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Gilling East parish:

Gilling East, Benefactions transcription:

The list of Charitable donations in Holy Cross Church, Gilling East.

to the Parish of GILLING: 1803


Two Pounds Per. Ann: charged upon a Close at Ampleford now in Possession of Will'm Sotheran, called Duck's Money.

Mr. LIPTROT by Will proved 1698, left Forty Pounds now charged on an Estate at Otterington. Mr. Morgan the Owner pays Five Per. Cent: for the same.

DOC'r NICH's GOUGE left Fifty Pounds by Will prov'd 1755 now charged and paid as above.

THO's POTTER by Will proved 1776, Orders Ten Pounds to be paid to the Rector & his Successors at Four Per. Cent: & the same to be distributed in equal Portions to such Poor Communicants of the Parish as are present on Christmas & Easter Day.

The Hon'ble Ann Fairfax left Fifty Pounds.

Rev'd John Boulton left Ten Pounds now in the hands of Cha's. Gregory Fairfax Esq'r. for which he pays Five Per. Cent:


Sixteen Shillings Per. Ann: out of lands now Possess'd by Wm. Garforth Esq'r.

Mr. LIPTROT named above left Five Pounds.

Mr. MANN in 1710 , left One Pound, these two Sums are in the hands of the Overseer of Cawton for the time being, for which he pays Six Shillings Per. Ann:.

Dr. GOUGE left Forty Pounds charg'd upon the Estate at Otterington, & now paid by Mr. Morgan as above.


The above Dr. GOUGE left Twenty Pounds, now in the present Rector's hands, for which he pays Five Per. Cent:.

The Rev'd John Pigott, late Rector, left 100, the yearly Interest of which to be paid to the Parish Clerks of Gilling; the said Sum of 100 is now vested in the 4 per Cent Annuities, in the name of the Rev'd J.A. BARNES.

Mr. EDWARD PAPE, Yeoman of Syke Gate, Left by Will, 1845, Ten Pounds to the Rector of Gilling, in Trust for the Poor of Gilling, The Interest thereof to be dispensed by the Rector annually on Christmas Day.

JOHN SHEPHERD Esq'r. of Muscotes left by Will 20£ to the Poor of Cawton, Interest payable at Christmas, BY RECTOR.

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson