Patrington Directory of Trades and Professions for 1829


Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for PATRINGTON in Pigot's Directory of 1829.

  • Receiving-house, at Henry Barron's, the Three Tuns, Patrington.
  • Letters for all parts are despatched to Hull by Mrs. Wing's Caravan, every Tuesday morning at six, Wednesday morning at ten, and Thursday and Saturday afternoons at four, and arrive therefrom every Monday at twelve, Tuesday, evening at nine, and Thursday and Saturday mornings at twelve.
Gentry & Clergy,
  • Hildyard Colonel, Winestead hall
  • Macreth Rev. J. Ottringham
  • Maister Colonel, Winestead
  • Metcalf Rev. Robert, Patrington
  • Pearson Joint, gent. Patrington
  • Sawyer John, gent. Patrington
  • Sayle Robert, gent. Patrington
  • Smith Rev. Joseph, Keyingham
Academies and Schools,
Not otherwise described are Day Schools.
  • Crawford Walter, Patrington
  • Douse John, Patrington
  • Dunn Robert, Ottringham
  • Metcalf Rev. Robert, (boarding) Patrington
  • Smith Rev. Joseph, Keyingham
  • Wallis Charlotte, Patrington
  • Ake George, Ottringham
  • Carter Edward, Patrington
  • Chadwick Robert, Ottringham
  • Edson Robert, Patrington
  • Edson Robert, jun. Patrington
  • Ingrahm John, Keyingham
  • Ingrahm William, Ottringham
  • Willingham George, Keyingham
Boot & Shoe Makers,
  • Boyington William, Ottringham
  • Carter Robert, Ottringham
  • Carter William, Patrington
  • Clarke John, Patrington
  • Dring Robert, Patrington
  • Elletson Job, Havenside
  • Elletson Job, Keyingham
  • Harrison Edward, Keyingham
  • Holderness John, Ottringham
  • Kirkwood William, Patrington
  • Lazenby John, Patrington
  • Midgley John, Ottringham
  • Morris Thomas, Ottringham
  • Robinson Robert, Ottringham
  • Tennison William, Patrington
  • Willingham George, Keyingham
  • Willingham John, Keyingham
  • Harrison Michael, Patrington
  • Johnston James, Patrington
  • Milner George, Patrington
  • Milner George, jun. Patrington
  • Moore Thomas, Patrington
  • Ross John, Keyingham
  • Soulsby Charles, Patrington
  • Tuton Thomas, Keyingham
  • Andrew Matthew, Patrington
  • Fligg Benjamin, Ottringham
  • Hope Joseph, Ottringham
  • Meadley George, Keyingham
  • Newcombe Jonathan & Thomas, Patrington
  • Noble John, sen. Patrington
  • Pearson Elizabeth, Patrington
  • Pearson William, Patrington
Coal Merchants,
  • Barron William, Havenside
  • Chessman & Thorp (& lime) Havenside
  • Kirkwood Matthew, Havenside
  • Liver John, Havenside
  • Smales David, Havenside
Corn Merchants,
  • Barron John, Havenside
  • Chessman John, (& seed) Patrington
  • Clarke & Carlin (&coal) Havenside
Corn Millers,
  • Ellerby John, Keyingham
  • Leonard John, Patrington
  • Thompson & Jackson, Patrington
  • Tindall John, Keyingham
Grocers &.Drapers,
  • Bower Stephen, Keyingham
  • Burrell Peter, Keyingham
  • Dunn Robert, Patrington
  • Elletson John, Keyingham
  • Smith John, Ottringham
  • Wright Hugh, Ottringham
  • Wright John, Keyingham
Grocers & Tea Dealers,
  • Chapman John, Patrington
  • Chessman William, Patrington
  • Morris Richard, Ottringham
  • Pearson Sarah (tea) Patrington
Inns, Taverns & Public Houses,
  • Blue Bell, Matthew Wreathall, Keyingham
  • Dog and Duck, George Holmes, Patrington
  • Letters, Richard Borrell, Havenside
  • Ship, Thomas Jackson, Havenside
  • Three Tuns, Henry Barron, Patrington
  • Three Tuns Inn (and excise office) Jonathan Escreet, Patrington
  • White Horse, Benjamin Fligg, Ottringham
Linen & Woollen Drapers,
  • Barron Jane, Patrington
  • Harper Isaac, Patrington
  • Pinder Robert, Patrington
  • Robinson Joseph, Patrington
  • Soulsby Charles, Patrington
Milliners & Dress Makers,
  • Nicholson & Leonard, Patrington
  • Pearson Jane, Patrington
  • Rank Jane, Patrington
Plumbers & Glaziers,
  • Blenkarn John, Patrington
  • Johnston Robert, Patrington
  • Langthorp Thomas, Patrington
  • Harrison John, Patrington
  • Little William, Patrington
Shopkeepers & Dealers in Sundries,
  • Hood Mary Ann, Patrington
  • Lazenby John, Patrington
  • Thompson Jane, Patrington
  • Bromley James, Patrington
  • Clifford Robert, Patrington
  • Duncomb John, Patrington
  • Mackreth George, Keyingham
  • Branton William, Patrington
  • Briglin James, Ottringham
  • Firth Robert, Patrington
  • Jackson Robert, Patrington
  • Medforth Robert, Patrington
  • Newcombe Michael, Patrington
  • Norton Robert, Patrington
  • Ramsey, Thomas, (& draper) Patrington
  • Tong David (& draper) Keyingham
  • Wreathall Matthew, Keyingham
  • Wreathall Robert, (& draper) Patrington
Tin-Plate Workers,
  • Hitchin William, Patrington
  • Tart John, Patrington
  • Winship Edward, Patrington
  • Andrew Aaron, Patrington
  • Andrew Robert, Patrington
  • Draper John, Patrington
  • Harrison James, Patrington
  • Hudson Richard, Keyingham
  • Johnston Edward, Ottringham
  • Morris Richard, Ottringham
  • Wright John, Keyingham
  • Arran Richard, baker, Patrington
  • Blenkarn Thomas, joiner, Patrington
  • Elletson Robert, gardener, &c. Keyingham
  • Holmes William, brewer & maltster, Patrington
  • Peacock James, cooper, Patrington
  • Reckhouse William, basket, maker, Patrington
  • Roberts & Marwood, brick makers, Havenside
  • Roberts Miles, gunsmith, Keyingham
  • Robinson Joseph, hardware dealer, Patrington
  • Stephenson Martha, baker, Patrington
  • Wreghit John, watch maker, Patrington
  • To Hull, William Thorp's Coach-and the Waterloo (from Easington) calls at the Three Tuns, every Tuesday morning at six-and Mrs. J. Wing's Van, from the Three Tuns, every Tuesday morning at six, Wednesday morning at ten, and Thursday and Saturday afternoons at four.
  • To Hull, William Barrett, every Tuesday and Friday morning-- Thomas Kidson (from Easington) passes through every Thursday morning-& William Blenkarn, every Monday morning. Conveyance 8Y
  • To Hull, the John, George Pickering, master, a regular trader.

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003