomas Binnington of Brantingham aged 81 years
27/10/1803Octr 27. William Arnold of Ellerker aged .43 years
16/12/1803Decr 16. Joseph Chapman of Brantingham Carpenter aged 70 years
25/12/1803Decr 25. Isabella Brown widow of Ellerker who died at Anlaby aged 100 years
12/02/1804Feby 12. Elizabeth widow of the late Thos Binnington of Brantingham aged 80
21/03/1804March 21. John Stephenson miller who formerly lived at Ellerker Mill aged 79
23/06/1804June 23. James Stather of Ellerker aged 78 years
30/07/1804July 30. Robert son of Samuel Levett of Brantingham aged 2 weeks
27/09/1804Septr 27. Mary wife of John Clegg of South Cave aged 69 years
27/10/1804Octr 27. Isaac Widdup of Ellerker aged 53 years
12/02/1805Feby 12. Francis son of Thos Ellerton of Brantingham aged 5 yrs
09/04/1805April 9. William Sleights of Ellerker Carpenter aged 66 years
18/04/1805April 18. William Brigham of Hull aged 52 years
21/04/1805April 21. Mark Beck of Hull formerly of Brantingham aged 51 years
15/05/1805May 15. John Clark of Ellerker aged 80 years
23/09/1805Septr 23. Jane infant dau: of Edward Thornton of Brantingham
24/01/1806Jany 24. Ann dau: of Richard Farrow of Brantingham aged 16 weeks
25/01/1806Jany 25. John son of John Saville of Kingston-upon-Hull aged 1 yr 2 mos
13/03/1806March 13. Mr John Levitt of Ellerker aged 66 years
18/03/1806March 18. Mary wife of John Williamson of Brantingham aged 36 years
08/04/1806April 8. Stephcn Ombler formerly of Ross died at Brantingham aged 72 years
05/08/1806Augt 5. Mary wife of Christopher Northend formerly of Ellerker now of So: Cave aged 56 yrs
19/08/1806Augt 19. Jane dau: of the late Wm Leven of Brantingham Ae. 19 years
02/09/1806Septr 2. Robert Infant son of Thos Leason of Ellerker
19/11/1806Novr 19. Hannah Gardham widow Brantingham Aet. 81
23/11/1806Novr 23. Robert son of John Grasby Cordwainer Hull Aet. 4
19/12/1806Decr 19. Sarah dau: of William Green JunrElloughton aged 10 months
07/01/1807Jany 7. Alice Turner dau: of John Grasby Aet. 9
21/01/1807Jany 21. Frances dau: of Thomas Ellerton, Brantingham
26/01/1807Jany 26 Mary wife of John Grasby aged 30 (Brantingham)
09/03/1807March 9. Ailey Turner Mantua-Maker Aet. 21, Brm
21/04/1807April 21. Joseph Barf aged 81, Brm
29/05/1807May 29. Mary Preston widow of Waudby Woodhouse late of Ellerker aged 84 years
18/06/1807June 18. Mary Skelton aged 20, Ellerker
21/07/1807July 21. John Hutton aged 85, Ellerker
07/08/1807Augt 7. Thomas Linton aged 18, Brantingham
29/03/1808March 29. Hannah dau: of Jas Hallowell, Ellerker, aged 18 years
13/07/1808July 13. Mrs Elizabeth Schonswar of Ellerker widow aged 70 years
28/10/1808Octr 28. Mary wife of John Witty of Elloughton aged 60 years
15/11/1808Novr 15. William Green of Brantingham aged 77 years
23/11/1808Novr 23. Edward Slater Labourer, Brantingham, aged 62 years
05/03/1809March 5. Elizabeth Witty, Wauldby Woodhouse, aged 70 years
30/05/1809May 30. Thomas son of Thomas Dyson of South Cave aged 10 years
21/06/1809June 21. Ann Moment widow, Brantingham (aged 85 years ?)
30/09/1809Septr 30. Theophilus son of the Revd Mr Stopford, Ellerker, aged 17 years
22/03/1810March 22. John Stephenson from Hull aged 48 years
13/06/1810June 13. Ann wife of Joseph Purdon, Ellerker, aged 25 years
03/07/1810July 3. Ann dau: of John Rudd, Ellerker, aged 5 months
27/11/1810Novr 27. Christopher Coates, Brantingham, aged 17 years. He died in consequence of a stroke from a horse
18/01/1811Jany 18. Mary Chapman aged 19 years. She received the contents of a loaded gun (discharged at pigeons) in her forehead & was killed on the spot
02/02/1811Feby 2. Mary wife of John Wray of Thorpe Brantingham aged 31 years
31/05/1811May 31. Rachel wife of William Gissop of Brantingham aged 66 years
30/06/1811June 30. John son of John & Elizabeth Musgrave of Brantingham aged 10 weeks
27/11/1811Novr 27. John son of Elizabeth Linton widow, Brantingham, aged 18
28/11/1812Novr 28. Anne Stephenson wife of John Stephenson, South Cave, aged 75 1812
07/01/1812Jany 7. Luke Wilberforce, Ellerker, aged 41
24/01/1812Jany 24. Elizth Camp, Ellerker, aged 80
16/02/1812Feby 16. John Rudd, Ellerker, aged 47
15/04/1812April 15. Jane dau : of Francis Janson & Martha his wife aged 6 months
08/07/1812July 8. Richard son of the Revd Wm Stopford, Ellerker,aged 24 years
04/08/1812Augt 4. Eliz: wife of John Todd, Brantingham, aged 61

Data transcribed from
A publication by the Yorkshire Parish Register Society
published in the year 1902
Transcribed by Colin Hinson
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