Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for HELMSLEY in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.





  • Earl of Feversham, Duncombe park

Places of Worship, &c.

  • All Saints - Rev. C. N. Gray, M.A., vicar; Revs. D. S. Hodgson, G. Deane, and F. W. Powell
  • Calvinists (Or Particular Baptists) - High st
  • Friends - Meeting house, Bridge street
  • Mission Home (All Saints) - Market pl. Branch of St. Margaret street, London. Two Sisters of Mercy (Ritualists)
  • Primitive Methodists - Bridge street
  • Wesleyan Methodists - Bondgate; Rev. B. Cuzner


  • Workhouse - High street. Board of Guardians meet Friday, 2 p.m.
  • Governor and Relieving Officer - Rbt. Leckenby
  • Matron - Mrs. Mary Leckenby
  • Clerk to the Guardians and Supt. Registrar - Robert Pearson, Market place
  • Registrars for Marriages - G. Plummer, Helmsley; J. Clark, Kirby Moorside
  • Registrars for Births and Deaths - G. Plummer, Helmsley; Robert Metcalfe, Oswaldkirk; J. Clark, Kirby Moorside
  • School Attendance Committee meet monthly, on Fridays, at the Board room. R. Pearson, clerk; Jonah Morgan, inquiry and attendance officer


  • Churchwardens - W. Atkinson and W. Baldwin
  • Overseers - J. E. Sunley and W. Dennis
  • Waywarden - Bentham King
  • Assessor and Collector of Taxes - Wm. Ward


  • Held in the Market place, Thursday, every alternate month
  • Judge - His Honour E. R. Turner
  • Deputy Registrar - Robert Pearson, junr.
  • High Bailiff - George Jones Ryedale Petty Sessions, alternate months at Helmsley and Kirby Moorside; John Petch, clerk, Kirby


  • Comprises 54 townships; area, 185,765 acres, and 278 miles of road.
  • The Board meets monthly, at the Court house, Helmsley, on second Friday, and at the Toll booth, Kirby, second Wednesday each alternate month
  • Chairman - Earl Feversham
  • Vice-Chairman-Rev. O. A. Manners, Hawnby
  • District Surveyor - R. Medd, Wombleton


Meet monthly at the Board room, on Fridays

  • Clerk - R. Pearson
  • Inspector of Nuisances - George Jones
  • Medical Officers and Public Vaccinators - Dr. Porter for Helmsley, and F. W. Dowker for Oswaldkirk
  • Treasurer - R. Hugill

Miscellany of trades

  • Cemetery - William Watson, sexton
  • Conservative Club - Park gates; C. Oxley, sec.
  • Fire Brigade - Wm. Atkinson, supt. Engine - Duncombe park; Robert Sturdy, keeper
  • Gas Works - Church street (Catterson & Smith)
  • Helmsley Castle Recreation and Tennis Club - W. B. Havelock and C. Oxley, hon. secs.
  • Inland Revenue and Stamp Office at Post office
  • Police Station - Market place; John Rose, acting sergeant
  • Princess of Wales' Own Yorkshire Regt., 2nd V.B. (F Company); George Teoby, captain
  • Reading Room - Bondgate
  • Waterworks - Robert Sturdy, manager


  • Railway Station (Gilling & Pickering Branch, N.E.R.) - Thomas Hesp, station master 'Bus from Black Swan meets the trains


  • May 19th, sheep, horses; July 16th, sheep; October 1st, sheep; 2nd, horses

Helmsley Corn and General Produce Markets

  • every Friday. Monthly Cattle Fairs


  • Post, Money Order, Savings' Bank, Telegraph Office, &c., Bridge st.; Robt. Wilson, postmaster. Mails arrive at 6-40 a.m. and 6-30 p.m. from York, Despatched at 9-40 a.m. and 6 p.m. to York. Sundays:- Mail arrives at 9-40 a.m. by mail cart from Kirkham, and is despatched at 3 p.m. Station Wall Box collections at 9-30 a.m. and 5-45 p.m.

