1834 Electoral Roll for the parish of


1834 Electoral Roll for the parish of Rillington


The Names of the Persons entitled to vote in the Election of Knights of the Shire for the East-Riding of the County of York, and the Town and County of the Town of Kingston-upon-Hull, with a Description of their Qualifications.

  • The numbers given are those in the original book.
  • The Description of the Property is by name, or by the name of the Tenant, or by the Street in the Parish where situate.
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and Surname
Place of AbodeNature of QualificationDescription of property
800Adamson, JamesRillingtan£50 per annum, as occupierWest Field
801Agar, JohnNew Malton, Market Place, North RidingFreehold landsWilliam Collison, tenant
802Banks, RobertRillingtonFreehold houseWest Gate
803Bentley, RobertWintringhamFreehold houseWest Gate
804Bielby, JohnRillingtonFreehold houseRat Row
805Bower, MarkRillingtonFreehold houseLow Moor
806Clifford, JohnRillington£50 per annum, as occupierLow Moor Gate
807Creaser, WilliamWintringhamFreehold houseLow Moor Gate
808Collison, WilliamRillintonFreehold houseWest Gate
809Day, Edmond, Rev.NortonVicarage houseWest Gate
810Dale, JamesRillington£50 per annum, as occupierFleece Inn
811Dixon, JamesRillingtonFreehold houseLow Moor Gate
812Dale, JonathanRillingtonFreehold houseWest Gate
813Dale, LukeRillingtonFreehold houseWest Gate
814Foord, GeorgeNew Malton, Low Street, North RidingFreehold houseSledge Gate
815Harrison, John, jun.RillingtonFreehold houseLow Moor Gate
816Harrison, WilliamRillingtonFreehold houseLow Moor
817Holmes, JohnRillington£50 per annum, as occupierWest Gate
818Hall, EdwardRillingtonFreehold houseWilliam Stockill, tenant
819Hill, JohnRillingtonFreehold houseLow Moor
820Hodgson, JonathanRillingtonFreehold houseSledge Gate
821Kay, ThomasRillingtonFreehold houseSledge Gate
822Kay, JosephRillington£50 per annum, as occupierLow Moor
823Malim, GeorgeBoroughbridgeFreehold houseLow Moor Gate
824Lamb, ThomasRillingtonFreehold houseLamb Lane
825Piercy, RobertRillingtonFreehold houseWest Gate
826Pennington, JohnRillington£180 per annum, as occupierLow Moor Gate
827Pennington, WilliamRillington£120 per annum, as occupierLow Moor
828Preston, Thomas, sen.RillingtonFreehold houseLow Moor Gate
829Preston, Thomas, jun.Rillington£50 per annum, as occupierCoach and Horses Inn
830Pickering, RobertRillingtonFreehold houseSledge Gate
831Ruston, NicholasRillingtonFreehold houseLow Moor Gate
832Ruston, ThomasRillington£200 per annum, as occupierWest Gate
833Simpson, John, Esq.Harrogatefreehold propertyWest Gate
834Simpkin, RobertRillingtonFreehold houseRat Row
835Spink, DavidRillingtonFreehold houseWest Gate
836Stephenson, ThomasRillington£120 per annum, as occupierLow Moor
837Stork, JohnRillingtonFreehold propertyLow Moor
838Simpson, AlfredNew Malton, Yorkersgate, North RidingFreehold propertyJonathan Barker, tenant
839Wilkinson, WilliamRillington£50 per annum, as occupierLow Moor
840Wharrick, FrancisRillingtonFreehold house and landsLow Moor
841Wikeley, BenjaminRillington£50 per annum, as occupierWest Gate
842Walker, ThomasNew Malton, Old Malton Gate, North RidingFreehold propertyWilliam Wilkinson, tenant
843Youngson, ThomasScampstonFreehold houseJohn Stork, tenant

and Surname
Place of AbodeNature of QualificationDescription of property
891Gypson, RobertThorpbassettFarming £50 a-year and upwardsScampston
892Hodgson, JohnScampstonFarming £50 a-year and upwardsScampston
893Massee, WilliamScampstonFarming £50 a-year and upwardsScampston
894St. Quintin, William, Esq.ScampstonFreehold land and housesScampston
895Stephenson, JohnScampstonFarming £50 a-year and upwardsScampston
896Topham, RobertScampstonFarming £50 a-year and upwardsScampston
897Tindall, JohnScampstonFarming £50 a-year and upwardsScampston
898Tindall, RobertScampstonFarming £50 a-year and upwardsScampston

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The Electoral Rolls of the East Riding of Yorkshire, 1834
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