Roos Churchyard gravestones etc.


Roos Churchyard gravestones etc..



These photos of the Roos Churchyard gravestones etc. were taken in 2019 and consequently no graves after this date appear here.

The index consists of a table of surnames (below), each being linked to the first image of that surname. To get to the rest of the same surname images, simply use the scroll facilities on each succeeding page.

The number for the photograph is given in the caption below the photograph.

I made no attempt to remove grass from graves (no tools) but tried to remove the moss etc. from the graves which consist of a cross.

If you can identify the names on the "Unknown" graves, please drop me a line by email (use the "Report Problems" link at the bottom of the relevant page).

There are three sizes of photos: the thumbnail images which link to a page containing a larger image (640 by 480 pixels), and then a full size image which is linked from the previously mentioned larger image. The full size image can of course be saved for your own personal use.

You will appreciate that there is ample scope for errors in this, so if you find any, please drop me a line - there is a link to the error form at the bottom of each page.

Happy hunting!

Colin Hinson.

!General  Acey  Adams  Atkinson  Bailey  Baker 
Barker  Barrcroft  Batty  Beal  Billany  Bilton 
Binley  Birkwood  Blencoe  Blenkin  Blyth  Boynton 
Boys  Broeckaert  Broom  Broughton  Brown  Burkitt 
Burn  Capes  Cargill  Carpenter  Carrick  Catton 
Cheeseman  Clapison  Clark  Clarke  Coates  Cockerill 
Cockerline  Collinson  Cook  Cooke  Cooper  Cotton 
Crome  Crook  Crowther  Curtis  Cymbalist  Dalby 
Davis  Dean  Dearing  Dennis  Dennison  Dickinson 
Dixon  Dobson  Doonan  Drotleff  Dunn  Elbeck 
Eldred  Elgey  Eshelby  Everett  Farrington  Feaster 
Fletcher  Floater  Ford  Foster  Fussey  Garbutt 
Gardner  Garton  Gell  Giles  Godfrey  Goundrill 
Grant  Granton  Gray  Grindell  Guy  Haigh 
Hall  Halliday  Hallworth  Hankin  Hardbattle  Hardy 
Harrison  Hastings  Higginson  Hillerby  Hinch  Hodgson 
Hoe  Hornby  Horsfield  Hotham  Houghton  Huitson 
Hunt  Hupper  Hutchinson  Ion  Jackdaw  Jackson 
Jarrat  Jeffs  Johnson  Jubb  Kemp  Kendill 
Kennils  Kilvington  Kirby  Kirk  Kirkwood  Lamb 
Langthorp  Lavery  Laws  Lawson  Lazenby  Londesbrough 
Longbourne  Mace  Maddison  Maltas  Malton  Markham 
Marshall  McCreaddie  Medforth  Mercer  Metcalf  Mitchell 
Montague  Moore  Mountain  Moverley  Myers  Nemecek 
Nettleton  Newton  Nicholson  Norrison  Nowacka  Nowacki 
O'Donoghue  Oglesby  Ogram  Owston  Patrick  Pawson 
Pearson  Percival  Pickering  Piggott  Pittock  Plummer 
Prangle  Priest  Prince  Quinn  Ramsey  Randell 
Rannard  Reckitt  Redhead  Reed  Richardson  Robinson 
Royston  Rutter  Sandrey  Savage  Sergeant  Sewerby 
Sharp  Shelley  Silversides  Simmonds  Simpson  Smales 
Smith  Sproxton  Stamp  Stanning  Stark  Stephenson 
Stimpson  Stockton  Stork  Storr  Suddaby  Taylor 
Tether  Thompson  Thorley  Tindall  Tover  Towler 
Train  Trowhill  Turnbull  Tuton  Unknown  Unknown* 
Uscroft  Vargerson  Varley  Vaughan  Vickers  Walker 
Waller  Wallis  Walmsley  Waudby  Weatherill  Webster 
Wheldale  White  Whiting  Wilbraham  Wilkinson  Willans 
Willingham  Wilson  Wingham  Winter  Witty  Woodhouse 
Woodruff  Worrall  Wray  Wright  Yorke     
* Please note that the "Unknown*" section contains those with unreadable full surnames.