Miscellany of trades

  • Allenby Wm., chemist, printer, &c., Ryedale Cocoa house
  • Barker Thomas, coach builder, Bondgate
  • Barton William Henry, monumental mason, Pottergate
  • Bateman Farrers, High street
  • Bennett Thos. West, sub-agent to Lord Feversham, Church street
  • Bentley Robert, Castlegate
  • Berwick Eliz., refreshments, Market place
  • Betts Mary, lodgings, Bridge street
  • Brown Charlotte, lodgings, Bridge street
  • Brunton John, gardener at Duncombe park, Church street
  • Buck Miss Ann, High street
  • Butler Thos., engineer & millwright, Market pl
  • Carr Thos., corn and manure merchant, High st
  • Catterson James & Smith John, proprietors of Gasworks
  • Chapman Margaret, cowkeeper, High street
  • Chapman Thomas, joiner, Bondgate
  • Coates Sarah, lodgings, Bridge street
  • Cooper Isabella, stationer, &c., Church street
  • Cottingham Mrs. Margaret Mary, Church street
  • Cuzner Rev. Bernard (Wesleyan); h Bondgate
  • Dennis William, milk dealer, Bondgate
  • Dowker Edmund, Bridge street
  • Duncombe Right Hon. Wm. Ernest, J.P., Earl of Feversham, Duncombe park
  • Ellis Edwin, joiner, &c., Bondgate
  • Frank William, timber merchant, Station; h Bridge house
  • Galloway William, confectioner, Bridge street
  • Garner Hannah, High street
  • Gray Rev. Charles Norris, M.A., proctor for Cleveland, and vicar, Bondgate
  • Hall Geo. Blythe, junr., estate clerk, High st
  • Hall George Blythe, High street
  • Hammond William, lodgings, Ryegate
  • Havelook William Brewis, forester to the Earl of Feversham, Bondgate
  • Hoggart Thomas, rope maker, Bridge street
  • Honiston Job, stud groom, Castlegate
  • Jackson Ralph, taxidermist, Market place
  • Johnson Jesse, paperhanger, &c., Castlegate
  • Jones Frederick, Church street
  • Jones George, high bailiff, &c., High street
  • Kay Thomas Catterson, plumber and ironmonger, Church street
  • King Bentham, timber merchant, Ashdale house, Bondgate
  • Leeming John, lodgings, Castlegate
  • Magson H., marine store dealer, Castlegate
  • Matthews James, sergt. instructor, Castlegate
  • Pape Tom, chemist, Bridge street
  • Pearce James, lodgings, Ryegate
  • Pearson Walter, insurance agent, auctioneer, and land surveyor, Bondgate
  • Plummer George, registrar and actuary, Bridge street
  • Porritt Wm., market gardener, Buckingham sq
  • Ransom J., corn and cake dealer, &c., High st
  • Raper Richard. veterinary surgeon, Pottergate
  • Rivis Geo., miller, Ryedale Roller Flour mills; h Market place
  • Simpson Wm., basket maker and flour dealer, Market place
  • Smith John, Wesley cottage
  • Smith Rt., plumber and glazier, &c., Church st
  • Sturdy Mary, ironmonger, Church street
  • Sturdy Robert, tinner, plumber, and glazier, &c., Church street; h Bridge street
  • Sunley John Edwin & Christopher, painters, &c., Bondgate
  • Swales Jane, Pottergate
  • Todd William, coal and lime merchant, grocer, &c., Ryegate
  • Trenan John Richard, watchmaker and ironmonger, Bridge street
  • Umpleby Robert, shopkeeper, Castlegate
  • Warriner J., glass and china dealer, Pottergate
  • Warriner Sarah Jane, wholesale wine and spirit merchant, brewer and maltster, and retailer of ale and stout, Market place
  • Watson William, carter, High street
  • Wilson Richard, carter, Bondgate
  • Windross Robert, gardener, Bondgate
  • Wood John Shepherd, confectioner, Church st


Academies & Schools.

  • Palmer Mrs., High street
  • National (boys'), High street; Chas. Oxley, master
  • National (girls'), Park gates; Miss Emily Spencer, mistress
  • Tomline John Thomas (and organist), East Moors
  • Wesleyan School, Bondgate; Miss Janet Smith, mistress


  • Post Office Savings
  • York East Riding (Beckett & Co.); Benjamin Frank, manager; h Bridge street
  • York Union Banking Co., Ld.(branch from York); London agents, Glynn, Mills, Currie, & Co.; local manager, Alf. Pearson
  • Yorkshire Penny Savings, Market place (Fridays, 2 to 3 p.m.); G. Plummer, actuary


  • Clark George, Bondgate
  • Cooper William, Market place
  • Handley Francis, Ryegate
  • Mason Samuel, Bondgate

Boot and Shoe Makers and Dealers.

