Crambe, Vicars transcription


Crambe parish:


Crambe, Vicars transcription:

The List of Vicars of St. Michael's Church, Crambe.

List of Vicars of Crambe
This list is derived from the Torre MS and other sources

Year of     Year of   
InstitutionName Patron InstitutionName Patron
Gillebert parson (persona) of the church   1550Tho Makeley ClDiedJohn Snaps patr IV
of Crambam occurs in 1178-81   1571Joh Sherecroft ClDiedArchbishop of York
1317Thomas de Shirburne   1596Tho Robinson Cl  
1321Dns Robt de Killum Cap   1598Tho Harrison Cl MA  
Dns Will de Hachbergh de ScardburghResignedPrior Convent of Kyrcham 1662William Henburg Cl  
1356Dns Sym de Fymmer CapCeded  1686/7Francis Wilkes BA Sid Sus Coll CambDied 
1358Dns Petr de Lythum CapResigned  1711Michael Bridges MA St John's Coll Camb  
1361Dns John de Wynestowe CapCeded  1756Robt Dymond (Buried in the chancel)  
1370Dns Tho de Castelford CapCeded  1770John Cleaver MA King's Coll Camb  
1382Dns Alan de Killum Cap   1804Jas Jarvis Cleaver MA Bras Coll Ox  
Dns Rob de Welburne pbrResigned  1823Jas Richardson MA Qu Coll OxResigned 
1416Dns John Patric pbrDied  1832Wm Richardson MADied 
1425Joh de Seller pbrDied  1837Chas James Hawkins MA St John's Coll Camb  
1453Dns Tho Swyne pbrDied  1839Henry Fendall BA Emm Coll Camb  
1472Dns Tho Newton CapDied  1861Wm Baker MA Ch Coll CambResigned 
1519Dns Joh Betley CapResigned  1893Richard Ernest Ricketts MA Srin Coll Ox  
1521M Tho Tesbe LBResigned  RD of Bulmer 1919 - 1928  
1528Dns Tho Barton diac   Vicar of Crambe with Whitwell 1923 - 1926ResignedLord Chancellor
1549Dns Tho Layther ClResignedArchbishop of York ????????????  
     1954T C W Teape-Fugard MA Ball Coll OxResigned 1963 
     Rural Dean of Malton Proctor in Convocation  
     1963Harold Coates pbrResigned 1967 
     1968James Albert Kings pbrResigned 1976 
     1977Peter Gregory  
     1994Mary Doreen Yewdall DipEd B Th  
     1997Rachel C. Benson M.A.  

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott.
from photography by Colin Hinson