1834 Electoral Roll for the parish of


1834 Electoral Roll for the parish of Lockington


The Names of the Persons entitled to vote in the Election of Knights of the Shire for the East-Riding of the County of York, and the Town and County of the Town of Kingston-upon-Hull, with a Description of their Qualifications.

  • The numbers given are those in the original book.
  • The Description of the Property is by name, or by the name of the Tenant, or by the Street in the Parish where situate.
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and Surname
Place of AbodeNature of QualificationDescription of property
233Binnington, HenryLockingtonFreehold landThorp Closes, own occupation
234Bird, MatthewLockingtonFreehold lands and tenementsin this parish; tenant, Elizabeth Bird
235Duggleby, Waldby JohnLockingtonRental above £50 per annumHall Garth Farm
236Fox, RobertLockington in KilnwickRental above £50 per annumthis parish
237Jordison, ChristopherLockingtonRental above £50 per annumthis parish
238Moore, WilliamLockingtonRental above £50 per annumWood-house Farm
239Nornabell, WilliamLockingtonRental above £50 per annumthis parish
240Purdon, RobertLockingtonRental above £50 per annumBygate-house Farm
241Robinson, John, senLockingtonFreehold houses and landJoseph Dent, tenant
242Robinson, John, junLockingtonRental above £50 per annumthis parish
243Rowntree, PeterLockingtonRental above £50 per annumAcres Farm
244Swift, JohnHolme on the WoldsFreehold closethis parish
245Smith, WilliamLockingtonMill and land above £50 per annumBrian Mill
246Wilson, ThomasLockingtonFreehold lands and tenementsthis parish
247Waldby, JohnLockingtonFreehold houses and landthis parish
248Walgate, ThomasLockington, KilnwickFreehold lands and tenementsAcres Closes
249Watson, ThomasLockingtonRental above £50 per annumBarf Hill Farm
250Witty, JohnBeverleyFreehold housesthis parish

and Surname
Place of AbodeNature of QualificationDescription of property
1Young, WilliamAikeRental above £50 per annumthis Parish
2Thrusk, JohnAikeRental above £50 per annumthis Parish
3Dunn, JonathanAikeRental above £50 per annumthis Parish

The above copyright data was taken from the book
The Electoral Rolls of the East Riding of Yorkshire, 1834
and was presented to Genuki by the author:
Colin Blanshard Withers M.Sc., M.B.A..