  • Comins Thomas, Bondgate
  • Cooper William, Pottergate
  • Hill Mary, Bondgate
  • Johnson Evan, Market place
  • King Robert, Church street
  • Rowland George, Bondgate
  • Wilson George, Bondgate


  • Magson John, Ryegate
  • Steel George, Ryegate
  • Sunley & Todd, Bondgate
  • Sunley John Henry (Sunley & Todd), Bondgate
  • Todd Elijah & John, Bondgate and Castlegate
  • Todd Robert (Sunley & Todd), Bondgate


  • Snowdon Joseph, Bondgate
  • Strickland John, Market place
  • Todd Alfred, Bridge street
  • Wood William, High street

Cabinet Makers.

  • Jackson Charles, Market place
  • Waines George, Bondgate
  • Waines William, Ryegate
  • Ward John, Bridge street


(Marked thus * are also Milliners.)

  • * Dale Miss Eliz., Castlegate
  • Ellis Elizabeth, Bondgate
  • Fewster Miss E., Castlegate
  • Fewster Miss H., Ryegate
  • Hindson Mrs. S. E., Market pl
  • * Jackson Sarah, High street
  • Leuty Miss Annie, Pottergate
  • Morgan Miss Gertrude, High st
  • Porritt Miss E. Ann, Ryegate


  • Aconley James, Bondgate
  • Aconley Joseph, High street
  • Armitage John, East Moors
  • Baldwin Stephen, Baxton
  • Baldwin Walter, Baxton
  • Barker George, East Moors
  • Bentley Robert, Castlegate
  • Bradley William, Bondgate
  • Garbutt Hannah, Carlton park
  • Hindson William, East Moors
  • Holmes Abraham, East Moors
  • Holmes Thomas, East Moors
  • Humphrey M., East Moors
  • Kirby Robert Barker, Carlton
  • Kirby Wm. A., Carlton house
  • Robson Thomas, Carlton
  • Snowdon Joseph, Bondgate
  • Tate Thomas, Carlton grange
  • Watson William, East Moors
  • Weatherill Wm., East Moors
  • Wood R. (R. & W.), Roegarth
  • Wood Wm. (R. & W.), Baxton

Grocers and Drapers.

  • Allenby William, Castlegate
  • Atkinson Bros. (Wm. & Tom), (and ærated water manufacturers), Church street
  • Barker Alex., Market place
  • Clark Job (J. & M. C.), general draper, Bondgate
  • Clark Moorhouse (J. & M. C.) (and tailor), Bondgate
  • Gray J., & coal dealer, Ryegate
  • Hugill R. & J. (John), Market place
  • King John, High street
  • Sherwood John, Market place
  • Smith John, Church street
  • Todd William, Ryegate
  • Wilson William, Bondgate

Hotels, Inns, and Taverns.

  • Black Swan (family, commercial, & posting, &c.), Market place, A. E. Robinson
  • Crown (family, commercial, & posting, &c.), Market place, James Smith
  • Feversham Arms, High street, Walt. Armstrong, & brewer.
  • Royal Oak, Market pl., Annie Barker


  • Ward Frank, and assistant overseer for Rievaulx and Scawton
  • Ward James, Bondgate
  • Ward William, Church street


  • Pearson Hugh William and Robert, Bondgate, and at Kirbymoorside & Malton
  • Pearson Hugh Wm., County Court office
  • Pearson Robt. (H. W. & R. P.), and land agent, &c., &c.
  • Pearson Robt., junr. (H. W. & R.), and deputy registrar, County Court


  • Dowker F. W., Bridge street
  • Porter Dr. Joseph Francis, B.A., M.D., M.R.C.S., E., Market place
  • Reid Jas. Robertson, (Dowker & R.), M.B., & C.M., Bridge street


  • Barnard Henry, Bridge street
  • Cooper Thomas (and insurance agent), High street
  • King R. (& grocer), Pottergate


  • Postal address, Beadlam, Nawton. For Postal Information see Nawton.

Miscellany of trades

  • Barker Francis, millwright
  • Barker Nicholas, market gardener
  • Bramley Rev. Richard, B.A.
  • Horsman Thomas, vict., Board Inn
  • Jackson John William, ironmonger
  • Jackson Robert, bootmaker
  • Reading Room, schoolroom
  • Ware William, carter
  • Wright John, vict., White Horse


  • Barker Thomas
  • Burnby William
  • Carr Benjamin Atkinson
  • Garbutt George, Beadlam rigg
  • Scoby Geo., (& breeder of pure stock), Beadlam grange
  • Ware William
  • Winspear John, Beadlam rigg
  • Winspear Robert


  • Postal Address, Laskill Pasture, Helmsley, R.S.O. Post Office at Hawnby, four miles distant, where letters arrive about 12 noon. Money Order and Telegraph Office, Helmsley, six miles distant.


  • Atkinson Medd, Laskill house
  • Baker Thomas, Featherholme
  • Barr Edward, Laverick hall
  • Bartram Geo. (and woodman), Bilsdale end
  • Helm Miles, Hagg End farm, Northallerton
  • Hogarth Stephen L. (& tailor), New Gate foot
  • Jackson George, New house
  • Jackson Sarah Ann and Ward, Fairhill
  • Noble William, Laverick hall
  • Robinson Mary, Rosydyke
  • Ward Thomas, Carr cote


  • Postal Address, Pockley, Nawton Nearest Post and Money Order Office is at Nawton, and the nearest Telegraph Office is at Helmsley.

Miscellany of trades

  • Atkinson Henry, blacksmith
  • Atkinson William, joiner
  • National School; William Willacy
  • Nicholson Jesse, blacksmith
  • Willacy Wm., poultry breeder. All diseases of poultry treated; medicine for all complaints; advice gratis; post-mortems
  • Wood William, butcher and assistant overseer
  • Worthy John Joseph & Thomas, joiners, builders, and agricultural implement makers


  • Atkinson William, Burnfield gill, East Moor
  • Barker Simeon
  • Barker Thomas
  • Dunning William, East Moor
  • Nicholson Jesse, (and blacksmith)
  • Scaling Thomas
  • Tyreman William, Birch nab, East Moor
  • Tyreman William, Newgate foot, East Moor
  • Ventress George, Old woods, East Moor
  • Warriner Miss Margaret, Breeks
  • Wilks David, Ox close
  • Wilson Matthew
  • Wood John and Petch George


  • Postal Address, Rievaulx, Helmsley, R.S.O. Wall Letter Box cleared at 4 p.m.

Miscellany of trades

  • Dale John, boot and shoe maker
  • Hawkins William, cowkeeper
  • Holliday Thomas, schoolmaster
  • Hunton John, keeper of the terrace
  • Johnson William, general smith
  • Lawn Stephen, joiner, &c.
  • Richardson Thomas, cowkeeper, Abbey cottage
  • Richardson Thomas, tailor, draper, and grocer, New cottage
  • Robinson John, miller, &c.
  • Windross John, cowkeeper


  • Bentley John and Elizabeth, High lees
  • Dobson Henry, Cringle car
  • Dobson William, Cringle car
  • Hawkins James, Sour ley
  • Hawkins Thomas, Oscar park
  • Lumley Isaac, Harriott air
  • Richardson Job, Abbot hagg
  • Sigsworth George & George John, Stilton house
  • Strickland John, Owidray
  • Trousdale John, Middle heads and New lees
  • Wass Joseph, The Abbey farm


  • Postal Address, Sproxton, Helmsley, R.S.O.

Miscellany of trades

  • Atkinson George, general smith
  • Carlton Edward
  • Lumley Joseph, postman
  • Palmer Anthony, gamekeeper
  • Pattison William, bootmaker and grocer
  • Pickering Samuel, joiner, &c.
  • Rivis Geo., miller, Sproxton mill; h Helmsley
  • Wilson Robert Dixon, tailor


  • Bentley Robert, Sproxton hall
  • Hopkinson William Ford
  • Kirby Seth, Low woods
  • Leadley John
  • Ness Jesse, Sproxton park
  • Parker Frederick, Throstle nest
  • Prest William, Prior rigg
  • Russell Allison, Holly bower
  • Russell William
  • Stockill William, Court house

Scan, OCR and html by Colin Hinson. Checking and correction by Peter Nelson.